Expecting art? TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME. (Waluigi Time's art thread)

InsaneBlathers asked me for this little drawing of Posh Kermit during Sheep Mafia, since it's been used now and the game is over I figured I'd put him in my art thread.
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I can't see the picture!
@Mario Party X said a drawing of Wario in misery would be an acceptable bribe to vote for Super Arrow if Mario, Luigi, and Waluigi also joined in and if there was effort.

So here's a drawing of Mario dangling Wario over a Cheep Chomp while Luigi throws Wario's own coins at him and Waluigi drops a bomb down his overalls.
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The moral of the story is never underestimate the lengths I'll go to to shill for Super Arrow.
The fish looks like it's laughing at him.
I have updated the Waluigi Time drawing since it was bothering me a lot, basically I just fixed the top hat and made some very minor tweaks to the pupils and eyebrows. Behold the new and improved Cereal Magnate!
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Time for a double feature because that's how the timing worked out! First up my submission for Issue 171's Community Gallery, featuring Bowser, Jr., and the Koopalings, all in snazzy suits!

And if you haven't met him yet in the 'Shroomfest thread, the newest employee of Waluigi Time Cereal Incorporated, artificial intelligence Shbig Changes.
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Is that... Bugs Bunny?
With a new Shroomfest comes new Waluigi Time Comics! In this latest installment, our favorite (or least favorite) cereal magnate is making preparations for a brand new comic. (Perch is here too)
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Continuing from where we left off last time, Waluigi Time has now hired a certain private investigator to find out what's going on at the paint store! (Featuring Chuck from Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown's first ever appearance in pixels!)
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'Shroomfest art dump time!
First off we have the conclusion of the Cool Colors Trilogy starring Waluigi Time, Shbig Changes, Chuck, and Perch. How will Waluigi Time's plan to attack the Paint Store go? Read the comic to find out!

Shbig Changes wasn't the only one from Waluigi Time Cereal Incorporated participating in week 3, so here's Waluigi Time's official Shroomfest icon.

Finally, a drawing of Shmaluigi with a brand new purple outfit.
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Well it's been a fun ride, but now it's time for the Scribble Deathmatch art dump! Featuring bonus content and some explanations of where my head was at while working on these.

Round 1: Coin
So this was the beginning of the tournament and a lot of us were trying to get a feel for it, including me, so this is probably my least interesting scribble conceptually. I tried to play to my palette's strengths here by doing something related to Super Mario Odyssey, which not only has purple regional coins, but also lets Mario wear a purple version of his outfit based on Waluigi.

Round 2: Shy Guys/Fly Guys
Here I called on the power of Shmaluigi to give me extra scribble power! This poor Shy Guy is a little confused and doesn't seem to recognize his friend. To make it a little more interesting, I put them on a sidewalk under a street lamp.

Round 3: Palette Swap
This idea came into my head almost instantly when I got the prompt, so I made some fanart of Shoey's Palette Swap section, The Devious Workings of Phineas J. Shoe (good section, you should read it). This was my first time ever drawing both Shoey's OC and a Roserade, and I think they turned out pretty well.

Round 4: Underwater
I think this was the prompt that I struggled the most with coming up with an idea for. Eventually I settled on drawing Wario swimming away from a Cheep Chomp, and I almost finished the initial sketch when I needed something to fill space and thought of Porcupuffer, so at that point I decided to scrap it entirely and do something based on my Porcupuffer campaign instead. So here we have a Hammer Bro. taking a swim to bonk some Porcupuffers on the head, being cheered on by a Blooper. Like Round 3, I ventured into some new artistic territory by drawing Porcupuffer for the first time.

Round 5: Wario & Waluigi
Of all the characters I could've gotten for this round... The cereal joke was pretty much a no-brainer on this one, so we have Waluigi getting mad at Wario just as he finishes off a box of Waluigi Time Cereal (fun fact: this is the first time a Waluigi Time Cereal box has appeared in a drawing). I think this is probably the most effort I put into any of my scribbles just because of how complicated Wario and Waluigi are to draw.

