Expecting art? TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME. (Waluigi Time's art thread)

Wow this thread is a lot easier to keep alive if I periodically post things instead of dumping everything at once every 5 months

Anyway here's MightyMario's OCs, Cayde and Zerris.


Now that Nexus of Chaos has officially wrapped I think it's safe to share the art I made for the game!

First is my actual RP, Chargin' Chuck, an alternate version of Chuck from a wild west-based dimension. He doesn't have a whole lot of sprites because he's not all that expressive to begin with and you can't see any of his facial features.

Bonus content: The avatar I used for the duration of the game
I was originally going to go with a more ordinary brown mustache, but came up with the idea of going for one that looks like Chargin' Chuck hair pretty much last minute. The color scheme for the most part follows Chuck's usual black and white, with the blue cloak being taken from Chargin' Chuck's sleeves/pants to break it up with some color.

I also made the sprites for our Ruler of Everything, Roberta "Bobbi" Fulbright!

When Revin showed me the initial concept drawing I didn't get the zirconium pants joke at first and then like a month later it hit me and I died

Throughout the course of the game comic WT made a couple of appearances because I felt like being a little silly.
WT invades the Chaos Nexus.png

Waluigi Time decided the Chaos Nexus is terrible after encountering a musical number about how no one's better than Cornelius. (I may have misinterpreted this one but oh well!)

WT invades the Chaos Nexus for a second time.png

He was also very offended at The Vessel's comment that time means nothing.
Time for a miscellaneous dump of miscellaneous things from the past indeterminate period of time
High five!.png

I forgot to include this in my post-AKGO dump, oops. It's Shmaluigi and Polly high-fiving! I drew it after the game for my feedback post just for fun.


A terrible shmistake. (blame pitohui)


A Galoomba cook I made for the first month Pink Cat's OC Prompt of the Month thread. I proceeded to miss almost three months in a row since then, oops? Hoping to get back to that one soon...


A request for Shoey of Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown champion Grunt posing with his manager Colonel Shoey O'Dell.


Cosmic Cowboy's new OC as a request.

Anyway expect this thread to go quiet for a while lol, anything between now and Awards will probably be sparse
Expecting Awards? TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME. I'm doing a dump of stuff from this year and later I'll come back with presentations.


From Issue 190 to 192, Shmwario hijacked his brother's section, and got his own logo for it!


When Shmaluigi returned in Issue 193, I started using an updated logo. I brought over the font from Shmwario's, which was originally going to just be for him but then I decided the regular Mario font wasn't really cutting it anymore. Felt a little too "wahoo" for Shmaluigi. I also made some updates and tweaks to the detective himself.


Consumer Corner products from Issues 193, 195, and 196. 193 is a rare sighting of Shbig in full color. 195 is technically the proper debut of the new WT emblem, but it was previously used starting in Issue 194 in Waluigi Time Comic, Dear Waluigi Time, and Peddler's Place.


In Issue 194, I did a Peddler's Place for a Shbig desktop buddy. I'm not going to post the whole thing here because it's the whole section and if it's here you won't read it in The 'Shroom, but here's a couple of art pieces for it. An uncharacteristically happy Shbig for the logo, and a much more disinterested one for an "actual" image. I wanted to invoke a 90's/early 2000's feel for this so he's on a Marioized version of Windows XP.


Okay, Issue 195 time! This art was for my one-off (for now) interview section, Bite-Sized Interview, hosted by Count Numberman the Kurokyura. You may be wondering why I made a vampire-themed talk show in the middle of June, and the answer is that I was thinking of late night talk show hosts to spoof the name of and remembered David Letterman exists. So there you go. Also, the silhouette of the bat over the moon is actually the sprite of Kurokyura's bat form.


Sticking with the theme of spooky enemies from the Super Mario Land games, Numberman is accompanied by his announcer Jason the Masked Ghoul (but their Japanese name is J-son and I think that was better) and a Pionpi drummer for rimshots.


A piece of art to accompany MightyMario's story, Movie Mayhem. He only specifically asked for Cayde, Zerris, Pinky and the Brain, and Big Chungus, then me being me I went and filled almost all the seats with other characters, mostly from Palette Swap. I have some regrets


And a second request, Koopa General from the movie for Rose's Challenger Approaching special. Drawn once, recolored seven times! If you want to know more about this you'll have to read the actual section, it's explained there.


