Expecting art? TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME. (Waluigi Time's art thread)

Quick drawing of a character who needs more love - Kameron! He works as a medic at Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown. Seeing him unmasked and ungloved is a rare sight, he's a bit of an oddball. He's never seen without his medical bag filled with way more stuff than should realistically fit inside. Kameron says it's efficient packing, everyone else thinks it's just magic.
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I have obtained top secret intel direct from an anonymous 'Shroom staff member who has informed me that the next 'Shroomfest will be X vs. Y, therefore as is now tradition I have prepared a Waluigi Time Comic in advance. Let's go Team X! To victory!!! #YwouldyoujoinY
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I have obtained top secret intel direct from an anonymous 'Shroom staff member who has informed me that the next 'Shroomfest will be X vs. Y, therefore as is now tradition I have prepared a Waluigi Time Comic in advance. Let's go Team X! To victory!!! #YwouldyoujoinY

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Come on
You gotta admit, Yvetal is way cooler than Xerneas
Y is therefore clearly the superior choice
It's still January and it's time for an art dump

I'll start with the Waluigi Time Comics from the Dogs vs. Birds 'Shroomfest. Unfortunately we didn't win and I blame the fact that this is the first 'Shroomfest since I made Waluigi Time Comic a regular section in The 'Shroom which accidentally sapped their 'Shroomfest power. No regrets though.
014 - Doggone.png

So this first one brings back WT's Dr. Frankentime persona! If you don't remember Dr. Frankentime that was my Halloween theme on the forums and he also appeared in a Waluigi Time Comic in Issue 175. Also, as a fun easter egg, the character on the "no birds" sign from the first panel is Cornelius, Revin's RP from Waluigi Time Cereal Mafia. WT doesn't like him.

015 - Bad to the Bone.png

This one was fun because it's the first time NS, Rose, and Shoey (or Phineas J. Shoe?) appear in a Waluigi Time Comic! I didn't want to draw NS' actual mask design because it looked complicated so to save time, I gave him a mask based on a Discord emote (
) instead. I was originally going to use different emotes and have them change between panels, but I didn't really like how it turned out. What's kind of funny about this is that BLOF actually did the exact same thing for the 12th Poll Committee banner, which I didn't realize until a couple days ago.

016 - Dog Days.png

Probably the most wholesome WT Comic I've drawn, which if you saw the events of the last week was kind of needed I think. I really like how the third panel in particular turned out for some reason. Also, in the second panel is an early design for the WTmobile which I want to draw in full eventually.

Also I mentioned this in the 'Shroomfest thread but DON'T FEED WALUIGI TIME CEREAL TO DOGS it has ingredients that are toxic to them.
I never actually came up with a name for Waluigi Time's dog... Feel free to suggest one if you want, or don't.

Here's some sprites I made for Magolor's Shmaluigi, Private Investigator videos, some of which have been made public and some of which haven't yet. But if you read it in The 'Shroom you already know who's in it, so I figure it's not a huge spoiler to post these (and if I don't do it now I'll probably forget later).

These first two are from Parabnormal Investigator, starting with Magolor.


The second is Dryvint, the head of security at M-corporated.


The rest of these are from Diamond in the Rough, starting with Ms. Broxy, Shmaluigi's landlord. Design-wise she takes some inspiration from Kammy Koopa and AKG4's Kammi while trying not to rip either one of them off. (Fun fact: She was human in the original version of the story.)


Next is Montgomery Morris, who hires Shmaluigi in the story. The design is pretty much straight from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.


I'm actually going out of order here with regards to first appearance but oh well. This is Barker, one of Montgomery's employees. One drawing with and without his hat.


Next is Kyle, Montgomery's butler.


Belle, Montgomery's maid. (I really like how Magolor pulled from Mario & Luigi for some of these characters, I love using more obscure species)


Jonathan, Morris' brother. Also taken from Dream Team but I changed his outfit to fit with him running a gym.


Finally, Chief Palmer, who previously appeared in Hidden Mansion but I wasn't drawing the characters yet at that point. His badge was originally going to be a star but making a Pianta with a badge and not making that badge a Shine Sprite has to be a crime against something.

Some stuff I did for The 'Shroom.

An alternate version of the Shmaluigi, Private Investigator logo for Issue 175. Shmaluigi's dressed up as a Ghostbuster (complete with a Boo logo on the sleeve) and everything!


A couple of drawings I was asked to do for Issue 177's 'Shroom Staff Recipe Book, starting with the Mistake at the top of the page, made with Clawdaddy legs and Yoshi Cookies.


Rose's Alfreno Chuck's Shelled Slushy. I think this was probably my favorite one to draw.


Pitohui's Gulai Ikan Spray Fish.


And the first iteration of TPG's Worst Smoothie Ever.


