Make your own Mario character!


Violet Lumas ARE REAL!!!^
Give he/she a name, it's relation to any character, a description of what it looks like, it's strengths and weaknesses, and anything else about them. Okay here's my character:

NAME: Heiress Lily

SIDE: Evil side

RELATION: Daisy's cousin

DESCRIPTION: Lavender dress with long black hair and sparkling hazel eyes. There are lavender lillies on the dress and she wears a lavender bow in her hair. (Not a crown since Daisy has the crown right now)

LOGO: A lavender flower with fangs (since Lily is evil)

MOTIVE: Lily wants to kill Daisy to get her crown of Sarasaland. Then there is a game which STARS DAISY and Lily is the evil person trying to kill her. The game is called "Princess Power". Daisy then enrolls in Peach and Rosalina's help to defeat Lily once and for all.

Does anyone have their own character they would like to share? I know mine is cheesy, but hey, who cares?
I don't know about that character, i doubt they're gonna release anymore characters that have a relation to just Daisy

but i think your idea for that game would be really cool! It could be released for the Wii and have Daisy and Peach as the two main characters
and it could be a 3D platformer (or 2D like NSMBW)
NAME: Warshi

SIDE: Evil side

RELATION: :yoshi:'s evil twin, :wario: & :waluigi:'s yoshi.

DESCRIPTION: A yellow yoshi with green shoes and angry, red eyes

LOGO: A yellow yoshi egg with triangles instead of circles.

MOTIVE: Warshi is Wario and Waluigi's yoshi, he is never ridden exept when Wario was a baby, he is Yoshi's archenemy and twin and want's Yoshi destroyed because Yoshi was his parents favorite child.

NAME: Pam Piranha

SIDE: Evil side

RELATION: Petey Piranha's wife

DESCRIPTION: Looks like Petey except lighter, wearing a bikini, and she only has 3 pedals arranged to look like hair.

LOGO: A piranha plant

MOTIVE: Pam's motive is the same as Petey's.

MOD EDIT: No real need to double post. ;)
Name: Ronaldo
Sex: Male
Side: Anti-Hero
Relation: Peach's illegitimate son(w/ Jimmy P.)
Description: A funky fresh new plumber on the block with an attitude. Ronaldo is working for his dad Jimmy P. to capture the princess and take her back to the Coney Island Disco Palace. Ronald also wears pink, but totally isn't gay.
Name: Waluigi
Side: Unknown.
Description: Wario's answer to Luigi. Looks kinda similar to his unnamed sidekick seen in Mario Tennis.
NAME: Princess Onyx

SIDE: good

DESCRIPTION: Black hair resembling :daisy:'s only somewhat covering her left eye she has a gold crown with purple moons on it her dress is short sleeved purple with black layers having a black fingerless glove on her left hand with a purple moon on it and purple fingerless glove with a black moon on it on her right hand. she wears black lace flats

RELATION: Rosalina's highly unmentioned sister

LOGO: a purple moon with a face like the Luma

MOTIVE: She is the creator of the Muna teardrop like shaped crescent moons

Mario Kart Wii Kart: The Sky-floater a hovering bike similar to the sugar scoot
NAME: Ezario

SIDE: (Ezario is a mysterious plumber and has no side)

RELATION: Mario's cousin

DESCRIPTION: look's a lot like mario but without a mustache and a mario hat. He has a black beanie with a big red E on it. He has a black shirt and red overalls. Red eyes but has no side(he isnt evil). His shoes are black with sideways red E'S on them. HE also has longer black hair.

MOTIVE: A protagonist of Bowser and the Mario Brothers, hes the only one who knows about his relation to mario and perfers to keep it a secret. getting revenge on his archenemy Ludwig Von Koopa for destroying the planet he called home, other known as nintendland. First featured games are Super Ezario I II II & IV. Side games are the timecap series which is Ezario timecap I Ezario timecap II:Power pace and Ezario Timecap III: hat of the present.

