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  • Anyone else have those moments where for whatever reason theres just one thing that refuses to connect to the internet while everything else does?
    zelen !!
    zelen !!
    oh yeah ive mentioned this before mario wiki (and also mario boards and other sites hosted on the same server) were completely down for me some days ago while everything else worked and these sites also seemed to be up for everyone except just myself. wasnt fun
    Brawl Stars
    Brawl Stars
    ZD randomly crashed for like, two minutes yesterday and it seemed like I was the only one who noticed.
    What was the context on your favorite Paper Mario song post anyway?
    Just wanna know.
    Fabulous King Pringles
    Fabulous King Pringles
    A comment on the final boss song from sticker star that basically started world War 3.

    sadly the video has been deleted
    Sven Svennson.
    Sven Svennson.
    Oh my!
    Guess that's what I should've expected with something about Paper Mario.
    Guys, what if mario isn't disappearing? Maybe nintendo will warp all the games that are supposedly disappearing to another plain of existence so that people who could possibly never experience those get to do so?
    What? Are we doing this already?
    Fabulous King Pringles
    Fabulous King Pringles
    Huh i didnt notice someone said we were gonna have a mickey mouse theme at some point.

    eh not to worry. if theres ever a mickey mouse trend here ill either go with this theme again or find someone else if someone on the boards wants to claim pete. not the first time this kinda thing happened to me. (I remember a shovel knight trend going on at some point and I was pretty late despite the fact that I claimed shovel knight)
    Brawl Stars
    Brawl Stars
    Right, you said you were gonna be Pete during the cats theme... I wondered where I saw that.
    Oh, so you like Henry Stickmin?
    Name every character.
    Fabulous King Pringles
    Fabulous King Pringles
    Henry Stickmin
    Reginald Copperbottom
    Right Hand Man Reborn
    Ellie Rose
    Liam Rogers
    Vance Kite
    Jack Doogan
    Frankie Pizza
    Norm Hexter
    Howard Lipton
    Victoria Grit
    Gerald Gruff
    Billy Brown
    Orbyn Lanp
    Dan D. Lyons
    Major Hershell Panzer
    Lucas Broomhandle
    June July
    Teemu Suomi
    Ollie Andorin
    Gerry Atrix
    Merl Goldenfold
    Anthony Lee
    Fredrick Muenster
    Smooshed Sammy
    Pablo Sleuth
    Captain H. J. Canterbury
    Thomas Chipz
    Filbert Philbert
    Jim Pulp
    Darius Johnsonite
    Mr. Jobb
    Joan Scone
    Al the Pal
    Stanley Grass
    Wallace Dagwood
    Sten Lundgren
    Helmutt Vykoff
    Perry Sherman
    Mysterious Vagabond
    Kayn West
    Right Hand Man
    Sal Malone
    Mr. Lincoln
    Paddy Pride
    Henry Stickman
    B. Hampton
    Carlos Candela
    Elizabeth Greene
    Lars Greene
    Clement Warrantine
    Mr. Macbeth
    Blast Connors
    Matilda Ivy
    M. F. Jones
    Larry the Guy
    Mischevious Martin
    Mr. Teal
    Don Miguel
    General Galeforce
    Charles Calvin
    Smokah Tyeson
    Marty O.
    Louie G.
    The Witch
    The Ruffian
    Tin Tintin
    Gone Hunter
    Ken Janpon
    Carol Cross
    Stu Pendles
    Talinn Circus
    The Magician
    Mr. Fatlip
    Eduardo Gioncarlo
    Jeremy Steinfield
    Geoff Constanza
    Hannibal Burns
    Randy Radman
    Reynaldo the Brute
    Sir Wilford IV
    Terrence Suave
    Mr. Skyscraper
    Red Crimson
    Jaques Kensington
    Sven Svensson
    Gus Brix
    Sir Hatty
    Chip Crumm
    Brian Reynold
    John "Frog" Pilksin
    Gordon "Eel" Banks
    Amelia "Turtle" Esteban
    Howie Howitzer
    Mr. Goldbloom
    Ambert Downs
    Rupert Price
    Bort Sampson
    Mr. Thicc
    The Leprechaun
    Ali Gene
    Antonidas Sparta
    Right Hand Man Blue
    Steven Willis
    Wayne "The Stone" Jensen
    "Rock Cool" Steve Dallas
    Dill Talley
    Alice Hamilton
    Burt Curtis
    The Marble Man
    Wilhelm Krieghaus
    Tayne Flarhggunnstow
    Sarah Connifers
    Waxwell Gex
    Pendell Toad
    Elmer Paizano
    Marcus Blåberd
    Mr. Villain
    Ahnoldt Schwarz
    Gene Fredrickson
    Albert Poshley
    Jacked Hughman
    Paul Ascott
    Holey Cap
    The Bookie
    Chuck Wellington
    Fred Finestone
    Dr. Vinschpinsilstien
    Mac Dandy
    Blueberry (basically you i guess)
    Thomas Chestershire
    Hat Girl
    Handsome Harold
    Geoffrey Plumb
    Miss DeMeanor
    Barbershop Bill
    Alfonsho Cruz
    Floyd Winters
    Dave Panpa
    Matteo Gurtchev
    Dmitri Johannes Petrov
    Ten Pence
    Mr. Angery
    Dima Pentsky
    Dolan Torkov
    Todd Tater
    Bill Cook
    Konrad Bukowski
    Calvin Bukowski
    Bob Pants
    Paul Penn
    Ivan Petroteva
    Grigori Olyat
    Quincy Tattlemuffin
    Fred Worst
    Nacy Popo
    Natascha Tadin
    Travis DeGroot
    Josh Taylor
    Drake Camper
    Quentin Alabaster
    Hank Stockman
    Hayden Brock
    Madd Ladd
    Andrew Cobbler
    Dijon Ponjelo
    Timothy Turner
    Brock Hollowitz
    Ellias Bahtchin
    Jose Gonzales
    Peter Maryville
    Oger Krip
    Curly Brown
    Dr. Glass
    Barry Bruh
    Byeah #503
    Cool Joe
    Orange Hat Kid
    Toby Mack
    Pasta Primavera
    Figaro Mulligatawny
    Parmezza Lasagne
    Konkey Dong
    Mr. Unstoppable
    Jonathon Bravo
    Tommy Partrid
    Sleepy Dogg

    And thats just the ones who appear in completing the mission
    Sven Svennson.
    Sven Svennson.
    Oh my god.
    You actual mad lad.
    Sven Svennson.
    Sven Svennson.
    Also, seeing Marty. O and Louie. G on Marioboards just feels right.
    I'm just letting you know that paper mario IS good in my opinion, It does get better as you go farther into it, My favorite boss is Huff n Puff.
    Fabulous King Pringles
    Fabulous King Pringles

    i mean battles obviously get more intense later on which is good
    These bosses kind of stay easy up until Huff n Puff then the Crystal king is THE toughest boss in the game besides the ending boss.
    Do you know how many games toadsworth is in? i don't.
    Fabulous King Pringles
    Fabulous King Pringles
    i COULD just go to the wiki and see, but that would be cheating.

    so uh, not including remakes and ports or cameos, he's in:

    -Super Mario Sunshine
    -Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
    -Mario Power Tennis
    -Mario Golf toadstool tour (i think)
    -Mario & Luigi Partners in time
    -Mario Kart Double Dash
    -Mario Superstar Baseball
    -Super Princess Peach (also not sure)
    -Yakuman DS (i dont even know this game but i remember seeing it in the wiki awhile ago)
    -Mario Kart arcade GP and its sequel
    -Some mario party games, i dunno which specifically
    -Mario Super Sluggers
    -Mario & Luigi Bowser Inside Story
    -Mario Sports Mix
    -Mario & Luigi Dream Team

    dont ask me how i know all that i havent played 99% of these games
    Hey i know he's in mario party 7 and the thousand year door too.
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