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We've reached the final stage of Smash speculation, and it's been an interesting one. How do you cap off Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with one last character, and who could it be?

While it could just be another Fire Emblem character, I think the last one could have more significance than meets the eye. In the Kazuya presentation, Sakurai mentioned how a passion project of his ten years in the making is coming to its close, and he called Ultimate "his life's work". With the strong possibility of this being Sakurai's last Smash game, is it possible that he'd want to end it with a bang, or a character that's important to him? There's no clear answer to this, but I think it's worth bearing in mind.

Here's a few picks for who I hope the final fighter will be:
Master Hand - If the final character goes the route of "celebrating the legacy of Smash and Sakurai's life work", there is no better option than to make Master Hand playable. He's been a boss in the series since the beginning, but on a more metaphorical level, the intro of N64 implies that Master Hand represents the creator of the world of Smash, or the child who imagines it. Sakurai, alongside his studio, have created the world of Smash for many years now, so if Master Hand were added, it could symbolically represent Sakurai and his team. Is that a bit tongue-in-cheek, over the top analysis? Probably, but I cannot a better character to finish Sakurai's work in Smash than the character who creates Smash himself
Tabuu - I'm tossing him a bone for being another Smash original character, and I do think Tabuu would be cool to play, but I think Master Hand is a far stronger choice for a Smash original. Still, I'd appreciate his inclusion
A character representing the future of Nintendo - I'm keeping this one intentionally vague. Recently, Street Fighter V had its final DLC character revealed, and he's meant to represent where Street Fighter is going in the future. I think it would be pretty neat if Ultimate ended in a similar way. After all, Ultimate has to end, but Nintendo will continue to make games into the future, so why not celebrate it? This could mean a BotW2 character, a Metroid Dread character, a character from a new IP, or any other characters demonstrating where Nintendo is moving forward to, but no matter who, I think it'd be neat to see

Past those picks that I've chosen specifically because they're the final slot, I'd still like to see
-Phoenix Wright
-Dr. Eggman
-Chun Li
Any of those four make it in, but I feel like their chances are diminished at this point.
My most wanted character remains Phoenix, but with the perspective in mind, Master Hand is a very close second

What are your thoughts? Do you think we'll get a character that serves as a celebration of Smash, or do you think we're inevitably getting Cinderace?


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I actually quite like the idea of Master Hand or someone else to represent the Smash series itself, and I've actually thought about it a few times. If it was to happen I would be fairly happy, not excited or anything like that, but definitely an "ah, that's neat" before I turn the presentation off and invetably cry about the fact Eggman isn't in the game.

Speaking of hands, can I make my pitch for the Hand from Mario Paint & Maker? It has artistic and musical skills, can summon items, enemies, and object from the Mario series, and is also a hand. That should be more then enough moveset potential and appeal in of itself. If most of that seems gimmicky then I partially agree, and feel that it's more... handy traits would make sense for a majority of it's normals, with the rest only being used for taunts, specials, and maybe smash attacks and grabs.
This isn't actually that relevant, and I don't think they'll be, or even want them as the final character that much, I just remembered this idea and I'm making sure everyone knows about how cool I think it is.

Anyway, that Eggman idea of yours sounds pretty cool if you ask me, and I personally wouldn't mind seeing it.


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you know what!!!!! it ending on a smash original would kick SO much ass. symbolically . it works very well
if thats not what we get though then i know its not gonna be anyone i care about, still


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Bruh they should just add mario in

In all seriousness, I don't think it would be master hand, mostly because he's playable at the end of world of light, second because his moveset might be too broken and would piss competitive players off.

Taboo might be possible, although I would say the same thing about him, also because he's a spirit at the end of world of light, kind of representing a hard battle and stuff.

For the fighter it could be whoever you might think of, Who even knows if Sakurai will add himself to the game. I feel like the fighter could most likely be anyone that a lot of people expect and that's all I'm gonna say about it.


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BWD or Crash. If it's anyone else, I won't be interested.


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Actually, I have been contacted by Sakurai himself and the final DLC character (who is a stand-alone after Fighter Pass 2) will actually be a triple character tag team consisting of the Magic Master, the mysterious robot, and the true villain from World of Plight.

