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THE GAME HAS BEGUN! View the opening here:

The voyage of a lifetime, embarking on a starstruck adventure with a fateful comet. It bathes the sky a sinister crimson as it trails overhead; its gleam beckoning all towards the distant horizon, for it knows not what lies beyond. Just what awaits those who follow its journey to the very end?

The Killing Game (KG) is a forum game created by Fun With Despair and inspired by the visual-novel series Danganronpa. KG is a role-playing game in which one player is eliminated by another through weekly fantasy-style murder mystery cases. The objective of KG is simple: kill, or be killed. Normally, KG is hosted annually on Super Mario Boards as part of the Awards Season festivities, and after a brief absence the previous year and many months of planning, Hooded Pitohui, Lakituthequick, and I will be hosting this year's mystery extravaganza.

At the start of the game, each player is given a rolecard (for this game, a Role Passport), which has its own Abilities, Forbidden Action, and Stats, all loosely inspired by a character from popular culture or an original set of abilities with no obvious character. Each rolecard possesses a variety of powers and perks usually exclusive to a single player, which can be used at night or during the day if applicable. These powers are offset by Forbidden Actions, which are actions that player cannot do (or sometimes must consistently do), else they are killed through a special means of elimination that doesn't have an associated murder mystery case. NPCs, as seen in AKG4, will be making a reappearance, with adjusted mechanics.

As is unique to Marioboards KGs, Stats will once again help the hosts determine each player's ability to logically perform certain night actions and kill attempts. These are mostly used for determining player to player interactions, and have little-to-no bearing on gameplay unless otherwise stated. Some Stats (Stamina and Stealth) have been slightly retuned this year.

  • Strength (Str) - This determines your capacity for physical action and use of force. A higher strength player is more likely to overpower a lower strength player in a direct fight.
  • Stealth (Ste) - This determines your ability to move about undetected (minus case relevant actions) and to hide yourself effectively. It does not impact your ability to hide evidence. A player with higher stealth is more likely to catch a player with lower stealth off guard in an ambush.
  • Speed (Spd) - This determines your ability to move quickly and potentially evade attacks. It also determines the initial priority of certain actions, as well as the order in which you'll begin moving about at night, within reason.
  • Stamina (Sta) - This determines your ability to maintain high-intensity actions, and how many non-lethal injuries you can sustain before it begins to affect your other actions. A player with high stamina being knocked out with may still get up later in the night. A player with high strength but low stamina may be able to hit hard, but not hit for a long time.
  • Social (Soc) - This determines your awareness of others and ability to influence them without resorting to force, as well as your favour towards NPCs you choose to interact with. NPCs will prioritise players with higher social in their actions under certain circumstances.

During night phases, players send PMs to their host detailing their intended actions. This can include attempting to kill someone and eliminate them from the game, using your role abilities, interacting with the setting or locations available to you as dictated by the game's map, or quite literally anything you please; this last option is what sets KG apart from Mafia games, as there's no real limit to what you can do, so long as it doesn't break the rules of both this game and the forums! Role-playing or choosing a character to post as is common in KG, as this creates memorable and fun characters for everyone to interact with. Try examining past games to get a feel for how actions and role-playing in this game operate.

After all night actions have been received, the hosts will take less than a week to determine who's been eliminated and summarise everyone's results. Players will then receive a PM from their host explaining what they achieved that night, along with anything they might have seen or heard while moving around locations on the map.

If someone's kill attempt succeeds, their victim is found dead at the beginning of the day phase, and the investigation begins.

Innocent players must correctly determine who the murderer is each case and vote them out. The killer must obscure their crime however possible and avoid being caught. Players can share paraphrased accounts of what they saw during the night, along with any sort of evidence they might have on them or witnessed, and must investigate the map in the thread to uncover more changes and evidence to reach the truth.

