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Here’s the next batch.


But sometimes we must show off the bad stuff too. Here’s some cursed Pokémon and Chi’s Sweet Home fanart I did back in 2014 and 2015.


Now here’s one me and my eldest brother did in 2018. Look at how much I’ve improved. I even drew Pupsicle from Yo-Kai Watch on this. (My brother drew Aipom, Wartortle, and Alolan Golem, while I drew Rowlet, Litleo, Cubchoo, and Pupsicle)


Now here’s the concept art you’ve been waiting for, though it’s only one piece currently. Enjoy!



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One thing I do you could do is avoid using the rubber completely. It'll help you improve your lines and your drawings will look cleaner.

Other than that, I like these. You're creative!


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I finally finished drawing all my mains in the Car Wash roleplay! Please tell me your thoughts on them

Amazing. Can’t say to see how you decide to do OC characters (From other people)


Welcome to my art thread! Here, I will show off the art pieces that I’ve created over the years, as well as some art pieces that I made for school purposes and some Car Wash concept art. Here’s the first batch of art pieces.
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Wow they're great! Especially the first row and the 7th row. Keep it up!
But sometimes we must show off the bad stuff too. Here’s some cursed Pokémon and Chi’s Sweet Home fanart I did back in 2014 and 2015.
Pffft! Hahaha. I'd say they're decent for a 12yo. You've also improved over the years.


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I recently completed the main story of Super Mario 3D World and thought, what if the Sprixies met the People of the Sky from Kirby: Triple Deluxe? This piece shows the 2 groups meeting near a big flower with petals of various colours. Tell me what you think of it.


Also, during my play-throughs of both games, I gave these characters names, which they didn't have in the games.

Green Sprixie's name = Holly
Yellow Sprixie's name = Sandy
Blue Sprixie's name = Flurry
Orange Sprixie's name = Pumkin
Purple Sprixie's name = Mystica
Cyan Sprixie's name = Cloudia
Red Sprixie's name = Fiery

Pink Sky Person = Sakura
Yellow Sky Person = Sunny
Blue Sky Person = Bluebell
Red Sky Person = Tulip
Purple Sky Person = Plum
White Sky Person = Chrysanthemum
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After Pokemon Masters Mafia finished, I decided to make a piece featuring the characters I played as during the game. This picture shows Molly in her bedroom, waving to the viewer, with her illusionary Pokemon and one of the Unown by her side. The background has lots of stars, a moon, and several crystals, with a large one at the center. Additionally, this is the first piece I coloured with oil pastels outside of my art classes at school. I hope you enjoy it!



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Hey guys, no new pieces. However, I did manage to find my older Crafted Yoshi designs and Miiverse drawings thanks to Archiverse! (These were from 2017…so please forgive my drawing skills and how terrible they were back than.)








(These Yoshis aren't in my copy of the game anymore, which is why they are older designs. Patamon Yoshi got replaced by Marshadow Yoshi and Goomba Yoshi got replaced by Oxide Yoshi)