LOGO: A red E with sharp points

Strength: dark matter balls and power pace gloves and timecap and invisability

Weakness: Koopa magic and shroobs

mario kart vehicles: kart: black magic bike: invisago kar: shadow speeder mo-ped: time taker

history:at one pint was going to join the koopa army as a leader but later found out what ludwig von koopa has done to his home planet of nintendland.

thats all :P :mario:
name - dan the blob

side- good side wit mario

description-a blob that rolls around mario and totally adsorbs the enemies then poops more allies and he black and white

relation-marios creation

logo- a peice of pie

strength- eats ppl and then poops allies


kart-a big monster truck with a big pie on the side of it

history-created in1981 by mario use to be a ketchep

thats folks :dk: :dk: :bowser: :bowser: :bowser: :yoshi: :yoshi: :yoshi: :wario: :wario: :wario: :mario: :mario: :mario: :posh:
Name: Leroy Von Koopa

Side: :bowser:'s

Relation: Ludwig Von Koopa's Cousin

Description: Shoots brown :mario:-seeking fireballs from his tan colored wand. He sometimes shoots bob-ombs. He also jumps in the air so high that you can't see him. He comes back with a shockwave that can stun you. Jump on his head 3 times to defeat him.

Location: He would be in the World 9-Castle of New Super Mario Bros Wii. To get it you would have to clear World 9-8 without getting hit by even one little enemy. Or in other words a no damage run.

Logo: A Koopaling that looks like Ludwig Von Koopa and sounds the same. But he's got a black hairdo instead of a blue.

Weakness: :mario: and jumps on the head.

That's it. :mario: :luigi: :bowser:
Name: Chester

Side: his own

Description: he's the black version of :wario: a little taller than :wario: he has a Burnt orange Benie cap with a Silver C on it, Burnt Orange shirt, Teal overalls and Brown wizard shoes his nose isn't pink it's brown like his skin and his mustache is gray.
Name: Sly McCool

Side: Good guy

Description: Tall, carmel skintone with tiedback dreadlocks, wears a brown fedora hat with a beige rim, a beige buttonup shirt with a brown tie, a brown jacket with beige slacks, and brown and beige shoes.

Logo: a beige and brown fox tail

Strength: able to woo and win over any female, allies and enemies.

Weakness: too cool for weakness

attacks: Boomerang fedora hat, grabbing and bitchslapping any enemy in his way, punting goombas, having his newly aquired female allies attacking the enemies.

Kart colors: Beige with a brown accent.

Motives: Shut Bowser down, Plug Wario up, and blasting Waluigi to the moon.
NAME: loushi

SIDE: bad, in all ways, is addicted to causing misfortune at all times and blaming yoshi, her cousin for it!

RELATION: Yoshi is her cousin

DESCRIPTION: She is dark purple with a sparkly lilac bow in her hair, she has lilac boots and a indigo tounge.
She has always been jelous of yoshi because he was the one getting noticed, and so she turned to the dark side with the help of :bowser:, and always tries to stop yoshi from doing good and always pops up to block them when :mario:, :luigi: and :yoshi: are on missions!

LOGO: a picture of herself with red eyes and a lightning bolt by her side

MOTIVE: To cause misfortune to yoshi and play in the game 'The revenge' where Yoshi, toad and mario must try and stop Loushi from stealing Yoshi's magic eggs!
Name: Crystal Koopa

Relation: Not really that I can think of :P

Side: :bowser:'s never any other side

Description: KInda looks like Ludwig von Koopa but with neon green hair and dark blue skin, two visible fangs on each corner of her mouth, eerie icy blue eyes, and a red hibiscus flower in her hair

Logo: A shadowy piece of pie with a bite taken out of it ( :D )

Motive: Will help anyone in being evil

Attacks: Able to breath fire and run extremely fast, likes to build things that blow up easily so she can use them as weapons somehow

A little more about her: She is pretty much completely insane and will yell out random words just to annoy people (Pie!, Moo!, Licorice!, Rechargable Batteries!, and Sea turtle! are some or her favorites)
NAME: nibbles the koopa

SIDE: originally a member of koopa bros., now works solo.

RELATION: The son of kent c. koopa and a hammer bro in world 5-8, older brother of Jr. troopa.