After a while of investigation, the Trial begins. Players may vote on who they think the killer is; the player with the most votes at the end of the day phase will be executed, and removed from the game. Players may switch votes as many times as they please, though ties will end in a special overtime debate phase where voters on both sides must convince the host(s) of their choice, otherwise known as a Scrum Debate (see Discord Functionality below for more details). There are benefits to correctly voting out a killer, or getting away with murder, known as incentives.

AKGO is a free-for-all game; there are no solid teams, factions, or alliances with other players upfront. Information is a powerful tool in this game, so be wary of backstabbing, lying, and various other unfriendly methods of players ensuring their victory. In the end though, this is just a game! Onto our story and other new gameplay mechanics!

As the stars danced across the heavens, sailors would navigate uncharted waters using their celestial waltz to position their vessels and brave the unknown world.

Welcome aboard Starline Cruises! This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness Sargasso Vermelha, a unique non-periodic comet predicted to be visible from onboard two of our luxury liners heading to the tropical isles of the Findelo Archipelago. Our chosen ships are our most esteemed vessels, the S.S. Circinus, and S.S. Cetus.

To celebrate this event, our ships hope to entertain you with first-class performances, fine dining, exquisite drinks, and exclusive events hosted by our esteemed crew members. There are even special exhibits featuring historical relics relating to the comet and an ancient society that once worshipped it, all catered to by professional experts in the field.

With stunning views from on-deck, uninhibited by urban light pollution, there's no better way to watch this legendary comet pass overhead than with Starline! Bring your passports, a change of tropical clothes, and strap on those proximity bracelets, as we set sail for the stars this summer!

  • This game is intended for older players. Do not sign up if you're under the age of 15, there will be no exceptions; Any underage players will be replaced immediately.
  • Please be respectful to other players, hosts and spectators of the game. No overly crude, grotesque, mean-spirited, or otherwise inappropriate comments or night actions will be tolerated. If you disagree with something the hosts have done, take the issue up with us privately instead of making a public fuss, and we'll address it as best we can. Adhere to the forum rules, and things should be smooth sailing.
  • Cheating is forbidden. Cheating is defined as exploiting host-exclusive or otherwise private information or knowledge (such as full rolecards that aren't yours that haven't been publicly revealed, as well as player PMs that aren't addressed to you) to give yourself an unfair advantage against the other players.
  • Full-quoting your results PM, any private host clarifications, or any part of your rolecard is not tolerated. If everyone were to copy-paste their results as is, or claim they were copy-pasted, the mystery would be ruined and you'll easily save yourself from suspicion. Similarly, do not simply find/replace "You do <x>" with "I do <x>" and post the results PM as is with the new pronouns, it still counts as full-quoting. Paraphrase your testimonies, and never post your role card!
  • Read your role card. There are plenty of unique powers in this game, and it is not our fault if you misread or are otherwise unaware of a power you have. Furthermore, be careful to avoid disobeying your Forbidden action, as you will be instakilled!
  • Inactivity is the greatest killer. We're lenient for occasional inactivity so long as you let us know in advance, but constantly avoiding the thread and not sending in night actions will give us every reason to replace you with someone more able to commit. We know that due to having a weekly schedule, some players may find it hard to commit to certain days consistently. Please consider this carefully when you sign up, as we still expect you to be able to commit to the length of the game, which may be a few months.
  • Night actions that are constantly unsubstantial memes are frowned upon. There may be consequences for players who consistently submit solely shitposts and nothing else. This is KILLING game, not SHITPOSTING game after all.
  • Avoid metagaming. While this isn't a concrete rule, try to avoid accusing players on the basis of their actions in past games, and try to avoid guessing what the hosts were thinking when they created or balanced roles. Most queries of this nature tend to end in nothing being uncovered and players becoming angry or upset.
  • Try to avoid full roleclaiming or rolefishing (baiting people into giving you their role). This also isn't a concrete rule, feel free to claim as it suits you, just be careful with the amount of information you reveal!