The boxart for Yoshi Egg Cereal and Pineapple Pizza Cereal, for Consumer Corner in Issue 177 and 178 respectively.

And miscellaneous stuff that didn't make it here yet.

A Christmasy, Ebenezer Scrooge-ish version of WT that I used for my Christmas avatar.


A relatively quick drawing I threw together of Shmaluigi's final form, an Inspector Gadget-esque version of himself. (Non-canon for now)


I'm pretty sure I drew this specifically because Rose didn't want me to


Two extra Shmathers sprites for the canceled Midnight Hotel game, the one on the left is a Guy Fawkes mask and the one on the right is "Shmshmathers" with an extra hat and mask (the mask turned out kind of hard to see though...).
I never actually came up with a name for Waluigi Time's dog... Feel free to suggest one if you want, or don't.

Let me join the cereal mafia? I can make box art for a cereal based on my OC
Been a while since I've posted in here, so here's what I've been working on lately. This is pretty much all either art requests or for The 'Shroom (or both) lol

(I accidentally closed the tab while working on this and the boards ate my post so I am mad 😠)

Here's stuff that I drew for 'Shroom Mafia 4 (no spoilers at this point don't worry).
Starting things off here are the NPC sprites:






















I was going to draw these eventually anyway but the game gave me a good excuse!






And the breakout star, the Vending Machine. Fun fact, the "Perch wuz here" vandalism is a reference to Issue 166's Staff Notes.

Moving on from the NPCs, here's my design for Fred (evil), since I thought it would be funny to go a bit over-the-top with him and dress him up like a cartoon villain.
Fred (evil).png

Finally, the maps, based on GBA's designs from 'Shroom KG. The team offices use their respective colors, and the rest of the rooms (and the map background) use The 'Shroom's Spring palette since that's what we're using while the game is running. If you were paying close enough attention, you may have noticed that I also used this layout for The 'Shroom HQ in last month's Shmaluigi PI story.





Speaking of 'Shroom Mafia 4, I was asked by LJS to make some new Detective Luigi sprites for it with his new outfit and depression.











Marrying his phone Ecstatic


Using phone





And more requests!
Artwork for LJS' upcoming 'Shroom section, Trego's Terrific Talk Show. This popped into my head pretty quickly with the references he gave me and I had fun doing this, I like the aesthetic on this one.

A kiwi bard for one of Shoey's Strategy Wing sections, The Greatest Quest. By the way that's a good section and you should read it if you don't already. I think this is meant to be the Wandering Shoestrel, but don't quote me on that.

A preliminary sketch of the boxart for Tasty Toaster Treats for Shoey's News Flush from Issue 180. Not a style of drawing I usually work with so this was fun.

New sprites of Viola for Pitohui going forward, with a new outfit and without an old head injury. If you've been following Living Game you've seen these already, but there will be a couple more by the time the girlbosses are ready to assemble again. As a sidenote I can only really do somewhat complex shading like this if I have a reference to copy off of so don't ask for anything like this lol

To cap things off I might as well post the drawings I've made for Consumer Corner since last time.
The Waluigi Time Granola Bar! I finished this up on Saturday morning just before we did the upload lol

And Wario Time Cereal, which originally used a different shade of yellow for the background but it was hurting my eyes so I changed it. Drawing Wario for a change was fun.
Time for another miscellaneous art dump of miscellaneous things! Will any of these posts ever be cohesive ever again? Probably not.

Shmaluigi has a new vacation outfit for AKGO! These got automatically added by the Boards in an aesthetically pleasing way so I'm just going to leave them as-is and apologize in advance if it's not as nice on your screen.

For Issue 181's fitness theme I decided to go with an energy drink, but it had to be something weird to go with the rest of the products, so I had it made with Mega Mushrooms to increase the consumer's size and muscle mass. This is the first time where the weirdness of the product came more from what it does than what it's made of (although still a bit of that by retaining the mushroom flavor).

Anyway, I'm not totally happy with this one because I actually rushed this as a placeholder when I wasn't sure if I would have enough time to make a proper drawing. I was able to fix it up some more while we were working on the upload but I still think it could've been better with more time put into it. Protip: Don't try to host a mafia game and write five 'Shroom sections at the same time!

That was followed up in Issue 182 by a cereal that exists solely to shill for Vote P for F7 (soon to be F3 (spoilers (real))). Since drawing enough cereal pieces to fill the bowl for the fourth time now was driving me mad I finally drew a base with layers that's easy to reuse for this one.

I recently realized that I've accidentally established a pattern of showcasing a cereal every other month and the issues in between that are something else entirely.