A Spindel lawyer from Issue 196's Mushroom Tribune. Figuring out how a Spindel would actually wear a suit was fun.
This one gets its own separate spoiler because there's a lot of them! Here's every drawing from Dear Waluigi Time so far, from Issue 191 to 196.

My first entry for the Mario Boards Mega Brawl, Shmaluigi and Shmwario as a Mario & Luigi-inspired duo! It's based off of key artwork from Superstar Saga which is why you can see Shmaluigi's socks. Looking back at this one the proportions are kind of off, though.


And entry two is Perry the Platypus from AKGO. This was the first time I drew "clean" Perry, everything up until then was after he spent six months bathing in saltwater. He has smaller proportions here and actual feet, which are missing on the costume I based him off of :)retcon:). He's equipped with his night vision goggles, grappling hook (using the design from Phineas & Ferb), and crowbar from the game.


Zurg (and his new Zurgbot minion) showed up for the voting post. Maybe next year he'll actually get to fight.

A Pizza Tower-ish WT head I doodled a while back because I just kind of wanted to. Pizza Time


Speaking of Pizza Tower, I started thinking about the connection to Wario Land and what Shmwario's Peppino would be like, so here's Incognito Spaghetti. I don't plan on doing anything with him, he's just here.


Cursed non-canon Shbig variant #1, Shgirlboss from my April Fool's joke thread. Kind of a Lola Bunny version of Shbig.


Cursed non-canon Shbig variant #2. NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A SHBIG SHOT

i'm sorry
Oh yeah Awards presentations I should post those! I was only supposed to do three or four of these but then a zillion people ended up dropping. please free me from the backup hole i cant keep living like this

C1 - Favorite Active 'Shroom Writer
Normally I don't like presenting awards to myself because that feels really weird, but we were scrambling to fill slots and this idea popped in my head and it was funny. Based on the meme of Obama giving a medal to himself, of course.

C10 - Favorite Wiki April Fool's Event
After the... impact Perry had on AKGO, not doing a presentation with him for Awards was basically not an option. I tapped Pitohui for the collab on this one after the phenomenal job he did as basically Doofenshmirtz in Lightning Mafia+ and he ended up doing most of the writing because Doof talks and Perry doesn't which I feel kind of bad about...

Anyway this mostly just used screencaps from the show for the sake of time, but I did make one drawing of Perry in the trap. I spent a lot more time on this than I should have because I wanted to make it look like it could've come from the show, and I don't really think it paid off unfortunately.

F3 - Worst Obstacle
Continuing the tradition of a Shmaluigi story each year, this time I booted Shmaluigi entirely and did a Shmwario one instead! (Don't worry, he shows up later.) Like last year, this was another collab, this time with CoCo and Blathers to bring Detective Luigi and Posh Kermit along, based on Rose's King of Forums thread which put them all together on Team (other) Detectives. CoCo provided the villain, Evil Mario, an old character that was resurrected for this presentation because it was funny. Lots of fun drawings came out of this one.

Shmwario convincing the other guys to go on a treasure expedition with him.


And now they're stuck in quicksand, so as you can see things didn't go well for very long! Everyone gets expedition outfits from here on. Shmwario wears a safari outfit loosely inspired by Wario's old hat from the early Wario Land titles, Luigi wears the outfit from that old anime movie, and Posh Kermit's trenchcoat comes from The Great Muppet Caper, I believe. I used a noise filter to give the quicksand some texture.


Kermit watches as Shmwario and Luigi are pulled into a "black hole".


Shmwario transformed into a weird amalgamation of the Burning and Zombie forms from Wario Land.


Luigi and Kermit dealing with heavy winds.


Shmwario less than pleased to discover a chest of inedible mushrooms. This is probably my favorite of the drawings because his expression is funny.


The reveal of Evil Mario, he's so evil.

F5 - Worst Game Mechanic
Returning to backup territory, a quick one featuring the wheel-obsessed Teller Vision from Randomizer KG and the perils of gacha. I originally had this idea for Favorite Presentation (it would've been a bit longer there, with each spin revealing a card based on the top 3 winners) but Rose took that one so I moved it over here instead.

