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  • So, guys. I found something amazing.

    I took a risk and looked up Rinka (The character I'm themeing after), on Google images. any fanart, screenshots, manga panels or official art of her should be visible there. And guess what? I just found a female character with absolutely no R34! The lewdest it got was simply a two-piece swimsuit, with the bottom being a skirt, and that was official art of her. OFFICIAL, and not even fanart! Imagine my face when the page stops and Google tells me this was the end of the results. This was well worth the risk that could've been (Plus I got to see some neat fanart of one of my favorite characters, so it's a big win!).

    So, to y'all Hayami fans out there, wherever you are, you rock!
    Oh god, Twitter users coming back from the salt mines when I'm just here laughing my ass off at how great the direct was
    Yay, after spending a weekend consisting of just Sunday we're back to work tomorrow because the protests that prevented us from going to school for one week apparently warrant one month of compensation.

    Don't I just love my lord and savior the principal...
    It's a wonderful day.

    For the first time this summer, in time for school which starts next week, I have NOTHING to do. No animation course, no SAT course, or a summer camp. All over now.

    I liked the animation initiation though, and the SAT teacher was a cool dude.
    What FE game is in your sig? I can tell it's a GBA one and I'm playing through Sacred Stones currently (though since I suck at strategy games I lost Artur, that magic dude, in the area he was introduced).
    Rinka Hayami
    Rinka Hayami
    It is from Sacred Stones. It sucks that you lost Artur, but he's also a guy I myself stopped using because he never wanted to get anywhere with his level-ups. Artur is a monk, though, and from my experience, Monks have the worst defense, a fact I know from Lucius in FE7. Understandable that he dies in arguably one of the easiest chapters.

    But if you lose Forde without resetting on it, Moldo... or Marisa. Applies to both.

    Oh yeah, prepare your ask thread.
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