Round 6: Kongstruction
My initial idea was to have Donkey Kong actively working on a construction site, possibly alongside some of the other Kongs, but then I thought, nah... Funky. So now Funky has his own construction company I guess, with some additions to his outfit taken from Builder Mario. Initially I wasn't going to do this, but I decided to make the construction site in the background a silhouette as a little nod to the silhouette levels from the newer Donkey Kong Country games. Also, first time drawing Funky Kong!

Round 7: Luigi Has A Strange Encounter At The Grocery Store
Aside from Round 4 this was probably the most difficulty I had coming up with a concept in terms of exactly what strange encounter Luigi should be having. Eventually I settled on having Luigi shopping at JojaMart, making his way to checkout, and seeing Shmaluigi as the cashier - because what's stranger than Shmaluigi working for Morris? Before I went with this idea I almost ended up making Luigi encounter Big Changes as the cashier instead, though I'm not sure how an artificial intelligence would be able to bag produce.

Ninelevendo came up with and organized the brilliant idea to secretly make scribbles of GBA to thank him for all of his hard work on the tournament, so here's my contribution for that. Shmaluigi gives GBA an official thumbs up for his work on the tournament, and GBA himself also gets a detective outfit to match the theme, based on Shroomlock from Mario Party Advance. In case anyone's wondering, I drew this between rounds 4 and 5.


Everyone else was drawing final forms for Round 7, so why shouldn't I get in on the fun? This is Lord Waluigi Time, The Master of Cereal! Coincidentally, I was already thinking about what final forms of some of my characters would look like before anyone even started doing this, so I guess I had a head start here. The design is a mix of the classic WT design and the portrait GBA made for me for the tournament, with a healthy dose of Count Bleck influence for that elegant-yet-maniacal look. He's scribble-compliant here but at some point I'd like to do a full-color drawing of this guy.


...and then Revin goes and uses my final form in his scribble! Obviously there was too much potential there for me not to respond with an extra scribble, so here's Lord WT finally finding a worthy opponent - himself in the mirror. He's a bit of an egomaniac in this form if you couldn't tell. It's not scribble-compliant since I used Revin's palette for the mirrored WT, but it's just for fun so that doesn't really matter. (Besides, TPG was allowed to absorb the colors of his opponents!)


Here's as far as I got on the sketch of my original idea for Round 4 that I mentioned earlier. It was pretty much completed and ready to be fully drawn out, so uh, oops. Oh well. I wanted to fill some of the blank space in the upper left/middle area of the scribble with something, which is how I thought of Porcupuffer, which is how I got the idea for the final scribble.
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I love it all. (Also, nice sig!)
It's been a week since Awards (feels like it's been a lot longer honestly) so now seems like a good time for an Awards art dump! If you didn't see the Awards I highly recommend checking them out though, lots of great stuff from a bunch of talented community members! (And I'm only posting the art here so if you want to see the stories that go with them you'll have to click the links to go to the presentations! Wahaha!)

These are all canon to the greater Waluigi Time lore by the way.

F11 - Most Shameless Business Decision
This one I took at NS' suggestion, originally I was signed up for Worst Game Mechanic instead which... is actually pretty weird to me because I don't even remember what I would have done for that one? I didn't sign up for any without at least having some vague ideas beforehand, at least I don't think I did. Anyway NS suggested doing something with Waluigi Time Cereal Inc. and that sounded fun so I went for it. (This presentation also has a reference to Shoey's!)

Good old Waluigi Time and Shbig Changes. Waluigi Time is completely tuned out here, but listening to an artificial intelligence talk about cereal sales isn't all that interesting. Lots of deep lore in this image, like uh, the color of Waluigi Time's desk and the walls of his office, and what his chair looks like. Also the confirmation that Shbig Changes' avatar actually has hands. Very important stuff.


Hey did you know that the monitor on Waluigi Time's desk that Shbig Changes talks through can also rotate? Anyway here's Waluigi Time pacing and trying to come up with cerealish ideas while Shbig offers his suggestions.



