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  • Me excited to pursue a career in art: YIPPEEEE!
    *Remembers I hafta learn anatomy, something I can't teach myself*
    Me: aauaauUAAUUAAAA-
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    The Green Knight
    The Green Knight
    I may not be pursuing art as a career, but I do like do sketch. I would suggest the book "Dynamic Anatomy" by Burne Hogarth. It really helped my make more defined illustrations.
    @Koopa con Carne
    The issue: I do have learning disabilities (If ADHD/Autism qualify)
    Plus I struggle with executive functioning
    Koopa con Carne
    Koopa con Carne
    i think you should still give it a try, and take however much time you need in your endeavours.
    I used to think that shrimp could see more colors than humans (I remember reading it a few years ago) and I was furious.
    Stupid shrimp. They don't even have a spine, yet they still have bad posture.
    I wanted to unlock the Shrimp Colors DLC, I wanted more colors.
    I am happy to report that shrimp do not see more colors than humans, I no longer have to be jealous of them.
    (Here's a link to the thing I read, feel free to slam me if I'm wrong, I'll happily go back to hating those invertebrates)
    Well the mantis shrimp don't see more colors than humans but they still have pretty impressive eyes. They are also very delicious.
    I've been watching the Mario Movie trailers every time they come out...

    I'm still not huge on Chris Pratt as Mario, partially because Chris Pratt is everywhere (He's a fine actor, but I'm tired of him being everywhere)
    But the movie is looking surprisingly nice? (Shocker for Illumination)
    I also appreciate the movie's willingness to make fun of Mario.
    I still won't go see it myself, but that's because I hate going to movie theaters alone.
    Also Rainbow Road looks gorgeous.
    Latest miscellaneous thing I've enjoyed drawing for certain character designs: Unhinging jaws on humanoid characters (Two characters have this trait)
    Each design is created in a manner where the jaw opens in unique ways, one opens wide in the same general method as human jaws (Inspired by Endermen) while the other has the lower jaw come apart into two mandibles (Inspired by Spiders)
    I will do neat details on most facial features
    Unique eyes? Gladly, I prefer to do unique eyes on all of my characters
    Unique ears? Sure, I'm always happy to do funky ear designs
    Unique mouth? Yep, I just described how I design unique mouths
    Unique nose? Y o u . g e t . o n e . l i n e . w i t h . m i n i m a l i s t . s h a d i n g . T h a t ' s . i t .
    I'm an avid Pokémon fan, I like almost every game.
    However, I don't like BDSP (Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl) because I think they failed miserably. They were new, being the first main series Pokémon game to be outsourced to a different lead developer, being ILCA. This was definitely new, but it led to a game that was clunky and wasn't fun. Unlike some people, I have no real issues with the graphics. The game didn't feel new, it didn't add to and improve the original games, it just directly remade them, faults and all. Most of the improvements made by Platinum weren't added. The games just created a remaster of Diamond and Pearl, but without the charm.
    The games also have a horrible difficulty curve, the games are reasonably easy, until the Elite Four. The Elite Four is horrible to fight, since they use excellent strategies. The Pokémon are also designed to be just shy of competitively perfect, giving the Elite Four an advantage that you cannot truly counter. It isn't the kind of fight that is difficult, but fun, it's just a miserable experience.
    Then you get to Cynthia. Her Pokémon are competitively perfect, creating a battle that is the least fun I've ever had in f*****g Pokémon. That fight took me 20 minutes because I had to heal-stall her.
    The thing is, this kind of fight could reasonably exist in a game. As an optional post-game challenge, not as something needed to beat the game. This game failed to consider a significant portion of Pokémon's target market, kids. This game is too difficult for most kids, younger kids don't know complex strategies, most kids (and adults) just want to use their favorites. This game isn't fun to play, and I didn't touch it after I beat it and got Giratina. Until recently, I'm working on catching all the Legendaries in the game so that I can transfer them to different, better, games.
    I think ILCA has the ability to make a good game, but this was a very bad first outing.
    I've been changing my username on most platforms to LavaSherbert to reflect how I've been changing, it's no longer based on a character I don't use (MIja) or on something that isn't my own (RouxlsKaard5) Instead my name references one of my most beloved and complex characters (Pyre)
    I'm moving forward with improving and evolving my art, characters, and stories, since I hope to be a Video Game Concept Artist.
    I've found myself drifting away from here as I'm moving forward with my personal life... It kind of makes me sad, I miss the days of RPing constantly, doing RP and stuff like that hasn't sparked the same joy in me anymore... I miss you guys, but I'm so busy that I can't even get time to come on here often. Most of my story work has been done elsewhere, mostly Wattpad. Plus my school has made it hard to do that since I have to go through a lot of hoops to share art here.
    I'm not 'leaving' the Boards persay, but this is a formal notice that I'm not going to be doing anything major on here for the foreseeable future.