M10 - Favorite 2D Platformer
Last backup! The original idea was the loose concept of drawing something for the winner that looks like Pizza Tower, which ended up being refined into the idea of Mario swapping out with Gustavo and Brick like in the game. At first I was planning to redraw "The Gustavo & Brick (The Rat) Hour"/"Back to that guy" from scratch for some reason but that would've been nuts.


This one's just an edit of the screen from Pizza Tower, with the weird Peppino edited out and replaced with an equally weird Super Mario World Small Mario. This is now an emote on the Awards Discord server so I guess I did something right.

M4 - Favorite Mario Movie (2023) Portrayal
And finally, the annual Waluigi Time Comic, except this time it's a video! Way before Awards season even started I had this idea (which is partially why I pushed for creating this award). Through hubris and shenanigans, WT causes everyone in the world to be voiced by Chris Pratt, and none of the other WTverse characters are too pleased. Basically just him meeting some of my favorite OCs/RPs so far. Meta Knight did a great job bringing this to life and this presentation wouldn't have happened without him!

For completion's sake, I've assembled this into comic format, but it doesn't really do it justice so please go watch the video.
044 - Voice Over.png
I've got some backlog to clear out for this so expect to see me in here a few times before the year ends! Today I'm kicking my end-of-year clearance sale with my Scribble Scrabble scribbles. I got pretty obliterated this year but these were fun to make so that's all that counts! Also I named all of them this time because that seemed cool.

Round 1: Hotel
"Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, eh Waluigi?"

Once I got this prompt I settled pretty quickly on doing a Hotel Mario joke. This is a recreation of the opening featuring the Wahs instead! I wanted to try to emulate the feel of CD-i cutscenes so there's some experimentation with different pixel sizes here. My drawing process normally involves doing a preliminary sketch and then drawing over those lines, but Wario and Waluigi are actually brought over directly from the original sketch with some cleanup.
Round 2: Point of No Return
Sinking Feeling

It took me a while to decide what a (literal) point of no return could look like for this Scribble. One of my ideas was having characters karting off of a cliff, for example. I settled on an AKGO-based scribble though, with Sholmes and Bushroot watching the S.S. Circinus, the vessel that brought them here, sinking into the ocean. It's not exactly canon compliant, but... Shh! I've always thought the black background with white lines was really cool and I'd never actually done it for it one of the rounds so it was fun to make this.

Also I ended up getting self-conscious because I remembered that in the first round FWD also did an AKGO-based scribble on a black background, so I worried that people might think I was ripping him off. No one said anything though so I was probably worrying for nothing! I'm good at doing that.
Round 3: Promotion
Promotional Material

Okay, well... This is one that I simultaneously really like and also regret making a little bit from a competition standpoint? Eggman popped into my head within a few seconds of receiving the prompt based on the scene in the cartoon where he says this line. I combined that with a Pizza Tower reference by having him strike Peppino's A rank pose, and voila, you have this scribble. I originally drew a fancy background for this, but I deleted it before submitting because it was way too distracting and I couldn't get it to look good.

I was facing Turb this round, and Turb is on my list of scary artists because he's too powerful! So I basically ended up in the same mindset as I did when I faced Gabumon last year, where I wanted to try experimenting with some different techniques to hopefully at least put up a good fight even though I probably wouldn't win. Normally when I draw I just do linework with the same pixel size brush, but here I started pretty thin and then kept drawing over it to thicken some lines, so there's a lot of variation going on and it's something I've tried to carry over into my work since then.

I really like how it came out, but I also think it's just too subtle of a technique (I don't even know if anyone noticed I was doing something different) and not all that impressive in the tournament overall considering how skilled a lot of the contestants were. Conceptually, this is probably my least interesting scribble of the year, and I was banking on that technique too much. It also happens to be my first ever scribble that doesn't relate to the Mario series or community-based things in any way, so I probably shot myself in the foot in hindsight.
Round 4: Goodbye Mr. Fish
[Good bye] Mr. Basculin

Another one where the concept immediately came to me when I got the prompt. For those who don't know, this references a Japanese forum post that Pitohui liked from around the time of Sword and Shield. The poster was happy that Basculin was still in the game, and when translated it comes out to "[Good news] Mr. Basculin, is still alive." Since then it's been a recurring in-joke in the community with a lot of variations on it where Mr. Basculin is doing various things.