Some base designs that I made for Blooper Race, both the standard Blooper and the weird Sunshine design, which seemed appropriate to include as an alternative since it is a Sunshine-themed special issue, after all. Although Pitohui was the only one who ended up using the Sunshine base (and the only one to go with a Sunshine-based design at all, for that matter). I still enjoyed drawing it even if the end result is cursed.

And of course my own staff submission as an example, the greatest Blooper racer of all time, Blooper Arrow! He even has a little Blurp friend to replace Super Arrow's owl.

Toeing the line between "'Shroom drawing" and "art request", I also drew Shoey's submission for him. I'm just putting it in here because we're already on the subject of Blooper Race anyway.

Also on that exact same line is the logo for LJS' Palette Swap section, Luigi and Associates Detective Agency.

These didn't make it into the last art dump with the rest of the 'Shroom Mafia 4 stuff but these are the early concept sketches I made of Dr. Raticus, Ukikey Wrench, and the Vending Machine to get feedback on the designs. As you can see not much changed other than the final drawings looking nicer.

Speaking of 'Shroom Mafia 4 I ended up making an extra Murphy sprite after the last art dump. He is scared :(

Originally my Waluigi Time Comic for Issue 181 was also going to have Chuck and Wagooigi Time in the first panel, but it ended up taking too much space so I removed them.
stuff i threw away.png

My current (as of writing this post) avatar of vacation Shmaluigi. Tried out some things I don't normally do, I like how this turned out.

My clownsona for TPG's Clowning Game, Purple McPurplepants the Twelfth. Please stay tuned for his upcoming disco album (not real).

Concept sketches of a few new WT Cereal employees.

Tigger mocking Mistleteinn (almost wrote Mizzlebip there, I don't know what the implications of this are) from Living Game.

An edit of Shmaluigi in a retro outfit that I made on a whim based on this image of Vegas Trip.

Pitohui stole my outfit...

...and was immediately mistaken for Shmitohui.

I made this as a joke (it's not even an original drawing I just spent like a minute editing Blooper artwork) but Pitohui thought it looked cool and wanted me to post it here, so here it is just for him. Enjoy Bloopified Shbig Changes.

I am also adding my magnum opus, preserved for posterity and the betterment of mankind, Morgan Freeman and Lucien, the sentient tennis racket from Mario Tennis Aces. This was used as the image for the Mario Wiki's April Fool's poll this year.
this is a racket.png
I'm tellin' ya, WT Art™ never disappoints.
Hey look me posting in this thread again and not after a hiatus of several months! Here's everything I did for Issue 183 of The 'Shroom, with the exception of Waluigi Time Comic since the art itself is the section and you need to read The 'Shroom if you want to see it! So go read the issue if you haven't already.

The ultimate prize for the Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown Beach Bash! Definitely not a used smoothie cup!

Most likely the scariest tube of toothpaste you will find at your local JojaMart.

This time around I was tasked with making the drawings for the 'Shroomfest staff section. They were pretty fun to make, stress of wrapping up an issue aside. I broke some of my usual Waluigi drawing rules for these and I like how it turned out, I guess I was feeling a bit bold.
Shroomfest 183-1.png

Shroomfest 183-2.png

Shroomfest 183-3.png

I also made some new sprites for NS and myself for 'Shroomfest to replace the Ace Attorney sprites traditionally used by the team leaders up until now. We could've just kept doing that, but this is so much cooler, don't you think? I don't usually do actual spritework, so this was stepping a bit out of my comfort zone, but it was fun and I like how they turned out.


Originally I was just going to grab some screenshots from the films for this but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I just decided to draw them myself. Tried out some different tricks with these to go for a book illustration feel.



I should be getting paid overtime for this...
I go to Bible Quiz boot camp for a week and only get one notification.

This was it.

And frankly, this was all I needed.
The next time you see me post in here it will be Awards presentation stuff so I figure I may as well drop the unrelated stuff in here before that happens. A bit of a small post since most of my creative energy since the last post has gone towards said presentations, but hey, we need one of those every once in a while.

Both of these were drawn for Issue 184's 'Shroomfest Highlights, the first one being WT planning on how to take the victory with supporters of Team Amusement Parks (BBQ, Revin, and Yap). It was fun to get several user OCs together and draw them for the first time. Fun fact, the sheet music BBQ is holding is actually Waluigi Pinball.
Shroomfest 184-1.png

And WT's special rollercoaster going haywire and creating an unintentional light show.
Shroomfest 184-2.png

A redraw of the "Waluigi drinking your tears" image following Shmaluigi's consumption of hand sanitizer on the S.S. Circinus. Don't drink hand sanitizer, kids.

