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Here’s the next batch.


But sometimes we must show off the bad stuff too. Here’s some cursed Pokémon and Chi’s Sweet Home fanart I did back in 2014 and 2015.


Now here’s one me and my eldest brother did in 2018. Look at how much I’ve improved. I even drew Pupsicle from Yo-Kai Watch on this. (My brother drew Aipom, Wartortle, and Alolan Golem, while I drew Rowlet, Litleo, Cubchoo, and Pupsicle)


Now here’s the concept art you’ve been waiting for, though it’s only one piece currently. Enjoy!



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One thing I do you could do is avoid using the rubber completely. It'll help you improve your lines and your drawings will look cleaner.

Other than that, I like these. You're creative!


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I finally finished drawing all my mains in the Car Wash roleplay! Please tell me your thoughts on them

Amazing. Can’t say to see how you decide to do OC characters (From other people)


Welcome to my art thread! Here, I will show off the art pieces that I’ve created over the years, as well as some art pieces that I made for school purposes and some Car Wash concept art. Here’s the first batch of art pieces.
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Wow they're great! Especially the first row and the 7th row. Keep it up!
But sometimes we must show off the bad stuff too. Here’s some cursed Pokémon and Chi’s Sweet Home fanart I did back in 2014 and 2015.
Pffft! Hahaha. I'd say they're decent for a 12yo. You've also improved over the years.


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I recently completed the main story of Super Mario 3D World and thought, what if the Sprixies met the People of the Sky from Kirby: Triple Deluxe? This piece shows the 2 groups meeting near a big flower with petals of various colours. Tell me what you think of it.


Also, during my play-throughs of both games, I gave these characters names, which they didn't have in the games.

Green Sprixie's name = Holly
Yellow Sprixie's name = Sandy
Blue Sprixie's name = Flurry
Orange Sprixie's name = Pumkin
Purple Sprixie's name = Mystica
Cyan Sprixie's name = Cloudia
Red Sprixie's name = Fiery

Pink Sky Person = Sakura
Yellow Sky Person = Sunny
Blue Sky Person = Bluebell
Red Sky Person = Tulip
Purple Sky Person = Plum
White Sky Person = Chrysanthemum
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After Pokemon Masters Mafia finished, I decided to make a piece featuring the characters I played as during the game. This picture shows Molly in her bedroom, waving to the viewer, with her illusionary Pokemon and one of the Unown by her side. The background has lots of stars, a moon, and several crystals, with a large one at the center. Additionally, this is the first piece I coloured with oil pastels outside of my art classes at school. I hope you enjoy it!



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Hey guys, no new pieces. However, I did manage to find my older Crafted Yoshi designs and Miiverse drawings thanks to Archiverse! (These were from 2017…so please forgive my drawing skills and how terrible they were back than.)








(These Yoshis aren't in my copy of the game anymore, which is why they are older designs. Patamon Yoshi got replaced by Marshadow Yoshi and Goomba Yoshi got replaced by Oxide Yoshi)


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Reposting the first 3 story posts for Shroomfest in here for reference purposes. All future story posts will be located here, so that it doesn't take away from the debate.

*All around the Mushroom Kingdom, flyers about a dog and bird show in Glitzville, hosted by Jolene, have been hung up on signs, trees, billboards, and lamp-posts*

*In Mushroom City, at the Car Wash*

Toadette: Hmm...come all dog or bird owners to the Glitzville dog and bird show, hosted by your favorite businesswomen, Jolene! Registration begins December 18th. Let those dogs out and make those birds fly!

*Zam comes up towards Toadette*

Zam: Ruff, ruff?

Zem: Zam would like to compete in the competition, Toadette. Is it ok if I bring him there?

Toadette: Sure. Just talk it over with the others first, ok?

Zem: Ok.

*Zem calls N. Trance, Velo, Vivica, Jason, and Oxide to the meeting room to discuss the competition*

*In the meeting room*

Vivica: A dog and bird show? That would be so exciting. You'll probably do good, Zam.

Velo: I don't know if he'll qualify for the competition, Zem. Try putting his Bulldog outfit on him before entering, ok?

Zem: I was thinking of that in case we get disqualified. I'll help him change into it right now.

*Zem helps Zam put on his Bulldog outfit*

Jason: You'd better get Zam trained before you enter the show. Have you entered him in any shows before?

Zem: No. This is his first time at a dog show.

N. Trance: Really? In that case, you'll need to make sure he can get along with the other dogs, as well as that he follows your commands and walks in a nice manner. If he can't do any of those, you won't have a chance.