So here's my own variation, Mr. Basculin leaves on a trip, and it's only after that he's off in the distance that Waluigi Time realizes the fish still owes him money. I specifically added that gag with WT because I felt like it needed some more humor in it in case anyone didn't get the original joke. The amount of money is a reference to a Lego Batman spoof video featuring Superman.
Round 5: What does (your) art mean to you?
Wet-Dry World

I struggled with this one! Getting overly sentimental isn't my strong suit, so I thought about this question in terms of what I like to do with my art. And the answer that came to me was worldbuilding! A lot of my art goes towards building up the stories that I like to tell, so it seemed appropriate enough. I originally toyed with the idea of having a bunch of my characters on a construction site, but it seemed like too much and there wasn't really any humor in it. Instead I ended up portraying WT and Chuck as literal world builders out in space (don't think about it too hard), and for some comedy, WT touches the newly-completed world while it's still wet. Whoops! That warning came just a little too late. You may notice that the globe is actually depicting the map from Super Mario Odyssey, including Isle Delfino before it got patched out.

No bonus content unfortunately, just didn't have it in me this year.
Part 2 of the end-of-year clearance sale! Today is Awards Randomizer Killing Game day. Since this was meant to be pretty low-effort on the design side, there's not a whole lot here besides NPC sprites (I am too susceptible to character brainrot)

Might as well start with the only non-NPC thing here. It's the game logo.


Every good KG needs a host character to egg the players on, so here's the ever sleazy Teller Vision (ha ha)! Legitimately one of my favorite characters I've written in this community, he's a lot of fun. Unlike my previous character portraits he uses a combination of changing poses and facial expressions, so there he is modeling all his poses.


And the different expressions!


The breakout character of the game, Shippy the sea monster! She is (mostly) pure.


The blank and emotionless Office Workers. They're mostly based off of the characters from Good Job.


Last-minute character addition (thanks Revin), Nett W. Bhigwhig III, the mastermind of the game. He's literally a big wig. This setting has weird people in it!
Part 3!!! And it's the semi-annual-except-not-really-I-just-do-this-whenever-I-want 'Shroom art dump. Here's basically everything I've drawn for The 'Shroom (unless I forgot) going back to Issue 197 in August, except for Waluigi Time Comics because the art is the entire section and you should go read the paper for them!

Consumer Corner's been pretty sparse the past few months, mostly for lack of time and/or inspiration in varying combinations. Here's Dr. Frankentime's Mystery Candy from 199 and the Pizza Tower-based Pizza Time from 200!


To match the updated Shmaluigi, Private Investigator logo that I did earlier this year, here's an updated version of the Halloween logo to go with it.


Mario and Punchinello shaking hands for Shoey's Issue 200 News Flush. This was actually my first time drawing any of the original SMRPG characters as far as I remember.



My personal contributions to The 'ShrooMall, Charlie Chuckster's Rock Climbing Experience and Tanner Tanooki's Great Outdoor Store. The first one was just art because it's fairly self-explanatory, the second has text with it that you'll have to read the special to see if you haven't already!
More silly advice doodles from 197 to 201!




One of my bigger Issue 200 projects, rather than using existing game art I decided to make a special 3D render of the Core 'Shroom Staff! Was this too big of an undertaking? Maybe. Here's the image I used Koopa-free, and the original render without any edits on it. The lighting isn't great since I'm still getting the hang of this whole 3D thing but I think it works well enough for the fireworks setting, at least.


Thankfully, I didn't have to put all these guys together from scratch! Pitohui, WT, Anton, and LTQ were made by @Paper Mario for an Awards presentation in 2022 and she very graciously allowed me to use them here. Rose, Meta, and the ever lovable Poochy were game rips from The Models Resource. Besides getting some textures to work properly, that narrowed it down to only five models I had to directly work on.


Funky was easy enough, she's just Kirby's model from Kirby Star Allies with the texture hue-shifted purple. There's a seam on the mouth texture for some reason (I guess the mirroring is bad?) which got edited out in post.


Zange started out as a texture swap of Peach from Mario Party Superstars with the hair and earrings removed. I was originally going to model Zange's hair from scratch, but because of time constraints I ended up using Daisy's hair from the same game with the texture changed to blue. It seemed like a close enough approximation.


