Make your own Mario character!

Name: Glitchy Mario
Relation: :mario:
Side: Good
Logo: :mario:'s logo but glitched
Weakness: Same as :mario:
Abilities: Same as :mario: but glitched
Motive:When Mario was mad at bowser, since peach married him, he starts to glitch. When he's glitched, he's really mad but :luigi: helps to stop his anger. Together, they find a way to make peach and bowser divorce.
Name: Spore

Species: Toad

Side: Tends toward evil, but he's only loyal to himself

Description: He's a Toad whose "cap" resembles a poison mushroom. He has a small goatee. He wears purple pants and a dark orange vest.

Abilities: Can summon poison shrooms and spouts of poison water. Being a toxic person, he is healed by poison

Personality/Motives: He wants money and power. He dislikes the cheery demeanor of most Toads, though he can fake it. He used to work for Peach and sell info to Bowser til he was caught. He also likes stealing treasure from Captain Toad.
Name: Pirate Goomba

Species: Goomba

Side: Whichever side the Pirate Goombas are on

Description: A Pirate Goomba is a pirate Goomba.

Abilities: Can blast unknowing partiers out of cannons

Personality/Motives: Loves to annoy people to death with wiki memes
Feel free to make the character you had in mind, and I don't care if you make one per day. 😁

Here's mine for example:
Name: Princess Daphne
Also known as: The Goddess of Ice
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Height: 205.486 cm
Weight: 79.379 kg
Alignment: Good
Outfit: Platinum crown, snowflake earrings, snow white dress with baby blue snowflakes, periwinkle long gloves, sky blue flats
Abilities: Cryokinetic Flight, Ice Healing, Cryokinetic Regeneration, Ice Absorption, Cryoportation, Blizzard Creation
Friends: :mario: , :luigi: , :peach:, :daisy: , :yoshi: , :birdo:, :dk: , :diddy:, :wario: (sometimes), :waluigi:(sometimes), :rosalina: , :luma: , :toad: , :toadette: , :bowjr: (sometimes), :tumble: , :lakitu: ,:koopa:, :blooper:
Enemies: :wario: (Sometimes), :waluigi: (sometimes), :bowser: , :bowjr: (sometimes), :drybow: , :dry: , :boshi: , :metal: , :pgp: , :boo:, :shy:
Likes: Going on adventures with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Toad, and Toadette
Dislikes: When someone judges her

Use this template to make any Mario character of your own. Good luck!
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whats with the "sometimes" in the friends/enemies part
anyway ive wanted to make a . bonneter oc? never got around to making anything though 😔
Name: Sly Bones. :dry:

Side: Neutral.

Relation: None.

Species: Dry Bones. :dry:

Description: He is a Dry Bones who loves to trick others. He was originally a normal Dry Bones on Bowser's Side, but he left to have fun and be a gangster. :boshi:

Logo: Backwards hat with a bone on it. 🦴

Strength: Tricking others.

Weakness: Any bro (Including: Hammer bro, Fire bro, Ice bro And Boomerang bro)

Player Type: NPC. This player cannot be played but he fights with you. He can form himself into stuff including a cannon, a bazooka and a hammer. technically
Name: Goombug :goomba::buzzy:
Side: Evil :bowser:
Enemy rank: Boss
Description: This new enemy appears as a boss as he has a :buzzy:buzzy beetle shell on his head as a helmet. He is a giant:goomba: Goomba with a monocle and like I said, a :buzzy:buzzy beetle helmet. Think back to Mario Party on the Wii U. The :goomba: Goomba level had ladders and a giant:goomba: Goomba. Well in my game it is the same 2D platforming, except the :goomba: Goomba has a helmet of a :buzzy:
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I made a boss fight a while ago for a Mario & Luigi game once: The Super Bros. Squad. A powerful Hammer, Boomerang, Ice, Fire, Poison (OC) and Music (OC) Bros. The Music Bro is essentially the Bro version of a Sombrero Guy, and the Poison Bro, well, you should be able to figure him out.
Name: Black Toad

Side: Evil

Relation: Dark Side Of Each Toad

Info: They Are Toads Except The White Part Of Their Afro Is Black And Every Clothing White Is Black. They Are On Bowser's Side.

Weakness: Seeing Their Light Side

Strength: Darkness
Name: Black Toad

Side: Evil

Relation: Dark Side Of Each Toad

Info: They Are Toads Except The White Part Of Their Afro Is Black And Every Clothing White Is Black. They Are On Bowser's Side.

Weakness: Seeing Their Light Side

Strength: Darkness
I made up the Para-bones before Nintendo officially released it in the Mario Maker and 3D World.
Name: Baby Waluigi

Side: with Baby Wario

Emblem: like Waluigi's, but with the flower border that all of the babies have

Relation: Waluigi's baby version
Name: Sticker
Side: Good
Description: Mario's New Partner. He Is Stuck In A Canvas As A Stick Man. The only Way He Can Get Out And Become His True Form Is To Save Princess Peach And Save The Kingdom From Bowser. Doing So Breaks The Curse And He Finally Turns Into His True Form. He Is A Guidance For Mario To Get Through All Bowser's Schemes.
Logo: A Pencil
Name: Princess Amber

Gender: Female

Side: :bowser:

Desc: Can Control The Ground. A Descendant Of Bowser. A Colored Statue That Has A Shell But It Is Orange And Not Green.

Strength: earth And Rocks

Weakness: Lava

Death: Falls Apart Into Broken Rocks
Name: Metal Luigi

Side: Neutral

Relation: Metal Mario's Brother In Mario Kart

Kart: Badwagon But Metal

Logo: A Silver "L"

Name: Dark Mario :mario: / Dark Luigi :luigi:

Side: :bowser:

Nicknames: Dario And Duigi

Desc: Grey Skin, Black Sclera, Red Iris, White Pupil, Hat Symbol DM / DL, Black Hair And Moustache, Red / Green Overalls Instead Of Blue, Dark Grey Shirt Instead Of Red / Green, Black Shoes

Logo: DM / DL
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I'd like NSMB to do what Cuphead did and have Mario & Luigi's mom as a playable character. I know I said this in another thread some days ago but yeah I really like the idea.