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I don't think Princess Viola has been mentioned here yet and I'm fixing that, working out your flaws while never giving up your real self is admirable
Now for me to compliment the people I know.
@Luigi Mario: You created one of the most popular roleplays on this fourm.
@MiracleDinner: Your love for Frozen and Teen Titans Go! makes you unique.
@Penguin Mario & @Dark Light: You got me hooked on killing Wario, plus you write good roleplay posts.
@Clawdia: Your eternal optimism enlightens everyones day.
@Magolor04726: You have endless creativity and fun ideas.
@Emily the Stirling Engine and any other LGBTQ+ member: You arent afraid of showing off your true self.
@House Of The Living Trab & @fantanoice: You share an interest for The Simpsons, one of my favorite TV shows.
@Toadia: Your happiness makes us all feel welcome.
@Blue: You do fun roleplays.
@Annie Eilenberg, @Super Paper Fangirl, and the rest of the mods including @porplemontage: You keep this fourm from doing bad things and are always helping others.
To everyone else: Keep being you, reach for the stars, and never give up.
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I haven't posted in here yet, but it's probably time for me to change that. Since 2020 is at its end, I figured that now would be a fitting time for me to reflect on the year, and on the people who made my experience with this community as pleasant as it was. There are a lot of people who I appreciate, here are some of them:

BlueBerryBlue - For being the first person to greet me on the forum.

Hooded Pitohui - Your posts have inspired me to improve my writing, and you reached out to me even when I was relatively new. Your Ask Board questions are awesome as well.

Roserade and Doomhiker - For putting up with my 'Shroom section delays and postponements.

Roserade - For inviting me to Rose Garden, where I got to know a lot of community members in more detail.

Pink Cat - For bringing positivity to the Boards, and making activities as a way to interact with the community (particularly in Forum Games).

Ninja Squid - For offering me to be your running mate for the 'Shroom Director election, and for coming up with the idea of 'Shroomfests, for they are a lot of fun to participate in.

Lakituthequick - Your abilities with coding and the ways you've applied them to this community (such as the Anniversary Scavenger) are remarkable.

Koops, Toadgamer, and Luigi64DD - I haven't interacted with either of you too extensively, but from what I've seen, you're very friendly people and pleasant to hang around with.

Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone in the community for making the wiki and Boards a great place to hang out in. I haven't mentioned too many people, and that's because I'm not extensively familiar with many of them. I'd like to get to know more people around here in 2021, so that hopefully, I can return to this thread in a matter of time, and think of more people to write about and compliment.
@Mija - My IRL Girlfriend! I love you, honey! ❤️❤️❤️

@Redshift - My big sister, of sorts. You've helped me a lot with OC development and characterization and the like, thanks!

@Waluigi Time - You're a good buddy to hang with, even though you're not voting Draq.

@Mario Party X - I might not interact with you as much as your sister, but you're still good fun!

@Blitz - You're a real good buddy! Your OCs are really interesting!

@Hooded Warrior - My sister-in-law, you're an awesome story-teller!
The mods for giving me a second chance, and really for enforcing a ban on me in the first place, because I was a piece of work. Being banned opened my eyes to how toxic I had been getting, and in the end it was for the better. So thanks for helping me improve.
This is pretty funny in hindsight, always glad to see growth before my eyes!
@Aru Honshou @Anton @BBQ Turtle @BEEEEEAAARRRS @Count Olaf @Dimitri A. Blaiddyd @Etemon @Gabumon @GBA @Goombuigi @Hooded Pitohui @Kamikokuryo Moe @Keqing @Kirbyo @Koopa con Carne @Koops @Lakituthequick @Magolor04726 @MCD @Ninelevendo @Power Flotzo @The Pyro Guy @Reigen Arataka @Reko Yabusame @Roserade @Slider @Snack @Sou Hiyori @Striker Mario @Toadgamer @Trip @Ultra Violet

I'd like to give a huge shout-out to every single one of you who made presentations this year, it was an absolute joy to see so many people get engaged with the community and let their creativity and talent shine today. You all played a part in making it something worth remembering. Thank you.

(I think I got everyone but if I missed you then I appreciate you too!!)
I haven't posted in here before, and I feel like doing so now:

Tucayo @Hobbes
I cannot start without mentioning you first... You're an awesome one you know that? You have always been kind to me, positive and encouraging. I gotta say, it is thanks to you that I started to be so invest with this awesome community to the point of becoming your sucessor and Poll Committee Chairperson. I'm very happy to see you around here once in a while after being absent for quite some times! Thank you for being like you are!

Meta @Meta Knight
Thank you for the opportunity of becoming the Statistics Manager of The 'Shroom, I absolutely love that position, and being invested with the community newspaper.

Perch @Reko Yabusame
Same as Meta, but also I am quite grateful to have you around here as a mod. We may not talk alot, but I love having your insights, and advices on stuff when I need them. Don't forget for our interview in 2026 😜

Rose @Prince Peach
I started to know you better when you became my Vice-Chairperson, but I gotta say that you are an incredible person. I love working with you with our many projects and your passion for this community is absolutely awesome to see at work. Thank you for allowing me to join Rose Garden, and eventually allowing me to be a mod there. I hope we can have even more opportunities to collaborate and working together. Keep it up!

Pitohui @Hooded Pitohui
Thank you for being who you are. You're fun to work and chat with, but also a really kind fella to have in this community. Stay as you are, and continue bringing your positive vibes here.

Goombuigi @Goombgooigi
Thank you SO much for joining my adventure last year during the 'Shroom Director Election, but also joining me with Ultimate Location Battle, and for being a fun guy around this community. I hope we can have more opportunities to keep up working together like that, and developing a great frienship through all of these.

