30 day video game music challenge!


probably quit [see about for info]
so i found an akfamilyhome tweet that was kinda interesting!
and since the 30 questions challenge from a few months back i found really fun i wanna do this too. just answer your favorite song of the type. lets go!

day 1: title screen music
i DEF gotta say spore for that. i dont know how much of it is nostalgia bias but it just makes me so happy

edit: also 18 bonus days!
Think you've completed the video game music challenge after 30 days?

Think Again!

Goober Golf is challenging the video game community to "The Lost Challenges".

Good Luck!
-Goober Golf
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The one from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow gives me chills everytime.

Notice: I'm doing Hard Mode

Day 1 - Best Title Screen Music

Donkey Kong Country Returns. It's pretty cool and it takes me back. Other games are close though, such as Galaxy 1.
Hard Mode

Day 1 - Title Screen Music

Super Mario Galaxy - The title screen music feels like the start of a grand adventure, and it does a good job of setting the atmosphere for the game. It feels adventurous and magnificent.
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For the title screen theme, I have pondered on a number of themes from popular games. There are some that I liked, such as from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Super Mario 3D World and Octopath Traveler, but I ultimately went for a more obscure route, which is from a Popcap Games game: Dynomite Deluxe!

Dynomite Deluxe Title Screen/Menu theme

It is a catchy rock theme for an (in my opinion) a superior version of Bust-a-Move, since a simple control change in using a mouse to control makes a huge difference, and overall made Bust-a-Move felt slower in comparison (although it had the advantage of a better graphical presentation).

Thank you for reading.
Thinking about this question has got me to realise one thing:

I really don't care for the Title Screen music in video games. In cases where I do, the song is used elsewhere in the game, or could be considered the Main Theme, I'd like to focus on songs that apply to the latter, as I feel they could better be identified as music from the Title Screen of the game, however there is a lot overlap in those two categories, so my choices are rather limited. My choice for this category will be something I'll try to avoid: a song from a Nintendo game, however as I'm low on options here, I feel it's the best choice I can make.

Day 1: Title Screen - Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City

Like many of songs in Animal Crossing, this is a rather calm, relaxing tune, however it differs with it's choice of being played on a Guitar. The addition of drums really help to give this country-like feel. It sets the tone for the game well, and is a fairly memorable song.
gonna try hard mode for this one

Day 1: Title Screen - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

I mean, sure, some of it's nostalgia. But also it's just a theme that to me perfectly captures the vibe of "let's go on a big adventure!" It gets me jazzed up for what's coming next, and when I was younger and didn't have Youtube it'd be one of those themes I'd idle for just to keep hearing it. Easier than trying to re-hear the boss music, at least. Even now it's a good "opening" theme for me to listen to before throwing myself into something.
Day 1: Your Dream Adventure! - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

There are some really great VG title themes out there. Even within the Mario & Luigi series, this one almost had competition. Key word: almost. This is a truly dreamy theme that really captures the essence of the game...it's calm and peaceful for a little while, and then it suddenly springs with adventure and excitement. And...it works. This game has a top-tier soundtrack and the title theme is a great example of that.
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Day 1: Dearly Beloved - Kingdom Hearts 2

Dearly Beloved is my favorite reoccurring track in any Kingdom Hearts game, and I believe that 2 has my favorite version of it. This version perfectly represents both the hope and the melancholy that I adore the composition for, with the inclusion of the violins boosting it from a simple piano melody to one of the most memorable tracks in video games. I did also rediscover this theme at a time when things were rough for me and I had just lost a family member, so that memory will always stick with me when I listen to this. The Dearly Beloved in 3 is good, but I feel like it's too bold with the orchestra, while the first version is a little too plain. This version is the one that really takes the cake
i think i gotta listen to yalls musics too instead of just exclusively postin my own
YEA GOD the smg2 one i just love so so much.. gives me slight nostalgia too because back in 2015 ive randomly heard it on the smg2 website??? and then sought it out on my own and just listened to it. and listened to it. and lis

I love this theme a lot, I even find myself humming the songs that play in CAS.
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Alright, let's try hard mode on this one, shall we?

