The Super Mario Boards Family portrait


Me and my pencil
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Post your usual avatar (Preferably a picture that shows them head to toe. It makes it easier to draw) and what you're known by here, and at some point I'll add you to the picture.
EPSON128 (2).JPG
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FYI, only people who respond here will be included in my project.
I'm Toadettefan.

My fan persona would be Toadette looking serious (that means half-closed eyes, a frown on the face, and her hands on her hips)

the amazee dayzee from paper mario (the first three games at least)

I'm represented by a black Baby Luigi in Spore armor aka Dark Light (I mean you RP'd with me so you know who she is)

For the record, I'd also like to invite mods and wikiers around here to post in this. This isn't a game or anything, I'd like to include as many people as possible in this. I can add more after it's done, but before would be preferable.
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Great! Thanks for all the info, guys! I had hoped to have the project done by my b-day, but ECC got craaaaazy and then there's the fact I'm going on a trip for two weeks on Sunday, so I hope I can have it done soon, but it might not happen as soon as I'd like.
Hah! You thought I forgot about this thread, didn't you! Well, I haven't, and I have the finished product right here! I hope you guys enjoy, and thanks for your patience!

The Super Mario Boards Family.jpg

Ta-daaaaah! The Super Mario Boards Family! (Or at least the beginnings of it.)
As you can see, plenty of space is left, so I can come back and add people. (I'll also redo some people, like Link327.)
@Luigi Mario is talking to BLoF (I can't tag her, for some reason) with @Mija sound asleep in his lap. (Technically, she didn't reply to this thread, but hey.) @Blue is giving @Goombuigi quite the shock, and @MiracleDinner doesn't seem to notice! @Arctozolt is chatting with @Toadia, @Zoot Suit Daffy is attempting to show some muscle, which is no problem for @Duskull, and @Realistic Yoshi™ is giving @Toadsworth the noble chap a ride. And, front and center, is @Magolor04726, giving the signature Magolor salute.

(I realize some of you may not really know each other even though you're interacting in this pic. I also realize that not all of this is to scale, so forgive me for that. I was trying to leave lots of room for others.)

@NocturnalDragoon will be included, I just need a full body picture of his character.

If you want to be added to this picture, then simply leave a picture of your main username and main avatar.

LJS is probably talking about Chroma Key or something lol. Nice drawing of Dark Light!
Koopa con Carne

A dirty-looking Koopa Troopa with a tin can for a shell. He has an addiction for anything related to mushrooms.


BTW, nice job on the drawing so far! You have put expression into each character, especially Goombuigi and Link372.
It'll probably be a while before I update the picture, so I can have more people for interaction options.
I didn't forget about this thread, YOU forgot about this thread.

The Super Mario Boards family (Update 1).jpg

Several of @Mariomaniacs avatars are stacked on the far right with @Koopa con Carne on top. As it turns out, Goombuigi isn't the only one startled by Link327. @Вlitz and @Noct are just as surprised to see him flying through the air with his sword out!

Magolor04726's left hand was redrawn a little cleaner.
Long John Spaghetti's right hand was redrawn a little straighter.
Toadettefan's body was redrawn a little neater.
Link327's face was redrawn neater, and his sword was redrawn straighter.

There's still plenty of room for more people if you want to be added!