Drawings by Koopa con Carne

Don Zunana

Something's amiss in my soul...
More oldies have popped up in my drawings stash. I didn't post them at the time of their making because I was a tad insecure...

This one's definitely the cutest!

Image (2).jpg

You know Kamek? This is Wizenheimer, so don't confuse the two.

Image (1).jpg

Bostan, the King of all Pokeys, and his loyal guards

Image (3).jpg

... and a Skeeter.

Image (4).jpg

Don Zunana

Something's amiss in my soul...
I'm currently drawing female characters from the Mario universe in their Super Bell forms. The scope of this project extends to obscure one-shots like Princess Shokora, Golden Diva, Banana Fairy (not pictured), and even a ragin' gal from Crazy Galaxy. I intend to color these drawings as well. Stay tuned for more!