Make your own Mario character!

Name: 🎩 Magician Goomba 🎩

Side: :mario:

Description: He can move ANYTHING with his mind (Unless it is too heavy). (The Appearance Will Be In The Pic Below).

Logo: A Purple Background With A Top Hat And A Magic Wand.


Name: :goomba: Rare Goomba :goomba:

Side: Bowser's :bowser:

Motive: To Destroy Mario :mario:

Description: A Gold Goomba :goomba: That Drops 10 coins once you defeat it. It Takes 2 Hits To Kill It.

Logo: None

Weakness: 2 Hits
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Name: Builder Peach

Side: Neutral

Game: Mario Maker 2 🔨

Motive: To Make Good Courses

Description: Peach With A Yellow And Pink Dress And A Tool Belt With A Hard Hat

Who Created This?: Weegie4President As You Can See Up Above
Name: Ultra Meowser 🔔:bowser:

Side: :bowser:

In A Nutshell: Ultra Meowser 🔔:bowser: Is A "Bigger Than Before" Bowser That Has A Star Effect. He Is Also Doubled Just Like The Cherry 🍒 Power Up. And Has A Bell 🔔 Power Up.

Motive: To End Mario Once And For All And Marry Peach.

Rank: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 He Is A Boss Fight. A Final one actually.
Name: Mariw
Side: Luigw
Game: Super Mario Bros.: Chaos Edition
Weakness: glitch hammers
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Prince Tucker of the Turnip Territory
Side: a character that helps you a few times
Relation: close friends with Prince Pleasley and Birdo
He is just a turnip with a prince costume but is actually a prince of Subcon
The logo is a turnip
The motive is to protect his people from Wart.
Untitled (3).png
Name: Dario Jumpman
Hair: Color
Eyes: Brown
Body type: Skinny
Height: 5'5"

He is the son of Luigi and Peach. Brother of Rosalina. He likes to wear his father's hat. He hates heights and deep water.
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Koopa the Quack.
Has a podcast, believes the world is flat, sells homeopathic alternatives to megavitamins, and complains Bowser treats red shell koopas the worst.
Name: Laser Goomba

Side: Good

Weakness: Anything fast and mirrors

Strength: Super high accuracy

Motive: To destroy evil

Relation: Heir to the Goomba King throne

Logo: A Goomba symbol with goggles

Kart: A red Pipe Frame with a bluish gray cannon on the front that shoots a laser

Favorite Pastime: Playing games

Look: A Goomba with red goggles and a laser cannon on the head.

Fun Facts: He is the grandson of the Goomba King; the true heir of the throne, his father, was killed.
name: Yoshimagic
Mortal name: Noah
Gender: Boy
Age: 2022 years old
Mortal age: 12
species: god/Yoshi
Color: Green
Alignment: good
Outfit: black hoodie, gray and orange sports shoes
Family: rainbowbear/mortal name: isaac, arceus, the orb of the multiverse,
Friends: Mario, Luigi, Troopa, baby noah, baby isaac, daisy, peach, bowser, jr, mike, princess p, princess sunny, Kirby and the rest of the unicorn family, Bonnie, Freddy, jack o Bonnie, grim foxy, pink freddy, green foxy, rockstar freddy, rockstar foxy,
Enemies: flame, William afton, dry bowser/possessed bowser, the orb of death/the orb of darkness, the masked one/the masked king
Job: watcher of the Yoshimagic universe and the multiverse
Abilities: can fly, can divide 0 by 0, can run fast, can create and remove anything in the yoshimagic universe, can hop from dimensions, can transform from his plush form and his true form, can spectate any universe,
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Name: Koopa Blaster

Gender: Male

Side: Good

Weaknesses: Things that can destroy Bullet Bills, Conveyor Belts moving the opposite direction, and Fire.

Strengths: Can explode lots of things, super high accuracy, pretty good defense and attack but low speed, making him a defense type.

Motive: To get his revenge on Admiral Inferno Guy for treating Captain Koopa Troopa incredibly badly.

Relation: Son of Captain Koopa Troopa.

Logo: A Koopa Troopa shell with a Cannon on top.

Kart: A green Biddybuggy with tires that have incredible traction.

Favorite Pastimes: Target practice and hanging out with Laser Goomba.

Look: An ordinary Koopa Troopa with a Cannon on his back, a missing tooth, a black eye, and a scar over his other eye.

