LavaSherbert's Art Thread

Just post a picture and It'll begin (I won't be available for a bit because of school) I'll start, Mija is here!
My characters are in my sig and my bio but if I ever update them in the future, here they are.



Also more ref pics in my ask thread.

BTW, I did draw Chroma Key with Ray Trace for John's birthday.

It's a force of habit whenever I draw someone like that :P
Here are my characters!(now not including everyone else because of the limit)

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@Mija, sorry, I didn't know there was a limit.
You know guys, there's a chance I'm reading this thread wrong, but it seems to me like you're actually supposed to draw too, not just drop requests.
I don't know if that's directed at me or not, but my post wasn't meant to be a request drop but more of a "in case anyone wants to draw my characters here is a convenient location to find reference images"

Anyway, I sketched this.


Mija, your characters love randomly teleporting into my character's base and giving them a heart attack so I thought I may encapsulate that moment.


Also, did a quick sketch of Chroma Key and Binary (Green Flare), LJS. I added a jealous Ray Trace on the upper hand corner. Love triangle shenanigans and all. Aqua Marine is on the left as I conceptualized her.
It's directed at people who just dropped requests while giving no indication they were going to contribute.

You posted a drawing with yours, so that's fine.
Myself, I just sketch everything in pencil and leave it at that, usually. I'll drop some of my drawings here in a bit.
Here's my Luigi dude as drawn by me:

Also here's me as a goose drawn by LGM if you'd rather draw that instead:


Now I've drawn several users before, but for now I'll post my drawing of @Ray Trace's oc who I think is now called Dark Light (I drew this in December 2017 so I don't think the Protectors had their current names or designs yet, lol):

(I drew this in December 2017 so I don't think the Protectors had their current names or designs yet, lol)

Dark Light had her name as far back as....I think while I was still in high school so probably around 2013-2014, but I kept it hidden because I was insecure as hell so she just stuck with being called "this is not an oc, it's just a personification of me" or "Black Baby Luigi" until later.

Summer of 2017 was when the other Protectors were made, btw, and they started off as Dark Light recolors. They started getting their unique designs not until 2018.

BTW, you can read about their history in this post in my ask thread if you're curious for more.
Man, I can't get the "Sim dying of hysteria" laughter sound out of my mind when I see Ray Trace losing it.