STOP! Frequently Asked Questions (Updated: 8/4/19)

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How do I change my username?
You may change your username once every 30 days by selecting "Change" next to your username on your account details page. Your name will be updated pending moderator approval. Theme usernames can be reused by others after going unused for three years.

How do I ping another user?
While composing a message, insert the "@" symbol and start typing the name of the user you wish to ping. Next, select their username from the drop-down menu that appears. When your message is posted, each user you mentioned will receive a notification. Quoting a user will also notify them, so there is no need to @ them if you are quoting their message. Note: Ping(s) are only sent after a new message is posted. They're not sent after a message has been edited, so editing your message and adding any pings will not notify the users. If absolutely necessary, you could delete and re-post your message.

How do I quote another user's message?
Click the "Reply" button in the bottom-right of any post to both quote and reply to that post. If you would like to quote multiple posts at once, such as when replying to your own Ask thread, click the "Quote" button on each post you would like to reply to and then click the "Insert quotes..." button beneath the reply text box to rearrange (if necessary) and insert the quotes. You may also highlight text with your cursor and click either Quote or Reply on the popup to use either feature with just the highlighted snippet of text rather than the entire message.

How do I react to a post, other than the standard like?
Depending on your device, hover your mouse over the Like button or hold you finger down on it to reveal the additional reactions.

How do I change my avatar and signature?
You can change your avatar on your account details page and your sig on your signature page.

How do I add images to my posts/signature?
Adding images to posts or signatures can be done by simply pasting the URL of the image you want to use, and surrounding it with the image tags.

For example, [IMG][/IMG] will result in:


How do I modify an image's height and width?
Resizing images can be done by adding one or both of the following parameters to the opening image tag:
[IMG width="50px" height="50px"][/IMG]
You may adjust the height/width of the image by replacing the number to how large or small you want the image to be. The image will scale properly itself if only one dimension is set.

The images/text I put in my sig is cut off or just outright missing. What's the deal, holmes?
As of September 8th, 2016, signatures are incapable of exceeding a height of 200px, meaning that anything which exceeds that height will appear cut off or missing. Use a height parameter such as 150px in your IMG tag(s) to prevent the contents below the image from getting cut-off.

How do I create a rotating signature?
Various websites such as signavatar and randimg allow users to create rotating signatures. The amount and size of images is dependent on the website you decide to host it on.

What's this BB code and how do I use it?
A full guide can be found right here.

Where are the rules?
The Official Rules and Guidelines thread can be found in the HelpDesk board. You may also come across other locked and stickied threads which you'll find across various boards, you may wish to review them as they contain useful information as well.

Can I become a moderator?
We do not accept requests for new staff. We'll come to you if we feel we're in need of your service.

A bot has posted spam/porn/etc. What should I do?
In most cases, a mod will catch it. However, there is a handy "Report" button at the bottom-left of each post. Please make use of it.

I'm using Microsoft Outlook and not receiving emails. Now what?
Go to your junk email options and add as a safe sender. If you're using the web client, that setting is right here.

How do I change the title below my username?
Your default forum rank will be something Mario-related and will change as you post. You can replace this title with something else by setting your "Custom title" on your account details page. The default ranks and required post counts are as follows:
RankPost count
Koopa Troopa50
Monty Mole100
Cheep Cheep200
Shy Guy300
Bullet Bill500
Hammer Bro.550
Chain Chomp600
Dry Bones700
Piranha Plant750
Bowser Jr.950
King Bowser1,000
Dry Bowser3,000
Shine Sprite5,000
Power Star7,000
Star Spirit10,000
Celestial Guide15,000
Donkey Kong20,000
Mushroom Attendant35,000
Mushroom Princess50,000
Pink Gold Peach100,000

What about the banner(s) below a user's rank?
Banners only appear on a user's profile when they're in a particular user group and cannot be customized. The banners and their fixed display order are:
User groupBanner color
Wiki ProprietorBlue
Forum ModeratorRed
Wiki BureaucratGreen
Wiki AdministratorGreen
Chat AdministratorCornflower Blue
Chat OperatorCornflower Blue
Wiki PatrollerGreen
Core 'Shroom StaffOrange
Awards CommitteePurple
Poll CommitteePink
Retired Forum ModRed
Retired Wiki StaffGreen
'Shroom ConsultantOrange

More questions and answers will be added as needed.
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