    I miss this place and I miss you guys, but I don't think I'll ever go back to how it used to be on here.
    Here's my favorite starter for each generation, minus one tie
    GenerationGen 1Gen 2Gen 3Gen 4Gen 5Gen 6Gen 7Gen 8LegendsGen 9
    StarterBlastoiseTyphlosionBlazikenEmpoleonSerperiorDelphox/ ChesnaughtDecidueyeCinderaceHisuian SamurottQuaquaval
    (If Any)
    Used in Y, was funIt's cool lookingI've used it many times and adore it's designUsed it and love its designSo smug, I love itI used both in Y and loved themUsed in both Alola games and had a blastPicked Sobble originally, but used in replays/ nuzlockesUsed in Legends Arceus and had so much funDuck [:
    Also I wiped the floor with the Gyms + Champion with mine
    My favorites are the Bulbasaur line (Gen 1), the Cyndaquil line and Chikorita line (Gen 2), the Torchic line (Gen 3), the Piplup line (Gen 4), the Oshawott line and Tepig line (Gen 5), the Fennekin line (Gen 6), the Popplio line and Rowlet line (Gen 7), the Scorbunny line and Sobble line (Gen 8), and the Sprigatio line (Gen 9). Reasoning for most is that the designs are cute/pretty/cool looking and some of them have good type match-ups.
    Should I make my story shorter and more direct or should I have more detailed descriptions of the environment and monsters?
    I would personally go for more detailed descriptions. It allows the reader to get a feel for the characters and their world before they get a chance to properly know them later on.
    Ultimately it's up to you. Honestly I like more description but that's just me.
    Kerrigan Koopa
    Kerrigan Koopa
    Descriptions are always better as long as the story doesn't get bogged down with too many details.
    People complaining about how Scarlet and Violet have a ton of bugs: Nooo you can't like the games! They're super buggy!

    Me who has been lucky enough to have encountered none: Sammich ( :

    (In all seriousness, I feel bad for people who haven't been able to enjoy these games. I personally adore them)
    I certainly have a thing for oxymorons in my characters.

    Pyre - A Blazeborne from the Nether who founds a nation in the arctic
    Morrow - A nonbinary and asexual succubus/incubus
    Somina - Feeds off of the energy created by insomniacs, but she makes sure that her friends are always well rested
    Rezon - Has more money than most beings could ever make in their life, refuses to wear shoes
    Umbra - Has a dark and goth aesthetic but her wings are brightly colored Luna Moth wings

    And more...
    My inspiration to RP is gone again... I feel super guilty about it, but I can't even force myself to RP...
    This is why I avoided picking up RP again, my activity is sporadic and I feel like I'm letting everyone down.
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    Hooded Pitohui
    Hooded Pitohui
    Backing away from an RP - temporarily or for the long-term, shouldn't be seen as "letting [anyone] down". An RP, in whatever form it might take, is about fun and creativity. It's not something that should hang over someone's head, and it's perfectly okay to back away regardless of the reason, be it that you don't have the energy because of other ongoings or even because you've lost interest in a particular RP or RPs in general.