Facts: He gets beaten up so much, that his injuries are permanent. His father was Captain Koopa Troopa.

Name: Admiral Inferno Guy

Gender: Male

Side: Evil

Weakness: Water

Strengths: Can burn lots of things, has incredible speed, but low attack and defense, making him a speed type.

Motive: To destroy Laser Goomba and Koopa Blaster.

Logo: A Shy Guy mask engulfed by white fire.

Kart: A red Flame Flyer.

Favorite Pastimes: Target practice and fighting Laser Goomba and Koopa Blaster.

Look: An Inferno Guy (which is a Pyro Guy with white fire instead of red fire) with an admiral's hat.

Facts: He can almost beat Sonic in a race, but to do so, there has to be dash panels on the track.
My personal takes on Peach's family. Don't be afraid to give ideas for how to improve these, since I'll have more later on.

Prince Cream
King Toadstool (Father); Princess Peach (Older Sister)
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Skin color: Light peach
Eye color: Cyan
Outfit: Royal Blue Polo Shirt, Trousers, and Brown boots, Ruby, diamond-shaped emblem worn on a sash along his shirt.
Inspirations: Tails Power, Danny Torrance, Huey Dewey and Louie,
It used to be that this kid's love of mischief same from a darker secret: he inherited strong supernatural abilities, and was ostracized by most other children in the royalty of Fungaria (aka the Mushroom Kingdom)'s higher echelons in the palace. Meaning he spent most of his time with his sister Peach due to his father being busy and the kids closer to his age hating him, though this didn't last long due to Peach moving to her own castle to learn to take care of herself. Fortunately, his fortunes would begin to reverse when Peach returned home one day, and he was able to sense Bowser's prescence; sending the Marios to intercept the Koopa King. In the years after that, Cream has since become an occassional, but valuable member of Mario's team.

King Toadstool
Golden Blonde
Skin color: Light peach
Eye color: Cyan
Outfit: Purple Regal Outfit
Inspirations: General Pepper, Commissioner Gordon, Mufasa, Captain Haddock
This king is beloved by all subjects of Fungaria, and revered as a head of state, often in collaboration with whoever his prime minister is. Although his age and the resulting fact he's lived most of his life means he can't be as active in defending what he holds dear as he wishes he was. Nonetheless, it does mean he has more time to actually govern his kingdom. That, and he still does his best to support Mario and Luigi in saving his children, both through giving them resources or the input of his spies. Even so, it has been found that a sip of what's described as Tudor (implied to be whiskey) can make him regain some of his largely lost stamina. It is during these times that the latest person trying to kidnap Peach and/or Cream learns how dangerous to them he really can be.
Have some toads

Name: Tom the Gardener Toad (Normal)
Gender: Toads do not have genders, but they would be referred to as a male
Appearance: He is a purple toad, and wears generic gardener outfits
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Powers: He can grow any plant based power-up, and has some experience in gene-splicing in order to make new power-ups
Location: Lives in a overgrown house in toad town, however Mario can't access it at first due to the vines binding the door.
weaknesses: He does not fight, so he lacks weaknesses
Strengths: Once again, he does not fight
Motive: He likes plants
Relations: as a toad living in toad town he does know of the princess, however since he is stuck in his house, he lacks a social life. He has a koopa roommate, but his roommate has been in his room for five years now, and once Mario enters the roommates room it's revealed the roommate has died, and is now a drybones. The dry bones doesn't have a deeper character.
Facts: He can't drive. He does have a name, but he's forgotten it, by asking the dry bones you can learn he used to be named Tom. He can grow none power-up plants, but he's too good at it, and has been banned from doing so outside his house due to a incident where Peach was almost crushed by a massive peach. The vines come from a piranha plant, and Mario can enter the house after finding some plant food, thus making the plant notice it's binding the door. Oddly enough, he seems to be unaffected by power-ups.

