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I'd love to see another Super Mario Galaxy.
I suppose Super Mario Odyssey, because each different world having a very large amount of collectibles would be cool. That or Super Mario Galaxy 3 because there could likely be more original level design, though Odyssey 2 should have that too. (EDIT: second vote cool)
Galaxy. While I still do like Odyssey a lot, there are a lot of elements that sucked, like certain moons being too easy or difficult to accumulate, the long wait times for achievements, some kingdoms having empty space with little to do after you beat the game, etc.
Galaxy would be cool, but I feel like enough of it has already been covered with one sequel. Another Sunshine would also be great, but the fact that basically all of Delfino Island was covered in the first game makes it hard to make a sequel. However, I feel like a sequel for SM64 would be both awesome and possible to actually have happen. They could reuse the castle mechanic but use new paintings.
Sunshine because that one is the worst 3D Mario that really needs a sequel/remake to iron it out.
The ones I want most are sequels to 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy 1/2. Since I can only pick one for this poll though, I think I'd pick Sunshine. With 64, even though we never got an official sequel, I still find myself happy with hacks like Super Mario 74 and Star Road filling that void. Similar thing with Galaxy; as much as I want more of it, I'd also be happy to accept what we have because both Galaxy 1 and 2 are great games.

With Sunshine, I feel like there's so much they could expand on. Sunshine knocks it out of the park with its creative theming and also has what I consider to be some of the best controls, but everything else is some of the lowest of lows the Mario series has ever seen. Per Ray Trace, I want to see them give it another try so they can iron out the kinks and make something that's not as bogged down with questionable design choices.
Easy Galaxy vote. There's still so much more you can do with the setting and gameplay style. The gravity is one of my favorite mechanics in the series and makes all kinds of places feel unique. I love the variety and pacing of missions, with a scenic palate cleanser between miniature challenges. There's the vast, stunning atmosphere, the greater emotional depth, the backstory, all things particularly associated with… well, the first one, at least, and hopefully after such a long gap, the developers would want to create something that lives up. The art direction is timeless, and I always thought these virtues would only be further enhanced with an HD-first trequel. I think it says something that Galaxy 2 already exists and so many people still want another game in this style. (Also I'm still not over how I thought they called it the Wii U so they could make Super Mario Universe. There's my tragic backstory)

Now with that said, I could be down for a sequel to any of these games since I think they could all be bent to my tastes. I just think that outcome is less likely or would leave less of an impact on me. Like sure they could absolutely make Super Mario Odyssey Good for me if they fix, the Whole Thing You Do in the Game, but that might feel like a sequel in name only if it might as well be a new installment with new branding to draw people in.

I am honestly surprised that they never made a no-frills, same-scope sequel to 64, though. Just put together a sesquidozen little diorama worlds with a few collectibles sprinkled in, reuse the general progression systems… The game is still ubiquitous, with a lot of the criticisms being points that feel dated or have since been outdone, and they were even planning sequels at the time… Seems like it would've been easy money at any point in at least the past two decades since 64 DS? It's not my vote, but why not do that, you know?
I would honestly like a sequel to any of these except maybe 64, but if i were to choose one it's Odyssey with the galaxy games at a close second
New poll!

How do you feel about the updated and expanded soundtrack in the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remake?

*I think the game's soundtrack is excellent, and the new versions of the original's music and the wholly new tracks are both great.
*I think the updated music is great, but I feel that the wholly new tracks aren't as enjoyable or clash stylistically with the rest of the soundtrack.
*I think the wholly new tracks are great, but I do not care for the updated music and find it inferior to the original versions.
*The new soundtrack is good overall, but there are a handful of music tracks that I do not like.
*The new soundtrack is okay, with about an even mix of music tracks which I enjoy and tracks which I do not like.
*I do not care for the game's soundtrack and enjoy only a few of the music tracks.
I think the game's soundtrack is quite poor and enjoy very few or none of its music tracks.
*I have no opinion.
I haven't played the remake yet, so I have no opinion at the moment.
My answer is hard to narrow down to just one, as for me it's the story and characters equally, mainly the original ones. While the characterization of the main cast is important, the characters you don't see in other Mario games, and the stories they're involved in, is really the bread and butter of why I love the Mario RPGs. It's why games like Paper Jam and every new Paper Mario after Super have not done it for me at all. I can't really separate the story and characters as they enhance each other. The better the characters, the better the story, but also how good the story is can make me love certain characters more. They can't be separated imo.

Edit: this is for the poll posted below btw.
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Which aspects do you favor the most in Mario role-playing games?

Turn-based battle systems
The ability to use badges and equipment to make battles more strategic
Partners/Pixls/other playable characters with special abilities that accompany Mario
Characters both original and from the main Mario series
Exploration of areas/finding hidden collectibles (blocks, Collectible Treasures, beans, etc)
Story and seeing how it unfolds
Humor within the games, such as making fun of common Mario series tropes
I enjoy Mario RPGs, but no particular aspect stands out to me
I have no interest in Mario RPGs

I apologize for not putting this up last week, this week will be back to normal schedule!
Partners/Pixls/other characters that accompany Mario and have their own abilities. I think they're pretty neat and have a strong bond with Mario throughout the story, even if a lot of them only get a handful of story scenes.
New poll!!!!

"Mario & Sonic" has not had a new installment since the 2020 Olympics. Would you like to see the return of this series?

  • I would greatly enjoy it if "Mario & Sonic" returned
  • I would enjoy it if "Mario & Sonic" returned
  • I would only be interested in a return for "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games"
  • I would only be interested in seeing "Mario & Sonic" return on a console other than the Switch
  • I don't mind if "Mario & Sonic" returns, but I don't strongly want it.
  • I would enjoy a "Mario & Sonic" crossover not focusing on the Olympics
  • I wouldn't like it if "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games" were to return.
  • I wouldn't enjoy any further ''Mario & Sonic'' crossovers whatsoever.
  • I have no opinion
Option 5. I wouldn't mind if Mario and Sonic returns in some form, but I don't strongly think its needed. The olympics have been doing fine on their own, the previous titles didn't sell well, nor did they have good reviews, and I don't want the series to become stagnant in terms of content.
Option 5 for me too. I've had my fun with the series, but there's a point where you can't really squeeze any more content out of a reoccurring real world sporting event, and I think Nintendo and Sega have acknowledged that. Now, I wouldn't throw a fit if they did decide to continue the series, but I'm certainly not expecting or looking forward to any more installments.