WT @Dr. Waluigi Frankentime
You are hilarious, and chatting with you in Rose Garden is always so much fun. Thank you for teaming up with me during the last Super Smash Bros. tournament, even if you end up killing me twice lol, and also for creating awesome RPs like Shmaluigi and Big Changes. I hope we can have opportunities to team up together in projects like that, because I feel we could work very well together!

Shoey @JamesCalebJackson(ghost)
Thank you for your discussions about Robot Wars and politics. Keep shilling for The 'Shroom please, and send me messages in the middle of the night lol.

LGM @Mario: a pumpkin head
Thank you for the render of Ludwig you did to me back then when I was still LudwigVon. Despite changing username and all, I still love it a lot!

Koops @Koops
Fire Emblem... Thank you for discussing with me about anything Fire Emblem, despite it derogating from Rule 12 lol. Most importantly, you seems like a very cool guy, and it is definitely fun to have you around this community!

BLOF @Kontrast
I like working with you in the Poll Committee, and discussions we had in various sectors of the community has been great so far. Baby Luigi is an awesome character, your Protectors are absolutely loveable (Ray Trace is the best), and I love your artstyle so much. Keep up the good work!

64DD @Reigen Arataka
HONK! Yes, I will say it once again that I love the RP you did in RiR, as the goose is freaking incredible. I also have to say that I am SO happy that you decided to join Blof in leading the Poll Committee, because I knew you had the potential for it, and to tell the truth, you are doing a great job so far. I hope this is only a first step for you, because I know you have the potential for other leadership positions among the community, and no matter the case, I'll keep cheering and shilling for you. Keep going! HONK!

and, to this entire community... Thank you for making this an awesome place for everyone from all walks of life no matter who they are. Keep this place as welcoming as possible!

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@Caspar von Bergliez Oh my, thank you so much for that <3 I've been down for a while and reading such nice things means the world. I remember well your 'Shroom and PC applications and just to see all you've done since, your amazing work as Stats Manager and as Poll Chairperson, it's so so good to see a friend achieve all that! Keep crushing it!
It's really honoring to be mentioned like that. I used to be a terrible person. Absolutely insufferable. But I'm glad I've grown out of that to the point that people actually like me again. I'll very gladly shit all over past me for being a goddamn moron but I wouldn't have grown as a person if I didn't have people calling me out on it.

So thanks for the shout-out, it made me feel really good about myself.
Been a while since I've done one of these.

Roleplay Buddies/Good Friends

@Luz Noceda: Pretty much the king of roleplays and my best friend on this forum. Known for creating the most popular roleplay, Mushroom City Car Wash, and kicking off the trend, he's also had roles in other roleplays too, such as: Triple Strike Academy (created by The Green Knight), Tales from the Megaverse (created by me), and World of the Spirits (created by Blitz).

@Timmy Turner: The moderator of the roleplay board, creator of the Protectors, and resident Wario killer, she and I have been slowly building up a friendship. I hope we can continue this going into the future. She's also the main reason why I've gotten better at roleplaying.

@Mario: a pumpkin head: BLOF's sister, and a very good friend. We both love Mario and having fun together.

@Pablo: Another roleplayer, he's mostly participated in Megaverse and made it what it is today.

@Molly Hale: Roleplayer in Car Wash, her sweet demeanor makes her a good person to roleplay with.

@Morpho Knight: Creator of World of Plight and The Altonia Files, his writing is some of the best I've ever read.

Blitz and @Amity Blight: Two roleplayers with very good OC's. Blitz is the creator of World of the Spirits, while Mija plays in Triple Strike.

Other Friends and People

@Dr. Waluigi Frankentime: Creator of Waluigi Time Cereal, you've changed the forum in such a fun way. Here's to a Waluigi Time Cereal Mafia 2.

@W.D. Blathers: A goofy guy who loves to have fun, also a good roleplayer.

@Other Mother: Fan of TTG and frequently asking questions on my Ask Thread, she's a good person to hang out and talk with.

@Marge Simpson & @Trab: Fellow Simpsons fans. Here's to 33 more seasons of one of the greatest animated shows of all time.

@Reko Yabusame, @Count Waluigi, and the rest of the mods: Keep protecting the forum from bad stuff.

@porplemontage: The creator of both the forum and the wiki, we love you to pixels!
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I want to say thank you to Crocodile Dippy for being always being at my side as my best friend. We've been through thick and thin together. We are practically family now and I'll never forget the time we spent together when she came to the united states to see me and several other of her online friends. I hope to return the favor one day and visit her.

STOOBY BOY (Stooben Rooben) is another a good friend despite all the trouble I have caused him. Thank you for dealing with my dumb self.

Stumpers they were the one first few people in Mariowiki that welcomed and helped me grow as a person. Not sure if they are still around anymore but thanks for everything that you did for me I appreciate it. The last time I got to talk to them was on an animal crossing wiki and I think it was more than 5 years ago. Well if you're still hanging out here every once in awhile and somehow find this thread I used to be known as Grapes.

Packy (Palkia47) for all the fun times we had talking to each other in #mariowiki

Shouts to all the cool users out there that have never returned

Salty: they were a funny sysop and I liked their username

Girrrtacos: it was really cool of you to make 3D models of several users

Paper Jorge: because he is Paper George

Shyguy: I've actually met them in person with Crocodile Dippy I don't know them too well but they're pretty cool guy. Still so sorry we couldn't play melee that day feels bad man feels bad.

Birdoshi: They were a really good wiki friend I had in the distant past. I'm not entirely sure what happened to them and why they left. It was devastating to see their userpage with only this as the text "T_T" I hope they're okay wherever they are now.


Smasher: For giving the quote I accidentally whored shoulders