And a sprite of Shmaluigi's reaction to tasting said hand sanitizer.
Honestly, that drawing of Shmaluigi drinking hand sanitizer is absolutely amazing.
Another Awards ceremony behind us, so it seems like a good time to go through my presentations. This post is going to be sort of half-art dump and half-behind the scenes explaining my thought processes and cut content and whatnot, especially since not all of my presentations this year had original art made for them. So if that's your thing, read on, and if not, just click the boxes and look at the images, I suppose.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for multiple Awards presentations and final results! If you have not yet read them and would like to see them without spoilers, turn back now!

Alright, if you're still here then either you read the presentations already or don't care about spoilers. Let's get started, shall we?

C11 - Favorite Community Character
Starting things off this year was the obligatory Waluigi Time Comic presentation! It's kind of similar to last year's, with WT presenting the results of one of the awards, though I feel that this one is a lot more interesting. It's currently the largest Waluigi Time Comic in terms of file size, canvas size, and number of panels (42), a record that I doubt will be broken anytime soon but if it is it'll probably be another Awards presentation.

I mainly took on this one and did a WT Comic for it because I thought it would be fun to get to draw different community characters in this style, and well, that certainly worked out! It has the most characters of any WT Comic so far, with a total of 37 (technically 38 if you count the picture of Mater). Only 8 of them (Pitohui, Perch, WT, Phineas J. Shoe, Rose, Shmaluigi, Cornelius, and Chuck) have appeared in WT Comics before, the rest of them are new. (The Erudite Goose and Detective Luigi have also appeared in the style previously, but not in the actual comics.) In addition to the 18 nominees for the award, I also included MightyMario's OC Cayde, since she got a write-in vote, and some extra characters who would probably turn up to support the nominees. Notable cuts were Detective Fulbright and Shmwario, who I wanted to include with the rest of the detectives but ended up having to skip them for space.

I did try to keep the characters organized in a logical way, so here's all the table arrangements from left to right (characters who were nominated/voted for are in bold):
  • AKG4 table: Kammi, Sledge, Persni, Monty, Bill, Ernest Fine (Big Changes in back)
  • Phineas J. Shoe's table: Phineas J. Shoe, Rose
  • 'Shroom table: Wright Forde 'Shroom, Vid, Merlthazar, Merlthazar's Luma
  • Detective table: The Erudite Goose, Shmaluigi, Detective Luigi, Yuri, Posh Kermit
  • Lightning's table: Lightning the Hedgehog, Mater the Fox (pictured), Cornelius
  • Girlboss table: Nobu, Viola, Nadie, Renne
  • Protectors table: Dark Light, Bluminescence, Ray Trace, Redshift, Ultra Violet, Kontrast
  • Miscellaneous table: Pink Donkey Kong Jr., Bakerei Oriya, Cayde

Fun facts:
  • The frills on Waluigi Time's party hat always have a chunk taken out of them on the left side, as a nod to the transparency of the infamous party hat.
  • Detective Luigi wears his original outfit here, which felt suitably fancy enough for an awards show. I don't think he has it anymore, but it's just a comic, and if Big Changes' presence means anything, it's probably not canon either.
  • Pink Donkey Kong Jr. (and his dialogue) gets a unique coloration because he's Pink Donkey Kong Jr.

027 - Colorful Characters.png

Originally, I actually had a completely different WT Comic presentation idea that I never ended up doing based on WT Cereal Mafia. The idea was that Chuck would rush in to WT's office to announce that the ventilation systems were failing and the factory was filling with cereal fumes. WT would investigate and encounter hallucinations of the various RPs from the game, some of them doing things tied to the award (i.e. Seam attempting to sell an item related to one of the higher placed nominees) and others just doing their thing. One of the final RPs to appear would've been Spamton, showing WT the winner of the award and announcing them as the next BIG SHOT, followed by a closing joke where Anna would comment on how weird the whole thing was, prompting WT to agree and then ask if she was real or fumes, only to be met with a shrug.

I decided not to go with this idea, mainly because I worried that the premise would've been too hard to grasp for anyone who wasn't familiar with the game, especially for an award that likely wouldn't have been tied to WT Cereal Mafia, or even in the Community Awards at all.

C3 - Favorite 'Shroom Section Design
Funny story with this one, I was hoping to pick this one up in the initial sign-ups once things started slowing down, but I never went for it because I didn't feel like I was in a good enough place with the ones I had already signed up for to grab an extra. But then it went to the backup presenters and I ended up taking it anyway!

So for this one I ended up doing a spoof of Horrorscopes with the voted sections replacing the star signs since it was the winner, which came from two different places of inspiration. The first was that I had already done this for 'Shroom Mafia 4, where all of Merlthazar's quests were written in the style of the section, so I already had some experience emulating it which was fun. The second was Mertle herself, who was actually a scrapped character from the Hidden Mansion arc of Shmaluigi, Private Investigator, so she's been conceptualized for a while now, sitting in the idea pile.

Luckily it turned out that there was an exact top 12, so I didn't have to cut off any tied nominees or put any sections with no votes in. I did have to cut the dates out though, mostly to avoid the awkwardness of the star of the month being Horrorscopes when I placed it at the end of the list.


It's Mertle!


I've gotten a lot of mileage out of the glow effect in Paint.NET.

F2 - Worst Power-up
This was a pretty old idea, and kind of self-explanatory, it's Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown but with the top 4 "winners" of the award. At one point I considered having Chuck and Kameron co-commentate, but I decided to just stick with WT solo to make things easier. I don't have much to say here, it's a pretty straightforward concept.

One cursed idea that didn't make it into the final product was that after Peachette was defeated, the Super Crown would tumble out of the ring and collide with Chuck, with predictable results. I decided not to do that though, so either you're welcome or sorry.

F15 - Most Disappointing Game
I wasn't originally planning to do this one, but LJS invited me to collab and it sounded fun. I don't have a ton of behind the scenes info on this one since LJS did almost all of the writing, I just wrote WT's dialogue and also did the art for it. But I had a lot of fun with this one, Detective Luigi and WT are big goofs and I like how a lot of the expressions and poses turned out.

LJS asked if he could provide some co-commentary on this one, so if you see green words those are his (except those two specific green words, those were mine as a visual example).

HA! I have successfully invaded Waluigi Time's art thread! I'm gonna be doing some co-commentary on this one, since we collabed on it. I had the idea of "hey what if I did a parody of WT's M30 presentation from last year but with Detective Luigi", so I reached out to WT about it and he was originally on the fence about it, but he agreed to it like 2 days later. This was really fun to do, so we hope you have as much fun reading it as much as we had making it!


The opening shot of Luigi and Yuri in their office. On the wall is (at LJS' request) pictures of Luigi and Shmaluigi and Yuri and Pearl from the wedding as seen in their Palette Swap section (haha shameless plug) and an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia poster as a visual gag. Kitten mittens.

Going into this, I already knew what I wanted to force WT to draw (for the most part), so I made sure to have references handy. I'm really happy about how this (and the rest of the presentation) turned out. Maybe my favorite detail here is the Always Sunny poster, as that implies that both Luigi and Yuri are fans of the show (and it also creates what is known as a "celebrity paradox").


Enter Waluigi Time! Between his expression and pose, I wanted to make him look as if he's trying to look like the most important person in the room, so hopefully that came across here. The logo on the door was designed by LJS and was inspired by the silhouettes seen on the Mario & Luigi boxarts.

I had almost no input over this one except for the logo. I actually made a "whoopsie" because I wanted the logo text on the door to be all caps, but I accidentally only capitalized Luigi on the reference I gave WT. Whoopsie.


This might be one of my favorites, I really like WT's swagger here and how he's just casually resting his arm on the back of Luigi's chair, and how Luigi just looks completely done with this whole thing even though WT only walked in the room like 10 seconds ago.

Uh oh, looks like Luigi isn't happy about someone looking exactly like Waluigi barging in when we was half asleep. I really do like the energy this image gives off. Have I mentioned how much I love WT's art? Incredible."


The last one was my favorite interaction between Luigi and WT but this one is definitely my favorite interaction between Luigi and Yuri, where she elbows him for taking a jab at Shmaluigi.

What a happy couple. Yuri's face just completely sums up her thought of, "I love you but what the hell man". And people said I was crazy for making these two a couple. Maybe I am. Who knows.


Not a lot to say about this one, it was kind of "filler" to get the conversation back on track. I've noticed I get a lot of mileage out of the thinking pose when drawing WT/Shmaluigi, though.

Nothing much to say about this one, so I'll give a fact not many know about instead: I actually gave Yuri to Detective Luigi on a whim while originally commissioning his sprites for WT Cereal mafia. I was thinking about CSI Miami and how they have insanely high tech stuff and then I thought about Monika and I went, "why don't I make Monkia as Luigi's phone AI?" except Roserade had used Monika before. I briefly considered Natsuki because she is best girl but I decided Yuri would better fit Luigi. The more you know!


Yep, those are the faces of two people who just can't quite comprehend the antics of this man who neglected top secret documents to stare at a hot dog stand. I've often thought of WT as being what you'd get if you mixed a capitalist and a five year old, so pretty much everyone around him ends up playing the straight man. Luigi and Yuri are no exception, of course. It's no wonder Shbig is miserable all the time.

I gave WT an Owl House screenshot as a reference for Yuri's expression in this one, and it turned out really well. Honestly, I'm surprised this presentation as a whole turned out as awesome as it did considering we wrote the script in one whole evening, but hey, Waluigi Time art rarely disappoints. If it ever disappoints.


