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call me Hot Lips, 'cause i'm a one-shot wonder
Koopa con Carne
I just found these cute Mario drawings I made a few years ago and I'd like to share them with you!

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Image (2).jpg
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More oldies have popped up in my drawings stash. I didn't post them at the time of their making because I was a tad insecure...

This one's definitely the cutest!

Image (2).jpg

You know Kamek? This is Wizenheimer, so don't confuse the two.

Image (1).jpg

Bostan, the King of all Pokeys, and his loyal guards

Image (3).jpg

... and a Skeeter.

Image (4).jpg
I'm currently drawing female characters from the Mario universe in their Super Bell forms. The scope of this project extends to obscure one-shots like Princess Shokora, Golden Diva, Banana Fairy (not pictured), and even a ragin' gal from Crazy Galaxy. I intend to color these drawings as well. Stay tuned for more!

Trying my darnedest to sketch things up without using frames or references. It was on this journey of improvement that I discovered there's always gonna be some 17 year old on Instagram better than you, grumble grumble...

Here's some of my recent SFW stuff.


when ur mom says you're handsome

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So my mom was talking to two other moms
One mom said that her son is taking medical classes
the other said her daughter is studying codes
do you know what my mom said
she said she has a talking donkey
( My mom did not actually say this and this is a joke about how ¨Handsome¨ I am)
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Sometimes, when I get weary from my graphite studies, I sidetrack myself with small, inconsequential, cartoonier sketches. Some of these are Mario characters, and I figured it would be thematically appropriate to post them here.

Pink Gold Peach:

A Stingby:

A Ninji and the traveller he's under the patronage of

Yoshi, Yoshi's Egg, a Zinger (top-right), a royal figure, and some dude with a beard and a crown (not related to the Mario series):