what made you join this forum?


yo that's a sick chair tho
hard to believe this wasn't asked yet, at least I think. my bothrs got in and then I was looking forward to do it too.
The 'Shroom.
i found the wiki from googling paper mario related matters and then found out about the boards from the wiki​
Depends: I was on MarioWiki sometime on June 2017, but didn't know it was also a forum. Googled Mario Forum in August 2020, and this came.
I was looking to join a new online community that shared my interests after Miiverse shut down. It was either this forum or Bulbapedia's forum, but ultimately, the Marioboards was chosen because Bulbapedia had a huge list of rules that I did not want to read. It also had much more strict banning policies and I felt that people would not like me there. So that's why I picked this forum over Bulbapedia's forum.
I got bored one day and decided to try and rejoin these forums after I got perm-banned some years back. Then I got banned again like one day later. And then I sent an unban request email to the admins (well I sent it to the MarioWiki email who forwarded it to the forum staff cause I really couldn't find an admin contact thing) and I got this account unbanned after I think it was a week or so of them all discussing it amongst themselves.

It really was just a random urge I'd gotten and it seemed to work out well enough.
I made a wiki account in 2011, and the following year I joined the forums to post something in wiki collaborations.
I made a wiki account in 2009 just to vote in Featured Images. I signed up for the forum a year later because I was writing a Shroom section at the time and it required a forum account.
I found the forum when I see that there is a link from the Mario Wiki back in 2011, but it wasn't until I felt that I have a good thread that I decided to join, just to make a good first impression. That was back in 2015. In fact, there were a few threads I made but wasn't sure if they would do, such as the one about anniversaries (since Mario's is hardly based on his 1981 video game Donkey Kong). The first thread I made is about Mario art styles, which I felt was a great start.

Thank you for reading.
i found the wiki by looking up dk coin locations for dkc2, and not long after i realised that it was an incredible resource for learning more information about mario games i had never played, so i spent a long time reading all sorts of articles. there was so much information and i was endlessly fascinated by it all (fun fact: you know the plot summary of luigi's mansion thats now in bjadon? i have vivid memories of reading the whole thing back when it was actually just part of the main page, and i took it all at face value while being amazed at how long and detailed it was... that was my first introduction to luigi's mansion :luigi:)
after i had just about finished reading up about all the games that i didnt have, i decided to check out the forum since i saw it on the sidebar and thought "forums are cool i guess". the first time i checked it out i got completely confused and had no idea how to tell the difference between posts and sigs so i noped out of there pretty quick... but eventually i tried again and managed to figure it out. i probably lurked for a few months, until i finally made an account in october 2011... and ive been here ever since, more or less
There's a long story to be had here, but... I suppose if you boil it down to the proximate cause, I had seen enough of the community - and all they do, form The 'Shroom to Awards to the content they create - here to decide I wanted to be a part of it, and saw an opportunity to join in some Awards events that I thought would help with that.
Oh and because COVID-19 was killing be of boredom so I joined to have someone to talk with
Was looking for a Mario-themed community and stumbled across it by chance, wasn't even aware that the Mario Wiki had a forum at the time.