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Ruby Kurosawa

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I've considered making a thread to show off all the art I've done, mostly drawings and writings. Here it finally is.

First up, some reposts of art I've done in the past.

Artwork of some of my RP characters from the thread "Draw other people's OCs or used characters in RPs in your style."

A picture of Piper from Superstar Saga I made for The 'Shroom's Community Gallery in Issue 171.

And finally, the first two of my drawings in the Scribble Deathmatch, courtesy of the Majesty of Monza.

I'll update this thread whenever I'm not too lazy or busy to make something creative. Until the next post, this is PF signing off.

Ruby Kurosawa

Awards Committee
Power Flotzo
The Scribble Deathmatch is over, so, inspired by certain other people, here's a compilation of all my scribbles plus some commentary on each round.

Round 1: Prompt: Freezie

Since this was the first round, my art here seems to be pretty sloppy. The idea behind this one was that Freezies could work as frozen confections in the Mario universe, with disastrous consequences upon consumption.

Round 2: Prompt: Toads

Like with Round 1, I had a relatively simple idea coming into this round, which was to draw the Toads screaming in an ear-grating voice and someone having the misfortune of listening to them.

Round 3: Prompt: Comics

My idea behind this scribble was to make it some sort of warning about the dangers of procrastination, complete with a cameo from GBA himself.

Round 4: Prompt: Underground

Nothing too complicated here, just a typical underground level. I did add in some detail, though, such as the fossils and treasure buried in the ground and a few lines on the stalactites to give a hint of shading.

Round 5: Prompt: Ashley and Red

I took some inspiration from Ashley's Song while scribbling. Nothing much to say here.

Round 6: Prompt: Bootlegs

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Mario bootlegs is 7 Grand Dad, and I drew Mario's appearance in the game, with the famous quote from Vinesauce Joel regarding his reaction to the game at the bottom. I almost forfeited this round because of life getting in the way, but submitted my art in time.

Round 7: Prompt: If Waluigi Was in Smash Bros.

Waluigi standing there on Final Destination, holding his tennis racket from when he was an Assist Trophy, ready to face off against Master Hand. I originally wanted to make the background black, but decided against it since I had a limited color selection. This was the prompt I had the most fun with.

Bonus: PF's True Form

This scribble I did during the intermission where everyone turned into their ultimate forms (in between Rounds 6 and 7), but never posted until now. It acts as a callback to AKG4, when I first roleplayed as that one orchid bamboo girl (she's also part of the reason behind my color choice).

Overall, it was a great experience, and I'll gladly sign up for the next one, even if I end up being a backup. Many thanks to GBA for hosting this tournament!

I'll post stuff regarding my Awards presentations soon.

Ruby Kurosawa

Awards Committee
Power Flotzo
Awards presentation dump: a behind-the-scenes look at what went into my presentations for this year.

C5-Wiki Contributor Award

I made the podium by arranging three wooden blocks and a file folder on top. To prop up my Hanayo neso, I put a duffel bag underneath her and one of my sneakers underneath her stool. The notebook my neso is reading contains my original first draft for this presentation.

I also tacked on a reference to PF Muesli at the end because I felt it would be appropriate given WT's high placement in the award, and another reference to how I created the last four articles for the DKC boss levels back in late 2020.

M16-Favorite Item



For this presentation, I opted to take a different approach: drawing the pictures of the power-ups featured and having the nesos present them through pictures I took on my phone. I started with pencil outlines, then colored each of the six power-ups in with some colored pencils before retracing with a fine-tip Sharpie.


Here's a final picture with all the nesos and the art I did (note that I didn't get Tae and Saaya until after I returned from my vacation). I'll likely pick up another two presentations next year provided the sign-ups don't get snatched up too quickly.

Finally, I should also mention that I'm working on a new piece of artwork based on one of the comments I got regarding my presentations, so keep an eye out for it!