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Fake News
172 - Interview with a Shoe (guest writer)
181 - Game Corner
195 - Bite-Sized Interview (with Rose)
195 - Reel News
198 - Mushroom Tribune (additional dialogue)
204 - Weather Forecast

Consumer Corner
177 - Yoshi Egg Cereal
178 - Pineapple Pizza Cereal
179 - Waluigi Time Granola Bar
180 - Wario Time Cereal
181 - Mega Mushroom Energy Drink
182 - Porcupuffer Cereal
183 - Waluigi Time Cereal Toothpaste
184 - Party Time Cereal
185 - Mob Block
186 - Pumpkin Spice Waluigi Time Cereal
187 - Frankentime's Monster Cereal
188 - Salty Cereal for Salty People
189 - Souper Speed Soup
192 - Cookables
193 - Chocolate Shbig
195 - Wooden Cereal
196 - amiibo Cereal
199 - Dr. Frankentime's Mystery Candy (with MightyMario)
200 - Pizza Time

Dear Waluigi Time
191 - Hooded Pitohui / Arle Nadja / Kaiba
192 - The Brain / "Stellar Ranchhand" / A Struggling Professor
193 - Goombuigi / Thorn in Their Sides / Troubled Paternal Gentleman
194 - Fellow from a once average British household / F. G. / 2 Troubled Paternal Gentlemen
195 - Cayde / A Distressed Moviegoer / Potato Sock Muncher
196 - A Concerned Princess / Scott Wozniak / Zerris H.
197 - The Host Without the Most / Party goer / Danny
198 - ClawgripFan9001 / Fishless fish-wisher / Me
199 - Troubled homeowner / Zerris / Creepypasta protagonist
200 - Wonderologist / Hooded Pitohui / N. Oxide
201 - Hooded Pitohui / Wubba enthusiast / Ask Thread procrastinator
202 - Wario / Cayde / Random Canadian girl
203 - Dark-Boy-1up / ClawgripFan9001 / HELP
204 - Siivagunner / Bubblun / Cayde
205 - The Easter Rabbid / SONIC123CDMANIA+&K(B&ATSA) / Mags
206 - Boo1268 / Zerris / SONIC123CDMANIA+&K(B&ATSA)
207 - Kitapio / SONIC123CDMANIA+&K(B&ATSA) / Jin Kirigiri

Diggin' Up Dirt
182 - Koopaling Konspiracy?!
187 - A New Pecking Order
193 - Kongspiracy Adds Up
200 - Magician Malarkey!
205 - Royal Games

Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown
166 - Goomba vs. Thwomp
167 - Tubba's Heart vs. Amazy Dayzee
168 - Spiky Parabuzzy vs. Octopot
169 - Goomerang Brother vs. Rawk Hawk
170 - Slurp Guy vs. Angry Watermelon
171 - Hoggus vs. Mr. Eraser (ft. Terrible Portrait)
172 - Ankiron vs. Rotten Mushroom
173 - Angry Sun vs. Captain Fishook
174 - Jimmy T. vs. Shop Owner (ft. Wario)
175 - Broozer vs. Grim Leecher
176 - Proto Piranha vs. Andrew Trego
177 - Boshi vs. Moltz the Very Goonie
178 - 2022 Ultimate Smackdown Championship
179 - Robot Monster Troopa vs. Colonel Pluck
180 - Flifit vs. Yakkey
181 - Fog Imposter vs. Waluigi
182 - Grunt vs. Dr. Mario
183 - Hinokuri2 vs. Snooza Koopa (ft. Il Piantissimo)
184 - Scurvy Crew vs. King Zing
185 - Axem Rangers vs. The Mighty Bowser
186 - Groove Guy vs. Friendly Floyd
187 - Phantom vs. Cortez
188 - Chakron vs. Smithy
189 - Dribble & Spitz vs. Bowser Jr.
190 - 2023 Ultimate Smackdown Championship
191 - Mario vs. Funky Kong
192 - General Guy vs. Dark Bones
193 - Francis vs. Birdo
194 - Grunt vs. Dimentio
195 - Penguin King vs. Metal Mario
196 - King Bob-omb and Mecha King Bob-omb vs. Chief Chilly and King Kaliente
197 - Bouldergeist vs. Ruined Dragon
198 - Cloud N. Candy vs. Big the Cat vs. Giant Luigi vs. Fury Bowser (ft. Megaleg)
202 - Hologram Jam

News Flush
171 - Argumentative Avians Ruffle Feathers in Peaceful Park
172 - Cereal Bubble Pops, Dreams Crunched
173 - Medical Industry Faces Uncertain Future Amid Massive Layoffs
176 - Marine Biologists Make Waves, Again
177 - One Dead in Barbecue Night Tragedy
178 - Waluigi Time Cereal Issues Recall Over Quality Concerns
183 - New Television Drama Sparks Outrage
183 - Awards Restructuring Creates Campaign Woes
186 - Another Loss Leaves Campaign Reeling
189 - Fishy Demonstrators Make A Splash At F-Seafloor
192 - Mail Mayhem Menaces Mushrooms
193 - Prince Froggy Under Fire
194 - Unclogged Plaza Pipe Reveals Strange Ruin Secrets (additional dialogue)
195 - Controversy Over Film's Duplighost Duplicity
200 - 'Shroom Party No Piece of Cake
201 - Fiery Dino Piranha Incident Leaves Researchers Boiling
207 - Consumers Have A Cow Over Moo Moo Milk

Overlook Mountain Auction House Presents (co-writer with Shoey)
192 - Stamp of Mischief
194 - Ancient Clue
196 - Magic Ball
198 - Tiny-Huge Island Painting
200 - The 'Shroom Issue I
204 - Rare Frog Coin
206 - Jade Raven

Peddler's Place
182 - Vote P for F7 Merch
194 - Shbig Changes Desktop Buddy
205 - Awards Lamp

Fun Stuff
175 - Al's Commute
195 - Crossword
200 - Musical Quiz
207 - Quiz

Hiding Koopa
188 - Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
189 - Mario Kart 64
190 - New Super Luigi U
191 - Fire Emblem Engage
192 - Pikmin 4
193 - Metroid Prime Remastered
194 - LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
195 - The Super Mario Bros. Movie
196 - Super Mario Bros. Wonder
197 - Super Mario Odyssey
198 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons
199 - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
200 - The 'Shroom: Issue 200
201 - Yoshi's Christmas
202 - Pizza Tower
203 - Mario vs. Donkey Kong
204 - Lawn Mowing Simulator
205 - Princess Peach: Showtime!
206 - Donkey Kong Country
207 - Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Palette Swap
183 - Luigi and Associates Detective Agency (additional dialogue)
187 - Community Art
200 - What's on the Box?

Shmaluigi, Private Investigator
172 - Hidden Mansion: Part 1
173 - Hidden Mansion: Part 2
174 - Hidden Mansion: Part 3
175 - Parabnormal Activity
176 - Diamond in the Rough: Part 1 (with Magolor)
177 - Diamond in the Rough: Part 2 (with Magolor)
178 - Diamond in the Rough: Part 3 (with Magolor)
179 - Termination Notice: Part 1
180 - Termination Notice: Part 2
181 - If The Shoe Fits: Part 1
182 - If The Shoe Fits: Part 2
183 - Sticky Situation: Part 1
184 - Sticky Situation: Part 2
185 - Crunch Time: Part 1
186 - Crunch Time: Part 2
187 - Tooth and Nail
188 - Through the Groucho Glass
189 - Mr. White Christmas
190 - Brains and Brawn: Part 1
191 - Brains and Brawn: Part 2
192 - Brains and Brawn: Part 3
193 - Cruise Control: Part 1 (with Pitohui)
194 - Cruise Control: Part 2 (with Pitohui)
195 - Cruise Control: Part 3 (with Pitohui)
196 - The Wildflower: Part 1
197 - The Wildflower: Part 2
198 - The Wildflower: Part 3
199 - Cereal Killer
200 - Uneasy Alliance
201 - Tidal Terror: Part 1 (with NS)
202 - Tidal Terror: Part 2 (with NS)
203 - Tidal Terror: Part 3 (with NS)
205 - Lock and Key: Part 1
206 - Lock and Key: Part 2
207 - Lock and Key: Part 3

