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Welcome, 'Shroom readers! In this thread, I keep a running list of sections that I've written for The 'Shroom, and post updates whenever I write new sections. I'm currently writing a section titled The Mariospective, though in the past, I've written a multitude of other sections. Feel free to give feedback or suggestions for future editions here. Below, you will find more detailed information on my sections, as well as a list of all of their publications.

Table of Contents:
The Mariospective
Super Mario Maker Showcase
Monthly Inquisition
Miscellaneous Sections
Guest Appearances


In The Mariospective, I review every retro Mario game on the Nintendo Switch Online service, starting with the Mario games on the Nintendo Entertainment System, all the way to the Game Boy Advance games. Each month, I cover one Mario game at a time.


List of publications:
Issue 201 (December 2023) - Donkey Kong
Issue 202 (January 2024) - Donkey Kong Jr.
Issue 203 (February 2024) - Mario Bros.
Issue 204 (March 2024) - Pinball
Issue 205 (April 2024) - Donkey Kong 3

In Picross, I make picrosses for you to solve. For those who are not familiar, picross is a puzzle game revolving around logic, and the goal is to fill in a grid to reveal a picture. For a detailed set of rules, with an example included, you can refer to Issue 157, or you can find rules online. Each issue has two to four puzzles focusing on a certain theme, such as a character, game, or series.


List of publications:
Issue 157 (April 2020) - Mushrooms
Issue 158 (May 2020) - Super Mario Galaxy 2
Issue 159 (June 2020) - Paper Mario: The Origami King
Issue 160 (July 2020) - Dr. Mario (series)
Issue 161 (August 2020) - Mario Tennis (series)
Issue 162 (September 2020) - 3D Mario Games (Super Mario 3D All-Stars)
Issue 163 (October 2020) - 2D Mario Games
Issue 164 (November 2020) - Game & Watch
Issue 165 (December 2020) - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Issue 166 (January 2021) - Sun and Moon
Issue 167 (February 2021) - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Issue 168 (March 2021) - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Issue 169 (April 2021) - Mushrooms (again)
Issue 170 (May 2021) - New Super Mario Bros.
Issue 171 (June 2021) - Art and Music
Issue 172 (July 2021) - Donkey Kong (game)
Issue 173 (August 2021) - WarioWare: Get It Together!
Issue 174 (September 2021) - Mario Party Superstars
Issue 175 (October 2021) - Luigi's Mansion (series)
Issue 176 (November 2021) - Super Smash Bros. (series)
Issue 177 (December 2021) - Yoshi
Issue 178 (January 2022) - WarioWare: Smooth Moves
Issue 179 (February 2022) - Mario Kart 64
Issue 180 (March 2022) - Mario's Picross (series)
Issue 181 (April 2022) - Mario Strikers: Battle League
Issue 182 (May 2022) - Mario Tennis Open
Issue 183 (June 2022) - Super Mario Sunshine
Issue 184 (July 2022) - Mario Party 9 / Birthday
Issue 185 (August 2022) - Mario Paint

In Super Mario Maker Showcase, I highlight a variety of courses in Super Mario Maker 2, and explain in what ways I find them interesting, whether due to their concept, mechanics, or other features. You can submit your own courses as well, and I will likely include them in a future issue.


List of publications:
Issue 169 (April 2021) - Retro- / Minigame-Themed Courses
Issue 170 (May 2021) - Blue Courses
Issue 171 (June 2021) - Art and Music
Issue 172 (July 2021) - Donkey Kong- / Jungle-Themed Courses
Issue 176 (November 2021) - Courses with Baseballs, Boos, and Big Jumps
Issue 180 (March 2022) - Dungeon-Themed Courses


In Monthly Inquisition, I interview various citizens from the Mushroom Kingdom, from famous heroes, to lesser known enemies, to obscure one-off characters. I will ask them questions in an attempt to uncover some interesting facts and juicy secrets, because that's what the readers want, right?


List of publications:
Issue 159 (June 2020) - Lakitu
Issue 160 (July 2020) - Red, Blue and Yellow Virus
Issue 161 (August 2020) - Waluigi
Issue 165 (December 2020) - Baby Mario and Baby Luigi
Issue 166 (January 2021) - Shy Guy
Issue 167 (February 2021) - Bob-omb
Issue 168 (March 2021) - Mary O.

Miscellaneous Sections
These are miscellaneous sections that have been written by myself, at least in part. These include one-off sections, collaborative sections, and co-written sections.