Previously, hosts tried to have night actions results and the investigation phase up as soon as possible, which resulted in fast burnout and exhaustion all around. This year, we're trialing a new format seen on other forums, wherein the cases are weekly. The days and nights for KG will happen on the same day every week, giving the hosts a longer period of time to coordinate and summarise night actions. This will extend the game's runtime significantly, but in practice it'll be a much more positive and consistent experience for all involved. We understand that some players may not be able to commit to certain times, and will try to accomodate all players as best we can.

  • All players will be sorted into the S.S. Circinus or the S.S. Cetus, for two 13 or 14 player pre-merge games.
  • During night phases, you have a maximum of 24 hours to PM the actions you want to perform that night to your host.
  • Due to the nature of Awards, we cannot afford to wait for players to submit, so if you're consistently late or don't submit at all, you will be publicly marked as inactive when the case begins. Players are removed if they are inactive for too many phases.
  • An incentive will be given each night to encourage players to submit murder attempts for the evening. Other unusual effects (double murder nights, etc) will be announced at the beginning of the night phase for players to account for in their actions.
    • Unless special conditions apply, only one kill attempt per night will succeed.
  • If there is no solid kill attempt on another player at night, a few things can occur:
    • Us hosts may take it upon ourselves to write a unique murder case in which an NPC is the culprit with unique incentives involved in solving the case. We will not inform you if this happens.
    • If it is truly impossible to determine a kill victim, the game will immediately go into the next night phase. Things that occurred in the previous night phase, however, will still apply. If two nights in a row happen without a solid kill victim, things will become very bad.
  • During intermission phases, the hosts will be determining who killed whom, and writing the next murder case.
  • During day phases, you have 50 hours to share details about what you have witnessed, investigate the murder by posting investigation requests in the game thread, and eliminate the culprit through a majority vote. At the start of each day phase we will post clues and other noteworthy changes that occurred during the night to get you started.
    • In the event of a tie, all players will debate their choices in real time after the end of the phase. As a result, try to be present for phase changes if you are able.
  • Another incentive may be given during the day to encourage players to ensure the killer is correctly eliminated.
  • A discord server for the game will be made accessible to all players and spectators at a later date. All players are expected to join this server, as many of the day's discussions usually occur here, and there will be per-player benefits designed by LTQ to facilitate the game!
  • Other small things:
    • You cannot wantonly request fingerprints from an object and compare its fingerprints to other players'.
    • You cannot "sweep" a large area in your searches to immediately find the object you are looking for in investigations.
    • Costumes and disguises will not be perfect and the convincing nature of them will be determined solely by your Stealth and Social stats.

Weekly Cases/Schedule

All game cases will occur at set times per week. While the exact hours are undecided and subject to consideration of our players, Hooded Pitohui's investigations will most likely start on Thursday (EDT), and LTQ's will start on Friday (EDT), lasting 48 hours. After a case concludes, players will have 24 hours to submit nights actions, then we'll spend the week leading up to the investigation days assembling the cases and writing night action results. Any delays will hopefully be noted well ahead of time.

If you're concerned about being able to play consistently or not being able to join, but would still like to participate in some manner, please see the Spectator/Ghost influence section below.


Each player has a designated cabin on deck. This serves as your room, with a bookshelf, a nightstand, a nautical-themed lamp, and a bed. You can store any items or objects you like here. It also comes with a free complimentary mint on your pillow! Only you can access your cabin, however some roles or powers may grant cabin access to other players for investigation or night actions, and there is no guarantee that others won't be able to see what you have in here. Be careful what you choose to hide in your cabin!

On the ships, you must return to your cabin at the end of the night. Failing to do so will result in a Tired debuff being applied the next day and night. Tired players are visibly exhausted, and their stats are lowered temporarily. Any player's Tiredness can be examined by looking at them as an investigative action in the thread. Tiredness is cleared when you sleep in your cabin.

