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Mcmadness, LeftyGreenMario, YoshiFlutterJump and Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario: being cool and interesting to talk to even if our opinions differ sometimes.

Nossie: Being nice

Mister M: You seem a good dude and I like your review thread.

Alex95: You seem helpful and I like your top 150 games thread.

Bowsette Luigi: From our conversation on your profile page you seem really nice.

Anti-Hero King Boo: You seem cool as well.

Vivian: I obviously share a lot of your opinions so I can easily relate to you in many ways. I watch a lot of your stuff on YouTube and often see you around on public forums that have things to do with Mario. You sadly don't seem to upload much new stuff on YT these days but I still watch a lot of your older content. I really appreciate your personality and your passion for the franchise and I got so hyped when you followed me.


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Who's "blof"?

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i dont have much to say but shoutouts to blof and lgm because we share a fair bit of the same interests its really cool. ngl ive always kinda admired em
shoutouts to everyone else as well! its a great community im glad to be here
Aww, it's always great to have admirers! I like you around a lot! You have a quirky sense of humor which I like, and it's a big plus my sister's interested in your home country's culture and all. I also appreciate the common ground we share with the Mario Bros., so I take comfort in people I can relate to.

Mcmadness, LeftyGreenMario, YoshiFlutterJump and Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario: being cool and interesting to talk to even if our opinions differ sometimes.
And thanks a lot for engaging in the first place! It's what makes being part of a community fun. We might disagree on some subjects, but you did very well in discussion, and we all like sharing our experiences. It develops good perspective for everyone.

LeftyGreenMario and BabyLuigiOnFire are my best friends on this site. I used to post frequently in their ask thread because I enjoy talking to them, and they're the first two users that I added to my buddy list (before the forum change). It's too bad that we don't like the same characters (they don't like the female characters, and I am indifferent towards Mario and only like Baby Luigi a little bit), but at least we share the same enemies: Wario, Waluigi, and Daisy.
This is flattering. I also like how we see eye to eye on some aspects of games like the importance of which particular character. I also think your Smash playstyle is most like ours with the chaotic team-based free-for-all. I imagine our matches would be fun if we could play together since we're both interested in PvE (player versus enemy, player versus CPU) and Wario, Waluigi, and Daisy are all common enemies. I actually don't "dislike" the female characters, just more indifferent, but I think I'm starting to develop a better perception of Peach (like I know A51 Trooper likes her a lot, Mcmadness likes her quite a bit, and you like her), like she definitely has her moments.

I feel like bringing this topic back to give a shoutout to Mister M, Bowstete Luigi, Nossie, Jonna Dark, Marie, Vivain, Alex 95, Lefty Green Mario, Toadette and that dude with the really long name with a Love Live avatar for being super friendly to me and being all around great folks
Specific shoutout to @ArchagentEverlasting for going through a hard time but is still standing, we're here for you
Thanks a lot. We might have different views on pets (I'm not a cat fan :[ ) but it's nothing to be worked up over. I think you do a great job promoting cheerfulness and positivity making these sorts of threads but sometimes going into serious business. I hope my efforts at least cheers people up.

And I'd like to give thanks to BiddyInTheBigCity for enjoying my post content and also giving people positive feedback for their posts. You're also a very nice presence around here, so I'm glad you enjoyed your stay here. I also appreciate your profile post where you thank the community overall for feeling welcome.

I also like CrazyMrLFangirl for being an overall great Luigi fangirl and posts plenty nice images of Luigi while also showing appreciation for Mario. I hope the Mario Bros. fans here can show that you can be huge fans of both characters, no need for division.

Long John Spaghetti is just fun to have around. I do appreciate that he stuck around and contributed to the community with a successful roleplay, letting others interact.

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I've been working on my list for a while so X3.

LJS is my first shoutout of course for being my first true friend on the boards~ Alsofirstcrusherhaha

Biddybug for being a very chill person and it always makes me smile to see you reacting to my posts~

Lefty Green and Baby Luigi for actually being the inspiration for me to join the boards~ And also help with modeling. Kinda want another lecture LGM ;)

Fawful the Great 64 for being an awesome SPM supporter and making sweet art too :3

Miracle Dinner for her interesting views on SPM and again, being an awesome supporter of the game too~

Lakitu the Quick for also being an inspiration

Klinsly Cat for again being a chill and supportive person~

Moldomré for just randomly bringing a smile to my face when I see your profile pic haha

Toadette Fan and Yoshi the SSM for keeping the Car Wash interesting when John isn't on uwu.

I think that is everyone. Hope I didn't miss someone ;-; And even if you weren't mentioned I love y'all!~
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Well, since it was a while since I last posted my appreciation, better type out another one.

winstein: Being one of my ask board regulars and we seem to have a similar inquiry about some subjects, namely birds. I may not as be as passionate about Mario as my twin, but I sure do enjoy responding to you! Thank you for being a regular.

Long John Spaghetti: (I yet again called you Long John Silver before I had to look it up to see what I'm missing, I'm so sorry, I remember the restaurant name more): For the car wash roleplay thread. I had a lot of fun quasi-writing fanfiction in there and I didn't realize that I also enjoy writing stories so much. You forgot about me too! But anyway, I enjoy interacting with you and your characters in general!

MarioFan632: I am pleased for you to call me a friend! Have we started out on rocky terms? It's so great to see another user change views for the better, and I really enjoy your presence around here too! I would be happy to continue answering questions in my thread.

BiddyInTheBigCity: One of the forum's newest regulars, and I'm so glad you're here to stay! I enjoy your posts on Marioverse and discussing things with you, and you're one of the contributing minds that make Marioverse a fun place to be in.

FawfultheGreat64: To be honest, I didn't have a 100% positive perception of you when I first knew you but you have certainly improved for the better, and I am certain to call you a bud around here! I enjoy your presence on Marioboards, GameFAQs, Twitter, anywhere else. Sorry about the constant Toad-posting on your profile, but I generally mock and tease people when I like them, post things they dislike a lot just to gently troll them is what I do to pretty much all of my friends. We may disagree on RPG stuff but that's all opinion.

YoshiFlutterJump: You also make Marioverse a fun place to be in, and I really enjoyed roleplaying with you and your Kirby characters in the car wash thread, as well as admire your passion for the Kirby series.'

MiracleDinner: I'd love further discussion with you about the Mario series in general even if we strongly disagree on many opinions, and I really hope you play more Mario games in the future. You were pretty much like FawfultheGreat, and I think you can improve too, like FawfultheGreat has.

ZelenPixel: Discord chatted with ya, learned some new Russian (and also one of the only Russian users around, huge plus), got corrected, and the only person here who can casually chat about one of my all-time favorite games, Spore and Galactic Adventures. Is the only person who understands that you can populate planets with dropping off a single eyeball tree on a T1 planet as well as using the power of music to take over cities and destroy other vehicles.

Bowsette Luigi: Another regular on the car wash thread even though my characters don't interact with you all that often, being too washed up in their own affairs. My sister appreciates having a Luigi counterpart on the forum as she played as Princess Mario, as well as crossdressing Luigi being fun and amazing too.

Koops: For contributing to Marioverse discussions and I occasionally screw around with you in your ask thread. I should probably do it again. For some reason I still remember one of your first profile picture, don't ask.

Moldomré: I remember screwing with you in your ask thread, and I've rendered something for you, remember? Thanks for giving me work to do, and also thanks for contributing to the Marioboards.

Luigi64DD: For playing as a tsar version of Mario at one point (I enjoyed that while it lasted) while being my favorite goose man who drinks A&W and lives in Kongo Jungle 64. I still can't believe you managed to eat that goose last year, it's still absolutely amazing you went through all of that to get a proper feast of geese with A&W.

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I miss screwing around in ask threads

Really that was my favorite thing to do on this forum.

Marioverse discussions have actually become so interesting to me because my viewpoint on most things used to be mostly popular opinions. Now that I've changed my opinion on many things, it's just so refreshing to be expressing them there nowadays.

Oh yeah there were a few people I didn't mention in my previous post. May as well do that.

Baby Luigi on Fire:
Basically what you said. Screwing around threads like this is so much fun, especially with people who are good at it. I still vividly remember the russian shenanigans in Luigi64DD's thread (or was it Moldo's?). Oh yeah, I still have that Lucario render you did for me as my PC wallpaper and I always smile looking at it knowing you did it. Thanks a lot. Btw what was that profile picture you remember?

Lefty Green Mario:
Just like the Mario Bros, where you appreciate them both, I also like both you and your sister. A funny person around this forum, really, and it's fun to interact with you. Always a great thing to engage in discussions. Also you're mostly the one who brings up beating Wario up most of the time and it gives a chuckle everytime.

Another person here around my age, and I feel like you're a guy who I'd become fast friends with irl. I don't recall having many similar opinions with you but I just feel we could talk about many things and still know what we're talking about, if that's a feeling you have with some people. Stay cool, dude.

Hooded Pitohui:
You're just a really nice guy, really. And your posts have this sort of narration-like aspect to them, which I like. It's nice to read posts written like this, honestly, be ause I like to play with words whenever I can. Not only that but you're also a person who you can bring up many things in front of, and you're open for many sorts of discussion. I have now completed my Strategy Wing director worship ritual, god.

