Make your own Mario character!

name: Rob-omb


hobby(s):likes robbing people, and likes having fights.

looks like a bob-omb but the rob-omb has a robber mask, robs people, and is the brother of the bob-omb.
Name: Dark luma

motive: to take over star ship Mario

dislikes: :Yoshi: lumas :Mario: and friends :Bowser:

weekness:power stars mini stars and grand stars (he hates those the most)
Name: Snake Eyes

Alliance: Lawful Evil.

Side: Independant

Motive: Just generally wants to give everyone a hard time, and I mean EVERYONE.

Personality: Sneaky, yet loud. Often bored, looking for something to do.

Points of interest: Snake Eyes is a girl. Her fangs are full of venom. She can slowly kill you. She also likes Mario Kart.
Name: Hammy

Species: Hammer spirit.

Personality: Smart, Brave and nice.

Look: A floating hammer with eyes, a bit similar to Cudge, but without wings, and small.
First, I need to look over what roles the main characters embody.

MARIO: The Hero/Heroic, The Curious One
LUIGI: The Cowardly Sidekick, The Butt of Jokes, The Hidden Potential, The Underdog
PEACH: The Possible Love Interest/Token Female
DAISY: The Tomboy, The Athlete
ROSALINA; The Mystic/Mysterious One, The Tragic
YOSHI: The Pet, The Glutton
ORIGINAL TOAD: The Speedy, The Helpful
CAPTAIN TOAD: The Explorer, The Scaredy-Cat
TOADETTE: The Cute One
TOADSWORTH: The Worrywart, The Advisor, The British Guy
WARIO: The Muscle, The Greedy, The Egotistical, The Thief, The Anti-Hero, The Rival
WALUIGI: The Trickster, The Egotistical #2, The Sidekick, The Rival #2
DONKEY KONG: The Ex-Villain, The Dumb Brute, The Simple-Minded
BOWSER: The Villain, The Jerk with a Heart of Gold, The Conquerer
BOWSER JR: The Bratty Kid, The Mechanical Genius, The Lonely One
KAMEK: The Evil Advisor, The Sorcerer, The Only Sane Man

From this, a little research, and off the top of my head without looking on previous pages, I think I got one...

NAME: Princess Orchida

SPECIES: Human...?

"ALLIES": DK, Yoshi, Rosalina, Mario, Luigi


"ENEMIES": Bowser Jr, Waluigi, Bowser, Wario

DESCRIPTION: Red hair, green jungle skirt, pullover multi-animal mask with Paratroopa feathers acting as a crown, muddy forearms & hands

LOGO: Orchida's mask with rounded fangs and eyes

CHARACTER: Living in a jungle far away from the Mushroom Kingdom, Orchida could be considered the "princess" of her tribe. She values nature and its wildlife above all else, but is averse to technology (or at least malicious use of it). Orchida is also principled against those who live a sheltered life in her eyes. If non-animals/non-beasts want to get on Orchida's good side, they have to prove their bravery and trustworthiness.
Name: Boss Cleft

Species: Cleft

Side: Evil

Form: a giant yellow cleft with hands and no spikes.
Name: Prudence
Species: Human
Age: 18
Side: Good side
Abilities/Powers: Levitation, Cryokinesis, Angel Mimicry
Relation: Mario and Luigi's sister :mario: :luigi:
What she wears: Rainbow shirt, indigo leggings, hot pink hair bow, scarlet flip flops, magenta cat eye sunglasses, monochrome beret, turquoise hair tie for bun
Hairstyle: Bun
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Friends: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Luma, Yoshi, Birdo, Toad, Toadette, Tumble, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Lakitu
Enemies: Wario, Waluigi, Boshi, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dry Bowser, Dry Bones, Goomba,
Likes: Sports, Parties, Painting, Protecting her brothers from Bowser
Hates: Being defeated by Bowser, her parties being ruined, being or feeling left out
Logo: Snowflake inside each angel wing
Motive: Prudence is Mario and Luigi's sister since Mario and Luigi are brothers. Bowser would probably want to have a party for himself, so he might plan to steal a party of Mario, Luigi and Peach's, but Prudence disagrees. Prudence would then show Bowser the meaning of polite. With her traits of an angel alongside the power to fly and her ice powers, anything is possible!
Name: Houndswell
Species: Hellhound
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Side: Evil
Abilities/Powers: Hellhound Mimicry, Tempestakinesis, Pyrokinesis
Relation: Bowser's friend
What he wears: Red shirt with a fire symbol and royal blue pants
Eye color: Red
Friends: :bowser: , :bowjr: , :wario: , :waluigi: , :boshi:
Enemies: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Yoshi, Birdo, Toad, Toadette, Tumble, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Likes: Making storms, burning people, burning stuff, being a hellhound
Hates: Being defeated, being used for experiments
Logo: A fireball inside an electro ball
Motive: Bowser and Houndswell are best friends. Houndswell loves working with Bowser to stop Mario and his friends. He's got 3 heads that can breathe fire of 3 different colors (original, pink, purple). And he can also make storms by clapping 6 times. Therefore, he can burn and electrocute anyone (except Bowser) who tries to hurt him!
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Give he/she a name, it's relation to any character, a description of what it looks like, it's strengths and weaknesses, and anything else about them. Okay here's my character:


SIDE: Good side

RELATION: :luigi:'s Twin

DESCRIPTION: Red hat, White overalls with a Red shirt and Red shoes

LOGO: A Red 5

MOTIVE: SLG5 was made by :bowser:'s son, :bowjr: to destroy the Mario Bros. to kidnap :peach: and destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. SLG5 tried to destroy :luigi: but he stopped and joined the good side to take out Bowser, That’s when SMG7 (Me) was made. SMG7 tried to do the same thing but he saw his brother SLG5, he joined the good side to help.

I hope you have a character to explain that you made because I think is cheesy
Name: "Jawbones" (Real name: Amanda Lockheart)

Alliance: Lawful Good

Side: Heroes

Motive: To defeat Captain Bowser and to make The Sea of Air a peaceful place for all pirates.

Appearance: Fair skin, ginger hair kept in a ponytail, a pirate hat with a red feather, an eyepatch, a long pirate coat with a grey undershirt, beige pants, black boots, and a hook on her left hand. You know, pirate attire!

Personality: Very friendly to all the people on her side. All around good person, though she is somewhat short fused.

Points of interest:
  • Usually supposed to look tough to make others fear her.
  • Self conscious.
  • "The Sea of Air" is no joke. Her 'airship' is like a pirate ship that can fly. It's basically a pirate life in the sky!
Name: Yoshi-tte (Without the line - had to add it because of the random "Bleep")
Descripition: A pink Yoshi with purple boots
Relationship: Yoshi's sister
Best Friend: Birdo
Main Rival: Peach
Lives in: Yoshi's Village, a small village in the Mushroom Kingdom
Abillities: All of Yoshi's abillities expect she can't Flutter Jump and instead can Long Jump
Hobbies: Watching movies, running, playing sport
Name: SLG3
Description: A blue cap with blue overalls with white shirt and blue shoes
Side: Good Side
Logo: A Blue 3
Relation: :luigi:'s Cousin, :mario:'s Cousin,SMG7 and SLG5's big brother
Motive: Was made by SLG5 to help SMG7 (Me),SLG5, :mario: and :luigi: to go defeat bowser and save the princess
Weakness: All :mario:,Luigi,SMG7 (Me) and SLG5's Weakness's
Abilities: SMG7,SLG5,Mario and Luigi's abilities

That's it for my second one. What's yours.
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Name: SYG8
Description: A red Yoshi with a black shell and blue shoes
Side: Good Side
Relation: :yoshi:'s brother and SMG8's Yoshi
Logo: Yoshi Egg with black and red pattern spots
Motive: SMG8 met SYG8 when he was a kid. They had lots of adventures, Became friends and saw :mario:, :luigi:, SMG7, SLG5 and his brother :yoshi:.
Abilities: :yoshi:'s abilities
Weakness: Lava
Name: Stab Yoshi
Description: A black yoshi with black glasses and dark blue shoes
Side: Bad Side
Relation: :yoshi:
Logo: Yoshi Egg with black spots with fangs inside the spot in the middle

Motive: When Stab Yoshi and :yoshi: were born, stab yoshi did everything bad and :yoshi: did everything good. Stab Yoshi left the family when he was 12 and joined the evil side with :bowser: and :bowjr: to fight Mario,Luigi and most of all Yoshi.
Name: Fut Fack
Species: dragon koopa
Age: 44
Side: pure evil
Abilities/Powers: rolling around, eating cake
Relation: Bowser's distant cousin's aunt's sister's brother's boy, twice removed
What he wears: tank top, slacks, socks with sandals
Hairstyle: pony tail
Hair color: red
Eye color: red
Friends: his WoW characters, his mum
Enemies: society
Likes: playing games, eating everything in sight, staying in his mum's basement
Hates: going out doors, losing games, society
Motive: bowser jr and yoshi once beat him in WoW, despite the fact that they never play, which really pissed off fut fack. he vows revenge on everyone because of this, and is currently putting his superior "h4x0r 5k1ll5" to use by attempting to hack into the mushroom kingdom's nuclear defence systems
Umbra are mythical entities (and we all know myths are real in the Mushroom Universe). An Umbra is born into the world on a person's darkest day, in the lowest, darkest moment(s) of the host's life. This could be abandonment, the loss of a loved one through natural (e.g. disease), accidental (e.g. car accident), or orchestrated (i.e. murder) means, etc. Umbra usually awaken the moment they are born, but some can incubate for an indeterminate amount of time. After awakening, an Umbra is able to see and hear through the eyes and ears of its host, as well as hearing its host's thoughts. Most Umbra stay hidden from their host and the rest of the world, but once awake they can still be detected by characters or artifacts that can detect evil. An Umbra's personality is somewhat influenced by the nature of the dark moment that heralded its birth. Similarly, an Umbra will give itself a name related to that moment (e.g. an Umbra named Orphan) or to its personality (e.g. an Umbra named Merciless).

