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I mean yeah but he got added at a late date and received no alts!
Option 4 for me. Nintendo hasn't really used Mario in an interesting way on mobile, it's just gameplay that already exists on console being adapted to mobile (and also took a whole one game before they resorted to creating gachafests). I'm not too into mobile gaming, so if they're not going to be doing anything interesting with it and using predatory business models on top of it, then I'd just prefer they stick to developing for their own hardware. I'm not necessarily against them branching out to other systems but it's not something I'm personally interested in seeing.
I don't think it's the poll's intention, but the vibe of the latest question is to me, asking for a Super Mario platformer, since I associate Super Mario with the platformer series of games considering that every Mario series don't use Super as the standard (Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Paper Mario for example, yes even Dr. Mario is not Dr. Super Mario). If that is the case, I didn't really have an opinion because Super Mario Run is still doing fine.

Not to mention how the question is saying Mario game ("Since Mario Kart Tour will no longer have new content added, no Mario mobile games"), and then the answers list them as "Super Mario" after that (e.g.: "I would like to see Nintendo create a new Super Mario game for mobile devices, as long as it doesn't have gacha mechanics.").

Anyway, if it's another Mario game that's NOT a Super Mario platformer, I would like to see how they would design them. Every Mario game on mobile did well to differentiate from their standard console offerings. So like I wonder how a Mario Party mobile game would've worked.

(On that note, I answered the "no opinion" on the poll on the assumption on a Super Mario game being the platformer series)

Thank you for reading.
New poll who dis

Guess I'll wait for someone else to put up the big post with the all the options but I'll share my opinions anyway, so

How would you feel about a sequel or spin-off to The Super Mario Bros. Movie?
  • I would greatly enjoy either a sequel or spin-off.
Like I've said, the first movie gave a great platform to build more media off of, and aside from a sequel, some spin-off content would be cool too, like a tv show. I'd say they should go all out on stuff based on the Mario Movie.