DESCRIPTION: a black-shelled koopa with wings

LOGO: a picture of a winged shell

MOTIVE: to hunt down the seven star spirits, kill peach, and marry misstar.

ATTACKS:(when he is fighting mario in peach's castle) can swoop down on mario, breathe fire, attack with shell, and use koopa bros. technique (though solo.)
Bulb-omb :bobomb:

Description: Bulb-omb's talks in bombs. Looks just like a Bulb-ulb just smaller. They are very kind to living beings.
Side:This guy.> :yoshi:
Relationships: Many Yoshis adore their sweetness and become stronger to withstand the impact they cause.

It all started up when Cackletta stole the voice of a helpless Bulb-ulb and Yoshi replacing it with bombs. They had 4 babies helping them raise awareness of Cackletta's plan to steal Peach's voice. They continue to grow in numbers and fall in love with others. They have species called: Bob-omb-Bob-ombs(only diferences are that they speak in bombs) Gom-ombs Koop-ombs Mari-omb ( created by a fan of :mario: ) Para-omb (any flying creature ) and Luigi-omb(same story as Mari-omb) and YOSHI-omb created by the original babies!!!!!!!!!

Whew... that all lot of species!! ;D  :posh:  :yoshi:  :bobomb: :eekdance: :shifty: :toad: :koopa: :bobomb:
Name: Owser

Relation: Bowser's Brother, Ruler of the Buzzy Beetles

Side: Bowser

Description: Look's like Bowser but instead of Orange hair he has Blue hair. He also has a blue buzzy beetle shell instead of a spike one

Logo: A Blue Shell

Motive: Helps lead with Bowser.

Attacks: Can send a squad of Buzzy Beetles to kill Mario really fast. He, can breathe Water, and Tornadoes. He can also go in his shell and hit Mario.
Name: Marius

Relation: Mario's French cousin

Side: Good.

Description: He has the Mario family resemblance; he basically looks like Mario but has a French-type handlebar moustache. He talks in a very French accent, saying "Oui" and "Non" and all those.

Logo: A red mushroom with a handlebar moustache.

Motive: He's a plumber. What do you think?


Names: Weegee, Walio, Maruigi and Lario

Relation:Mario and Luigi's crazy cousins. They're distantly related to Wario and Waluigi too.

Side: Both

Description: [see picture]

Logo: Lario's is a green Mega Mushroom, Maruigi's is a skinny red mushroom, Walio's is a purple mushroom, and Weegee's is a long, thin, green mushroom.

Motive: To wreak havoc across the streets of London! (yes, they live in London)

Name: Princess Rose
Logo:Sitting On A Gold Thrown With A King Mushroom Turned A Bit Crossing Arms And Winks.
Cart: A Silver Motor Cycle With A Gold Stripe Down.
She Has A Redish/Pink Dress Brown Hair Like :daisy:'s But One Piece of her hair Covers Her Sky Blue Eyes.
She Rules The Sky Kingdom Her Casle Is Silver With One Window Where :peach:'s Painting Would Be. She Has Been Kidnapped By Bowser At Lest 4 Times. She Has Pearl Earrings Like :peach:'s But There Gold With A Silver Cloud. :mario:, :luigi:, :bowser:, :wario: And, :waluigi: All Fell For Her. She Is Madly In Love With Luigi!
She Has Long Silver Gloves With A Star On It She Also has A Silver Wand. The Only Person Who Dislikes Her Is :daisy: Because DUH She Stole Her Boyfriend! Baby Rose: In Cart She is The Fastest Racer There But it Is Verry hard To Get Her! Her Cart Is A Stroller (Like All The Babies) In Beautiful Stirling Silver. Mario Has Always Wanted To Kiss Her, When She Got Captured Bowser the first Time, She Fell With Her Red Umbrell With Pink Laces. She Says, "Wha- Where Luigi!?! I WAS Expecting Him." *Mario Laughs* "Well For Coming I'll....... Give You a Kiss. When She Kisses Mario On The Cheak He Moves His head And Kisses Him On The Lips. Her face Turns Red, Mario Stars Running. She takes Out Her Wand And Says, "OHH NO YOU DON'T!" She Says Also "You Going To PAY!!!" Mario Pays By Massaging Her In A Hot Tub And Being Her Servant For 2 Months. Don't Mess With Her!!! ;)
relation:Toads older brother.
Logo:Black mushroom
Look:Just like Toad,but red eyes and his "hat" is black.
:bobomb: :goomba: :goomba: :yoshi: :boo:

Name: Space-guin, And Fred

Side: Mostly Bad on eachother side

Weakness: He is addicted to star bits if fed to much faints If fred is chasing you and he crosses wood he will stop walk backwards and burn it he cannot help it.

Strength: Is heartless does not mind making someone cry Fred has no better desire then to be Space-Guins freind as well as the like a fire the more he burns the more powerful he gets

Motive: Fred is rather die than upset loyal to Space-Guin. Space-Guin hates all luma's and is addicted to star bits so he takes all the star bits from luma's across the galaxy. He also hates :toad: because purple :toad: stopped him in the game. "Purple Toad's Galaxy"

Relation: Son of Polari, a fire snake that was shot from Sarasaland

Logo: A star with a beak with a ring of fire around it

Kart: A Lying down penguin with his limps and head streched out like a star with a side car that is on fire

star ship: A giant star with a penguin beak

Look: penguin with Space bunny coloring He is all white exept for at the tips of his head his tail is yellow to. Can turn into a green luma with a beak, Fred is a blue fire snake

He was born when Roselia was about to create another luma. the day before she got stuck in a penguin costume and could not get it off she did though the resalting Luma guin or Space guin was rejected by his fellow Luma's. He star blasted across the galaxy tell he hit a planet with a bunch of fire snakes where he met his blue Firesnake Fred. Fred really really likes setting things on fire that is why he is blue because burns hotter then the rest. He and fred made the ship and went across the galaxy trying to drain the star bits out of every luma. He then attacks Roselina's space station kidnapping all luma then walking right up confronting polari the luma that was suppose to raise him. Saying that he forgot to see the teasing from other luma's. The hate that was building up. The only resone purple :toad: tracked him is because he left behind skinny unhealthy starving luma's. Just enough to power his ship as he drained polari

Appearances: He appeared in two games in "Super toad galaxy" was his first his second was employed by Redowser in "Koopa Kids Trio Loses"
Appearance:Basiclly a Koopa Toadsworth
Looks like an old Bowser Jr. and has a white Mustache and a cane
Relation:Bowser' scaretaker from his childhood
Logo: A cane, and Bowser's face on one side
Name: Redowser

Side: Bad

Weakness: Hates it when people compaire him to the red :koopa: kid in the :koopa: kid trio and gets sloopy in battle when compaired

Strength: Does what ever he like unlike the rest of the :koopa: kids he does not work for bowser

Motive: To get people to see him as an evil individual instead of as another :koopa: kid

Relation: He is the brother to the red :koopa: kid in the :koopa: kid trio but the adopted son of the king of Beetles

Logo: three bowser heads one green one blue the other red with a red X that crosses them out the X is sealed by a red spiked :koopa: shell

Kart: The three :koopa: kids from the :koopa: kid trio have wheels like R.O.B. as three throne bearers holding up a throne where he controls them

Star Ship: A giant buzzy beetle shell with red spike :koopa: shell's for jets

Look: Like the Red :koopa: kid from the :koopa: kid trio with a dark red shell and two wings

acording to the game "Koopa Trio Loses" where you can play as the :koopa: kid trio Originally the :koopa: kid trio was suppose to be a quad when the buzzy beetle king saw that he had his own :koopa: ling he forced Redowser to join the :koopa: kid trio he became the scarlet red :koopa: kid did not like being compaired to the other red :koopa: kid so he quit his brothers told :bowser: on him and :bowser: got mad so he chase him trying to force him to join the :koopa: kid trio again so he grew wings just like a para :koopa: so he took a parabeetle with him as a pet and traveled around with a growing hate for his brothers.

Fun Facts: For a time he was Space-Guins employer and has a patalyion of buzzy beetles and parabeetles