Failing to return to your cabin multiple nights may result in pure Exhaustion, which will make you exceptionally prone to all kills and your actions will largely fail. There may be incentives relating to ensuring you are in your cabin by the end of the night.

The Brig/Player team-ups

In the last Awards KG, we were hard on team-ups due to their consistent misuse, and thus only allowed NPC/Player team-ups. In AKGO, we're allowing Player/Player team-ups again, but with a few new caveats relating to a location called the Brig. On each ship (and somewhere on the merge map), there will be jail cells known as the Brig. These are locations with unique properties designed to punish players in a way that isn't execution, and their mechanics are detailed below.

Players can only be accomplices with ONE other player or NPC. Attempting to rope more than one person into your attempt, or rope someone into your attempt unwillingly or after the fact (i.e. telling them that you killed after you've done it and to cover for you) will result in an immediate punishment. Basically, you have to be in it together from the start, or not at all. Similarly, we will treat Player/Player team-up kills with extra scrutiny when determining night results, it will not be a guarantee your kill will roll at all.

As in AKG4, players teaming up for lore/non-murder related purposes is allowed, however, they cannot specify to protect players that they are working with unless their role stipulates that is possible. These actions will automatically fail. Similarly, we'll warn you now that moving as a group to ensure a list of witnesses is always available will not work.

Players that are sentenced to the Brig:

  • Start there at the beginning of the night, regardless of their previous location. All items on their person, including items that are part of their role, remain in their cabin, unless otherwise specified.
  • These items can be retrieved from there as normal, but this room is unlocked for other players until they do so.
  • Are debuffed with the Jailbird status, making them more likely to die in that night.
  • Will start their night last, regardless of Speed.
Players are sentenced to the Brig if:
  • They were accomplice to murder and the murderer was caught. This is an automatic sentence, there is no need to deduce the accomplice during the case.
  • They were correctly voted on in certain special cases (that will be detailed in future)
  • They are sent there through other solve/kill incentives.

Discord Functionality

Unlike in previous games where the discord was all-but-expected to be something players would join, in this game, Discord participation is expected. Dynamic player discussions and speculation become exceptionally important in a game like this, so falling behind and only getting half of the game will leave you at a massive disadvantage.

While not a new feature to other KGs, Scrum Debates will be making their Marioboards debut here. Scrum debates are real time debates that occur when a trial ends with a tie. Players will split into groups, each arguing for the guilt of one of the tied individuals they voted for, and will have 15 minutes (or until a consensus is reached) after the normal end of the phase to argue their case as to why their choice did it and, if they can, how their choice did it. After this, the host(s) will select the most persuasive argument and execute that player. As such, being present around the end of the phase is highly important. We will strive to ensure that players are balanced between both ships such that this is possible for the majority of players, but this is difficult given how international our community is.

In addition, LTQ has some per-player Discord functionality planned to make the game run extra smoothly through a KG Services bot. This includes player commands that can be used to generate room descriptions, rolecards/status updates, and other special features we're confident that players will appreciate. We will reveal details about these when we get closer to game-time.

Spectator/Ghost Influence

While we can't give immediate details, there will be a way for non-living players and spectators to have a bit of influence on the second half of the game. If you're eliminated early, or simply can't participate due to timing, fear not, as we have something unique planned for you! Details on this mechanic will be granted to applicable players closer to merge, but if you are interested in experiencing one side of KG, but not playing the whole thing, it will be a less intensive commitment to playing the full game week-to-week.

Other things...

Will be revealed in due time.

NPCs are host-controlled players who have their own actions, roles, and testimony, and players can interact with them like any other player, though normally they do not vote. Players can attempt to kill or vote for NPCs like any other player, but in the event an NPC is incorrectly chosen for execution, they may not necessarily die, but there will be dire consequences for all involved.

Players can also bond with NPCs in their night actions to obtain various benefits. Introduced in AKG4 with Stocks, this time around, we've reworked the mechanics of bonding with NPCs to be a little less intense, resembling mechanics seen in KGs on other forums, requiring no Day phase input. New to the game is the addition of Sympathy, a means of transferring bond between NPCs upon death.

