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It's time for a new poll! Throw yourself back to the old days, because we're going down to an arcade for this one.

Recently, the Mario franchise has had varied but inconsistent arcade releases. What direction would you like to see taken with future arcade Mario titles?
  • I would prefer Nintendo-developed arcade titles featuring gameplay closer to console releases.
  • I would like to see more third-party developed arcade titles that feature gameplay experiences unique to the arcade format (e.g. Mario Kart Arcade GP).
  • I would like to see more physically-based arcade titles such as slot machines and claw machines (e.g. the Mario Party arcades).
  • I would like for Nintendo to reproduce their classic retro arcade titles with new machines (e.g. Donkey Kong and Mario Bros.).
  • I would like to see more arcade titles and would be open to any of the above varieties.
  • I do not want more arcade titles and would prefer Nintendo focus on their console and/or mobile offerings.
  • I have no opinion on this subject.

For myself... I'm going to be selfish and go with option six because I'm nowhere near an arcade and I wouldn't get to play any arcade games anyways.

Waluigi Time

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Option 6. Unless you're somehow able to purchase one of the arcade machines, you don't get ownership over the game. You have to go somewhere else to play it, and when you get there, someone may already be using the machine. You're also at the mercy of the establishment since they may take down the machine or even close down entirely at any time.

I'm also in the same situation as Pitohui but that's beside the point

Aru Honshou

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arcade games are neat but theres isnt anything they can do that consoles cant do tbh
i can understand this from a software standpoint, but if im being honest, i dont think you're quite right here, and the major reason i say this is completely from a hardware standpoint. the cool thing about arcade games is that you can make unique control schemes and immersive control schemes that are too impractical for a home console experience. i played a mario kart arcade gp 2 cabinet once and it had the expected arcade racing setup of steering wheel, pedals, chair etc to simulate feeling like you're in an actual vehicle. the F-Zero AX cabinet next to it took it a step further and had a chair that actually tilted left and right as you steered the wheel! to look at non-racing genres, you have classic rhythm games like dance dance revolution which has the directional dance floor, and taiko no tasujin which has giants drums to simulate the experience of... drumming! and of course, things like light gun shooters have been around for ages too.
now, can you get accessories to emulate this experience? in the examples i gave, yeah, you probably can. but they're almost always going to cost extra, and in most cases it won't be as high quality as the actual arcade experience (e.g. getting a usb steering wheel set will cost a pretty penny, and you'd have to pay even more to get a moving chair; taiko has a drum controller for home use, but it looks like a little baby's toy compared to the actual arcade machine). and that's not to mention all the arcade games out there that are unique and don't have any home console equivalents, which i'm sure at least a handful of exist (i havent been to a genuine arcade like, ever, so i dont have any offhand examples soz).
i'm not someone who particularly cares for arcade games, since i do think they're generally not great value (paying $2 for a single race of mario kart was a bit lame), but i think there's room for a certain kind of unique and valuable experience to be provided by them that you can't get on console, something unique that actually is worth paying that $2. creating experiences that are too expensive or impractical to do on console/pc/handheld seems like it would be a good way to move forward if the arcade industry wants to continue to be relevant, even though i know that will still have limitations in how many people will be able to experience it compared to console games.

to answer the poll question, i guess i would be along the lines of option 2, although im not really sure why it specifies it has to be a third party? at any rate, using nintendo ips to create experiences unique to their given hardware is already a very nintendo thing to do, so to see nintendo or their third-party partners making arcade games with mario that have fun and interesting mechanics only practical with arcade hardware sounds like it would be pretty neat, even if there's a 99% chance i'll never experience it for myself