Lady's Art Thread!


How peachy!
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I'll post a bit of my art here every once in a while! I hope you all like it! Also, feel free to critique any of the pieces I post on here.
Here is the first one:

If you can't tell, this is Peachette! I'm really sorry about the horrible quality but it's the best camera I have 😅. Feel free to critique! (I promise this looks much better in real life.)
No need to feel bad about your art! I've done sketches on my art thread too and it's great to see others draw things they love. I'm looking forward to seeing more amazing art from you!
I like the very on-model look (I'm a sucker for it). I can immediately tell it's Peachette for starters! As for image quality, my recommendation is even with a camera you can try adjusting the clarity of the image through an image editing program, such as using the histogram to darken the darks and lighten the lights to improve the contrast. It's not a perfect solution, but I did manage to see details of her crown better.


Oh this is very convincingly on-model enough! I can believe you when you say it's better in real-life. If you want to continue going for that look, may I suggest that her eyes should be a bit lower? In official material, at this angle, they aren't usually placed before the center part where her heart-hair meets, or the top of her eye actually just reaches the lowest point of her center hair. It's actually a good guideline to use when you're trying to position her eyes. Of course, if you angle her head down, like in the Showtime key art (her left eye for instance), you can move her eyes higher to accommodate the perspective change. The hair is spot on though!