Oxide: I think Zam is 0% qualified for this, Zem! First of all, his intellect is subpar and by the looks of it, he won't be any smarter anytime soon. Next, you haven't been training him a bit since you got him at that pet store on Gasmoxia. And lastly, he doesn't have the proper socialization needed for this event. In my mind, he'll think the rest of the dogs are his enemies and start biting their fur off!! So, forget about the show, Zem! Cause I personally don't want to see you enter it!!

*Zam gets angry at Oxide and starts biting one of his legs*

Oxide: Ow, quit it Zam! Those are my prosthetic legs, and you'd better not ruin them!

*Zam stops biting Oxide's leg*

Zem: He didn't like that you said he wouldn't be good for the competition, Oxide. Give him a chance, ok?

Oxide: Only if you promise to me that you're going to train him for the show, ok?

Zem: Ok, Oxide. I will train him for this show. This is our first time, so I want to make sure we're prepared for it.

Oxide: don't break it, Zem. If the competition starts and he isn't ready for it, it's going to be a total train-wreck!!

Zem: I'll try not to, Oxide. Me and Zam will start heading to Glizville right now, so we can get a head-start on his training.

*Zem and Zam wave goodbye to the other aliens and head to Glitzville, leaving the Car Wash*

*Meanwhile, at Coconut Mall, a brown haired girl with purple eyes wearing a yellow tank-top with a pink flower on it, red pants, and navy blue shoes with pink flowers on them and an African-American girl wearing a light blue tank-top with a yellow star on it, light blue pants with blue stars, and dark blue sneakers are hanging out at the food court. The two girls see a flyer in the distance*

???: Oh, look. It's a flyer for a dog show. My dog Budster will love this. Tia, you have a dog too, right? Will he be interested in this?

Tia: A dog show? That's got to be super cool, Nikki. My dog Hipster will do great in the competition. Are you going too?

Nikki: You bet, Tia. I wonder who else we'll see at the show.

*Suddenly, another girl with long pink hair with purple eyes wearing a lavender short-sleeve shirt, a lavender skirt, and pink dress shoes bumps into Nikki and Tia's table*

???: Ow, my head. Guess I should've been more cautious.

Nikki: Are you ok, girl? What's your name?

???: I'm Amethyst Van Der Troll. I'm from a place called Trollzopolis and I have lots of friends there. I have a little lump on my head right now, but it's fine. What's your names?

Tia: I'm Tia, and that's Nikki. This mall is our usual hang-out spot, and we usually see our other friends here. We're always staying in touch so that we all know what's up! Speaking of which...there's this dog show that starts its registration period today. Would you happen to be interested in it?

Amethyst: Yes. I have a dog named Wa-wa at my house. She'll be super excited for this.

Nikki: Let's all head home so we can get our pups ready for this event. We'll meet up again in Glitzville, where the show is being hosted. Ok?

Tia: Got it. See ya, Nikki and Amethyst.

Amethyst: Will do, Nikki. I've got to get Wa-wa as pampered as she can be. See you in Glitzville!

*The three leave the mall and head home to prepare their dogs for the event. After they get their dogs ready, they attach them to a leash and travel to Glitzville*

*Meanwhile, in Ponyville, the mane 6 are headed off on another adventure, when Applejack sees a sign for the show on a tree*

Applejack: Hmm...this show looks interesting. I'm sure Winona would like it.

Pinkie Pie: I'm sure she would, Applejack. But it seems to be a very long distance from here.

Twilight Sparkle: I've got suspicions about this Glitzville place. I heard that a vicious hawk lives there. You'd better be careful, Applejack.

Rarity: Glitzville?! That place must be very glamorous. I'd love to go with you, Applejack. They'd love my clothing designs.

Rainbow Dash: Rarity, you shouldn't be endangering yourself. That hawk might want to attack you. It's best you stay with us.

Fluttershy: We'll cheer you on, Applejack. I hope Winona's ready for something like this.

Applejack: I'll get Winona ready for the show. See you later, everypony.

*Applejack heads to Sweet Apple Acres. Once she's home, she gets Winona, her collie, ready for the event. Once Winona is pampered, Applejack attaches her to a leash and heads to Glitzville, leaving Equestria*

*End of part 1. Part 2 will introduce the rest of the cast*
(Part 2)

*Meanwhile, at the Pokemon League. Olivia and her Lycanroc, Lenora and her Lillipup, and Chloe and her Yamper are watching the tournament. Chloe sees a sign for the dog show attached to the row of seats in front of them*

Chloe: This event looks quite intriguing. Maybe there'll be some new Pokemon for me to research there. Are you interested in it, Lenora and Olivia?