This is another cool shot, Luigi and Yuri walking through the streets of New Wikisburg late at night. This was the point in the presentation where I started playing with the lighting at different points to get a noir-ish feel.

Waluigi Time had a small mental breakdown on this because he forgot to color in Yuri's button on her sleeve. But yeah, I really like the noir theme this gives off (even though when Waluigi Time came in earlier, it was sky blue outside. Maybe the hallway is sky blue? Hmm.)



When the plot element of "very interesting hot dog stand" came up, I knew I had to come up with something pretty ridiculous. That resulted in a hot dog stand with lots of pointy things, signs, lights, and even a UFO-themed umbrella with flashing lights and a little rocketship spinning around under it. Does it make sense? No. Does it sell a lot of hot dogs? Probably!

I love the joke of the hot dog stand being ridiculously showy for no reason at all. Nobody can resist it's allure. Except Yuri. Also, because of all the lights, it's still open at 10pm, which is good, because you might see some foreshadowing here…


Luigi discovers the key clue, a trail of mustard left behind by the culprit! You know, if I had a nickel for each time I was involved with a detective-related Awards presentation where the culprit was tracked down by being messy with condiments, I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.

Originally, the spotted mustard trail was a literal line of mustard, but pointed out to WT "who the hell puts THAT much mustard on a hot dog. Also, I really like Luigi's pose here. Pretty dynamic stuff.


The trail ends at a rusted door in a dark alleyway. I like how the lighting came out here, I think you get a good feel for how seedy this specific area is.

NO LUIGI DONT GO INTO THE BACKROOMS- ahem. Yeah, WT said pretty much everything to say about this one. But hey, another panel with Yuri is another win for me because I got WT to draw an anime girl again.

What have you done to me...


Luigi finds the culprit - Tommy Treehugger, one of the washed up hosts of forgotten Super Show segment Club Mario, so forgotten that even DiC themselves destroyed all footage of it! I had fun drawing Luigi leaping through the air here, it's not too often I end up drawing characters in action.

My idea for the culprit was "80's show host who fell on hard times and had to turn to crime", so I told WT "hey have the club mario host be the culprit" and he was like "uhh which one because we may or may not be playing with fire here" and I was like "crap you're right". I do love the image of Luigi pouncing Tommy like a K-9 unit.


Finally, the kicker - all this work and the results were a literal disappointment. But if they didn't get those back WT would have had an earful from Pitohui, so all is well!

We wanted the briefcase to be filled with a lot of random crap but that idea was ultimately cut, though Waluigi Time still mentions it earlier on. Again, another Yuri is another win for me. I really do like the dynamic that she and Luigi have.

(Also Luigi really jacked up the fee for this after learning of the contents.)


This one's similar to the ending I did for M30 last year, where Shmaluigi and related characters took the place of the characters... Except with a lot more shame because these are the games everyone hated, so naturally Luigi is embarrassed to be here. The stickers are references to some of LJS' past RPs, which I thought was a nice touch.

Fun fact: The color for the bottom of the lenses on Yuri's glasses is different here, since it didn't look very good against Kersti's coloring originally.

This was a fun one! And a whole lot to talk about! I wanted this presentation as whole to be a reference from WT's M30 presentation from last year, so it all comes full circle here. Fun fact: Luigi was gonna be happy he was finally in Mario 64, but it seemed too out of place when he was embarrassed with everything else so we changed it. Also, if you're wondering why Lupin shows up, I made a point that Lupin was a rival to Luigi back in the Shmaluigi ask thread, but I haven't really done anything with that. Maybe in a later Shroom issue..? Also, try and see if you can name all the RP characters I called back to with the stickers! (I'm missing one from Awards Murder Party but I couldn't think of any for Wildcat).


As bonus content, an earlier version of Luigi and Yuri walking through the city before I finished coloring it. Neat vibes.


Well, there you go! I'm gonna be leaving now, as I didn't collab with WT any more this year (on presentations at least). Go read Luigi and Associates Detective Agency in the Shroom for more Luigi and Yuri hijinx! Okay bye

M10 - Favorite Art Style
Things get a bit silly here. Besides C3, once things went to backup I had a few ideas that would've basically fit anywhere because I employed the strategy of digging up past RPs to present the award! So for this one I brought back the Arizona Ranger (or his ghost, rather) and the ghost of Marty Robbins from Murder Party. They aren't really taken seriously so neither is the presentation!

Originally when I decided to bring back the Ranger I thought maybe Favorite Mario Party Board would work because of Western Land, but that one didn't actually go to backups, so I thought it would be funny to go in the complete opposite direction and give the Ranger and Marty something completely out of their wheelhouse that they fumble around with. There's kind of remnants of the original idea where the Ranger immediately assumes Western Land is the winner.