In all seriousness, I think that there's no way Smash Ultimate could just simply go out with something as basic as another representative from a mass represented series or a little known representative. Whether it's the final of FP2 or a stand-alone, it's probably going to be a really well-known character who's not from a series that already has a truckload of Fighters unless said series is Smash Bros.

I would love someone like Master Hand or Tabuu (heck, even Galeem or Dharkon) and stuff like size wouldn't be an issue (apparently Ridley is "too big"). But if it's something that just kind of makes the whole series go "put" instead of "BOOOOM!" I'm gonna riot.

As for my personal picks, here's a list of my top 10:
1. Magolor (duh)
2. Bandana Waddle Dee
2. King Boo
2. Captain Toad
2. Kass from BotW
6. The Brawl Stars
7. Fawful or some M&L rep
8. Waluigi
9. Who even knows for these last ones. Probably something stupid like...
10. I dunno, Nabbit or the Tiki Tak Tribe.

Realistically off that list is basically the first three.


I said this before but I think a cool idea is a fighter that is crossover itself, two or more franchises in one, due to the details from Pyra and Mythra, I doubt they are going to be Ice Climbers style, it can also lead to be Assist Trophies being playable, well at least ones who can do damage and take damage. My idea is a Dragalia Lost character who turns into Assist Trophies instead of the Dragons from the game, but other shapeshifter could work too


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Ones on my list are, in no particular order:
  • Siegfried/Nightmare
  • Cranky Kong
  • Paper Mario
  • Lana from Hyrule Warriors (Impa is also good)
  • Master Hand (or a mode dedicated to him as what was seen in World of Light)
  • One or more Assist Trophies (specifically Waluigi, Isaac, Zero, Lyn, Shadow, and/or "PONG")
    • Likewise, some kind of moveset overhaul for Dark Samus, Chrom, and Daisy would be great, Nintendo!
  • Some original character


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my actual wishlist is like. i dunno id love dixie kong (or cranky or funky). paper mario would be neat? idk some reps that have no way in hell of happening, like worm from worms yknow the worms with guns, angry birds , ...spore???? Anyway i dont expect any of that lmao. no way the dlc is gonna end on Dixie Kong


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I'm pessimistic about the last fighter and guessing it's just going to be another character from a series already in the game (if I had to guess specifically, Dixie, Impa, a Sword/Shield Pokemon, or preferably, Paper Mario or Octoling (with a different moveset from Inkling + Octo Expansion stage/music)).

At the very least I'd prefer someone cartoonish, unique or unusual for a fighting setting that would make it more diverse, like Banjo and Steve. Literally the last three characters have been realistic human actual-fighters/swordfighters.

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I really want a (third-party) scrimblo-bimblo type character or an FPS rep, but I’m bracing myself for something that will elicit no more than a collective “uuh, cool?”
Actually, you know what first-party fighter would make me equally happy?

Porky from Earthbound.

He doesn't currently appear in any way, shape, or form in Ultimate, which is strange considering he had enough notability as a Subspace boss in Brawl.


My vote still goes to more indie rep, like making Sans a true fighter, or adding Shovel Knight or Shantae. Hell i'd even take Octodad or Untitled Goose.
Rayman or Skylander's Spyro would also make for a pleasant addition.
Or Mickey Mouse because why not, he's got good games.
buuut I'm sure it's going to be someone I've never heard of again.


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Pretty late, but supposing the purple color leak is true, im guessing it could maybe be hat kid, rayman or waluigi, which that last one honestly really feels like something nintendo would do, ending it with the one character everyone wants


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I say Rayman or Crash Bandicoot. When the reveal comes it'll be the biggest Smash reveal ever and they need a big impact.
I'd say be careful expecting this last reveal to be something all that big. The last Smash reveal tends to not really be that big of a name or a more promotional character whether it's the end of base game or DLC. As much as I would like to be wrong, I think Kazuya was our last 3rd party character. And even among 1st party choices, I have this rather pessimistic hunch we're getting a Gen 8 Pokemon of some kind.