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  • I literally cannot believe that [Null] is tomorrow! Just a day away!
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    Captain Galaxy
    Captain Galaxy
    What's tomorrow?
    Doctor Welfare
    Doctor Welfare
    @Captain Galaxy, tomorrow is a temporal construct of the relative future; literally of the day after the current day (today), or figuratively of future periods or times. Tomorrow is usually considered just beyond the present and counter to yesterday. It is important in time perception because it is the first direction the arrow of time takes humans on Earth. I hope that clears things up.

















    In the 1980s a company released Radar Scope. It was a complete failure in terms of sales. A miniscule team was tasked to salvage the unsold machines by making a new game. They tried acquiring the rights to make a Popeye game and failed. So they went ahead and started crafting original characters.
    They made an original game.
    They released another game.
    They found success.
    They failed before but they tried again.
    And they found success.
    And yeah they made history.
    It's not a hard thing to do. The first moment something is, it "has been" the next. Do nothing and the world keeps spinning, "is" becomes "was" and history just like that. I think that's kinda as horrifying as it is beautiful.
    All the people that made one game, they just did what they had to, they didn't want to lose their jobs.
    Just doing what they had to keep living on. And in doing so they inadvertently brought people together, us and so many others.
    Action, inaction, history is made. Continuing to be, you continue to make history. Those who were, what was, history even sorta makes history in a way.
    I'm very grateful, to a nearly incomprehensible degree. So I do want to say thank you. A thank you to those who won't read this, to those who can't, and those who are right now! Thank you.
    But specifically to all you Mario Boards members
    Because of our and others effort and chance, we're here.

    Everyone and everything, we're the present and the past. And we'll be the future until our ends.

    But there's still history to be made! A happy new year and I hope I get to see another with you all! May this community stand strong for many years to come!

    Had a dream where an Awards discord server screenshot got a bunch of traction on Tumblr. Everyone was posting memes about it and reblogging the screenshot. One person reblogged another reblog that a user that seemed like a Darth Sidious version of Waluigi Time had made. Then the real WT responded to him and it got like a bajillion notes.
    you probably thought your old pfp with the eating insulation was completely unrealistic. Well the jokes on you because I'm the one that has actually eaten insulation
    Nearly two hundred issues?! Not a thing to celebrate 'Shroom!! -_-
    Anyway, you're wrong, it only has one issue...
    Not enough goats.
    But soon that will be solved.
    Got an opportunity to watch the FNAF movie. Cuz of a mspfa discord server of all things.

    Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.

    The movie is not scary. It. Just. Is not. In the slightest. And it is like the first horror film I've seen lol.

    The opening with like a random security guard. Fun fact, this rando was gonna be Markiplier but there were complications that prevented that. ERrGHhhhh dudeeeeeeeeeeeee it would've been so perfect on so many levels...... The other cameos are cool tho. Matpat is canon now. His FNAFsona's name is Ness, perfect.

    Me pup Sparky, you used to only be a hoax. Look how far you've gone.

    I enjoyed the Schmidt family. Abby and Mike dynamic epic.

    The stuff with the dreams is awesome actually. The visuals, the concepts, it's inspired some ideas for me.

    The springlock failure scene was good. Just below the one in the Silver Eyes graphic novel on my tier list.

    I like this shot.
    The story as a whole was... Whatever. Meh. Okay. So there's a good number of parallels and references to some FNAF books. And uh

    Soooo like the Schmidts are sort of Emily equivalents??
    The ending where Abby draws the picture of Springbonnie to remind the ghosts who their killer is a direct reference to one book in the silver eyes trilogy. I don't remember which one. The first? Probs.
    There's also just straight up an animatronic from one of the Fazbear Frights thingys.

    Movie was ok.
    The Schmidts being Emily equivalents are the only explanation I can come up with for why William would take Garett from the woods, some sort of grudge or something. That would explain why William recognized Mike and gave him the Freddy's job, but why did Mike not recognize William? Henry(?) would have had to have left William really early on for Mike to not recognize him.
    Super Mario Bros. BLUNDER hits shelves. Sells -99999999999999999999999 copies in one second. Bajillion hospitalized after the game sucked so bad it began sucking people's life force. What a disaster.
    I'm Flygon "I'll figure this out later" 64 and I'm standing in-front of Shigeru Miyamoto's house after the incident. It seems everyone--am I getting this right? I am! Every single person on the planet has gathered around to tear his house down to a molecular level! Every person! The hospital patients have swiftly recovered from pure rage! Heh heh, wow.

    Okay me and the camera crew are heading in.

    And, wow, they were NOT joking around. It seems the angry mob has sent RATS into the house. EVIL rats armed with KNIVES. The knives are on fire. The rats too.

    Hey hey! I hear something in the basement.

    Well if you'd look at that folks. We've found Shigeru cowering and crying in the corner of his basement.

    Miyamoto-san, what are your thoughts on the current scenario?

    M : Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

    He's bilingual!

    M : It's a dangerous game releasing bad... Games. Yeah. No joke.

    Why would NINTENDO ever release a game this BAD? What do you have to say for ALL the GAMERS who you've PERSONALLY HOSPITALIZED by YOURSELF? Because you make every Mario game ever. By YOURSELF.

    M : Man, idk. In like, retrospect, making Super Mario Bros BLUNDER was a mistake. Like why did we make this thing? We should've just released WONDER honestly. But like the rest of the development team was like "Duality bro, it's hip and cool, old man." And I was like "stop harassing random old men walking by Nintendo HQ you idiots". But I was thinking all like, yeah, duality is pretty cool in my head tho. So like we made WONDER and BLUNDER. And this whole thing has been a real shock. Like honestly we thought BLUNDER was going to be the hit. But um--

    Wowie zowie, breaking news! 100 nukes are heading our direction! Well, goodbye pals, this has been Mario Boards news.

    M: Mama mia.
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