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This is a place for things that I have written either are too small for the Shroom, would not make sense for the Shroom, I wanted to get in the Shroom but couldn't for one reason or another, or just random things that I write that don't really go anywhere else. All of these writings are canon in some way or another unless otherwise stated.

Mushroom City Car Wash Side-Stories
#1: Everything is so Beautiful
#2: The Windmill Date
Tales from the Megaverse Side-Stories
#1: Te Extraño.
Doctor Who
#1: Dashing through the Snow
#2: The Iliad, Part 1
Luigi and Associates Detective Agency
#1: Snow Trapped
Into the Spider-Verse
#1: Yadda Yadda Backstory
Puyo Puyo
#1: The Curious Case of Chaos
Scott the Woz
'Shroomfest | It Was Just a Phase
#1: The Beginning of the End
GCN Luigi Circuit Promo
StoryCentral Doctor Who: Renaissance Promo
Super Awards Fighters: The New Challengers
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Mushroom City Car Wash Side-Story #1: Everything is so Beautiful.

Klonoa sat on top of the Car Wash's roof, looking up at the snow falling from the sky. It was getting dark now, the sun nearly finished setting. His friend Huepow had advised Klonoa to come back inside with him, but Klonoa dismissed Huepow, wanting some more time outside, which Huepow had reluctantly agreed to.

Klonoa had seen snow before. Plenty of times. But this was the first time he had seen real, authentic snow. Snow that wasn't a part of some dream. In fact, everything that Klonoa saw in the real world had some element of beauty. Even if Klonoa had so much to learn about the real world, he knew that he didn't have to go it alone. Huepow was helping to a certain extent, but at the end of the day, it was Huepow's first time in the real world as well. Klonoa smiled, feeling lucky to have found the Car Wash. Everybody was so nice here. It was as if they were all a happy family.

Granted, said family was absolutely enormous. There was Cream and her mother Vanilla, the cooks. They could make dinner for everyone within an hour, at most. And the meals were so delicious! Klonoa had never tasted anything like it. The aliens, which Klonoa couldn't remember the names of for the life of him. Their names were car puns, right? Klonoa really did try to recall, but they reminded him of some of the colorful characters he had met in various dream worlds. It almost made him nostalgic. Spencer and Krissy, the two front desk people, whose names Klonoa only remembered because of their name tags. As much as those two bickered, they seemed inseparable. And, who could forget about Luigi? He kept the entire operation running smoothly using nothing but a computer and a stack of papers! Klonoa found it to be somewhat like witchcraft. And then there was Tails…

Klonoa could talk about Tails all day. Tails was a bright orange fox cub who worked on inventions in the basement. Klonoa would often go down in the basement for no real reason at all just to talk to Tails about nothing yet everything. There was just something about Tails that Klonoa couldn't quite put his fingers on. Maybe it was the depth of which he talked about his latest creation, or the way his iconic two tails swayed back and forth. Maybe it was simply how soft his fur looked, as if it were a blanket. Klonoa just didn't know, but whatever the reason, Klonoa thought he was lucky to have Tails as his…boyfriend? Is that right? Were they dating now? Well, Klonoa had confided the way Tails made his heart race and stomach knot, right? And Tails acknowledged it and wanted to spend more time with Klonoa, right? So…were they dating now?

Klonoa's thoughts were interrupted as a sneeze escaped his nose, suddenly finding himself shivering from the cold. Maybe Huepow was right, he probably should've gone back inside sooner. Reluctantly, Klonoa got to his feet, dusting bits of snow off of his clothes before trudging back inside to warm up. Hopefully, he could finally understand how exactly the microwave worked, so that he could make some of that "Hot Chocolate" that Vanilla always made.
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Doctor Who #1: Dashing through the Snow

The air was brisk and the ground was soft with snow. The lone wanderer trudged through the light forest, the sky slowly darkening as the sun began to set. Today was a nice distraction for the traveler, a refreshing change of pace from his usual routine, but now it was time for him to leave. His face lit up to see where his beloved ship was…only for him to snarl with disappointment as he found it buried in the snow, only the top half sticking up out of the white ground.

"Oh, you poor thing…" He whispered to the blue, box-shaped craft.

That's when he saw something that made his smile come right back: Reindeer. A small herd of them, about eight or so. His brow shot up as a somewhat mad idea came into his head. After all…maybe just a bit of Christmas magic was all he needed. And perhaps some rope. Luckily, he had both.

