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Hey guys! I'm Magolor, and I am now writing for the Palette Swap section of The 'Shroom. I will be writing a fan fiction based on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, "World in Plight." Those will be on the 'Shroom monthly (I hope) and starting with the Feb 2020 ish, I will try and upload those here as well so you can read the whole story. I would really appreciate it if you would hop on over to The 'Shroom and read my stuff!

If you have any ideas for entries, from a full blown entry, to even a tiny joke (I built Pokémon Trainer's entire first entry around a single joke.), send it to me starting after my debut issue. Just start a conversation with me by hitting that envelope in the top right corner. If you would like to request a certain character, either a fighter or a well known non-playable character, message me here or on my chat page.

Here till Kirby devours us all, Magolor04726, Emperor of Absolutely Nothing Important.
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I like Link's expression in your drawing. You should do something with Bowser next :bowser: