30 day video game music challenge!


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day 26: muisc you like from a game you havent played
...... like most or half of mario music i listen to

i could use mario galaxy music here but im gonna use something more interesting?
ive heard this in a vinesauce corruptions video and it made me go 👁


Day 26: From a game I haven't played

Kirby Mass Attack (Icy Realm)

Nearly all the Kirby music I posted here are ice-themed for some reason. Anyway this theme slaps.

Hey YFJ is Kirby Mass Attack a good game or am I better off playing another Kirby game first?

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Day 26: Music you like from a game you haven't played

Never played Rayman 1 and I really should considering I played Rayman 2, Legends, and Origins and all of them have amazing soundtracks (just watched my sister play some of 3), but gosh darn does this game have a good sountrack. The Band Land music is my favorite from the game, and there's a large variety of them to pick from, as the music cycles between music.

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Day 26: Music you like from a game you haven't played

when it comes to games in general, i don't own that many, but i have a decent amount of vg knowledge, enough to jam to songs from games ive never played.
now i've also never played sonic adventure 2 (i will at some point), and even though the og city escape is a bop, i prefer this version. it somehow makes me nostalgic despite me never even playing either sa2 or generations.

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Day 26: Volcanic Rim (Oceania) - Street Fighter IV

Fun fact: I've never played a Street Fighter game! Any of them! Just not a big fighting games guy so I haven't gotten around to it. It's on the list of "maybe, but not a priority". But I've heard plenty of great music from the series, though this one takes the cake. Just slap it over any fight scene and it's three times as intense. Go on, try it yourself!


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OK, I've caught up with the schedule!

Day 22: Town/village music
Choice: Final Fantasy V - Harvest
This town theme has a strong Celtic flavour, which I really like due to how uplifting Celtic music is usually like. This is probably the first town/village theme that caught my attention since it's very upbeat instead of just portraying a peaceful scene.

Day 23: Underrated music
Choice: Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) - Spring Stadium Zone Act 2
Music that features strange sounds can sound great if done right, which I thought this music fits. This music is doubly underrated because a lot of fans preferred the Genesis version of Sonic 3D Blast's themes, yet I tend to prefer the more atmospheric Saturn themes since it's also the one used for the PC version.

Day 24: Music you have constantly stuck in your head
Choice: Splatoon 2 - Ever Further
After completing Salmon Run shifts, this theme plays regardless of failure or success. Due to playing this mode quite often, it did have me recalling this theme every now and then. It's also because of how funky this theme is. The laughter sounds at parts are a nice touch.

Day 25: Music that gets you pumped
Choice: Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour - Shifting Sands
When Toadstool Tour comes about, the music in Mario Golf took a turn for the epic, where it was originally more calming, but now? It's as if every golf game become like a spectator sport where the music is upbeat and motivating, with the probable exception of putting sections.

Day 26: Music you like from a game you haven't played
Choice: Tales of Vesperia - Burning Fighting Spirit
I first heard this theme because BrawlBRSTMsX likes to have "Tales of" music by Motoi Sakuraba, and this one caught my ears because it's superly motivating and felt like the game's battle themes make going through them like a breeze. Interestingly, I was pondering getting the Definitive Edition on Switch sometimes but ended up glossing over it because I am not in a hurry to get it.

Thank you for reading.

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for day 25, music that gets you pumped, i'm gonna go with The 13th Struggle from the Kingdom Hearts series. Yoko Shinomura is an absolutely amazing composer, and it really shows in the Kingdom Hearts series. There's a lot of boss themes in the series, but this one is the one I always remember the most, it's really energetic and is definitely my favourite Organisation boss theme

for day 26, waaaaay back when this thread was first posted and i was thinking of some answers for the questions, i was initially gonna go with that song from mysterious murasame castle that's in smash cause i was like 'oh yeah thats pretty ok i guess', but i thought up a much better idea a few days ago for a series with great music that i haven't played, and so today's pick is Captain Murasa from Touhou!! Did i only pick this particular song because it was my role for my first KG? yes! do i regret that? no! touhou is famous for good jams (i'd almost say it can sometimes be arguably more famous for it's music than the actual games), so as soon as i got a touhou character as a role my first thought was "well, i better go look up this character's theme cause i know it'll be really good" and it was! even though ive never played touhou i can always rely on it to be good music-wise, and i think thats really nice


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day 27: music from a handheld game
thats ? kinda tough. i dont play Hand Held games unless the switch counts!!!
therefore im gonna give shoutouts to mario land 2 music.. it never gets enough attention for some reason!


