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Mario and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan!
Hi everyone! I'm known as SparksMarioWiki (I'm "Sparks" on the Mario Wiki) and I have just created my forum account on the Mario Boards today on January 3, 2024! I've been active on the Mario Wiki for over a year now editing many articles and pages (especially Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope related stuff). Anyways this is my first thread I'm posting, so hopefully I'm doing this right haha. These are trace-over sketches of several characters from Sparks of Hope I made back at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. These characters include Rabbid Rosalina, Rabbid Peach, Midnite, Daphne, Edge and Kanya (who I called "Mystery Rabbid" at the time) I also made another sketch of Rabbid Luigi not shown here (I did not trace over it and so it looks pretty bad). I don't know how active I'll be on the forums as I am much more active on the Mario Wiki itself. Enjoy these sketches!


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I thought threads like this were only meant for Mario related art, but I saw other users create non-Mario art so I thought, "I created freehand pony sketches a few days ago. Why not post them here?"

I used reference images to try to recreate them in sketch form, freehand. This means I did not trace over them, but I still think they turned out great!

The left images are the reference images. The right images are my freehand sketches.

Trixie Lulamoon: (If you're wondering why there are random words next to my sketch, they were actually part of a game of remembering things in one of my classes. That game was just for fun. I got bored and decided to draw a sketch of Trixie Lulamoon while it was going on LOL)
Sweetie Belle:
Today is Tara Strong's Birthday! To celebrate her Birthday, I have created a freehand sketch of Twilight Sparkle, my favorite character that she has voiced!

To the left is the reference image of Twilight Sparkle. To the right is my freehand sketch of Twilight Sparkle.