Lenora: Sure. I've got to see how my Lillipup stacks up to its competition.

Olivia: does look interesting, Chloe. But dogs usually don't compete with birds. It'll be neat to see them compete together.

Chloe: Than it's settled. Let's get going!

*Chloe, Lenora, and Olivia leave the tournament and head to Glitzville*

*Meanwhile, at Café Cinnamon, a white dog with long ears and his owner are making sweet treats for their customers. The owner sees a sign for the event attached to the door of the café*

Cinnamoroll's Owner: Cinnamoroll, would you like to go to this dog show? It seems like it would be a lot of fun.

Cinnamoroll: Yes, please. But what if my flying powers get me disqualified?

Cinnamoroll's owner: I'll make sure you don't fly at all during the event, Cinnamoroll. Ok?

Cinnamoroll: Ok. I'll make sure my friends can cover our shifts before we leave.

*Cinnamoroll and his owner leave the café and head to Glitzville*

*Meanwhile, at a school in Springdale, Katie is training her Komasan and Komajiro to strengthen the power of their Soultimate moves. During their training, Komasan sees a sign on a lamp-post and points it out to Katie and Komajiro*

Komasan: Komajiro, this show looks like it would be interesting. Come see the sign for it.

Komajiro: Oh my swirls! This shows looks like lots of fun. Can we be entered into it, Katie?

Katie: Sure. But don't inspirit anyone during it, ok?

Komasan and Komajiro: We promise we won't, Katie. We'll try to keep our powers contained.

*The three leave the school and head to Glitzville, leaving Springdale*

*Meanwhile, in Strawberry-Land, Strawberry Shortcake is tending to her garden with the help of her cat Custard and her dog Pupcake. As they lay batches of hay over the strawberry bushes to protect them during the winter, Custard sees a sign for the show in the distance*

Custard: Strawberry, I think Pupcake would like this. It's a dog and bird show, and it's being hosted in a place called Glitzville. What do you think of it?

Strawberry: Hmm...I'll enter Pupcake into it as soon as I can, Custard. I'll get him ready as soon as we finish making sure our garden is protected this winter.

*Strawberry finishes laying the batches of hay over her strawberry bushes. Once they are all covered, she and her pets head inside her house. Once they are inside, Strawberry gets Pupcake pampered for the event. Once he is ready for the show, Strawberry attaches him to a leash and heads to Glitzville, leaving Strawberry-Land*

*Meanwhile, on Yoshi's Island. Yoshi is on a walk with Poochy when the former sees a sign attached to a tree*

Yoshi: Yoshi, yoshi! Yoshi, yoshi, yoshi. (Look, Poochy! It's a dog show.)

Poochy: Bark, bark. Bark!

Yoshi: Yoshi, yoshi, yoshi? Yoshi! (You're interested in it, Poochy? Ok, let's go!)

*Yoshi and Poochy head to Glitzville, leaving the island*
(Final story post for week 1)

*Eventually, every character arrives in Glitzville. They all head to the Glitz Pit, where the dog and bird show is being held*

*At the Glitz Pit*

Jolene: Welcome all dog and bird owners to the first annual Mushroom Kingdom dog and bird show! I'm your host, Jolene! In this event, we'll put your pets to the ultimate test to see which animal is better. These tests include agility, fetching, obedience, beauty, and intelligence. At the end of the event, whichever team has the most points wins! Watch out though. If your pets have unusual powers, refrain from using them, or else! Before the events start next week, I need you guys to register yourself and your dog or bird on this sign-up slip. Let's get our teams assembled.

*Everyone registers themselves for the event. After Jolene looks over the sign-up slip, she begins to assemble the teams*

Jolene: Ok. On Team Bird, we've got Tweety Bird and Granny, Kirby and Tokkori, Wario and Hen, Sora and Biyomon, Yolei and Hawkmon, Falkner and Pidgeot, Winona (note: This Winona is the Flying-Type Gym Leader from Hoenn) and Swellow, Lissia and Altaria, Skyla and Swanna, and last but not least, Kahili and Mandibuzz.

*The ten members of Team Bird form a line*

Jolene: Now it's time to introduce the members of Team Dog. Nikki and Budster, Tia and Hipster, Amethyst and Wa-wa, Applejack and Winona, Chloe and Yamper, Olivia and Lycanroc, Lenora and Lillipup, Strawberry and Pupcake, Yoshi and Poochy, and last but not least, Zem and Zam!

*The members of Team Dog form a line*

Cinnamoroll: Hey! That's not fair. My owner and I registered too, right?

Komasan: Yeah. Why can't we compete?

Komajiro: I guess Jolene saw our powers while we wrote our names on the sheet. We're busted!

Katie: You inspirited someone? That isn't good.

Jolene: Sorry, but flying dogs and dogs that have the power to manipulate people aren't allowed to compete. That's why you aren't on the team. You can stay here and watch the event though. For the rest of you guys, please make your way to your Team's rooms. During the first week, you'll get to know your fellow team members. Use this time to train your pets to perfection. Got it?

*Both teams nod their heads and make their way towards their rooms. Once they are in their rooms, they get acquainted with each-other and begin to train their pets for the following week*

*Cinnamoroll and his owner, as well as Katie and her Yokai leave the Glitz Pit in disappointment*


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(Part 4)

*The agility event is about to start*

Jolene: It's time for the first test of our event, the obstacle course! Here, your pets will use their agility, along with their strength and spirit, to get ahead of their opponents and clear the obstacles that stand in their way. I'll need 3 dogs and 3 birds.

*Both teams chatter around for a few minutes*

Jolene: Ok, Team Dog. Who is running the course?

Olivia: I talked with the other teammates about this, and we decided Poochy, Lycanroc, and Winona would be best for the course.

Applejack: Yeah, Poochy can run very fast, and Winona will use her herding skills to her advantage.

Yoshi: Yoshi, yoshi! Yoshi!

*Olivia detaches Lycanroc's Pokeball from her belt and sends it out, while Applejack detaches Winona from her leash and Yoshi calls Poochy over to the starting line*

Jolene: What an amazing line-up. So, Team Bird. Who're your picks?

Falkner: My Pidgeot has great flying skills and speed. It'll be perfect for the course.

Winona: My Swellow would be great as well. I hope it co-operates with the others.

Yolei: And Hawkmon will complete our line-up. Our birds will dominate those pups!

*Falkner and Winona send out their Pidgeot and Swellow, while Yolei calls Hawkmon over to the starting line*

Jolene: Fantastic choices, Team Bird. Let the test begin!

*Jolene counts down from 3. After she counts, Lycanroc, Winona, Poochy, Pidgeot, Swellow, and Hawkmon make their way through the course*



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(Part 5)

*Both teams reach the finish line of the course*

Jolene: Hmm…let's see your finish times. Team Dog, you finished the course in 20 minutes and 12 seconds. Team Bird, your time is 15 minutes and 50 seconds. The winner of the agility test is…Team Bird!

*Team Bird receives a point. The course is than cleared off by the event staff*

*After a few hours, the fetching event is about to begin*

Jolene: Welcome to the fetching event, teams. In this test, the owner will toss 3 items that their pet must catch. Whoever catches all three items wins. This will be a one-on-one match, so pick your pet wisely.

*Both teams talk to each-other about who should fetch the items*

Jolene: Team Bird, who will try and catch the items?

Skyla: My Swanna has a pretty long beak, so it'll be an ace at catching stuff.

*Skyla sends out Swanna from its Pokeball*

Jolene: Hmm…interesting choice. If anyone else from Team Bird was chosen, their beaks would be too small for this. How will you counter this, Team Dog?

Chloe: My Yamper has Ball Fetch as its ability, so it should catch the items!

Tia: No way you're doing it, Chloe. I've been throwing food scraps from this yellow bag at Hipster and he's been catching the food nonstop. He always avoids the banana peels, apple cores, broccoli, cans, and shoes.

Chloe: Won't that make your dog overweight, Tia? You can't just feed him hot dogs, pizza, burgers, and steak, along with the expected dog treats, and just expect him to walk it off. What kind of pet owner do you think you are?

Tia: The one that enjoys the city, Chloe. That food I'm throwing at him is all stale anyways. It wouldn't do him any harm!

Jolene: Can you two cut it out? If you can't decide, I'll flip a coin. If it lands on heads, Chloe and Yamper will do this test. If it lands on tails, Tia and Hipster will do this test. Let's see who it'll be!

*Jolene flips a coin. The coin lands on heads*

Chloe: I hope you learn your lesson, Tia. Yamper, let's go and win this thing!