Pink Cat, Archagent:
You two are both people I see as friends on this forum, I smile whenever I see a post from you, but I sympathize with your struggles in life. To you both, a big "stay strong". I wish you real good luck in life guys. You're good people, and don't let anything convince you otherwise, y'hear?

Recently, with my opinions on the Mario series as a whole has been changing, I feel like discussing things with you has become a lot more fun. I actually agree with a lot of what you say now and I see you as a pillar of MarioVerse discussions.

I've only known you on this forum for a bit, but the you're also a very interesting person to talk to on MarioVerse, but that's actually because your opinions are so much different than mine. You also show yourself as being an understanding person and still able to argue without being overly violent, and actually being constructive about it.

Shy Guy on Wheels:
You're a funny guy on here. I actually liked it around the hype for Smash Ultimate when you'd keep making fun of Isabelle. That actually was something I'd look forward to so that I'd respond in my own witty way. Memeing about stop signs was cool, too.

Long John Spagetti:
Forum's top mememan. Props to you, friend!

I think those are those I wanted to mention that I didn't before. But really, everyone here is cool. Sorry if I missed anyone that I should've talked about. Memory's fuzzy right now.
Y'all I'm blushing over here. I wish I'd seen this topic sooner! (and yes, I think you'll notice I categorize the users here by who or what they support)

Koops & Toadgamer: Koops is the dude who interacted with me the most when I joined (without you I doubt I'd have stuck around), and his bro TG is just an all-around nice guy! Koops also made me realize Fire Emblem is a lot more than "anime swordfighter durr hurr", it's a great series!
LeftyGreenMario & BabyLuigiOnFire: You two are talented with drawing and modeling and modding and all that other stuff that I don't understand but still think are awesome. You've also given me plenty of laughs in the ask threads, and I thank you both for that. And yep BLoF, I remember that Pink Yoshi render well, I should save that again after my hard drive erased this summer; actually, upon checking that thread, you posted it on November 26th of last year and (at least in my time zone) it's the 26th! It's been a year since you posted that!
YoshiFlutterJump & FawfulTheGreat64: I'm lumping you two together since I've always thought of y'all as the "Mario RPG Series Stans". Thanks to YFJ for being that and a Yoshi Stan, and to FTG, keep going with that YouTube channel, I'll hopefully remember to sub the next time I have access to YouTube!
Luigi 64DD: You're the Luigi Stan of the boards, that's insta respect right there, and I'll remember fondly that "roleplay" that happened last year in my ask thread with the whole "Ruler of Russia" bit.
Long John Spaghetti: I get a smile on my face everytime you post a meme on your profile that I understand. Thanks for sticking around!
Shy Guy on Wheels & Mcmadness: SGoW turned out to be the culprit in that "Ruler of Russia" thing (which I'm still happy I predicted) and that gave me a laugh, and though we have differing opinions, I don't think that the Boards would quite be the same without Mcmadness.
Hooded Pitohui & winstein: You two are great, you eject such a calm sense of formality onto the boards that I can't hope to replicate. And special thanks to Pitohui specifically, I believe you encouraged me to apply for the 'Shroom and I'm very flattered that you thought I could do so well! I have a massive schedule so I don't think I'll be applying any time soon, but I'm still very happy you thought so.
The Mods: Y'all put up with us. You deserve some major thanking points for that.
...I feel like I'm forgetting something. AH! I remember now.
The Anime Stans: Remember when I posted this in my ask thread?
I don't like anime.
All is forgiven and forgotten. Though I don't watch anime, I think I would enjoy it and wish you well in all further anime exploits.

EDIT: And like Koops, I wish the best to Pink Cat and the Archagent, I can't even fathom some of the stuff you've gone through. It's great when I see posts from you guys when you're happy, that lets me know you're doing at the very least OK at that moment.


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I would like to thank Moldomre and Koops for being kind to me, that is heavily appreciated. Moldomre is a wonderful artist, and Koops is a great friend and probably a better author of travel guide than I ever was.

I would like to thank the twins for bringing an exceptional amount of humor to the community, with the both of them having very different feels yet playing off of each other very well.

McMadness, while I don't particularly like the guy, challenges other's opinions and creates strong arguments so he is somebody I respect.

Anton is a great moderator, he always makes sure that everyone is doing the right thing and makes sure to swoop in when something is about to go awry. In fact, it's usually just before it will, which never ceases to amaze me.

Pink Cat is very sweet and I can relate to her with a lot of things, however, I don't know her all that well, but I wish I could take her struggles for her. Shygul is someone I think I could relate to better if I knew her better.

Borp is interesting.