I also planned on two other drawings for this one that I ultimately decided to cut, the first being Shbig Changes doing the Bugs face at Waluigi Time after filming the commercial. I cut this one because I thought the presentation would flow better without it since there would have been a lot less text after it compared to the other images. The second was a final image which would have had the top three "winners" on platforms, represented by the 3D All-Stars box art, that annoying picture that appears whenever you try to look at a dead YouTube video, and a pair of Joy-Cons. But this didn't really have anything to do with the story I was telling and I figured that having Waluigi Time mention each one along with the table of detailed results was sufficient here.

M13 - Favorite Level Theme
Behold, the only presentation I did that maintained its concept from before signups opened to the actual ceremony! I couldn't let Awards go by without a Waluigi Time Comic, so here it is. Not to much to say here, these comics are pretty straightforward.

M26 - Favorite 3D Mario Level
A fairly simple presentation. This one was originally the one I was going to include Shmaluigi in, but after having Waluigi Time, Shbig Changes, and Shmaluigi at Awards, I didn't want to leave Chuck out of the fun, so I signed up for M30 and moved the Shmaluigi presentation there and put Chuck on M26, and I think it worked out for the better of both presentations. So here we have Chuck presenting M26, and his first appearance in full color!

M30 - Favorite Modern Game
Here we go, the big one, the one featuring the ace detective Shmaluigi himself. This one by far had the most effort put into it and it was the earliest idea I had, and naturally went through a lot of changes. The idea of "results for this award are missing and Shmaluigi has to find them" was set from the start, but originally it was actually going to be a video with minimal dialogue from Shmaluigi at the beginning and end. It wasn't until later that I decided to scrap the video idea and make a more fleshed out story in the style of my Palette Swap section.

Like I said before, this was originally going to be M26, but with the amount of effort that was going into this to begin with I think having it be one of the more important awards worked out. Plus it was kind of fun saving Shmaluigi until the end of the ceremony.

Presenting the most boring image I made for Awards! Just a simple establishing shot of some buildings in New Wikisburg. Not much else to say here, but now you know what the outside of Shmaluigi's office/apartment looks like.


Ooh, we're getting closer! The window on the front door, with a Shmaluigi logo on it.


Now things get fun. Before getting the call from Anton, Shmaluigi is relaxing and reading the latest issue of The 'Shroom. (At the time of writing this there's a new issue tomorrow get hyped!!) Specifically, July's issue, which is why you can see Shoey's News Flush here. Another extra detail which I threw in here was a dartboard with a picture of Morris on it.


Shmaluigi's reading is interrupted by a phone call from Anton about the missing results for the award. I filled some background space on the wall with a picture of Shmaluigi, Fulbright, and the goose, which honestly I was grinning like an idiot when I added in this detail, I love it so much. My personal headcanon is that this was taken after the mafia was cleaned up in Rogueport shortly before these three went their separate ways.

After this there was going to be a picture of Shmaluigi actually talking on the phone, but I cut it to simplify the presentation. My general rule was to have only one image for each "scene".


Unfortunately, the investigation doesn't go so well and Shmaluigi is left with a mostly barren corkboard. Just for fun, I threw in a picture of Phineas J. Shoe here as a "suspect" (with no real leads) along with another character who will be showing up in my Palette Swap section in the future. A detail that I decided not to go with was including a coupon for Waluigi Time Cereal attached to the corkboard just to fill more space, but I couldn't really get it to work at this size.


Through circumstances that you don't get to know unless you go read the presentation, Shmaluigi ends up at a video game store. The Goomba managing a store is wearing the same visor that the Bullet Bills from the Metro Kingdom do, as a subtle hint toward (spoilers!) Super Mario Odyssey being the winner of the award. The poster on the wall is for Mario Golf: Super Rush, since it's a new release and I'd figure this guy would want to shill for it. Give him your money!


Oh boy, THIS image... You'd think drawing a bunch of low-detail video game covers wouldn't be that hard but let me tell you it is absolutely draining. Note how this guy is still selling Wii games here but not Wii U games because none of them (technically) won the award and also no one likes the Wii U. Sorry Wii U.

