Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

I think it's mostly likely possession by the new tentacle-y villain. Also Bob-Ombs are almost always angry, so
Right now I'm wondering what Bowser's role in the story will be. He's in the promotional art but he wasn't in the trailer...

I hope they don't do a stupid plot twist where it turns out Bowser is the final boss.

Best-case scenario they make him a party member like in Super Mario RPG.
My guess would be that Bowser has his enemies taken/possessed by the big bad guy and he's going to play likely a supporting role, but jury's still out if he's going to Antasma Cursa or something. I did joke on the Discord that he could also just have literal seconds of screentime before fading in the background to go on vacation. :P
Honestly I'm not surprised that they made a sequel. It's one of the switches best selling games. And I'm happy that they added new characters to it. I feel like this one is going to be a worthwhile sequel
"Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope focuses very much (in addition to combat and exploration) on a new narrative, a compelling story..."

This game has become my most anticipated game right now.

The quote comes from this video, at about 2:42, but I recommend watching the whole thing.
I just wanna go shooty bang bang pew pew! I hope the narrative isn't much lol, I rather they do humor and silly character interactions like from the first game.
The Sparks look creepy to me. I know they're supposed to be Rabbid Lumas, but they look like some horribly made mutant creature that even Dr. Cortex wouldn't approve of!
Well it's a mild disappointment it's not this year but it's not a big deal. There were games like Ultra Smash that, iirc, got released pretty early after announcement and had just silence soon afterward. Was clearly a rushed game off the wazoo. I mean how long were they working on this game? They've probably been doing this while we've been asking for a sequel.

I'm hoping they'll just show more of the game after announcement, hope we don't get a long drought after like what happened with some games. Oh and that movie. That one movie.
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why an entire year. it could be early 2022 so only half a year
Then again, it could be a year and a half if it comes out near winter.