Mushroom City Car Wash


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1. Have the Character speaking next to their dialogue. (Edited rule)
2. If you have off-topic comments, use strike-through. like this
3. Don't have Luigi fired or the Car Wash closed or any of that. Without Luigi working at the car wash, there is no plot. There is only one exception. In the 'Dimensional Dilemma' Arc, The Car Wash gets destroyed. This leads up to the next plot arc.
5. If there is a racing tournament, don't hog all the wins. (I'm looking straight at you, Georgie!)
6. Don't kill off or revive another person's character(s) without permission (Edited rule)
7. PM me if you want to claim a character/characters
8. Absolutely no godmodding whatsoever. No exceptions.
9. Have fun!

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Officer Simon
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Flora, Felicia, White Lightning, Ceilia, Ceilia II, Sheriff Sheldon, Sarah, Charlotte, Hilda -- George Jones

Wayleth, Shutters, Sklurt, Carly, Charlie, Jimbo, P-BP, Interference, Blowser, The Doctor, Bruce, Linic Professor Levi, Darth Kirby, Darth Knight, Marth Knight, Garth Knight, -- AwdryFan1997

ShyHo -- SuperBoo86
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White LightningLong history of godmodding and conflicting with other users, making characters far too OP, as well as constantly harassing other players' characters.
SuperBoo86Attempting to resurrect and antagonize other user's characters that are currently in stasis, making characters OP, had problematic behavior in other RPs.

I'll start.

*Walks up to window of the car wash. A sign reads 'Help Wanted'. I rush in* "Hi, I saw the sign. Can I have a job please?"

(Luigi, Car Wash Job Seeker)
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Don Flamenco

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Toadettefan14 said:
Since no one has replied yet, this game is canceled!

Long John Spaghetti said:
*Walks up to window of the car wash. A sign reads 'Help Wanted'. I rush in* "Hi, I saw the sign. Can I have a job please?"

(Luigi, Car Wash Job Seeker)
Of course! You can make me lots of moulah! $ *Mario suddenly enters the wash with his kart.*O look, a customer! Start working now, Weegeeboi!

(Toadgamer, Mushroom Kingdom Car Wash Manager)

Captain Jack Sparrow

Mushroom Attendant
*walks in with cash literally running down his trouser legs*

: "Nice business you got here! How would you like to make a really good decision?"

(Neptune Posioden, Trillionaire businessman, CEO of Bowserpedia Worldwide Industries)


Prince of LOUD.
[Runs in, mumbling curses under their breath.]

"Excuse me? Me car kinda drove through some mud, an', uh... Y-Yeh."

(Wesley O'Brian, person who needs his car washed.)

Captain Jack Sparrow

Mushroom Attendant
*holds hand in front of customer*

: "Hold on, citizen, I was here first."

*turning back to Luigi*

: "You seem to be just an employee here, sir, and are in no position to be making decisions off the bat, let alone insulting one of the most powerful men in town. However, I am a generous man. I would buy this business for a very high price and ensure it grows to its full potential, even if it is at my own personal cost."

: "There aren't many people who are willing to throw near millions at a small business without any expectancy of a large scale income, but that's just the sort of man that I am. Why would I do this, you ask? It's simply to give back to the community. After all you've done for me, I thought it might be apt to help small businesses grow and adapt to this new climate."

: "But if you really think that I have any other motive than to serve this wonderful business, without even hearing my proposition..."

*begins to head towards the door*

: "...Then I can see what kind of business this is..."

(Neptune Posioden, Trillionaire businessman, CEO of Bowserpedia Worldwide Industries)


Power Star
Hey! I need this here car washed! I'm getting hungry over here, so you better make it snappy!

(Dedede, king of Dream Land who needs his car washed)


Dry Bowser
*Creeps into the room*

"Er... ah yes, hello! It's-a me, WARIO! I er... need you to wash my luxurious mustang when you get done there and make it snappy, those garlic stains aren't going to clean themselves."

*Eyeing the cash register with a mischievous grin*

"And uh... take your time. Heheheh..."

(Wario, CEO of WarioWare Inc. and totally-not-a-burglar)


Chat Administrator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
*kicks the door down*



*attaches handcuffs and carts you off to await trial*

hey while I'm at it I'll need my Dodge Charger I bought with all of my military school tax credits to be washed for my weekly drive around town to show off how large and impressive my muscles are; don't worry, I won't tip, because this is AMERICA

(Crew Cut FBI Man, one-shot Plot Device cameo)

Big Smoke

Remember the name
Chat Administrator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Retired Wiki Staff

*perish in silent agony*

(Door, loving husband and father of 5)

Captain Jack Sparrow

Mushroom Attendant
*while being dragged out*


*laughs maniacally before being shoved into the police car, which is just about to go through the car wash*

(Neptune Posioden, Trillionaire businessman, CEO of Bowserpedia Worldwide Industries)

Captain Jack Sparrow

Mushroom Attendant
*walks in with spaghetti literally running down his trouser legs*

: "It's-a niiiiice business you got-a here! Mamma Mia! How would you like-a to make a really spicé meatbal?"

(Neptallinneo Posiodelleo, Italian businessman, CEO of Bowserpedio Worldwelleo Industrellios, totally not Neptune in disguise)


Car Wash Warrior
:toadette:: Hey! Are you that Neptune Poisiden in disguise? I can see through any disguise! How did you escape from jail so quickly? Well, my alien friends will take you to their planet and leave you there for the rest of your life until you die!
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