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  • Finally got a copy of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. After the last direct mini I was pretty much sold on the game, so I tried avoiding any ads in case of spoilers. It seriously looks like one of the coolest Mario games ever. Great way to spend my weekend.
    So I've played the Bowser's Inside Story remake for a couple of hours, here are my initial thoughts:

    - You can fast forward through text. Really nice for people like me who have already played the game a billion times.
    - Tutorials are WAY less obnoxious than in the original. I could see someone preferring this version for that reason alone. You even have a chance to do new abilities before the tutorial, and if you do them correctly, the game won't even bother you about a tutorial.
    - Being able to have both bros jump by pressing Y is nice. That was something from the Superstar Saga remake that I liked (It might've been in Paper Jam as well but I haven't played that one.
    - Graphics look pretty nice. Idk if I prefer it to the sprites in the original, but it's nice in its own way.
    - Mario & Luigi can now hold the hammer in battle for an infinite amount of time. This does make the game easier, but I always sucked at counterattacking with the hammer so I welcome it.

    - I REALLY do not like the new music, which is weird because I loved the OST in Superstar Saga DX. Maybe it'll grow on me overtime, but I don't think the songs capture the same feel as the originals.
    - Why can't I use the d-pad to move around like in the original? I can use it in battles but not outside of combat.
    - The game runs at 30 fps, which is weird because both the original game and Superstar Saga DX ran at 60. I think I'll get used to it but it's very disappointing.
    - I don't like the new title screen.

    tl;dr - I have some issues with it but I'm still having enough fun to keep playing. It's the same game at the end of the day so it'll probably end up being great.
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    Snowfall Frost
    Dream Team ran at 30fps I think and I didn't even notice it until I tried the game in Citra for the first time and noticed the frame counts

    In minecraft though 60fps is way nicer than 30fps, cause I play in first person and the way the game works, the camera moves around a lot especially when I play with a mouse. Even then though I wouldn't say I can notice 120fps (which I can pull off on my gaming laptop, which has a 144hz screen and enough power to run minecraft at 120fps). I think 30fps is sufficient for third person games with a steady camera

    Not played this remake yet but from what I have heard of the OST I think it's good. I also like the graphics but the original had a good art direction as well.

    Jumping with both bros with Y sounds awesome
    So I just learned recently that DKC2's subtitle isn't "Diddy Kong's Quest", it's "Diddy's Kong Quest". Also, apparently the song isn't "Stickerbrush Symphony", it's "Stickerbush Symphony".

    Anyone else remember it being Diddy Kong's Quest and Stickerbrush? Or am I just crazy? Is the Mandela Effect real???
    Neku Sakuraba
    Neku Sakuraba
    In Brawl it's called "Bramble Blast", after the name of the stage in dkc2.
    Neku Sakuraba
    Neku Sakuraba
    Okay so after a bit of research, it seems like Stickerbush is the official name, but it was spelt as Stickerbrush in the GBA version of DKC2. A lot of YouTube videos of the song also title it as Stickerbrush.
    The way this headline is worded, it makes it seem worse due to Teen Titans Go's infamous reputation even if it is the most recent and popular. I have checked the rest of the news and I didn't quite see how much of an issue it is, since I see some familiar titles that I did like, such as Jackie Chan Adventures and MAD.

    Thank you for reading.
    Snowfall Frost
    Snowfall Frost
    Aaaaand scalpers have already bought up all the Metroid Dread Collector's Edition & amiibo preorders, and are selling them on Ebay for $200+. Great. I finally understand the frustration of people not being able to get a PS5.

    Fuck scalpers.
    So I bought Chibi-Robo Zip Lash, and as someone who hasn't played the other Chibi-Robo games, I'm having a hard time thinking of any positives of this game.

    It's not really bad, just really mediocre. I played like 2 levels and got bored.

    This game blows.
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