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The Luigi-fied Goomba
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Here's a digital drawing of Bobby from Paper Mario: The Origami King.


I decided to experiment a bit with the style. This version is based off of the style of Bob-ombs from Paper Mario: Color Splash...

...and in this version, I tried to replicate the "rough" style from Paper Mario: The Origami King.


The Luigi-fied Goomba
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I may not be posting as much in here (mainly because of other things in my schedule, plus I have a project planned for Mar10 Day 2021), but in the meantime, I have something else to show. Back in October - November 2019, I had this "phase" where I used to make a lot of sprites from Mario games with perler beads. I made quite a few of them, so I'll show them all here:

I divided them into categories below:


Here are emblems of Mario characters, based on their design in Mario Kart Tour. I made these on a circular base, hence why I can't exactly make straight lines with them (such as in Waluigi's emblem).


Here are various characters that I made. They're based off of the Mystery Mushroom sprites from Super Mario Maker, though some have minor modifications (such as Luigi's face, which is based off the Mario Party 8 sprite).


From here, I based the Kart Mario sprite from the SMM costume, and for the others, I made them mostly from scratch, using their standard sprites and the Super Mario Kart sprites as a basis. Lazer, I made Luigi in the Poltergust 4000, and I originally planned to make other special karts. (Also, ignore that one dislocated bead on Yoshi, that was an error in ironing.)


Here are special versions of characters. They're all made from their SMM costume sprites (besides Builder Luigi, he's from Super Mario Maker 2). With Golden Mario, I had to adjust the color palette because I the beads that I had didn't have as many colors.


Here are some enemies from the Mario series. They are based off their Super Mario Bros. sprites, with the exception of Boo, who's from Super Mario Land 2 for some reason.


Here are various items and objects from the Mario series. Some of these are based from their modern appearances (such as the Super Bell), others are from sprites from older games.


The last category consists of Mario and Luigi's sprites from various games, specifically SMB, SMB3, SMM2, SMB2, M&L:SS, and SMO. Despite the fact that I had to reduce the color palette for the M&L sprites, I really like how they turned out.