*Jolene counts down from 3. After she counts, Chloe and Skyla throw a ball, a frisbee, and a stick at Yamper and Swanna, who try to catch the items*


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*The event has ended. Chloe's Yamper has caught all three items, while Skyla's Swanna has only caught one item.*

Jolene: It seems like Team Dog is the winner of this round. Let's give them a round of applause, shall we?

*Team Dog receives a point. The event staff clear the course*

*After a few hours, the obedience event is about to begin*

Jolene: In this round, the owner's pet will have to perform 5 tricks for the audience. Owners, pay attention, as the tricks are in a pattern. If you mess up, you'll automatically lose. I'll need 2 dogs and 2 birds for this test.

*Both teams speak to each-other*

*After a few minutes*

Jolene: Ok, Team Dog. Who are your choices this time?

Nikki: Me and Budster have great communication skills. We're sure to win this if we try our best.

Tia: Me and Hipster will go as well. I hope these tricks are easy to memorize.

Jolene: Good stuff, Team Dog. How about you, Team Bird?

Kirby: Poyo, poyo, poyo! Poyo, poyo.

Sora: My Biyomon has been listening to my commands since we first met. We've got this.

Jolene: Ok. Here's the tricks you must memorize. When you think you're ready, perform them in front of the audience.

*Jolene hands a paper containing the trick pattern to the participants. After memorizing the pattern for a few minutes, the paper is torn up by Jolene, leaving the participants to rely completely on their memory of what they saw on the paper. They than command their pets to do the tricks, trying not to mess up the pattern*


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*The obedience test has ended*

Jolene: Team Bird, it seems like you had a few mess-ups in your performance. However, Team Dog also messed-up some of their tricks. Let's see how many tricks you got right than. Team Bird, out of the 5 tricks, you got 2 correct. Team Dog, out of the 5 tricks, you got 4 correct. That means another victory for Team Dog!

*Team Dog receives a point. The event staff than clears the course*

*A few hours later, the beauty test is about to begin*

Jolene: In this test, your pet will be judged on how well-groomed they are. I'll give you a few hours to wash, dry, brush, and accessorize your pets to make them look their best. Once you're done, please place your pet on the platform where they will be judged by our event staff. Whoever's pet is the most beautiful will win. This is a one-on-one match, so pick your participants wisely.

*Both teams talk to each-other for a few minutes*

Jolene: All right, Team Bird. Who will it be?

Lissia: I'm a natural at this, Jolene. Me and my Altaria compete in Pokemon Contests in Hoenn, so I'm always grooming it so it can excel at them.

*Lissia sends out her Altaria*

Jolene: Perhaps this will be easy for Team Bird. What will Team Dog counter it with?

Amethyst: I'll do it. I always make sure Wa-wa is properly groomed before she goes anywhere with me.

Jolene: Hmm…that's quite the unusual Chihuahua, Amethyst. Why does she have a small tuft of pink hair on her head?

Amethyst: The pets in Trollzopolis receive a special formula that makes that tuft of hair appear at a very young age. We trolls usually dye it a different color to distinguish it from the natural fur.

Jolene: Amethyst, the other members of Team Dog, as well as me and Team Bird, thought you were you were a normal human being, not a troll! Maybe that's why you have elf ears, a gem in your belly button, and your hair is upright. The resemblance is very uncanny to me, and usually trolls look different compared to humans. Whatever the case is, it doesn't matter right now. What matters is getting your pets groomed for your judges. You have 4 hours to groom them to perfection. Ready? Set? Go!

*Lissia grooms her Altaria, while Amethyst grooms Wa-wa. After a few hours, the event staff judge their work*


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*The judges have finished calculating Lissia's and Amethyst's scores*

Jolene: Hmm…Amethyst, you have an average rating of 6/10. Lissia, your average rating was 8/10. Another victory for Team Bird!

*Team Bird receives a point. The event staff clear the arena*

*After a few hours, the intelligence test is about to begin*

Jolene: In our final test, your pets will protect the Glitz Pit from robbers and intruders. Teamwork is key if you want to succeed. I'll need 3 participants from each side.

*Both teams chatter for a few minutes*

Jolene: So, Team Dog. Who are our guard dogs?

Lenora: My Lillipup is brave enough for this challenge and it'll communicate with the others very well.

*Lenora sends out her Lillipup*

Strawberry: There aren't that many competitors left, so I might as well do this one. But Pupcake has never guarded anything before. I always make sure to lock my doors before we go anywhere.

Jolene: Good start. Zem, why aren't you speaking up? You are still apart of the team, so this could be your last chance to participate in a test.