FRANKENSTEINIAN BEAST. To dodge the issue of having to model a buff Yoshi, I combined Yoshi's head and hands from the Super Mario Odyssey model with a texture edit of Giga Mac's body from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I modeled the beard, though! It's still far from a perfect likeness of Yoshi876 and you may notice that the hands aren't even attached to the arms properly, so for the final image, I turned to the ancient technique of hiding things you don't want people to see behind other things. Because of the way the model is set up, I couldn't easily add the 876 to his chest. I was planning to paint them on the final image but it looked weird. The moral of the story, don't peek behind the curtain because you may find out everything was held together with duct tape and rubber bands.


The other Spotlight Manager in this image looks a lot better, at least! RHG is just a Quilava ripped from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with some extra accessories. The bandana was a modification from Splatoon 2 and the glasses are a combination of a model from Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee and some original work.


Last but certainly not least, GBA! I started with Toad's model from Super Mario 3D World, deleted the original body, and then added a bunch of extra parts plus some modifications to the Toad cap to have the screen. He was definitely the most work. I think the model served its purpose well for the image but it falls apart a little on closer examination (he's kind of square?) and the body isn't rigged so it's not really functional for poses more complex than this one.
Part 4, mostly doodles that haven't been posted here yet!

Rat Time!


Rose dressed as Chancellor Palpatine, immediately followed up by the obligatory Darth Sidious version. Notice the poison whatevers instead of force lightning, I'm clever!


Teller Vision finds himself falling on desperate times after the network went under. Poor guy. The TV repairman can fix him


How it sometimes feels talking to Pitohui and Rose


I'm not Shoey in disguise I promise!

I forgot to include this drawing of the Metal Puncher in the ARKG post, so here it is now.
Well it's a new year, so how about some brand new art instead of something I've been sitting on for 1-6 months? What a crazy concept! If you've been paying attention to Palette Swap the past couple of months (if you haven't, why not) you may have noticed something a little different...

Shbig Changes is now Mr. Shbeeg! (Actually, everyone just calls him Shbeeg, much to his chagrin.) He's still the same AI rabbit that you know and that only four of you love, just with a new coat of pixels.

This change was mainly done to distance him from Big Changes and the Shm- characters. He originally started as a joke playing off of established community concepts, but since he's been around for so long and he doesn't really have a meaningful connection to any of those characters, it seems like it's about time that he gets to be his own thing. The new design was based off of the Broodals, which also makes him fit in better with the rest of the Mario-based WT Cereal gang (Murphy's close enough) while retaining the feel of the original design.

If you're wondering how this happened, well... you know how sometimes if a computer loses power abruptly, weird things can happen when you turn it back on? Yeah.

Don't trust WT around computer cords.
I like it! Does this mean that Murphy may become a Poochy lookalike at some point?
I like it! Does this mean that Murphy may become a Poochy lookalike at some point?
Nah, Murphy was specifically designed to be a pets looking like their owners gag, he's meant to be long and Waluigi-esque. Being a Poochy lookalike wouldn't work well for him, and I think he fits with the Mario aesthetic well enough.
honestly maybe it's just me but I preferred the look of the original. the purple outline style was sick as hell + the words in the background
The original was cooler but he's not a very cool character so it's okay (also the design was a knockoff so lol)
Sooo I may have started a high-effort project that involves making stylized models of community things for fun. They're still pending further tweaks, and I've been hesitant to post these because I'm a perfectionist, but you know what, it's not like I'd be the first person to post WIP things in an art thread and if I don't do it now I'm going to have way too much by the time I finally feel like doing it! So yeah. Here's some renders.

I started with me because I wanted to (where else am I going to do it?)


Followed by something much easier to work with, the rats from Minecraft Games 2022 (and beyond)


These particular rats have a tendency to end up in places that they shouldn't.
Well we're getting to that time of year where we need OC references to use for things, and since I updated WT's design last year it seemed like it was high time I redrew him. I was planning on making new drawings for some of my characters this year anyway to try and sharpen my art skills, but so far I've been sidetracked.
The ear-hat paradox has been resolved.
I felt like drawing something just for fun and per Pitohui's suggestion ended up with Shmaluigi's landlord, Ms. Broxy, of all characters! I might try doing at least one of these per week for a while, we'll see how it goes.
Well I did say at least one per week... I'm having fun in the art zone.

Shmaluigi's arch-nemesis, Monty Brando! It's been a while since I drew him, and it's only ever been headshots, so this is the first time seeing his full design.