Waluigi Time Comic
174 - "Goo"
175 - "Frankentime" / "Trick Treat Mayhem"
176 - "Master AI"
177 - "Santa" / "Baby"
178 - "BEEEEF"
179 - "Redecorating"
180 - "Bed Time"
181 - "Strikers"
182 - "Shilling"
183 - "Time in the Sunshine"
184 - "Giraffe"
185 - "Spoilers"
186 - "Uninspired"
187 - "Chuck's Safety Tips: Trick-or-Treating"
188 - "Comedic Timing"
189 - "Grinch" / "The Big Race"
190 - "Delivery"
191 - "Commercial Take 1"
192 - "Rush"
193 - "Bent Reality"
194 - "Kindred Spirits"
195 - "The Magnate's New Groove" / "Name Game"
196 - "Soap"
197 - "Swap"
198 - "Collectible"
199 - "Monsters"
200 - "Fireworks"
201 - "The Chicken"
202 - "Spicy"
203 - "Not Quite Right"
204 - "Cereal Shiller" (with MightyMario)
205 - "Adulthood"
206 - "The Force"
207 - "Countershill"

Pipe Plaza
201 - Did Someone Say Cereal?
205 - Genie's Lamp

Community Report
193 - March-April 2023
194 - April-May 2023
195 - May-June 2023
196 - June-July 2023
197 - July-August 2023
198 - August-September 2023
199 - September-October 2023
200 - October-November 2023 (with Pitohui)

Poll Committee Discussion
176 - Paper Mario Battle Systems / Mario Movie Casting
184 - Mario Strikers: Battle League / New Game Focuses
186 - Mario Sports DLC / How Much Mario Do You Play?
191 - Power-Up Variety / NSO Expansion / Booster Pass
201 - Remake Text / Kevin Afghani
205 - Advertising / Keyblades / Princess Peach: Showtime!

The 'Shroom Report
200 - Issues 190-199
201 - Issue 200
202 - Issue 201
203 - Issue 202
204 - Issue 203
205 - Issue 204
206 - Issue 205
207 - Issue 206

Critic Corner
206 - Hall of Shame (with Pitohui & Rose)

Character Review
171 - Porcupuffer
174 - Super Arrow
200 - Warden

Video Game Review
203 - Bullet Bill 3
205 - Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Strategy Wing
200 - Rising From Obscurity

Digging Deeper
191 - Vegan Challenge
192 - "Pacifist" Challenge
193 - Supercell Challenge
194 - Insomniac Challenge
200 - Nether Living

Shine Get
195 - Mushroom Kingdom
196 - Bob-omb Battlefield
197 - The Tidal Isles / The Secret of the Mushroom
198 - Snowman's Land
199 - Shifting Sand Land
200 - Peach's Garden / Bowser's Trap (In the Dark World) / Mushroom Kingdom 2
201 - Hazy Maze Cave
202 - Secret of the Sky / Frosty Fludd
203 - Boo's Mansion
204 - Wet-Dry World / Thwomp's Castle
205 - Bowser's Second Trap (The Ancient Fortress)
206 - Lethal Lava Land
207 - Tall Tall Mountain

To Infinity and Beyond
174 - Introduction & Andy's House
175 - Andy's Neighborhood
176 - Bombs Away
177 - Construction Yard
178 - Alleys and Gullies
179 - Slime Time
180 - Al's Toy Barn
181 - Al's Space Land
182 - Toy Barn Encounter
183 - Elevator Hop
184 - Alleys and Gullies Redux
185 - Al's Penthouse
186 - The Evil Emperor Zurg
187 - Airport Infiltration
188 - Al's Toy Barn Redux
189 - Tarmac Trouble
190 - Final Showdown

Special Features
175 - Trick-Or-Treating With The 'Shroom (contributor)
175 - Awards Analysis (M12, M13, M15, M17, M26, M30, F7, F11, C1, C8, C10)
175 - Waluigi Time's Writer Testimonials (organizer/contributor)
183 - Blooper Race (Ricco Harbor Circuit)
183 - Living Game: Where Are They Now? (contributor)
189 - Thank You, Ninja Squid! (organizer/contributor)
200 - The 'ShrooMall (Tanner Tanooki's Great Outdoor Store/Charlie Chuckster's Rock Climbing Experience)
200 - SOTM Retrospective (Fake News)
200 - Building The 'Shroom HQ