I was very late into writing this presentation when I realized the Ranger's mannerisms here have an uncanny resemblance to Walter White at times. So yeah.

M6 - Favorite 2D World
It was pretty early on that I decided I wanted to do another big Shmaluigi presentation this year, but I wanted to do something different than last year, so the mystery itself involves the winners rather than Shmaluigi just trying to track down results (in fact, no reference to the Awards is made at all in this one). Originally, this presentation was going to feature Shmwario too, but I ended up dropping him and instead collaborating with Revin, 64DD, and NS to bring back Detective Fulbright, the Erudite Goose, and the Sticky Warrior from Rogues in Rogueport.


Things start off with Shmaluigi at his desk, and this is sort of a counterpart to M30 last year, where we saw the portrait of Shmaluigi with Fulbright and the Goose, but we've never seen the picture of Ema Skye on his desk until now. I feel like the sideview of Shmaluigi turned out a little weird looking, but I was on a time crunch.


Shmaluigi and Fulbright reunite! I really like this one, it feels wholesome. In justice we trust!


Shmaluigi and Fulbright inspect the missing artifact, accompanied by the curator, Dr. Whackaman. (Yes, he's an intentional nod to Dr. Acraman from AKGO.)


Shmaluigi and Fulbright take a Dorrie ride into Soda Jungle. Dorries aren't in New Super Mario Bros. U, but I took some creative liberties. Besides, Dorries are cool. (It's really weird how much stuff was in the original NSMB and never appeared in the sequels, isn't it?) Anyway, I like how this one looks, especially the background which doesn't really have a lot going on but still gives the feeling that they're in a dense jungle, I think.


Shmaluigi reunites with the Erudite Goose! I haven't done a full body drawing of the Goose before, so I like how this turned out. The dark green spots on the ground are leaves that he shook off of himself.


At the top of an abandoned tower, the detectives encounter a group of villainous Bramballs! Not quite the boss Boom Boom was, but he hasn't been around here for a while, so they'll have to do. They're a pain without Ice Flowers, I guess...


The Sticky Warrior enters the scene in World 1-1, and the gang's all back together! This is one of my favorites just because everyone is here. The poor Goomba who has been inked and flattened doesn't seem to be of much concern.


The detectives end up in an underground stakeout, playing Go Fish to pass the time. This part of the story has what's probably my favorite line from 64DD in this presentation.


This one's definitely my favorite - the detectives end up facing off against Bowser himself, and assume their battle stances! I really like the Sticky Warrior's stance and Fulbright showing off his badge here.

M14 - Favorite Boss Battle
This is another pretty old idea, going all the way back to not long after last year's Awards actually. This time around, Zurg gets his time to shine, insulting the puny earthlings the entire time. There were a lot of boss-related awards this year, but I went for this one specifically because Bowser typically sweeps, and this year was no exception, of course. I thought it would be funny to have Zurg see the fifth place winner, decide "yeah this guy sucks" and move on, only to find that the rest of the winners are the exact same guy. So naturally, with all his pride, he goes to defeat Bowser himself to put him in his place, only to end up defeated by complete accident with Bowser barely even realizing he's here.


Originally I was going to start things off with a more dramatic entrance with lights turning on and stuff, but Zurg doesn't have the budget, I guess. The design of his lair here is based on the one seen in the opening of Toy Story 2, though other drawings feature a TV from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.


These are both basically the same, except Zurg is more frustrated/bewildered in the second one. In the original presentation, different Bowsers appear on the screen as Zurg pushes the button, but I'm not going to bother posting all of those in here.


Zurg slams the desk after realizing all of the winners are Bowser!


Consulting the official Awards Committee document...


Realizing that the results are, in fact, legitimate, Zurg begrudgingly announces the winners.


This drawing of Zurg with his ion blaster is probably my favorite. He doesn't have pupils here, but that was intentional, because I thought he looked cooler without them. Artistic license!


Unfortunately for Zurg, after he announces himself, Bowser turns around and accidentally knocks him into the flames below with his tail.


Though he somehow makes it out again, looking a bit worse for wear. He'll be fine, probably.


I also ended up editing Bowser's BIS artwork since Dark Bowser has no official artwork and I didn't want to steal fanart of him.


Bonus content! I drew this before starting the presentation to finalize Zurg's design, since I wanted to combine aspects of his designs from Toy Story 2 and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command for this. The colors are just early placeholders, and the arms are too long, but I like how it turned out regardless.

M30 - Favorite Modern Game (Wii U/3DS and newer)
The final backup I took on, and the final presentation altogether. Like M10, this fell to bringing back a past RP to pick up the slack, so I brought Tigger back from Lightning Mafia+ and Living Game. I was honestly a bit nervous with doing something so low-key for the final award, but people seemed to respond well, plus we had GBA's massive presentation for M27 not too long before that, so it worked out for the best, I think.