The lonely voyager had tied the rope around the reindeer and secured the rope to the bottom of his box-shaped ship, having dug out just enough in order to do so. Of course, this wasn't just about getting in his ship and leaving. He had decided that perhaps he should have some fun while he was here.

"YAH!!" He shouted.

The reindeer rushed forwards, now pulling the box with them. The explorer hopped on top of his box, which was now being pulled on its side, taking the reins of the deer in his hands. They rapidly approached a cliff face, and just as he expected, the reindeer pulled the box up into the sky.


The man cheered as the reindeer pulled his box through the sky like a sleigh as thoughts rushed through his mind. Where to? He had a lot of options to choose from. Should he stop by London, to pay a visit to a detective and his plant-based assistant? Or perhaps to a land full of horses to see his friend that resided in the clouds? Maybe a school for monsters to have a pint with a party-loving ghost?

Or, maybe, just maybe, he could find his friend long gone. His friend that at first was so nervous, but had learned to soar farther than he ever thought possible, harnessing the power of stickers, of all things?

The man came to one conclusion: He would just have to visit them all. After all, who was he to just settle?
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I would like to thank Waluigi Time for this holiday version of the LAADA logo!
Luigi and Associates Detective Agency #1: Snow Trapped
Originally, I had planned a story where a thief had stolen a Mario Kart trophy for a race that Luigi was in, so Yuri would have to sneak away in order to catch the culprit. However, I was not satisfied with what I had came up with, and I could not fix it in time for the 'Shroom. So, I have prepared an alternate story for you to enjoy.
Luigi and his wonderful wife Yuri huddled around the fire (rather, the computer with an image of a fireplace on it), looking outside at the rather heavy snowfall.

"Well…" Luigi chuckled nervously, "Looks like we're staying here…"

Yuri sighed, "Ah, yes, it would seem so."

Luigi sighed as he propped his head up with his arm, letting his thoughts engulf him.

"What's wrong, Dear?" Yuri asked.

"Ah, I just, well…" Luigi mumbled, "Just wanted to go see Mario. It's our first Christmas where we aren't living together, so…I was really looking forward to going to visit, you know..?"

Yuri shushed her husband as she stroked his hair, almost immediately calming him down.

"I know…" She cooed, "But we're here. We have each other."

"...hah. Yeah…"

"I know you wanted to see him. I wanted to see him too. Your brother is very nice. But we still have each other."

"I know, I know…~. Thank you, Yuri…for everything. Hah…I love you."

"I love you two."

The happy couple snuggled up against each other, staring at the JPEG fire. It seemed, being there next to each other, that Mario was right there. And so was all the rest of their friends. Maybe it was just some wishful thinking. Or maybe…It was the spirit of Christmas itself.
Doctor Who #2: The Iliad, Part 1

The battle was won. The Master was dead. And Martha had just left the TARDIS. The Doctor was now alone again. He sighed, but before he could even think about setting new coordinates, Martha strutted back into the TARDIS.

"Because, the thing is…" Martha said, "It's like my friend Vicky. She lived with this bloke, student housing, there were five of them all packed in, and this bloke was called Sean. And she loved him. She did. She completely adored him. Spent all day long talking about him."

The Doctor lifted his brow, intrigued.

"Is this…going anywhere?" He asked his companion.

"Yes!" She confirmed, "Because he never looked at her twice. I mean, he liked her, but that was it. And she wasted years pining after him. Years of her life. Because while he was around, she never looked at anyone else. And I told her-I always said to her-time and time again, I said…get out. So this is me. Getting out."

The Doctor slowly nodded, a forlorn look on his face. Martha reached into her jacket pocket, tossing a cell phone to the Time Lord, which he swiftly caught.

"Keep that," She instructed, "Because I'm not having you disappear. If that rings- when that rings, you'd better come running. Got it?"

"Got it."

Martha smiled as she turned to the TARDIS doors, stepping outside.

"I'll see you again, Mister."

The Doctor smiled as he watched her go. He didn't know where she would go, or where he would go, but that was all part of the lifestyle for him. He walked over to the TARDIS control panel, starting to pilot it, all alone.

Alone, but at peace.

Until…a large crash set him tumbling to the floor, the foghorn of a ship piercing his eardrums. He scrambled to sit up again, looking at the cruise ship that now pierced through the TARDIS wall.

"What? WHAT?!"