179 - Pipe Plaza Director's Notes (fill-in)
183 - The 'Shroom Spotlight (fill-in)
183 - 'Shroomfest (with Pitohui and NS)
184 - 'Shroomfest Highlights (with Pitohui)
189 - The 'Shroom Holiday Scavenger (with LTQ)
191 - The 'Shroom Spotlight (fill-in)
193 - The 'Shroom Spotlight (fill-in)
194 - The 'Shroom Spotlight (fill-in)
195 - The 'Shroom Spotlight (fill-in)
196 - The 'Shroom Spotlight (fill-in)

Staff Notes
179 (with NS)
180 (with NS)
181 (with NS)
182 (with NS)
183 (with NS)
184 (with NS)
185 (with NS)
186 (with Rose)
187 (with Rose)
188 (with Rose)
189 (with Rose)
190 (with Rose)
191 (with Pitohui)
192 (with Pitohui)
193 (with Pitohui)
194 (with Pitohui)
195 (with Pitohui)
196 (with Pitohui)
197 (with Pitohui)
198 (with Pitohui)
199 (with Pitohui)
200 (with Pitohui, LTQ, Meta, GBA, and NS)
201 (with Pitohui)
202 (with Pitohui)

Fake News Director's Notes

Feedback, comments, and questions are welcome!
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New sections! This month I've made by Palette Swap debut with a brand new section featuring a certain investigator I'm sure you all know well. Be sure to check out Shmaluigi, Private Investigator to see what he's been up to since the end of Sheep Mafia! Also, Magolor04726 has recorded an audio version, so check out the channel and give the first part a listen!

Over in Fake News, as always we have another Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown, along with a News Flush about my specialty, cereal. Oh, and I hear there's a pretty interesting interview this month as well...
Fairly standard stuff this issue. In Fake News, Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown has a summer-themed match as the season comes to a close, along with a News Flush that actually isn't inspired by Mindless Junk threads this time around, but by Dr. Mario World! Lots of love for that game this issue it would seem.

Over in Palette Swap, the Hidden Mansion arc of Shmaluigi, Private Investigator continues! I've also brought on a few guest writers to lend dialogue to some familiar faces.
Lots of stuff this time around! Starting off with Fake News, Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown is celebrating the release of WarioWare: Get It Together! with a Wario-themed match. And since you asked for it, our head of security, Chuck, is a guest commentator this month!

Over in Palette Swap, Shmaluigi, Private Investigator continues with the conclusion of the Hidden Mansion arc. Will Shmaluigi fulfill his dream of investigating a Killing Game? Read it and find out! But that's not all, because I've got another new section, Waluigi Time Comic! Yep, it's finally time for them to be a regular thing. Who knows what shenanigans Waluigi Time, Shbig Changes, Chuck, and everyone else will be getting up to.

What, you thought I was only starting one new section? Think again, over in Strategy Wing you can read the beginning of To Infinity and Beyond, a walkthrough and in-depth look at the Toy Story 2 video game. This section deals with the core game mechanics and the game's first level, Andy's House.

Aside from these regular sections, I've also written a one-off Character Review in Critic Corner of none other than Super Arrow himself! What, we had to have at least one 'Shroom section about a good F-Zero character this issue, right?
Lots of stuff going on this issue! All four of my regular sections are back, of course. In Fake News, Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown is featuring a Halloween-themed match with spooky fighters chosen by you, as always. In Palette Swap, Shmaluigi unravels the mystery of a haunted warehouse in Shmaluigi, Private Investigator, and we have a double feature of Halloween themed comics in Waluigi Time Comic! I got two ideas and didn't have the heart to drop either one, so you get more content. And in Strategy Wing, To Infinity and Beyond continues with the second level, Andy's Neighborhood. (Couldn't do any Halloween theming for that one, sorry.)

I'm also making a guest appearance in Fun Stuff with Al's Commute, a maze based on everyone's favorite Toy Barn owner. I can't believe he has to drive all the way to work on a Saturday! ALL THE WAY TO WORK!

Speaking of guest appearances, I couldn't skip out on the special features, could I? As a loyal minion of the great Ray Trace, smartest and handsomest of the Protectors, I helped with Awards Analysis this year, and I also compiled Waluigi Time's Writer Testimonials with the help of 13 other fantastic 'Shroom writers! Oh yeah, and you know how I was shilling for Trick-Or-Treating With The 'Shroom? I'm in that too. Go check it out, it's great.