Anyway, the joke I went for here was revolving around Tigger showing off the winner, while "explaining" it completely based on guesswork from looking at the box, since there'd be no way for him to play it in the Hundred Acre Wood. Originally it was just going to be him, but things built off from there, introducing Owl at the beginning to explain the Awards Committee and presentations to Tigger, figuring that Tigger probably wouldn't understand the contents of the letter himself, and adding Pooh during the actual presentation to have a bit of conversation, and not just a single character.

Awards Bloopers
F12 - Worst Mario Party Minigame - Whatever games were played at Boris Johnson's lockdown parties
So, a bit of explanation for this one, this is based on a drawing that I believe Toadbert made of a character from the Minecraft server called Boat Guy. At first I was going to draw Boris Johnson in a cartoony art style and then I thought "huh this kind of reminds me of Boat Guy" so I just committed to it and made Boris Johnson Boat Guy.

M25 - Favorite Yoshi Boss Battle - Every yoshi boss is actually a transformed enemy

M26 - Favorite Wario Boss Battle - Captain America

Alright, that's everything from me!

Don't make me do 8 presentations again next year please
Scribble Showdown time! If you're at all interested in some of the thought processes and unused ideas from these, I wrote a Palette Swap section in Issue 187 of The 'Shroom that goes into that stuff. If that sounds like your thing, and you haven't read it, be sure to check it out.

Round 1: Roleplaying

Round 2: Swords

Round 3: Vs. Tiki Tribe

Round 4: Bowser's Mother

Round 5: Your Soul

At first I planned on doing story interludes between each round to show what Scribble!WT was up to, but I didn't really have much energy for it, so I only ended up doing it for three of the rounds, unfortunately.

These two came before round 1, so... I guess the double feature makes up for skipping several rounds a little bit? Scribble!Shbig is introduced here, and to go with the medieval fantasy setting of Scribble, he's an actual rabbit instead of an AI that WT talks to with his vague Disney Princess magic. His design is based on the little rabbits from Super Mario Odyssey.

This was from before round 2 and tied into the story TPG was writing. Not much else to say here, but it's funny basically seeing two WTs onscreen at once.

This one came just before round 5. I actually made my submission before this, so the Remaster-2000's final form and the "soul void" background were meant to foreshadow the scribble.

Expect more scribble next year where I am a mutant
Aaaieee Ray Trace he's so cute I love the art! 😘
Miscellaneous art dump to finish off the year! I have more stuff but I can't show it off just yet, so sometime early-ish next year, probably.

This first one involves some AKGO shenanigans
One timeskip later, Perry the Platypus washes up on Circitus Island. Fear him.

Two sprites for Perry, normal and cometstruck.


I'm pretty sure the question of who ghost Perry's host was came up so I made this as a joke since the eyes matched, it's non-canon though
secret perry lore REAL.png

The point in time where I went too far although that may have been earlier than this
If you didn't keep up with the game I'm pretty sure all of that is totally nonsensical

Speaking of AKGO I also did a vacation outfit for Shmathers for the game!

I guess I haven't posted anything I've done for Consumer Corner in this thread since Issue 183 so enjoy the last 6 months of product placement
Issue 184: Party Time Cereal

Issue 185: Mob Block

(I cheated and edited Sticker Star's POW Block for this because I was strapped for time lol)

Issue 186: Pumpkin Spice Waluigi Time Cereal

Issue 187: Frankentime's Monster Cereal

Issue 188: Salty Cereal for Salty People

Issue 189: Souper Speed Soup

The rest doesn't really have a theme so it's all in this single convenient spoiler
My December avatar this year with a vaguely Snow Miserish version of WT. Shoutout to Rose for the inspiration on this one.

I have no idea how, but apparently I never posted my Porcupuffer posters in here? Well, better late than never. Here's both the original Vote P for F7 poster, and the "updated" Vote P for F3 poster after the Awards were reorganized this year.

Two new sprites of our good friend Shbig Changes! The first one doesn't look all that different but I actually updated his hat. The second one is the classic bugs face which I made in case I needed him for any backup Awards presentations. (I didn't need him so you were all spared this year)

A Christmas logo for Luigi and Associates Detective Agency, which unfortunately didn't make it into The 'Shroom this year but you can still see it in Cosmic's Shroom-Adjacent Writings thread.

Alright thanks for stopping by, see you next year unless it's already next year when you're reading this (or possibly even more future years??)
What better way to start off the year (in this thread) than by being incredibly cursed? Here's a Waluigi Time Comic that I made as a Christmas gift for TPG. If you don't understand what's going on here, don't worry about it too much.

035 - Gaming....png