Thank you to John Doe for being supportive to me when times are hard.

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With Thanksgiving just having passed here, and so much activity in this thread lately, I can't pass up this opportunity, now can I? I know that I'm not going to be able to come up with words sufficient to express my gratitude, and trying to go too far into detail is just going to result in me forgetting some important elements. So, instead, I want to keep these brief and limited and use this as an opportunity to extend my broad thanks to a few select groups of individuals.

First, I want to give special thanks to Superchao, Shygul, Rose, Zange, and (even though he's not on this site in particular much), Coffee for being a dear group of friends who've given me a lot of joy in my life. I've tried to tell you five in detail how much you mean to me when I've been able to and other contexts, but I don't think I can reiterate enough. You folks have brought so much into my life. From introducing me to subcultures, media, and pieces of the world I would have never encountered on my own to being friends to lean on and talk to about just about anything, it's hard to think how in approximately somewhere over two years, you've broadened my horizons and provided me with richer experiences than I had been able to do in a much broader span of time. I could tell you all so many ways in which you've enriched my life and supported me in pressing forward into new experiences, but that's better saved for elsewhere. Most of all though, I want to express how much I appreciate the opportunity you've given me to be a part of your lives. Seeing you joyful, in your best moments, blessed by fortune, those moments bring me an incomparable joy. I want so sincerely to see you all happy, to see you find the world giving you what you deserve. I hope that I can be a part of that, that, in whatever little ways I might be able to, I can provide some of joy, that I can be the one to assure you're appreciated both for all you do and for the people you are. Truly, truly, I want to thank you for the act of sharing some of your time and your lives with me. I've gained so much being a part of them that I cannot hope to repay.

Koops, Moldomré, SGoW, and Luigi64DD, I'd like to thank the three of you for being fine pals to have on the Boards. You all are upstanding members of this community, and it's a better place for having you. I haven't had the opportunity to interact with any of you too extensively, but it brings a smile to my face to see posts from you in my ask thread and I can be sure that I'll receive a warm welcome and a thoughtful answer any time I stop into your ask threads. Moldo, you know, I still think you have good potential as a 'Shroom writer, and I'm glad to see you're still keeping the option on the table! I understand that times are busy, but it's good to keep some ideas in mind in case you ever find a chance to write. I think it would be great if you'd consider writing for The 'Shroom, too, Shy Guy on Wheels! I've seen how well you've been able to put a case together, how ably you defend your opinions. Looking at some of your analyses of Mario Kart Wii alone, I think you'd fit right into Critic Corner (or Strategy Wing, if you ever wanted to really dig into one specific area, but I think your skill lies best with putting together a solid argument, so Critic Corner might be more interesting for you). We already know what Koops and 64DD have been able to do as a part of The 'Shroom, of course. Really, though, our interactions may be a bit more limited, but I've appreciated those chances I've had to get to know you all and work alongside you.

Finally (just for now), I want to give a nod to Winstein and Pink Cat. I know we've only rarely spoken, but I wanted to thank both of you for your contributions to the community, especially here on the forum. Winstein, I've said it before and I'll say it again, but your formality and kindness are a model. Your passion for sharing what interests you has given me insight into newspaper comics and overlooked videogames I knew absolutely nothing about - and you've directed me to some high-quality Mario fanart! But, it's not even that which I most appreciate. You always take the time to try and make sure you've put your words together in a thorough manner. The depth with which you explain your opinions and thoughts makes your posts a pleasure to read and ensures they're filled with insights. Even if I don't agree with the points you make, you make them so respectfully and thoughtfully that I find them worthwhile reading (you'd make a welcome addition to The 'Shroom, as well, with how you explain yourself so well). As for you, Pink Cat, I've noticed you going out of your way to try and make the Boards a welcoming and supportive place for its users, and that's an effort worth recognizing. I see the threads you make in Mindless Junk and Off-Subject Discussion, and they clearly tend towards giving everyone a chance to get involved with some simple and fun activities open to everyone. You make sure everyone involved can have an enjoyable time as best you can, and I see you're often one of the first to reach out to users going through rough patches to offer them encouragement and support. You're working in your own little way to make the community a place everyone in it feels welcome, and some of the comments in this thread show the results!

Oh, but I could go on all day thinking of other groups and categories of people to thank. There's those of you I could thank as colleagues in the community, thank for your extensive work on community projects, or just thank you for some of the specific interactions we've had. Epic Nitwit, LTQ, plenty of folks. But I think I'll save that for now. Those are the kinds of specific notes of appreciation I can save to give you folks individually. To those of you I've mentioned here and who I've thanked elsewhere, please let me offer you one more broad set of thanks here, and, most importantly, keep being the people who you are.