Also, thanks for once again voting for Shmaluigi, Private Investigator as Palette Swap's Section of the Month! Waluigi Time Comic tied for second place, and To Infinity and Beyond placed second in Strategy Wing! It really makes me happy to see you guys enjoying what I come up with, and don't worry because there's plenty more where that came from.

One last thing before I go... This one isn't mine, but I can't not give a shout-out to Magolor's Wahn Special 'Shroom Song as long as I'm here. No spoilers, just check it out. You'll know why.
Hello hello I am back with more 'Shroom sections! In Fake News, we have one of my personal favorite Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown matches in a while, also featuring the appearance of a new Smackdown employee! Also, after taking a couple issues off, 'Shroom reporter Walter G. Timeson returns in a new News Flush poking fun at a recent wiki proposal.

In Palette Swap, follow along as Shmaluigi gets wrapped up in another case in the first part of the "Diamond in the Rough" arc of Shmaluigi, Private Investigator, and see what happens when Shbig Changes gets his digital paws on Mario Party Superstars in the latest Waluigi Time Comic.

I'm also in Pipe Plaza this issue with my first Poll Committee Discussion for my boss, the smartest, most handsomest Ray Trace, covering the last two polls about the ever-controversial Paper Mario series and Illumination's Mario movie. And with that, I've now written a section for every 'Shroom team! Do I get an achievement for that?

Finally, To Infinity and Beyond continues over in Strategy Wing, with a shorter section this time around covering the first boss level of the game, Bombs Away, as well as one of the game's more interesting glitches.

Before I go, I just want to acknowledge that Shmaluigi, Private Investigator took second place in Palette Swap's SOTM! Thanks for supporting my sections!
It's 'Shroom release day again, make sure to go read it and also participate in 'Shroomfest (I haven't decided what team I want to support yet, help). Anyway I wrote stuff as usual. Starting off with Fake News, Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown returns for the final time this year with a Yoshi-themed match. Next month we're celebrating a year of Smackdown, so be sure to check back for that. Also, I'm starting a new section called Consumer Corner featuring commercials advertising the newest products from the twisted bright minds at Waluigi Time Cereal Incorporated! Finally, there's a News Flush coming straight from Chaos Town.

In Palette Swap, Shmaluigi, Private Investigator continues with the second part of the "Diamond in the Rough" arc we kicked off last month. Waluigi Time Comic is a double feature again this month, with one Christmas-themed comic and one Yoshi-themed comic. Finally, in Strategy Wing we have To Infinity and Beyond, covering the Construction Yard level. I also did some art pieces for The 'Shroom Staff Recipe Book, so check that out too and see what The 'Shroom staff has cooking (haha I'm funny).

Lots of Section of the Month ties across the board from last issue, and I want to thank you for making both Shmaluigi, Private Investigator and Waluigi Time Comic part of a four-way tie in Palette Swap, and for voting for my take on Poll Committee Discussion in a tie in Pipe Plaza!
Hello it's me, your new Sub-Director, bringing more 'Shroom sections! Fake News has a special edition of Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown this month celebrating one year of the section, another Consumer Corner that definitely won't be controversial, and a News Flush building off of last month's Consumer Corner. Palette Swap wraps up the current arc of Shmaluigi, Private Investigator and features a Waluigi Time Comic in which WT obtains a new cereal ingredient. Finally, To Infinity and Beyond continues in Strategy Wing with the start of the fifth level, Alleys and Gullies.

Also, Waluigi Time Comic won Section of the Month in Palette Swap! Thanks again for the support!
Hello and welcome to the first ever update of this thread following an issue release of which I am a Sub-Director of. That sounded weird. This doesn't change anything in the thread at all but I felt like saying that. But now I'm in charge of writing half of the Staff Notes! I'm not going to link them everytime but be sure to read them for important updates.