He coughed up smoke and debris as he reached for a life preserver that fell close to him during the impact. He turned it over, revealing the name 'S.S. Cetus' inscribed into it. Looking back at the large ship in his wall, he blinked in disbelief.

Mushroom City Car Wash Side-Story #2: The Windmill Date

I would like to thank Toadettefan for letting me use her character, Tails.
"Rupurudu, come on! This way!"

The Cabbit excitedly rushed up the steep hill, leading his fox boyfriend by the hand.

"Woaaah!" Tails exclaimed, "You've been saying that for the last ten minutes!!"

"I know, I know! But it's just on the top of this hill, I promise~!" Klonoa reassured him.

The top of the hill slowly came into view for the fox cub, consisting of a single bench and a view of the now-distant Mushroom City, with a set of windmills separating them from the city.

"Okay," Klonoa sighed happily, "We're here."

Tails smiled with glee as Klonoa happily sat on the bench, patting the space next to him. Tails took the hint, sitting next to his Cabbit.

"Wow…thanks for bringing me up here," said Tails, "It's a really pretty view."

Klonoa smiled, "Yep! I could just stare at the windmills all day!"

"The windmills?"

"Yeah, the windmills! There's just…something about windmills…they make me feel…uh, what's the word…nostalgic?"

Tails raised his brow slightly, "Nostalgic? Nostalgic for what…?"

"Well," Klonoa sighed, "Where I'm from…or, well, from what I first remember…there were windmills. Where I lived with my grandpa. There were windmills all around the village…they weren't all shiny and white like the ones here, though…they were made of pretty wood, and they were big and clunky…but they were almost hypnotizing to look at, spinning slowly all day."

Tails quickly wrapped his arm around Klonoa, pulling him close. Klonoa closed his eyes, letting a tear or two roll down his cheek.

"...but that wasn't real. I don't…think it was real…"

"Shh…shh…it's okay. You're here. You're real, and Huepow's real…who's to say that wasn't real, too?"

Klonoa lightly chuckled as he nuzzled himself onto Tails' shoulder.



"I love you."

With a smile, Tails rested his head on top of Klonoa's own.

"I love you too."
Tales from the Megaverse Side-Story #1: Te Extraño.

I would like to thank MightyMario for both creating Tales from the Megaverse and giving me the idea for this side-story.
The recruiter looked up from the provided paperwork, staring at the tan woman in front of them.

"Everything seems to be in order, Ms. Noceda. Just one final question…what makes you want to join the Resistance?"

"I have lost everything. Last year, I lost my husband to cancer. And last week, I have lost my daughter to the sickening deeds of the one called Grievous. I have nothing anymore. But now, I have the opportunity to help. To make sure nobody else suffers like I have. That is why I will fight."

The recruiter silently nodded, "The attack on Terra, I assume..? I'm sorry to hear about all of that, ma'am. The Air Division is boarding down the hall, to the left. That's what you signed up for, correct?"


"Very well. Good luck to you, Ms. Noceda."

The young girl sat amidst the rubble of what used to be her town. What was once a quiet town was reduced to nothing but ash and debris. She sat in what used to be her bedroom, her head in her arms, sobbing quietly.

She froze, suddenly hearing the sounds of footsteps coming from behind her.

"Hey!" A feminine voice called out, "We got someone over here!"

The child quickly turned around, seeing a tall woman with long, brown hair approaching her, slowly and carefully.

"Hey, kiddo," the woman said, "I'm here to help ya. What's your name?"

"...Luz," The child said between sniffles, "Luz Noceda."

"Hey, Luz. My name's Jody."

Jody squatted down to be on eye level with Luz, a small smile on Jody's face.

"I'm here to help you, Luz. Are you here all alone?"

Luz slowly nodded.

"Well…that's not good. Tell you what, I have some friends back at my ship. Well, it's not really 'mine', I just pilot it…but they'll be happy to help you until we can find your parents. Does that sound okay?"

Luz slowly trotted over to Jody, grasping her hand.

"Alright, kiddo. C'mon…"

Hand-in-hand, Jody led the small Luz away from the destroyed town, and towards what seemed to be a brighter future.

At least, Luz hoped it would be a brighter future.
I am excited to announce an original project of mine will be debuting here very soon! "Heistmind" is a story about a reluctant thief and the internal and external conflicts he faces as he tries to steal while keeping his morals (and sanity) intact. A deconstuction of the popular heist genre and drawing inspiration from classics such as "Lupin the Third", "Now You See Me", and "The Bad Guys", I am sure it is a story you all will enjoy!

