Who do You main in Mario Kart

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My favorite combination in Mario Kart 8 is always going to be the Prancer, the wooden tires, and the Peach Parasol. Oh, and Mario's driving it. Who cares about stats when you can be beautiful?

In Mario Kart Wii, I use the Sugarscoot because scooters are cool. I also like the City Tripper but y'know the Prancer exists.

Oh and I like the Birthday Girl in Mario Kart 7.

The Heart Coach is my kart of choice in Mario Kart Double Dash.

And Mario Kart DS, I haven't played to really get a preference in a while; the Dry Bomber is so busted lol.

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I always main Rosalina in MK8. Unfortunately it's been way too damn long since I booted the game up that I can't remember what my vehicle preferences are.

I, uh, never really played the other Mario Kart games enough to really have a main in them, I'd just choose whoever I felt like when I played them.

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Baby Luigi on a P-Wing with GLA Tires and Plane Glider is my favorite combo in Mario Kart 8 and Deluxe. though mods let me use my Protector OCs so I gravitate towards using them more than Baby Luigi

Mario Kart Wii, Baby Luigi is my main and I rotate between vehicles but the Tiny Titan is my favorite.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! I always use Baby Luigi and Baby Mario is my most common partner.

The rest I use Toad.


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SMK: Mario
MK64: Mario
MKDD: Mario and Peach on the Parade Kart
MKWii: Mario on the Wild Wing
MK7: Mario on the Pipe Frame with Slick Tires when playing for fun, Rosalina or Metal Mario on the Blue Seven with Slick Tires when playing to win
MK8: Same as MK7, but replace Blue Seven with Circuit Special

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Super: Koopa Troopa
64/SC: Toad
Double Dash: Diddy Kong/Toad/Barrel Train
DS: Dry Bones/Wildlife
Wii: Diddy Kong/Mach Bike
7: Shy Guy/B-Dasher/Mushroom Tyres
8(DX): I don’t know, the stats are so balanced that I can’t get a combination I actually enjoy (not that it matters because they barely affect gameplay), but I always end up using the Slim/Wooden tyres.

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SMK: Toad, to get through them 90 degree turns
MK64: Mario
MKSC: Mario for 50/100cc, Toad for 150cc
MKDD: Toad/Toadette in the standard looking kart
MKDS: Bowser in the Hurricane
MKWII: Mario in Wild Wing
MK7: Metal Mario in B Dasher with Red Monster with any glider
MK8/8D: Mario in B Dasher with Ultra Slicks with any glider.


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In Super Mario Kart I tend to use either Koopa Troopa or Toad since they seem to be the easiest to control in that game. In Double Dash I tend to use Yoshi and either Baby Mario/Baby Luigi, Koopa Troopa/Paratroopa, or Toad/Toadette to use their specials. In any other game I tend to just use Yoshi, although I also use other characters like Koopa Troopa, Ludwig, Larry, Lemmy, Toadette, and Luigi.


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In Mario Kart Wii, I mostly play as Baby Peach, Birdo, and Rosalina (one character from each weight class). My favorite vehicles are the Quacker, Standard M, Classic Dragster, and Standard L.

I don't really have a main in Mario Kart 8. These are all of the characters that I play as:

MK8D Characters.png

I try to use all of those characters equally in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but I play as whoever I want in Mario Kart 8 (Wii U). I mostly like to play as the unpopular female characters: Baby Peach, Wendy, PinkGold Peach, and Baby Rosalina.

In Mario Kart Tour, there are a LOT of characters that I like to play as. But I will say that Peachette is my favorite character in this game, and she might even be my number one favorite Mario character now.


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My time with Mario Kart 8 may be over, but my most used combo in that game was Rosalina + Biddybuggy + Azure Roller + Parachute.

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SMK: Yoshi, Koopa Troopa.
MK Wii: Luigi, King Boo, Funky Kong.
MK8: Link, Wario.
MK8 DX: Wario, King Boo.


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In MK8DX, I play as either Villager Girl or King Boo (because, y'know, he's so damn cool). My vehicle of choice is the Flame Rider with Retro Off-Road wheels and the Super Glider.

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I mostly use link or metal mario in mario kart 8 (deluxe), but in the other games, probably just maro.

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Easy,Rosalina and green inkling girl with sport bikes,slick and super glider(mk8d),b dasher slick and parafoil in mk7(with Rosalina)and the shooting star in mkwii(also Rosalina) basically Rosalina also this is sorta my thing for mario kart
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