Probably the most ordinary set of updates this thread has ever seen today! Fake News has a robot-themed match in Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown and a brand new product launch in Consumer Corner to further cement our dominance of the breakfast food aisle. In Palette Swap, Waluigi Time moves into his new office in the latest Waluigi Time Comic, and Shmaluigi, Private Investigator begins a new story arc that I'm really excited about starring... well, you'll have to read it to find out. Finally, Strategy Wing features the next level of Toy Story 2 in To Infinity and Beyond, bringing the game's second zone to a close.

Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown and Waluigi Time Comic won Section of the Month in Fake News and Palette Swap, respectively. Thanks for supporting my sections!
The new issue is here! In Fake News we have the latest Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown match with probably one of the most unexpected combinations of fighters we've seen yet, and an intruder crashes the newest installment of Consumer Corner. Palette Swap brings another Waluigi Time Comic giving you a look at what WT's been up to since becoming Sub-Director, and the longest section I've ever submitted to The 'Shroom, the latest installment of Shmaluigi, Private Investigator finishing off the Termination Notice arc we started last month. It's got fun references and some great guest writers (including Pitohui returning as Morris), so don't let the length scare you off! Finishing things off in Strategy Wing, it's finally time for To Infinity and Beyond to take us all the way to Al's Toy Barn on a Saturday - ALL THE WAY TO AL'S! (Fun fact: I actually did write this in its entirety on a Saturday.) There's plenty of other cool sections to read in this issue from our great writers, including some guest submissions, brand new sections, sections returning from hiatus, and even a couple of existing sections going above and beyond this month! Be sure to check it out.

Last month's To Infinity and Beyond won first place in Strategy Wing last month, tying with Shoey's the Wandering Shoestrel's excellent The Greatest Quest. Thanks for voting! Maybe you guys really liked that Gooigi joke, I dunno.

Also, giving credit where it's due, I've updated the section list a bit taking some inspiration from Goombuigi who recently made a fancy overhaul to his own 'Shroom section thread, so now you get a bit of an idea of what each section is about.
I'm tired

Alright, Fake News! Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown is here as always, this time it's a sporty match to go with the issue theme. Consumer Corner also joins in on the theme, breaking away from the breakfast aisle entirely for once! I also threw in an extra section for the special issue and brought back Game Corner which hasn't been seen for a few years (I'd really like to see someone take this on full time again tbh). Over in Palette Swap, a brand new story arc begins in Shmaluigi, Private Investigator that should be pretty fun, and there's a new Waluigi Time Comic inspired by a certain upcoming Mario game. Finally, To Infinity and Beyond continues in Strategy Wing. We're still stuck in Al's.

Be sure to check out all the other sections too, take our Feedback Survey, and admire all the great new art GBA made for the issue!
Trying a new format for these posts this month because I want to, who's gonna stop me?!

Fake News:
  • Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown - Here's a match where we definitely need a doctor in the house.
  • Consumer Corner - Who said you can't shill for two things at once? Watch as Waluigi Time attempts to sell cereal AND get people to hate Porcupuffers!
  • Diggin' Up Dirt - A new section starring "journalist" Spooks Booley with the most ridiculous stories you've never heard. I'm writing this on a volunteer basis, so it'll only pop up when I have ideas for it.
  • Peddler's Place - And I threw in a one-off to shill for Vote P for F7 even more!
Palette Swap:
Strategy Wing:
  • To Infinity and Beyond - After three months straight of going all the way to Al's on a Saturday, we finally wrap things up with a boss fight that brings back some familiar faces!

Also, thanks for voting for both Game Corner and Shmaluigi, Private Investigator as Section of the Month!
How I survived this one is anyone's guess

Fake News:
  • Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown - It's time for our first ever Beach Bash! Two exciting fighters and a great prize up for grabs!
  • Consumer Corner - We continue to stray further from the cereal aisle despite Shbig's objections.
  • News Flush - Someday we will answer the question "how many Fake News section can you squeeze out of Dr. Mario World?" but right now the number still goes up.
  • News Flush - No that's not a copy+paste error, I wrote two News Flushes this month because I got inspired and the pull of writing 'Shroom sections is just too great.
Palette Swap:
Strategy Wing:
  • Blooper Race - I wrote the third race for this but I'm not linking you there directly because you should read ALL of the races!
  • Living Game: Where Are They Now? - One of the last things I expected to be writing for The 'Shroom was Winnie the Pooh fanfiction but here we are.
Also, thanks for voting Diggin' Up Dirt and Waluigi Time Comic as Section of the Month! Your support is much appreciated, and I'll let Spooks Booley know you liked him.
I wrote stuff