I am still unsure whether or not I plan to turn Heistmind into a 'Shroom section. It all depends, really. However, regardless, I hope you all will enjoy this silly little project of mine.
Heistmind #1: The Beginning of the End

Calvin Kennedy could've been anything. A pilot. A doctor. An engineer. Hell, he could even have been a grocery store cashier. Even THAT would've been better than what he was about to do.

He scrambled up the fire escape, his white dyed hair glistening in the moonlight. He gripped the duffel bag tightly to his chest, the various tools rattling inside. The sounds of the city bustled below, providing him with cover. As he reached the top, he glanced back down below, his weak excuse for a 'sports car' was right where he had parked it.

"Good", he mumbled to himself, "Looks like that thing's too ugly to steal."

He rushed over to the center of the rooftop, looking through the glass sunroof. He zipped open his duffel bag, sighing.

"...what the hell am I doing with my life?" He complained to himself, pulling out a screwdriver.

Groaning, he set out starting to unscrew the glass, making sure to not draw attention to himself as he did so.

He wondered where his life had gone so wrong. Why was he even doing this? He was a decent enough guy, with a good girlfriend and an…okay apartment. He didn't go out of his way to tear others down. He paid his taxes. Why did he have to resort to this?

The clacking of her high heels filled the otherwise quiet hallway, strutting to the single door at the end of the long hallway. She flew the doors open dramatically, even though nobody was around to see it. Quickly walking through the spacious office, she set a laptop down on the desk, opening it and starting to type rather quickly.

She pulled up a security feed, which was pretty illegal, but she had money. She could do whatever the hell she wanted. Flipping through the various cameras, she rested her face in her free hand, huffing.

"...what does a gal have to give to get a cute thief in this city…?"

She pulled open a drawer, grabbing a small notebook and a pen. Opening the notebook, she recorded her findings. Rather, a lack of findings.

"...March 18th…No…Candidates…Fou-…" She wrote, noticing something interesting on her screen.

She looked closely. A lone man on a roof with nothing but a duffel bag, unscrewing a sunroof. She excitedly zoomed in, hoping for him to just turn around to get a look at his face.

"Ooh, Come to Fiona~!" She squealed like a schoolgirl.

And then…he turned around, presumably making sure he was indeed alone. He was young. Attractive. And his build…it was exactly what she was looking for in a thief.

"Oh, you are perfect~..." She grinned, "Now…who are you…?"
Into the Spider-Verse #1: Yadda Yadda Backstory.

Okay...let's do this one last time.

My name is Tobey Maguire. I was, or, still am, kinda, an actor. My most famous role, by far, is none other than Spider-Man. I mean, three whole films that took Hollywood by storm! There was gonna be a fourth one too, but you know...Hollywood. I've had other work since then. But I was the one, the only Spider-Man.

But then that's when something weird happened. Like, pretty fucking weird. You know how Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man after being bit by a radioactive spider? Well, guess what happened to me? Yup. Radioactive spider. And that's when I became Spider-Man for real. Yup. The guy who played Spider-Man in a movie becoming Spider-Man in real life. Crazy, I know. But it's true! So...unsurprisingly, real life Hollywood doesn't have any ACTUAL supervillains, so I'd been mostly doing some vigilante stuff. Posted stunt videos online. That sorta thing. There were talks of a Spider-Man movie reboot with some other guy. Twice. But nothing ever came of it. So...that's what I've been doing.

Oh, yeah. That was all BEFORE the multidimensional portal thing. Basically, all I was doing was fighting some bank robber, and suddenly...I was flung somewhere else. Another world, pretty much. The same, yet so different. And that's also when I learnt of a real supervillain. Lightning the Hedgehog. Oh man, this guy is BAD NEWS. Did I mention he was probably the one who plucked me out of my home dimension with the destruction of Chaos Town? I'm...sure you know all of that.

So, now, I gotta save the 'Chaos Dimension' or something from the wrath of Lightning the Hedgehog. I think. So...the only thing standing between the world and oblivion is me. Spider-Man.