An Umbra passively feeds off of and accumulates HP, Attack, and Defense from the negative emotions (greed, envy, malice, covetousness, fear, hopelessness, blind rage) of its host. Umbra subtly push their hosts to perform acts that would produce more of these emotions, and bring to mind negative thoughts and memories in their hosts' mind, all without revealing themselves. If an Umbra consumes enough negative emotions, it can feed off the emotions of those around the host, and the radius increases the more power it gets. After even more feeding, an Umbra can plant a portion of itself, called a Penumbra, in another sub-host. This Penumbra allows the Umbra to see and hear through the sub-host's eyes and ears as well as the host's. The Umbra can also influence a sub-host's thoughts and actions the same way it can influence a host's. The Penumbra, unlike the Umbra, is invisible to Detect Evil. The more power an Umbra has, the more sub-hosts it can infiltrate with Penumbra. However, even weak Umbra can plant a Penumbra in its host's sex cells, which would then produce a Penumbra inside the host's child. An Umbra knows where its Penumbra are at all times, no matter where the Penumbra is/are throughout the dimensions. Umbra might not be material, but they are perfectly formed to fit the hole in host's heart.

If an Umbra gains even more power, it can take over the body of its host. Once taken over, the host's appearance remains mostly the same, with the only difference being that their eyes are completely black and do not reflect any light. Their voice is also the exact same as the host. The host's soul is then forced to be in the same position as the Umbra used to be, forced to watch and hear all that it does.
At an even higher level of power an Umbra can upgrade one of its Penumbra into an independent Umbra with its own personality, that can take over its sub-host. An Umbra needs to possess twice that amount of power to upgrade another of its Penumbra, and so on. Once upgraded, the Penumbra will be allowed to name itself according to the same naming criteria above, albeit relating to its sub-host. An upgraded Penumbra cannot, however, plant Penumbra of its own, nor can it receive the benefits of negative emotions. All feeding that the upgraded Penumbra does only benefits the original Umbra. The Umbra can terminate one of its upgraded Penumbra (even against the said Penumbra's wishes) to gain a boost in power equivalent to the amount of power required to upgrade the Penumbra in the first place. Once terminated, that Penumbra is gone. The destruction of an upgraded Penumbra deals a significant amount of pain to the unfortunate sub-host. An upgraded Penumbra screams in agony during the split-second that its Umbra terminates it against its will.

There do exist those who are miraculously immune to all Umbraic abilities. Their emotions do not feed and cannot be detected by Umbra, and they can be neither hosts to an Umbra nor sub-hosts to a Penumbra. It is unknown what factors prevent Umbra from affecting these individuals. Princess Peach is one such person, so it was initially thought that one had to be pure of heart and goodness. But this theory fell flat once it was discovered that [illegible] and later [illegible] were also immune. What the heck? Why are these names scratched out?
age 9
gender M

has a yellow hair and a blue shirt and green trousers has no moustache, likes playin with Computer

can you make a pic out of him
Deleted member 6096 said:
age 9
gender M

has a yellow hair and a blue shirt and green trousers has no moustache, likes playin with Computer

can you make a pic out of him
Name: Warule

Side: Evil, though she is very cowardly and flees at the slightest sign of danger.

Relation: she is a doppelganger of Peach but notably looks nothing like her, she is a princess of a land called the Arain biome and she has a grudge aginst Peach and Daisy because they are more attractive than her. The first people she encountered in the Mushroom kingdom were Wario and Waluigi, she almost instantly fell head-over heels in love with Waluigi but he doesn't quite feel the same. she stays with them but has to pay for in coin, she stays with them both for protection and so she can stalk Waluigi easily

Age: unknown

Gender: Female

Description: she has short brown messy hair that spikes out in all directions, she also wears a brownish pink crop top and black shorts with overalls. she has the iconic pink nose and blue under her eyes like the other doppelgangers as well as a small crown baring her logo

Logo: Her logo is a orange D with a pink P in the center

Motive: Her hatred of Peach and daisy has brought her to the Mushroom Kingdom, she met Wario and Waluigi and are now paying them to help her overthrow the the princesses

Likes: attention, dressing up, complaining, and stalking Waluigi

Dislikes: being teased, Peach and Daisy, and loud noises
So we're sharing Mario fan characters huh?

Only threw this in because of the song's title... Yes I know that was corny as hell...!

Well, I've got a bunch of OCs, and a lot of them are Mario based, but only three that are ready to share outside of ol' DA (others are being either redesigned or I still have to draw them in the first place)! They have full bios, so I'll leave links to those too!


Airashi Furuya


Goombatt's picture is actually two years older than the other two I'm sharing, but it aged well, so yeah...