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I'll beat that stupid Mario next time...
Welcome, 'Shroom readers! I'm currently writing two sections for the 'Shroom, Picross and Monthly Inquisition. Feel free to give feedback or suggestions for future editions here, including content and themes I should cover. However, I plan my sections a couple of months in advance, so if you make a theme suggestion now, chsnces are it won't be featured until two or three months later, do keep that in mind. Below, you will find more detailed information on my sections.


Starting with Issue 157, I will be writing the Picross section for Fun Stuff on a monthly basis. For those who are not familiar, picross is a puzzle game revolving around logic, and the goal is to fill in a grid to reveal a picture. For a detailed set of rules, with an example included, please refer to Issue 157, or you can find rules online.
Each issue will have two to four puzzles focusing on a distinct theme. If you have any ideas for themes, such as a character, game, or even an item, feel free to submit them here, or PM them to me, and they will likely be featured in future issues.

List of publications:

Issue 157 (April 2020)
Issue 158 (May 2020)
Issue 159 (June 2020)

Monthly Inquisition:

In Monthly Inquisition, I will interview various citizens from the Mushroom Kingdom, from famous heroes, to lesser known enemies, to obscure one-offs. I will ask them question in an attempt to uncover some interesting facts and juicy secrets, cause that's what the readers want, right?
Once again, if you have a suggestion for a character, send it here or PM me, and it will be featured in a future edition.

List of publications:

Issue 159 (June 2020)
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