Zem: Sorry. I was just too focused on training Zam for the show.

Jolene: I understand. Now get out there and help your teammates!

Zem: But what if Zam doesn't get along with them?

Jolene: Than your team might not win the test. Now, Team Bird. Who are your protectors?

Kahili: My Mandibuzz is always guarding over its prey before it decides to devour it. I'm sure it'll guard a place just fine.

Tweety: I've always guarded Granny from that mean old puddy tat! I'll be an expert at guarding this pit.

Wario: Hen may have faulted in guarding my treasure from Captain Syrup and her pirates, but I've trained her well for this competition. I hope she co-operates with the others.

Jolene: You will be given 30 minutes to guard the Glitz Pit from robbers and intruders. Ready, set, go!

*Lenora's Lillipup, Pupcake, Zam, Kahili's Mandibuzz, Tweety, and Hen are placed outside the Glitz Pit by the event staff. Once the event staff leave, a gang of robbers and intruders arrive at the Glitz Pit. The six try their best to guard the pit from them*


Shroom Mascot
*The 5th test has concluded*

Jolene: To everyone's surprise, both teams did well on this test. Well, that just about ties up the scoreboard. We'll just have to wait until everyone has finished with Shroomfest to get the results. In the meantime, you'll just have to stay here until January 15, so why not vote in the Shroomfest to pass the time? I'll let you guys know when it's time to get back to the Glitz Pit. Feel free to explore what else Glitzville has to offer as well. I'll see you around!

*All members of Team Dog and Team Bird leave the Glitz Pit. Once outside the pit, they cast their votes for Shroomfest and explore the town to their heart's content*


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*The results are in. Every character returns to the Glitz Pit*

Jolene: Unfortunately, it seems Team Bird is the winner of the show and this Shroomfest. Just leave, ok?

*The members of Team Bird celebrate their victory and head back home*

*Meanwhile, the members of Team Dog leave the pit*

*Outside the pit*

Chloe: Well, that was fun. I've got to get back to researching for Professor Cherise. Take care!

Olivia: And I've got to go back to Alola. That competition was great.

Lenora: It's back to Unova for me. Hopefully the library in Nacrene City is in good shape.

*The three leave the scene*

Yoshi: Yoshi…Yoshi, Yoshi!

*Yoshi and Poochy head back to the island*

Applejack: I have to head back to Ponyville. My friends are awaiting my return, as we were on another friendship mission before I got pulled into this. See ya!

*Applejack and Winona head back to Equestria*

Strawberry: Custard and my sister Apple Dumpling are getting worried about me. I'd better head home as soon as I can. Have a berry nice day!

*Strawberry and Pupcake head back to Strawberry-Land*

Amethyst: My friends in Trollzopolis miss me a lot. Goodbye, Tia and Nikki. It was nice meeting you. Hopefully we see each-other again. I can't wait to tell Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, and Onyx about you!

*Amethyst and Wa-wa head back to Trollzopolis*

Tia: It's not good to lose…but we shouldn't worry about it. Things take practice. Besides, we made lots of new friends and developed a stronger bond with our pets. Maybe we should tell Alexa, Summer, and Miranda about Amethyst. She's pretty cool!

Nikki: I agree, Tia. They'd love to learn about our new friend. I wonder if that gem that Jolene said was in her belly button has any talents. Knowing she's a troll, maybe she uses it to cast spells or something?

Tia: Who knows, Nikki. It seems like someone else is coming along with us anyways. We live in Mushroom City because that's where the mall is located. Could that grossomatic alien and his dog live there too?

Zem: Yes, we do live there. I'm sorry I didn't get to know you or any of the other people in our group. I was too focused on training Zam for the competition. Where in Mushroom City do you live? I could bring you there before we head to the Car Wash.

Zam: Ruff?

Nikki: Tia…should we really be following this guy? He seems very suspicious. I don't like him.

Tia: Me either. But…he is heading to the same location we are, so we've got no choice. Ok, we live in the downtown area of Mushroom City. Look there until you see five houses in a row on Glamour Street. The second one is Nikki's house, and the fourth one is my house. Got it?

Zem: Yep. I'll get you two home first, and than it's back to the Car Wash for us.

Zam: Ruff, ruff!

*The four head to Mushroom City. Once they arrive, they head to the downtown area and look for Glamour Street. After they find Glamour Street, Zem drops off Nikki and Tia at their houses. He and Zam than leave the downtown area and head to the Car Wash*