Booguette posts his art since he doesn't have much else to do before school starts


Some random gamer
Hi! this is my new art thread, and if you've read the title you already know what this is about. I hope to post my art every week, but sometimes I may forget or school will get in the way. to start off, here is my propeller Waluigi I posted in Waluigi Time's ask thread.
This week I drew three custom power-ups I made. Apologies for the shadow, that was me holding the camera.
First up is the Thunder Shroom. It turns Mario into Thunder Mario, allowing him to shoot balls of electricity from his hands, and they have a 30% chance of stunning any boss or sub-boss enemy (Boom Boom, Koopalings, Bowser, etc) for a few seconds.
Next is the Power Glove, straight from A Link to the Past! This allows Mario to pick up, pull, and push heavy objects in his way. Giant brick block wall in your way? No problem! The power glove is the next big step forward in getting to Bowser in only 3 minuites!
Finally we have the Beaver Suit. The Beaver Suit is basically a combination of the Frog Suit and the Super Leaf. Not much to say about it, really. But if you hold the Y button, then you can throw a small log!
Thank you for looking at these custom power-ups. I really hoped you liked them, I didn't put nearly as much effort into them as the propeller Waluigi one. See you soon with more art! Bye!