List of publications:
Awards Analysis - Issue 162 (September 2020) - M2, M13, M25, M29, F9
Awards Analysis - Issue 175 (October 2021) - M3, M8, M11, M28, F5, F8, C6, C7
Community Gallery - Issue 171 (June 2021) - Artwork
Living Game: Where Are They Now? - Issue 183 (June 2022) - Duck
Poll Committee Discussion - Issue 167 (February 2021) - 11th Poll Committee
Poll Committee Discussion - Issue 181 (April 2022) - 12th Poll Committee
The 'Shroom's Special Saga - Issue 203 (February 2024)
The 'Shroom Mafia 4 - Issue 180 (March 2022) - Introduction
Trick-or-Treating with The 'Shroom - Issue 175 (October 2021) - Luigi Candy
Ultimate Location Battle - Issue 169 (April 2021) - Qualifier Round
Ultimate Location Battle - Issue 170 (May 2021) - Semi-Final Round
Ultimate Location Battle - Issue 171 (June 2021) - Final Round
Ultimate Location Battle - Issue 172 (July 2021) - Winner
Waluigi Time's Writer Testimonials - Issue 175 (October 2021) - Goombuigi's Testimonial

Guest Appearances
These are sections in which I make a guest appearance or have made a minor contribution to. These sections are not included in the total number of sections that I've written.

List of publications:
'Shroomfest Highlights - Issue 160 (July 2020) - Heroes vs. Villains
'Shroomfest Highlights - Issue 166 (January 2021) - Sunlight vs. Moonlight
'Shroomfest Highlights - Issue 172 (July 2021) - Warm Colors vs. Cool Colors
Blooper Race - Issue 183 (June 2022) - Bloopuigi's Design
Dear Waluigi Time - Issue 193 (April 2023) - Question Submitted
Shmaluigi, Private Investigator - Issue 180 (March 2022) - Wright Forde 'Shroom

Total number of sections: 60
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I haven't been here in a while...

Anyway, Issue 162 is out! Be sure to check out Picross, themed around Mario's 35th anniversary! Monthly Inquisition isn't present in this issue, but rest assured, it will return next month.

Also, if you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to put them here!
The third Monthly Inquisition link is a link to the second one.

Maybe do Antasma for a MI? (Oh wait, Halloween is over...)
The time has come for this thread to be resurrected. If you've read the 'Shroom, then you may have seen my new section, Super Mario Maker Showcase. This section highlights levels from Super Mario Maker 2 that I find creative, have nice level design, or are intriguing in other areas.

If there's a level that you'd like to see me cover in this section, whether it's your own or one that you've played, you can submit its name and ID here! Ideally, one of the five courses that I will cover each month would be user-submitted. However, I have a couple of conditions to a course so that I can review it:
1. I have to beat the course so that I can get the full experience. I would say I'm a decently good player, but I can't do anything kaizo-related or anything that requires pixel-perfect platforming.
2. The level has to require skill and platforming in some way. By that I mean, no enemy spam levels, no levels which require the player to find an invisible block, no pick-a-pipe level, etc.

Sidenote: I've debated on whether to include the first Super Mario Maker in this section, since Nintendo doesn't support it anymore. For now, I've decided against it, but if you don't have the second game and only have the Wii U one, you can still submit it, and I might include it in the section.

That's all I have to say, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!
I wouldn't say so. I would consider enemy spam to be a level where dozens upon dozens of enemies are placed without rhyme or reason, without any other challenge whatsoever.
I wouldn't say so. I would consider enemy spam to be a level where dozens upon dozens of enemies are placed without rhyme or reason, without any other challenge whatsoever.
Cool! I also have one that would be cool for issue 171. I'll give you the ID's at around... .
Submissions for Issue 171 are open! If you'd like a level to be featured in the next issue, you can submit its name and ID here. Keep in mind that the next issue is art-themed, so for this month, I will only be accepting levels that are related to art or music in some way.
Submissions are closed for Issue 172, but you can submit something for Issue 173 if you want.
Super Mario Maker Showcase is back! If you have any levels you've played or made and you'd like to see in future sections, post the level name and ID here, and they may make their way into the section.
The opening post is now updated with all of my current sections, including miscellaneous or guest appearances.

Also, you can still suggest themes for future Picross sections, or levels to showcase in future Super Mario Maker Showcase sections, in this thread.
I'm planning on bringing back Picross to commemorate Issue 200. Whether it will be a one-time section or a monthly edition as before, I've yet to decide - that will mainly depend on how busy my life will be then. But I'm planning on bringing back Picross for Issue 200 at least.

However, it will not be any ordinary edition of Picross - instead, you get to decide what is featured! You can nominate any Mario-related character, enemy, or item, or even a character from the MarioWiki community, to be made into a picross.

Nominations will be open until the end of April, and depending on how many there are, I will go from there.