Every game in this image from left to right:
Top shelf: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Yoshi's Crafted World, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Middle shelf: Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Luigi's Mansion 3, Super Mario Maker 2, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (I was running out of Mario games so I figured having non-Mario games as the ones you can barely see would work out well)
Bottom shelf: Mario Kart Wii, Mario Super Sluggers, New Super Mario Bros. Wii


Shmaluigi tracks down the culprit! He's a silhouette here because the room is dark and I thought it would look cool.


And hidden inside an empty box of Waluigi Time Cereal is the stolen results. (I'm running out of things to talk about)


That wraps up the drawings for the story itself but here's the image of the winners, with Shmaluigi taking the place of Mario because this is Shmaluigi's presentation. For Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, Shmaluigi and his brother Shmwario (who first appeared in the ending of Sheep Mafia) replace Mario and Luigi though a bit backwards, his trusty companions Detective Fulbright and the goose take the places of Peach and Toad, and of course Morris becomes Fury Morris and replaces Bowser.

Super Mario Galaxy is a bit more simple, Shmaluigi being hurled through space by a launch star. References to my other mafia RPs, IG-11 and Zurg, are hidden in here, though. Can you find them?

And of course Super Mario Odyssey, Shmaluigi seems to have found a Bonneter friend here. And you get to see what it would look like if he captured something! The pictures reference the places Shmaluigi has been, specifically Rogueport, Fred Pasture, and The 'Shroom HQ representing New Wikisburg itself.

Awards Bloopers
I was also invited by Anton to draw some images for the Awards Bloopers (a showcase of particularly silly write-in votes) in the same style as Scribble Deathmatch, the catch being we could choose whatever color we wanted for each scribble rather than being locked in to something specific.

M12 - Favorite Supporting Character - All Of Them (Not Waluigi)
I need to have a talk with whoever wrote this one in Poor Waluigi is all alone and left out while the rest of the supporting characters have fun. I couldn't fit everyone who was on the ballot in this scribble, so I included Rosalina and Toadette as arguably some of the most important supporting characters, Poochy for obvious reasons (all hail Poochy!), and Kamek and Diddy as nods to Anton and Zelen.


F1 - Worst Character - don't you dare call Petey Piranha bad! Outrageous!!
Look how happy Petey is to have a fan!


F1 - Worst Character - Flick from Animal Crossing (I know he's not in any Mario game but I hate him)
Who's more lost here, the voter or Flick? Whatever the case may be, Flick appears to have taken a wrong turn or two.


F1 - Worst Character - Toad, but a write-in just to emphasize how much I deeply abhor Toad
Someone really hates Toad, don't they? Well, Toad has now been thrown into a trash can.


F7 - Worst Enemy - Player 2
The first person to come to mind when you think of player 2 is obviously Luigi. I was originally going to go with a New Super Mario Bros. Wii-inspired drawing of Luigi hurling Mario into a pit (don't act like you never did this in multiplayer) but I was inspired to get a little more creative so I went for a reference to The Lion King here.


F11 - Most Shameless Business Decision - :)


F11 - Most Shameless Business Decision - None of these things are immoral. Shame.
What came to my mind when reading this vote was a Nintendo employee mocking us for thinking any of their business decisions were immoral, and from that came a scribble of Furukawa himself with a halo, copying Edgeworth's pose from the "you are the entire circus" meme.


F12 - Worst Game Objective - Beating Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Wait this isn't a blooper this is objectively right Mario hammering a copy of Sticker Star, fairly self explanatory. What's interesting here is that Mario unintentionally ended up having the same coloration as his original SMB3 sprite, which I kind of liked.


F15 - Most Disappointing Game - Wario Land 1 (Don't judge me ok?)
Nope, you're getting judged, sorry. And who's the judge? Why it's WARIO, of course! WAHAHAHA! Have a rotten day!


F15 - Most Disappointing Game - Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (it lets two series down instead of just one)
Hey, what do you guys expect when you let down two series instead of just one? After seeing the reaction to Paper Jam, Mario is embarrassed, Luigi is crying, and Paper Mario straight up passed out. Mario and Paper Mario use Mario's SMB3 palette again here, although this time it was intentional.
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Shmaluigi is back with updated sprites and extra emotions! I initially did some work on these in preparation for AKG5 (you've seen some of them already if you've watched Magolor's Shmaluigi videos) but then I noticed more things that bothered me so I did additional updates for Pokemon Masters Mafia.