Fake News
  • Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown - DK! Donkey Kong! We have a match themed after the DK franchise with help from an unwanted co-commentator.
  • Consumer Corner - A brand new cereal that you can eat while watching the Mario Awards!
Palette Swap
Pipe Plaza
  • Poll Committee Discussion - Looks like I'm on poll duty again this month. Check out the results of these polls involving new and future games!
Strategy Wing

Also, thank you for voting Waluigi Time Comic as Section of the Month!
Pretty average month, all around, but despite Awards all the usual sections are here! Next month there will be some bonuses even though Pitohui keeps trying to force me to do less work

Fake News
  • Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown - When there's no theme for the match it's kind of hard to write up something for this without spoiling anything.​
  • Consumer Corner - Waluigi Time attempts to answer the question of "how far can a cereal company stray from cereal without it becoming ridiculous", and, well, the truth is it's been ridiculous since the start, but just see what the latest product is, okay? (Shoutout to Magolor for suggesting this month's product!)​
Palette Swap
Strategy Wing

Thank you for voting for Waluigi Time Comic for Section of the Month!

Oh uh also, it's come to my attention that some links in this thread may not work, I've fixed everything in the OP but I'm not going to go through the rest of the posts
My first issue as Director and I not only managed to write everything, but The 'Shroom still exists! Woo!

Fake News
  • News Flush - "Wanna see me write a News Flush about Vote P for F3?" "Wanna see me do it again?"
  • Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown - I would say this may have one of the most obscure fighters I've done but I put Andrew freakin' Trego in a match before. So maybe not.
  • Consumer Corner - Don't miss out on this month's product, you'll regret it if you do!
Palette Swap
  • Waluigi Time Comic - Fun fact, I've actually had this idea since pretty much the beginning of the year but kept delaying it. Considering its contents, that's kind of funny.
  • Shmaluigi, Private Investigator - Can Shmaluigi save Waluigi Time Cereal from bankruptcy? Probably not. But can he solve the mystery, at least? Read part 2 of Crunch Time and find out!
Pipe Plaza
Strategy Wing
  • To Infinity and Beyond - As we get closer to the end of the game, we finally face off against Zurg and I talk a lot about game design and funky weird stuff.

Thank you for once again voting for Waluigi Time Comic for Section of the Month! Also, as long as I have your attention for the next few seconds, please take a quick look at this Google form gauging feedback on the future of 'Shroomfest.
Fake News
  • Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown - The spooky theme turned out a lot better than last year, I have to say.
  • Consumer Corner - Doing the thing that everyone else does by re-releasing last year's holiday product! Luckily I didn't have this section last year so it's okay.
  • Diggin' Up Dirt - Spooks Booley returns with a revelation that he definitely didn't get from Supper Mario Broth.
Palette Swap
  • Waluigi Time Comic - Chuck hijacked my comic..........
  • Community Art - Decided to do a little breakdown of my scribbles from Scribble Showdown this year. Palette Swap is for sharing art after all (you can do it too (real))!
  • Shmaluigi, Private Investigator - Shmaluigi finds himself in the midst of a spooky new case with old allies!
Strategy Wing

Thank you for voting Poll Committee Discussion as Section of the Month!
Fake News
Fun Stuff
  • Hiding Koopa - Hiding Koopa is back! I'm still fine-tuning the difficulty, so feel free to give me feedback if you'd like.
Palette Swap
Strategy Wing
  • To Infinity and Beyond - We're getting very close to the end of the game, but first, we have to go all the way back to Al's Toy Barn to clean up some stuff we couldn't do before. ALL THE WAY TO AL'S!

Thank you for voting Shmaluigi, Private Investigator and To Infinity and Beyond for Section of the Month!
go look at the new issue and do the scavenger hunt!!!