...No pressure.
Puyo Puyo #1: The Curious Case of Chaos

I have decided to retcon the unfinished "Chaos Control" arc of Luigi and Associates Detective Agency. None of that ever happened.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Arle groggily hit the snooze button of her ancient alarm clock, slowly sitting up in bed. As soon as her eyes fully opened, she clutched her stomach in pain. No matter how long it had been since she had gotten infected with...whatever it was, it seemed like she could never get used to it. As quickly as she could, she sprung out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. After...hurling in the toilet, she quickly rummaged through the drawers and shoved a concoction of various medicines down her throat. She sat on the floor, waiting for the medicines to kick in.

After a while, it felt like Arle wasn't going to spontaneously implode. Picking herself up off of the bathroom floor, she started at herself in the mirror, tears in her eyes. She knew she didn't used to be like this. She didn't have a purple hue to herself, nor were her eyes a sinister glow of lilac. She quietly sobbed to herself in the mirror, questioning why this happened to herself.

Unfortunately, as much as she would've loved to mope around all day, today marked her first day working in Kokomo. A so-called paradise. Yeah, right. Like working at Kellonald's was her definition of "paradise". Oh well. Arle forced herself to get ready for the day, hoping something wacky and off-the-wall would happen to her. Maybe that'll keep her mind off of...herself.
Bonus #1: GCN Luigi Circuit Promo
I'm...not quite sure why I made this, honestly. I used in for the screenshot of Luigi Circuit and the Wiki for the logos. I don't think this was half bad, though. Feel free to do whatever with this.
StoryCentral Doctor Who: Renaissance "Trip Of A Lifetime" Promo

[Open on a long hallway which curves at the end. The screen shakes as a bright flash and a loud explosion is heard.]

[Cut to THE DOCTOR (as played by Christopher Eccelston), standing just inside the TARDIS door, starting at the camera.]

(Echoing) Do you want to come with me?

[Cut back to the hallway, with THE DOCTOR now outrunning the explosion's fireball in slow motion.)

(V.O., Echoing) 'Cause, if you do, then I should warn you.

[Cut back to the TARDIS interior. The camera pulls backwards as THE DOCTOR starts to walk forward. His voice stops echoing. Theme music starts to play.]

You're gonna see all sorts of things.

[Cut to a clip from E101. THE DOCTOR, wearing a prison jumpsuit, quickly runs through a dimly lit hallway.]

(V.O.)Some of them, you might not want to see.

[Cut to another clip. THE DOCTOR pilots the TARDIS.]

(V.O.)It'll all be worth it, though. 'Cause you know what it will be?

[A stitch of various season one episodes are shown in a rapid manner.]

[Cut back to THE DOCTOR in the TARDIS, flipping a switch on the TARDIS control panel. He turns to the camera and smiles.]

The trip of a lifetime.

[Clips of season one episodes are shown as the DOCTOR WHO: RENAISSANCE logo fades into the screen.]

(V.O.)What's old is new again! Join THE DOCTOR and his companions as they travel across space and time in DOCTOR WHO: RENAISSANCE, premiering February 18th, only on YOUR StoryCentral!!

'Shroomfest | It Was Just a Phase - Scott the Woz

"Scott wants to argue."


It had been months since the last 'Shroomfest. With nothing to shill for, one Scott W.E.T.A.L.A.T.F.M.M. Wozniak (Working Title) grew restless at his desk.

"...Hey all, Scott here," He sighed, "...I feel...empty. And amount of Diet Dr. Pepper can fix that...I feel empty in my soul. The kind of empty that I can only get by mindlessly shilling for something I like!


"Or the next best equivalent! I- ugh, maybe all I need is a good distraction! But that's the thing- I'm not gonna play Mario Party for at least another year, what am I gonna do?! GO TO THERAPY?!"

"...well, I do still have that therapy coupon."

"So," Began Dr. Jerry Atricks, "Tell me where it all began."

Scott sighed, laying down on the couch, " all began one day when I felt a sudden urge to shill for cold beverages."

"I love cold beverages!" Jerry interrupted, "Especially Diet Dr. Pepper!!"

"Well, yeah, who doesn't? Anyway...over time, as I felt the urge to shill more and more...the less people listened..."

"Well, who wants to hear people shill aimlessly about stuff?! It sounds like YOU need a new hobby!!"

"Like what, though?? It's not like I can just play all the stupid Nintendo games I have-"

Scott found himself impulsively in front of his TV, playing Donkey Kong Country 2.

"God, I need to get out more."
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Bonus: Super Awards Fighters: The New Challengers

Here's a random idea I had while playing Street Fighter: An Awards Killing Game fighting game. I took some AKGO RPs and cobbled together some versus screen mock-ups.