Just a dump of stuff I've made recently that didn't get into the art thread for one reason or another (mostly because I just forgot to post them).

The logo for Shmaluigi, Private Investigator in The 'Shroom! If you've read the section then you've seen this already. If you haven't seen this already then you need to go read the section. (please)


Drew this as Shmaluigi's introduction for Pokemon Masters Mafia. This is the first time I've drawn Shmaluigi facing toward the screen (I prefer drawing characters at an angle tbh).


More art for The 'Shroom, this is for when things go wrong at Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown. Well, more wrong than usual. First used in Issue 172 but may be back, who knows.


Shbig Changes' self-portrait that he drew for the last 'Shroomfest. It's not that great, but he's not programmed to draw. (This drawing appeared as an easter egg in the 'Shroomfest Highlights in Issue 172, did you see it?)


A map of the MarioWiki world based on the MarioWiki Lore thread, I only had time to draw the important parts.


BitF-style Shmaluigi eating popcorn. I whipped this up in like five minutes in response to the interesting events in the mafia thread last night.




Rough drawing of Shbig Changes' physical body from the Waluigi Time Comics I drew for the last 'Shroomfest. I just made this so I could get a feel for the design.

Finally, I was asked to make sprites for two RP characters! The first one is InsaneBlathers' character, Insane Shmathers, which was meant for AKG5. Even though the game didn't pan out I hear Blathers has been able to get some good use out of these anyway. They're a little bit more cartoony than what I usually work with, and I thought it would be fun to base them off of different emotes from the Animal Crossing games when possible.

The second one is Long John Spaghetti's character, Detective Luigi. Lots of sprites here, he even has more than Shmaluigi!
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Could you make Mija some Mafia sprites? Mine aren't as good as what I've seen from you
(If you choose to it's notable that she almost never smiles from happiness, it's usually only when she's smug or awkward)
If you don't want to that's fine as well
Could you make Mija some Mafia sprites? Mine aren't as good as what I've seen from you
(If you choose to it's notable that she almost never smiles from happiness, it's usually only when she's smug or awkward)
If you don't want to that's fine as well
Sure, PM me and we can talk about it.

i should start charging people for these
It's been a while since I posted in here so how about another art dump


My current Halloween avatar (unless you're reading this at a point when it's not) featuring WT in his new mad scientist persona, Dr. Waluigi Frankentime! Who knows what's in that cereal bowl?

Next up some new drawings of characters for Waluigi Time Cereal Mafia, though two of them actually ended up being used before the game started.


Finally got around to drawing a new icon for Chuck to replace the placeholder that was just an edit from an earlier Waluigi Time Comic.


Shmaluigi's big brother, Shmwario. He only has the one emotion for now because I haven't been bothered to draw any of the other ones.


IG-11, rebuilt by Monty Brando's mafia. He's looking a bit worse for wear with scorching from the volcano, missing parts, and some sensors that no longer function.

And I think IG-11 is a good segue into some drawings I made for Magolor's video version of Issue 174's Shmaluigi, Private Investigator.


The big bad himself, Monty Brando.


Pokerface, the shifty Pokey who notoriously wears a trenchcoat with sleeves despite having no arms.

The barista at the Sipping Time Cafe who previously appeared in the first issue.

And a few extra Shmaluigi icons:





Finally I was asked by Flygon64 to make some icons for his new mafia RP, so here's Gamer Cat.








Holding Doritos

Eating Doritos

Holding Mountain Dew

Drinking Mountain Dew
I also have a few other things that are not yet ready for public viewing so I'll probably be posting those soon

Also, if you didn't know, Waluigi Time Comic is now a monthly section in The 'Shroom! I won't be posting them in my art thread so you'll have to go read The 'Shroom to see them, this was my plan all along!!! Wahaha anyway if you want to see the first one click this and also while you're there read Shmaluigi, Private Investigator and all of the other Palette Swap sections and the rest of The 'Shroom too if you haven't done any of those yet