video games

  1. Nic

    Describe a video game/game series sarcastically!

    Keep spoiler in spoiler boxes! here I go… the Elder Scrolls Series!
  2. Primal Dedede

    C.A.T.S (aka. Crash Arena Turbo Stars)

    This is the C.A.T.S forum. Talk about the game, what weapons you have, your prestige, your ultimate machines, and more! Search it’s fandom for more info. I am prestige 3, so I unlocked the Minigun, Shotgun, and the First Aid Kit. Prestige 4 will get me a Lifter. My favorite Body is the Sneaky...
  3. zelen !!

    30 day video game music challenge!

    so i found an akfamilyhome tweet that was kinda interesting! and since the 30 questions challenge from a few months back i found really fun i wanna do this too. just answer your favorite song of the type. lets go! day 1: title screen...