1. BenEmberley

    The Mushroom Kingdom National Anthem (Super Mario Bros completion music)

    Hey everybody! Here's an orchestral arrangement I did of the music which plays at the end of Super Mario Bros and SMB: Lost Levels. I think it would make a brilliant National Anthem for the Mushroom Kingdom!
  2. Pixelcraftian

    What's your one favourite Mario music?

    I'm talking as in, every game's OST is bunched up together and you can only pick one from it. What's your most favourite? If I had to choose, it'd be Dire Dire Docks.
  3. M

    Audio sequence names in the Mario Kart DS ROM

    Hello, people... I've beem wanting to analyze the original music sequences from MKDS to deconstruct and/or rearrange them myself... But when I go analyze the ROM with VGMTrans, I see that the songs are only identified numerically: I already did manage to get which song a few of these sequences...
  4. THE END

    Which are your favorite Mario Kart music tracks?

    Title says it. Write your favorite Mario Kart music tracks down here. Example (not mine): TOUR Tokyo Blur 64 Choco Choco Mountain DD!! Dino Dino Jungle Remember to write the game they’re from.
  5. zel

    30 day video game music challenge!

    so i found an akfamilyhome tweet that was kinda interesting! and since the 30 questions challenge from a few months back i found really fun i wanna do this too. just answer your favorite song of the type. lets go! day 1: title screen...
  6. L

    Dunkey Mario video help!

    Hey guys, i was watching this mario maker video by Dunkey (Youtuber) can someone help me identify what song is playing in the background? I'm pretty sure it's from a mario video game. I've been looking for hours! I'd love to know... Thanks~!
  7. Joe Fight

    Unique Mario Music

    I've made two posts about official Mario arrangement albums in the Random Thoughts thread, and that's got me thinking, are there any songs in the Mario series that are unique when compared to everything the series has to offer? I'll start off by mentioning Super Mario Compact Disco, which...
  8. [ohgodpleasedelete]

    What are you listening to right now? (PLEASE put videos behind spoiler tags)

    One Week - Barenaked Ladies