Fake News
  • News Flush - Fun fact I speedran this one this morning when I had some downtime, it's about fish!!
  • Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown - Demolition derby!!!
  • Consumer Corner - Celebrity thing (also if you didn't see the announcement in Fake News I'm planning on retiring this section, it's going on hiatus for a bit and then I'll wrap things up next year)
Fun Stuff
  • Hiding Koopa - As long as you're looking for gifts, why not look for some Koopas too?
Palette Swap
Strategy Wing

I'm starting to think based on these descriptions that my brain might be a little on the melted side today, oh well

Thanks for voting Hiding Koopa and Shmaluigi, Private Investigator for Section of the Month!
Important announcement: To commemorate the Year of the Rabbit I will be writing at least one Shbig Changes-themed section per 'Shroom issue this year, unless I end up dropping the ball which is possible! Prepare yourselves.

Fake News
  • Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown - It's the annual championship tournament! Will Captain Fishook keep his title, or will a new fighter step up to take the belt? Find out!
Fun Stuff
  • Hiding Koopa - This month's theme might make you green with envy.
Palette Swap
  • Waluigi Time Comic - What's better than one knockoff of an artificially intelligent bloodthirsty rabbit from a totally different chunk of reality? Well, zero, probably, but we don't always get what we want.
  • Shmaluigi, Private Investigator - Finally getting around to wrapping up loose ends from Shmaluigi's story in AKGO! If you kept up with the game, don't miss it! If you didn't keep up with the game, also don't miss it!
Strategy Wing

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Two new sections debuting this month!

Fake News
  • Dear Waluigi Time - Now's your chance to get WT's bad advice! We've got birthdays, curses, and money, what more could you want from a 'Shroom section? It has a thread for submitting questions, so, shameless plug!!!
  • Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown - I got to write eight less matches than last month, and still put it off until the last minute. Oops.
Fun Stuff
  • Hiding Koopa - Nintendo refuses to make new Mario games so I've succumbed to anime. Send help
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Pipe Plaza
  • Poll Committee Discussion - I got poll duty again, and there's three polls to cover this month! Some pretty interesting stuff ended up happening with this batch.
Strategy Wing
  • Digging Deeper - We may be done with Toy Story 2, but Strategy Wing can't shake me that easily. Check out this brand new section for players of Minecraft's survival mode!

Thanks for voting To Infinity and Beyond for Section of the Month! (There's no more where that came from, sorry...)
I may have gone a little overboard with the sections this month. I'm not sorry!

Fake News
  • News Flush - I've been trying to make this happen since the January issue but hey I finally did it!
  • Overlook Mountain Auction House Presents - A new bi-monthly collab between me and Shoey! Bring your eyes and your money!
  • Dear Waluigi Time - Need advice on world domination, acquiring a hard-earned raise, or getting hip with the kids? It's all here! (also please send me questions for this i'm running out of them)
  • Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown - We have a generally dark match this month! Well, not really, but I wanted to make a garbage pun.
  • Consumer Corner - Remember how I said I was going to retire this section? Well... JESSE WE NEED TO WRITE MORE 'SHROOM SECTIONS
Fun Stuff
  • Hiding Koopa - One I was planning to do last month but couldn't find the image for!
Palette Swap
  • Waluigi Time Comic - I'd like to thank Rose's subconscious for making this one
  • Shmaluigi, Private Investigator - The Brains and Brawn arc concludes, finally giving Shmaluigi the character development he probably should've had on day 4 of Circinus. Better late than never!
Strategy Wing
  • Digging Deeper - AKA how to play Minecraft without ticking off Sans.

Thank you for voting Poll Committee Discussion and Digging Deeper for Section of the Month!
You know how last time I went overboard with the sections? I did it again, oops. (i can't keep getting away with this)

Fake News
  • News Flush - If there's one thing I like about surprisingly heated wiki proposals, it's that they make good inspiration for News Flushes.
  • Dear Waluigi Time - Whether you're a bowler, a committee chairman, or the father of an SCP apparently, I've got all the advice you need!
  • Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown - Will Francis find love in Smackdown???
  • Consumer Corner - This is technically already out of season, so you'd better hop to it.
  • Diggin' Up Dirt - Spooks Booley returns, and he's got some info on the Kong family!
Fun Stuff
  • Hiding Koopa - Gotta stay up on those relevant releases, right?
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Pipe Plaza
  • Community Report - If I had a nickel for every section NS used to write that I took over, I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice. Check out this new section about wiki happenings of the past month!
Strategy Wing
  • Digging Deeper - Prepare to weather the perfect storm in this new Minecraft challenge!