It's hard, because my first thought immediately goes to TTYD, as well, with Octopath Traveler clocking in as a close second. Believe it or not, Mario Party 5 manages to come up as an oddball pick, too. But, I think to pick a favorite that I'll inevitably regret in a few days when I think of something else I like better, I'm going to go with:

1. The Super Smash Bros. Melee Title Screen Theme

I don't actually think I can say that nostalgia is a part of this choice. I played a lot more Brawl as a kid than Melee, and, back then, I thought Brawl had the better music by far. This song isn't nearly as good as the Melee main menu music (which, I admit now, is the best in the series, in my opinion), but it still carries that energy and purpose of setting the stage that the main menu music does. It does a remarkable job of setting up an energy, and energy that distinctly reflects the crazy frantic crossover that is Super Smash Bros. It has some of the "grand overture" feel that the first Mario Galaxy title screen has, but also the playfulness of the TTYD title screen, to compare it to some other good picks in this thread. At times, it feels… disjointed, but in a way that works. That disjointedness has the same spirit as Melee's adventure mode, which whisks you from jumping on Koopas in the Mushroom Kingdom to racing along Mute City's track. Melee's adventure mode is itself disjointed in a way that, say, the SSE is not, but it works in Melee, spectacularly so. The way this track feels like it's almost a patchwork of different musical pieces makes it reflect Melee's own patchwork nature, and it's just fun to listen to in general.
After doing a bit of thinking, the first one that comes to mind is the title screen theme from Mega Man 3. It's very rare that I really love a title screen theme as soon as I hear it but this is one of those cases. The slow intro, and then the buildup into the main theme... it's just great and I've definitely had moments when I've just stuck around on the title screen just to listen to it. Also just the fact that the melody was used to inspire the great two-part opener (1, 2) for The Megas album "History Repeating Blue", which are really amazing songs (cause everything The Megas put out is amazing), so that bumps it up for me even though I guess that's technically part of a different category entirely...

That said though as soon as I saw Rose's post on Dearly Beloved I had an immediate "why didn't I think of that moment" so I gotta give that an honourable mention/second place. That's another one where I've sat at the title screen for ages just listening.
I'll try Hard Mode (even though I know I'm going to end up finding another favourite from the same game)...

Day 1: Title screen music
Off the top of my head, I was going to say New Super Mario Bros. Wii's title theme, but after recalling more games I've played, it's definitely Hollow Knight's.
Day 2: Opening level music

Super Bell Hill. Kinda hard to explain why, just love the cheery overworld feel.
New Super Mario Bros Wii's

Hearing this for the first time just pumped me up and got m ready to go (and dying a lot to goombas, like the stupid kid I was). Like, you know it's powerful when I start getting nostalgic just when I play the music as I'm copying the link to paste it here.
Before I start, I'd like to establish some rules that I'll be following:
-Hard Mode (no repeat games), and I'll also try to avoid repeating the same series, but I feel it's bound to happen eventually so I'll leave it as something I'll try to avoid.
-No Mario Games, as I feel a majority of posts in this thread will be songs from Mario games, so I'd like to avoid that and introduce something unique to the thread. On a similar note, as I said in my previous post I'll try to avoid songs from Nintendo games, as I feel many people on this forum haven't experienced games outside of ones on Nintendo consoles, so I feel that if I stick with Nintendo games then it won't bring much variety to the thread.

With those two rules in mind, allow me to get onto today's post.

Day 2: Toasty Buns - Parappa the Rapper 2

I'm not that big of a fan of Parappa the Rapper's soundtrack, it's alright, but many of the songs just don't work for me, whether that be the lyrics, or the backing music, I felt there was room for improvement in terms of music, which is important considering this is a Rhythm Game. The sequel on the other hand? It has a fantastic soundtrack, with the many of the songs being great songs in their own right, and I feel this is part of what makes this song so good. It not only gets you into the mood, with an exciting song to start of the entire game, but it also sets a standard for the entire soundtrack, which the game as a whole delivers on. It's a great song to start off the game, and an overall good song in general.
Day 1: Dark Cloud has a pretty solid title theme but the game as a whole is pretty underrated, although it has a better sequel if I recall correctly.

Day 2: Diablo II Rogue Encampment has a very nostalgic opening theme and it opens to the game pretty well. It's a frequently-visited hub as you create warps so you visit this and store your money and sell your loot. Not really chaotic, a lot of acoustics, some laid-back nature to it? The setting is not very assuming either.
Oh yeah, actually:

I think I'll be going hard mode, but idk how much I'll last. So far I've gone two days without anything FE so that's good I think.
got beat to it with opening level music lmao
mario odyssey cap kingdom i just like a lot.. reminds me of the harry potter games :]
i do gotta plug rayman 3 too because me. the fairy council has a lot of really good and really beautiful music like omg
kinda dumped a lot buT THEYRE ALL JUST SO GOOD