We will reveal our NPCs in due course!

  • NPCs in AKGO have a maximum of 10 bond levels. Each level is denoted with a Bond Stamp in a player's Role Passport.
  • Each night, players that spend a notable amount of time or do something substantial with one NPC will receive two (2) Bond Stamps for that NPC.
  • Players can also spend a brief amount of time with two different NPCs at night, but will instead only receive one (1) Bond Stamp per NPC. This means you can spread yourself around a little more and enjoy benefits from multiple NPCs at once much easier, at the cost of building individual bond slower with one NPC.
  • Attempts at increasing your bond level with an NPC must be somewhat substantial (i.e., you can't just wave to one), and stamps are awarded at host discretion. Try to get to know your NPC better through conversation, do a favour for them, or give them something that they like! Some NPCs can only be bonded with under special circumstances, we will make these known as they are revealed.
  • Collecting a certain amount of Bond Stamps with an NPC unlocks special perks, powers, stat boosts etc. depending on the NPCs specialisation. Some NPCs will be introduced before the game begins, while others may appear later in the game.
  • NPCs will also be more willing to assist players that have higher amounts of Bond Stamps with them than others, and in the event that they have to kill someone, they will de-prioritise them in favour of players with less or no bond stamps.
  • NPCs will prioritise doing actions for players who have higher bond levels with them. The Social stat is used to determine who is prioritised in the event of a tie.
  • Some bond levels are locked until after the games merge. We will offer a way for players to bond with an NPC that wasn't on their boat during the merge in a much easier way than AKG4.
  • In the event of an NPC's death, players can attempt to transfer bond stamps from that NPC to other NPCs despite not spending as much time with them beforehand.
  • Players do this by talking to an NPC the night directly after another NPCs death, otherwise those bond stamps are forever lost.
  • Players have a flat rate of half their current bond stamps (rounded up), plus or minus some depending on which NPC they would like to go for at a given time. We will award this at host discretion. As hosts, we will loosely monitor how each NPC feels about the other NPCs at any given time, so that when they die, they can award positive/neutral/negative sympathy towards that player (and hence more or less bond stamps).

The Voyage of the S.S. Circirnus - Day 0
Night 1 submission deadline:

The Journey of the S.S. Cetus - Day 0
Night 1 submission deadline:

All players should indicate which of the two cruise ships is most convenient to play on.

As this event has been highly anticipated for a while, we are trialing a new graduated approach to sign-ups this year to give people ample and equal time to consider joining. This thread will remain locked for 24 hours, so do read the monolith of text there is, and try to be around when sign-ups open if you wish to play!

To sign up, after the thread is unlocked, please post a message in bold in this thread. You may indicate which game you'd prefer to join in your sign-up post, but this can be done later.

This year, we're looking for 27 players, and have reserved 5 spots for new players who have never participated in a Killing Game before (including on other forums), as well as 4 reserved slots for players who were prioritised for other reasons. If we don't get 5 new players or if the other reservations fall through, we'll open up those slots for players who missed the cut off and were put into REPLACEMENTS. Even if you miss the cut-off for sign-ups, please sign up anyway as we will definitely need replacements for the game!

Mario Awards tournament hosts reserve the right to nullify anyone's sign-up due to past behaviour or other reasons.

As always, for any further questions relating to KG, please feel free to post in this thread.