Name: General T. Oadson (Paper)
Gender: As a toad he lacks gender, but like most toads is referred to as a male.
Appearance: A blue toad wearing normal knights outfit, and armed with a much stronger spear and a shield adorned with a image of Peach's crown.
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Powers: As a knight he wields a spear and a shield, however unlike most toads he is able to add the powers of power-ups to his spear, hence his status of general. Is noted to be much less of a coward then most toads, but is still too afraid to fight bigger opponents like Bowser.
Location: Currently in a outpost in the desert region near The Mushroom Kingdom.
Weaknesses: Can be intimidated if your big enough.
Strengths: Spear wielding, Speed, Surprisingly good at knitting.
Relations: He is the general of Peach's guards so it can be assumed he knows people like Peach, Mario, Luigi, and Toadsworth.
Facts: His higher courage is due to Olly folding him, which has been seen to alter some toads behavior after a short amount of time, and because he wasn't found by Mario until Olivia undid the folding Olly did he was much more affected by the folding. He was folded into a little knight. Appears to resent how useless his troops are. It is stated that before becoming a knight he was a blacksmith who made elemental weapons, hence the power to enchant his weaponry. This is also why the weapons in Origami King can break, the new weapon maker is worse than Oadson. Is a Luigi fan, and believes Luigi is stronger than Mario.
NAME: Soot

SIDE: Neutral

GENDER: Non binary

RELATION: Toad's friend

DESCRIPTION: Dark grey skin with yellow glowing cracks all over. White hair covering the eyes; they are glowing yellow. Wears a suit with a waistcoat. Rolled up sleeves and white gloves. Two fangs coming upwards

LOGO: Yellow glowing dots with horns and fangs coming upwards

MOTIVE: To help form a permanent alliance with the other (good) kingdoms.
Jumping over here from the roleplay board!

Name: Sneegle
Side: formerly evil, now neutral
Relation: none to canon characters

Description: a larger than average snifit. He looks a little rough around the edges and fits in better in rougher parts of town.

Logo: a snifit mask with a crack running diagonally through it
Strengths: he's a thug who can overpower most normal-sized people; immune to poison; clever when he's desperate.
Weaknesses: he lacks formal education; can't effectively fight against magic and science; has a criminal record as long as a novel.

Motive: survival. Sneegle is a criminal trying to reform; he has a vague and general goal but no concrete steps to guide his everyday life.


This image of Sneegle was drawn by the very talented Mitsame!
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>Name: Chrysanthe Kong

>Appearance: A tall Kong that's a little smaller than Donkey Kong, she wears a worn, blue mechanic uniform that has a wrench in the breast pocket.

>Side: Donkey Kong's. (She has a major crush on him.)

>Crushes/Relationships: Donkey Kong (romantic), Cranky (grumpy uncle figure), Diddy Kong (cool little kid),Funky Kong (ANNOYING BROTHER.), Princess Peach (distant oh she's kinda cool thing, platonic), Mario (she watched him kick Donkey Kong's butt and laughed a bit, she apologized later), Luigi (her momma instincts activated).

>Cart: A red military grade racing cart with roses and fire on it.

>Motives: Protecting Donkey Kong, the Kong People, her precious cart, her bakery, her cart shop, her home. Stopping Bowser's from his evil plans.

Chrysanthe was found outside the main Kong city with no memory of where she came from or her parents. She grew up and decided to become a baker and a mechanic, not at the same time. She eventually met the royal Kong family and met Donkey Kong. She didn't like him at first, and they fought a lot. As time went on and they interacted/bickered more, they kind of just migrated towards each other. During one of the fights these two would have, Cranky, meaning to be helpful,smacked the back of Donkey Kong's head. His face was in close proximity to Chrysanthe's, and they inadvertently kissed. Donkey Kong is HORRIFIED because he actually liked it when they kissed, and thought she smelled nice and now he was confused, he hated her a second ago, and now he was thinking about how nice it felt to kiss her and how nice she smelled and how pretty she was, what the heck?!, and Chrysanthe is horrified because it happened in her shop. They avoid each other for a few days until Donkey mans up and decides to talk to her. They end up dating and being a power couple.

>Logo: A paintbrush and a wrench in an x formation surrounded by fire.
We Have 2 pairs of 2 on brothers
Mario, Luigi
Wario, Waluigi
so i decided to Play Around With Mario's M and Luigi's L And I found E and R
I already figured out Enzario But What About R?
Help Me Here:
Thanks In Advance!
Name: Princess Dolce
Side: Good
Relation: A good friend of :peach: 's
Description: Light blonde hair, pale pink dress with a lot of ruffles
Logo: A lollipop with a crown
Motive: Helps everyone who needs it.
Kingdom: The Candy Kingdom (near :peach:'s and :daisy:'s kingdoms)