Lost in Space: Galactic Mafia - Gateway/Lounge Thread (Game is Over)

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Yoshi the SSM

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Yoshi the SSM
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Lost in Space: Galactic Mafia
Co-hosted by Yoshi the Space Station Manager and InsaneBlathers

Welcome to Space Mafia! We're your hosts for this game, Yoshi the SSM and InsaneBlathers. We'll be taking a trip to the Comet Observatory for this murder mystery.

This game of mafia can be played by anyone, even newcomers, as there are no items or complex mechanics. The map is just decoration, and it doesn't factor much into gameplay. The roles are simple and easy to understand, like cop, doctor, etc.

The most common role is vanilla, which can only vote during day phases. But no vanilla character is the same as the others. As a matter of fact, there are 35 characters that are possible to get, in honor of Mario's 35 years as a gaming icon. Despite there being 35 possible characters, this game isn't going to be 35-player. I am actually looking for at least 14 players with a maximum of 26.

The only qualification is that you should be active and be able to play the game. No matter what role you get, it is appreciated by others that you play with. So, please post at least once a day.

There are two groups of people you can be. The majority will be innocents called Crewmates, which only see their role and character and are trying to remove the other group (impostors) from the game.

The other group are the Impostors. They know who the other Impostors are, and are trying to remove Crewmates from the game until they reach parity with the crewmates (equal or higher numbers than them). Impostors should be deceptive, hiding their true identity. To find out whether you are a crewmate or impostor, look on your role card next to your name. If it has a Luma to the left, you're a crewmate. If it has a Piranha Plant to the left, you're an impostor. Here's an example role card of Glitz Yoshi.
Glitz Yoshi (front).png
Host Yoshi (back).png

Here are the other rules of the game.
  1. Be respectful to others and have fun.
  2. There are two types of phases, a night phase and a day phase. Phase 0 starts the game and lasts for 24 hours. It's used as a period to confirm that you've received your role and introduce your roleplays. Night phases last 24 hours, and Day phases last 48 hours. After each phase, there is a brief intermission while the phase changes.
  3. During a night phase, impostors will vote in a private chat on who will be removed from the game, and crewmates can use their special powers, if they have any. Except Night 1, all night phases begin with the announcement of who was launched, and their role.
  4. During a day phase, there is a discussion and vote on who should be launched. All day phases begin with the announcement of who was removed from the game, if any.
  5. To cast a vote, say, for example, Vote: Yoshi the SSM. The person with the majority of votes will be launched. If there is a tie between two or more people, a randomizer will chose which one will be launched.
  6. If you don't want to launch someone on a day phase, Vote: No Launch. Note that a launch will occur if it ties with No Launch.
  7. The game will go from Night phase to Day phase and back again until either Impostors or Crewmates win.
  8. Any private message or conversation regarding this mafia game must be sent to myself, unless it is a private chat created for the game.
  9. If you want to inform me of something (whether it is a problem or a drop out or anything else important), please PM YtSSM or Blathers. If it is urgent and neither of us are available, email YtSSM.
  10. Don't quote or repost your role card under any circumstance. Failure to comply with this rule will result in your removal from the game and the phase continuing.
  11. If you want to roleclaim in the thread, it is allowed. Be careful though, because Impostors can also roleclaim, and lie about their role. But, again, you must not quote any parts of your role PM. (e.g. saying “I’m the cop” is ok, regardless of whether it is true or false, but directly quoting the flavor text is not).
  12. Please try to keep the majority of game-related chat inside official channels i.e. the Game Thread for alive players. It's ok to chat about it informally outside the thread, but there should not be any major sharing of information in channels not created by the host, like private player-made Conversations/PM groups (thanks for the idea Revin).
  13. With that said, there are two inno roles that allow communication with another person on a chat created by me. The first is the mason. There's nothing special about this mason, except that they can't vote for the other mason. Once one is removed, the other will no longer be able to use this feature. The other is the jailor. They will be able to chose who they want to chat with and decide if actions are done to them, but at the cost of roleblocking them. They can only do this to one person at a time.
  14. Finally, if you have been removed from the game, do not post in the game thread. Instead, you can use a conversation to post thoughts of who is mafia and innocent, but you can't actually do anything in the game. You can also post in the lounge, but you can't post any thoughts on who is mafia or innocent, whether it's true or not.

I don't see any reasons why you guys will break any of the rules, but if you do, you will be warned about this and could even be modkilled/replaced.

We plan on closing sign-ups on , and starting the game one or two days after.
So, if you are interested in playing, let us know by posting a BOLD message.

Have fun everyone!
(thanks to ninja squid, revin, and goombuigi, who basically revived mb mafia and inspired us to host this)

  1. Shoey (Etemon)
  2. Hooded Pitohui
  3. Goombuigi
  4. Waluigi Time (Shamaluigi)
  5. Shygul
  6. Ninja Squid (Dimitri A. Blaiddyd)
  7. Power Flotzo (Kanata Konoe)
  8. Kirbyo (Pipersquack)
  9. Alex95
  10. Ninelevendo
  11. Revin (Aru Honshou)
  12. Luigi 64DD (Reigen Arataka)
  13. GreenWeegee (Green Thunder)
  14. Shy Guy on Wheels
  15. BBQ Turtle
  16. Popopo
  17. Tails
Fun with Despair (Darkwing Duck)
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(Seriously though, I won't sign up because of the reasons I posted here, I'll just wish you luck to the hosts and the players who are playing this and that if there was a spectator chat, I'd be interested to be part of it)


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