Players -
  1. Luigi 64DD (Reigen Arataka)
  2. Waluigi Time (Shmaluigi)
  3. Turboo (Turboo)
  4. TPG (Thanos (car))
  5. Snack (Snack)
  6. MCD (Not Shane)
  7. Revin (Polly)
  8. FWD (Herlock Sholmes)
  9. Raregold (Geschwisteffen)
  10. Shoey (Metal Etemon)
  11. BBQ Turtle (BBQ Turtle)
  12. Roserade (ENA)
  13. InsaneBlathers (Darth in a Jar)
  14. Superchao (Raiko Horikawa)
  15. Hearts (Hearts)
  16. MoonAge (MoonAge)
  17. Meta Knight (Meta Knight)
  18. OhoJeeOnFire (Metal Sonic)
  19. Vruet (Vruet)
  20. Zange (Azul Ashengrotto)
  21. Fantanoice (fantanoice)
  22. xX_CoolDude6000_Xx (Shy Guy on Wheels)
  23. Polly Geist (Auburn)
  24. MsRetroGeek (MsRetroGeek)
  25. Gabumon (Gabumon)
  26. Ninelevendo (Ninelevendo)

Replacements -
  1. Smasher

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Hooded Pitohui
It's time to secure your slot on two of Starline Cruises' most luxurious ships! As a reminder, to properly book your voyage with the S.S. Circinus and S.S. Cetus, you will need to post your name in bold. In addition, at a time convenient to you before departure, please indicate the ship on which you would prefer to sail.

Remember, if you are not able to secure your booking now, you should still post your name in bold, as we will no doubt be contacting replacements to fill slots.

Book now so you are prepared for our departure! Thank you for choosing Starline Cruises for this astronomical opportunity!


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Ergh... Rogues taking over port towns, Monty Brando and that mechanical assassin of his, Bandits stealing awards results, black marketeers, Team Rainbow Rocket, insurance fraudsters, Phineas J. Shoe...

JojaMart...... *grumble grumble*

It all gets to be a lot, you know?

Maybe it's about time for a vacation. Running myself into the ground and getting burnt out wouldn't exactly be ideal. Hm, wasn't there something about a cruise trip and a once-in-a-lifetime comet sighting? That could be a nice diversion.

Everything will be fine, I'm sure... Detective Luigi is probably capable enough to handle things in New Wikisburg for now. Or uh, that Mr. I fellow.

...Er, worst case scenario Shmwario is there?

Wait, isn't the Sticky Warrior around somewhere? Scratch that, things should be fine. He's good.

Alright, time to start packing! Sign Shmaluigi up!

Hopefully nothing weird happens...

Thanos (Car)

from deltarune
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I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail, all the same. It's enlightening. Relieves one of the illusion of material worth. I ask you, to what end? ... Dread it. Run from it. The party arrives all the same. And now, it's here. Or should I say...

I am.

The name's Thanos. Thanos Scarre. Many conquests ago, I found myself bound by material obsession, my beloved car. For years I sowed destruction upon the realms of my enemies, those who would dare damage the fine vehicle. But after facing the darkness that sought after my car, I realised something. Every quality I saw in my car... I know now exists within myself. I am a carriage, yes. Of justice? Of death? That, friend, I am not so sure of. The powers I am lucky enough to retain allow me one sole ability...

Partying this delicious summer away.

With no true value to my name, I find myself peaceful, adrift within these blue waters. My services as a party master remain unparalleled, and I hope to one day make your acquaintance. You know how to find me. But, little one, can you find yourself?

The ebbing and flowing of life has taken me down this path, and now I face two roads. The Circinus, however... it speaks to me. I will be making my voyage there, if fate permits. I accept your invitation.

Metal Etemon

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OOH OOH EEE EEE AAH AAH! That’s right ladies and gentlemen the King is back to start his comeback tour a uh-huh. It’s been a little under a year since that treacherous Trip stabbed me in the back (to think I thought he was cool). But like rock and roll I Etemon the King of Swing, the real cool cat, the real Hot Ridder can’t be kept down uh-huh. You might be asking how i’m back well let me lay it down real fresh like

I was thrown into the Digital verse. My data was all spun around baby. But I knew I couldn’t let my fans down so I pulled myself together Uh-huh. And now I arise bigger, stronger, more groovy then ever as Metal Etemon the King of Swing, The real cool cat, the real Hot Ridder. I got a body made of 100% pure Chrondigizoit and I’m here to Shake, Rattle, and Roll my way to the top, and if anyone tries to get in the way of my comeback tour i’m gonna give em the old Banana Split a uh-huh.


