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  • If you've seen my I'm New post, you know my objective. Attempting 100% playthrough of every Mario 3DS game in order of US release date. (before I play the Switch).
    I'm currently on 4) Tennis Open.

    here's the entire playlist
    1) 3D Land
    2) Kart 7
    3) London 2012 Olympics

    4) Tennis Open
    5) New Super Bros. 2
    6) Sticker Star
    7) Dark Moon
    8) Minis on the Move
    9) DK Country Returns 3D
    10) Dream Team
    11) Party Island Tour
    12) Yoshi's New Island
    13) Golf World Tour
    14) Smash Bros.
    15) Tipping Stars
    16) Puzzle & Dragons
    17) Miracle Cure
    18) Paper Jam
    19) Rio 2016 Olympics
    20) Amiibo Challenge
    21) Star Rush
    22) Maker
    23) Woolly World
    24) Sports Superstars
    25) Bowsers Minions
    26) Party Top 100
    27) Treasure Tracker
    28) Warioware Gold
    29) Luigi's Mansion
    30) Bowser Jr's Journey
    Dr. Baby Luigi
    Dr. Baby Luigi
    Star Ace is a pain but I've managed to defeat all Star Ace opponents as Baby Mario. Star Ace has several exploits depending on the character you're facing against.
    Spiking/Curving the red shot one of em? :3
    Dr. Baby Luigi
    Dr. Baby Luigi
    Well you should make use of chance shots. Many Star Ace characters can't effectively counter a yellow chance shot (blue chance shots are sorta useless against them) and there's also a tactic of using Red Chance + Drop Shots but it doesn't work on all opponents especially those stronger than you.
    Hiya folks! Biddy here, live, to tell you.. I'm new! Nice to meet you. Hope to make some friends or somethin here. nwn
    @Dr. Mario I'm from a ranch-cape of W1 3D Land, got tired of the singlefile circle walkin life, broke out of that chain and wondered into New Donk. Bowsers payments were below living wage, would you believe it?! Much better living under Pauline's management, even joined a union! C:.
    Speaking of being new here, I should get a primary care physician. Are you taking in new patients?
    Dr. Mario
    Dr. Mario
    Yeah, I take new patients all the time. They always come to me for quality care. My breakthroughs in medicine are nothing to scoff at!
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