    If time and energy management demand you step away, step away without guilt. If you have anything outstanding that needs resolved because it impacts someone else's writing, try and work something out with them to resolve it, wrap it up in a way that's convenient to the both of you, and then step back freely.

    You don't have to stay committed to it forever. Interest and energy can wane over time - do what's calling out to you now.
    Have you ever seen a large white duck at a pond?
    White ducks can show up in the wild, but they are rare. It is most likely a Pekin duck.
    If the white duck actively approaches people and seems friendly it is even more likely to be a Pekin.
    Pekin ducks are domesticated and do not exist in the wild. Pekin ducks do not have the ability to fly, but more importantly: Pekin ducks do not have wild instincts!
    If you see a 'wild' white duck it is most likely an abandoned pet. People impulsively buy ducklings, not realizing that it is very hard work to keep pet ducks. People who no longer want the ducks will often abandon them at ponds, unknowingly leaving the poor animals to die.
    Even worse, some people buy ducklings with plans to abandon them later. These people usually use ducklings for 'cute videos' in order to get likes.
    If you see a channel with a bunch of cute duckling videos and no follow up on the duck's growth, as if the duckling vanished overnight, DO NOT GIVE THEM LIKES
    Abandoned adult ducks often last, at best, a few months in the wild. Ducklings only last a few hours.
    It breaks my heart to know that people do this.

    Do your research before getting a pet.
    I wanted feedback on a story idea I have
    Two monsters who haunt a house end up loving the child they are meant to be terrorizing (Not like Monster's Inc) Scaring is a choice industry in the monster realm, it's frowned upon due to not being essential. It's seen as an old tradition from the past, most who do it are in it due to traditionalist families. Fear from children is used more like a drug in the monster realm. Most monsters who scare kids do so without knowledge of what the fear is used for, the parents getting rich from it while misinforming their kids about their true intentions. So the story revolves around the monsters, who have been best friends since childhood, finding out the truth behind their jobs and planning to run away from their families (Eventually taking the kid in as their own)
    Quote from one of the stories I'm writing:
    (Yes the story is based on Minecraft)
    I grabbed my axe and prepared to fight, asking questions to assess the threat.
    "How many? What kind?"
    "There's a lot of them, mostly zombies, skeletons, and creepers."
    "What are their weaknesses?"
    "None that are particularly relevant right now..."
    "Do they cause the painful deterioration of your body until nothing remains?!"

    That question was apparently notable because she looked at me confused.
    "Okay then!"
    "The fact that you say that like it's normal is messed up."
    "Yeah. Yeah it is."
    Man I've been looking at how far I've come...
    I went from Mija, a pitifully underdeveloped character who I thought was the greatest thing of all time...
    To a full on massive story being planned out between some of my OCs including my favorite villain OC ever (Take that Minaz)
    As well as a love for making developed one off OCs, just try and stop me form seeing a thing, liking it, and making a complex OC (Or more)
    And I've progressed beyond my old artstyle, I've begun using references and not being afraid to make designs as weird as think they should be!

    I think if the version of me back when I was in sixth grade, just starting to develop my artstyle, and making silly Undertale gijinka art and hating myself would be proud...
    Look at me now! Making OCs with deep lore (and plenty of T R A U M A) constantly, I draw on digital now! And still somewhat hate myself 👍
    The only advice I'd give myself back then would be "Don't be afraid to leave a drawing unfinished, I has value at any stage, even if you leave it half complete..."
    Allergies can get me philosophical...
    Last week I was having some real bad allergies and started to formulate a plan for how to get the people in charge of my county school system to listen to students and learn a thing or two about equity... And still might use some of it!
    Also if anyone wishes to leave critiques on my Wattpad, I recommend messaging me on the site, I can see and respond to it better like that
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