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Hi I'm Roserade and this is my roseplay

Oh, how most simply marvelous! Tonight is the night of its emergence: Sargasso Vermelha, the comet of the stars! Its name feels like honey on my tongue! Sharing in this experience with my pal Moony will be so delightful...

... Moony? Where have you gone, old chum?

Oh... She must have left me behind to find her own path... Leaving poor ENA on her own... Hooohhh... I guess I should-

ena gif 2.gif
Wow-ee-mama! What is this monolith of metal before me, which floats on the water?! Is this... a cruise ship?! I thought you only saw these after winning a raffle, and I've entered no raffles! One of these magnificent machines could guide me right towards the comet! Why, I bet Moony is racing me by boarding one as I speak!

Sir, you must allow me to board your vessel! It is most important! Most most important! Most remarkably incredibly important!! I have a race to win, and a comet to catch!

Darth in a Jar

May funny month
the thread has been open for a minute how in the actual fuck did you all manage to post so quickly


Ah, the salty sea air. It's been a while since I've taken time to myself like this.


It is such a shame that it's not all sunshine and roses, so to speak. My good friend Posh Kermit has gathered valuable data on the movements of one Horse Mafia. I will need to keep an eye out for them.


Of course, that's not the only reason I'm here.

I know a way to see who's the better detective... do you want to know how? I'm talking about you, Shmaluigi and @Insane Shmathers.

There's no need to, we already know Shmaluigi is the superior detective.
We all know Mr. Shmathers will say that to, but what if we put your detective skills... to the test?

What do you think Shmaluigi's been doing at Fred Pasture this whole time? Once this "Shmathers" guy can uncover and eliminate an entire mafia, then we'll talk.
Well then, I guess you'll face off during the killing game, eh?

Well, if this "Shmathers" guy shows up, then Shmaluigi supposes we will.
InsaneShmathers: You know what? Yeah, I am going.
I was planning on sending my protege, a time travelling pianta, but it looks like I'll have to send out the big guns.

Shmaluigi looks forward to it.

If he survives the next two days.

Piffle... he really thinks he's a better slueth than I, the magnificent Shmathers! I've waited well over a year for this meeting, and I'm not letting it end in dishonor to my name!

edit: I don't care which boat I'm on as long as it's the same as WT, we have an rp dynamic to play out


King Bowser
yo, dupe later

edit: missed pito's post due to me being in a rush, if you could change it to MFan i would appreciate it
nvm dupe now


Log date: 3 14 8. This is Peridot, filing her post-accident report:


Today has been a day of many, many errors.

It's unfortunate enough that our ship was destroyed from the inside out by that group of unseemly rebels, it's unfortunate enough that I was forced to abandon ship without my partner (Well, not that unfortunate). But of course, my escape pod has been severely damaged and left without enough fuel for any long-distance travel. To summarize, I have been left stranded on a nowhere planet whose inhabitants either want to kill me or worship me in....unsettling fashion, thousands of miles above a geoweapon in its core that's set to erupt any day now. Can Peridots get promotions? I probably deserve a promotion after this. I'm very tired.


Wait a second, I've located something in the appears to be a large vessel, capable of moving across the water that makes up the majority of this mudball's surface. It seems the clods that make up Earth's population are more technologically adept than I made them out to be. It's about to breach the shore, but I don't think they've spotted me...I have a plan. There's no doubt an advanced ship like this could also be capable of interstellar travel, so if I can overthrow its captain and its crew, I can have it all to myself, and I can return to Homeworld in a matter of 5-10 lightyears! I'll get to see my Diamond again!


...Oh, I get to see my Diamond again. Perhaps shattering myself on the way there can be an option.

End report.