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Day 25 - Music that gets you pumped

Mario Kart: Super Circuit (Bowser's Castle) - Normally, Bowser's Castle themes are these slower, scarier tunes, but this one is fast-paced, and it gets me pumped for the race.

Day 26 - Music you like from a game you haven't played

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (Title Theme) - I like how the music is calm and peaceful, then slows down, then kicks into action.

Day 27 - Music from a handheld game

Super Mario 3D Land (Beach Theme) - I like Mario beach music, and Super Mario 3D Land is no exception. It's relaxing and fun to listen to.

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Originally I was going to use a different series for Day 27, but then an Idea hit for that one - and it's probably clear at this point that I'm doing "no repeat series", huh? Anyhow...

Day 27: Beyond the Distant Skies - Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

FE6 has its problems, like the relatively restrictive way to get to the true ending, and the way every map is seize with no variety, but it's still a pretty good game. And the music is a great example of that, too! This theme is just... really nice. It's a great theme to idle for hours to, it's relaxing with a hint of energy behind it. Perfect for the early stages of FE when it's just some sort of territorial aggression.

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Day 27: Stilt Village - Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)

GBA compression aside, I actually think the GBA version of the DKC3 soundtrack is pretty good. I prefer it over the SNES version (though that might just be nostalgia), and that's very much true for this song. Like with the first two DKC games, the song for the first level starts out with a bit of ambience, before transitioning into the main part of the song. This is something not present in the SNES soundtrack for DKC3, just listen to the SNES version of Stilt Village, it almost feels cartoon like, a vibe that the DKC series almost never goes for.


Day 27: Music from a handheld game [Hard Mode]

New Super Mario Bros. DS overworld.


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Day 27: Music from a handheld game

Bravely Default - Baby Bird

Handheld games with fantastic music are kind of challenging to recall since a good deal of time they are serviceable, with a few highlights. However, the game that impressed me with music is most definitely Bravely Default, which went all out with its music and they are overall a fantastic package. Of the themes I decided to pick, I opted for one that felt uplifting. When Edea (one of the main characters) uses her special move, this theme would play. Before I delved into this game, I thought it's the airship theme because of the title, until I found out what it's actually used for.

Thank you for reading.


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day 28: music that makes you nostalgic
you have NO IDEA how hard this was to find and i think its still missing like hte first note for no reason compared to the actual audio file from the game i have
but baiscally yea this game means a lot to me (for some reason) and its music makes me go :]
Day 20 - Music from a racing game: Diddy Kong Racing - Crescent Island

Is it even a question, Diddy Kong Racing still has one of the best soundtracks in the business. Nothing but hits.

Day 21 - Music you associate with frustration: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Driver VS

I don't have anything against this track, I do like it. The problem is that I had to listen to it as I grinded Legendary Core Crystals in order to get KOS-MOS, which took 10 hours of grinding and could have taken longer since it's all RNG so there was no upper limit on time investment. Could also have taken me only a few minutes if I was lucky but that's how it rolls. There was one point at the 6 hour mark where I used a Smash Art above a fence and the enemy glitched and stayed on top of the fence in 'Smash' (which usually lasts half a second) so every elemental combo I did resulted in the SMASH (Element) cut-in.

Day 22 - Town/village music: Bravely Default - The Civil War Country

I don't really remember town music often, but this one has always stuck with me. Even though I haven't played this game in years, any time town music is brought up or mentioned I always think back to this one. I guess this is why I don't remember town themes often, they generally don't have this much passion.

Day 23 - Underrated music: Ys Origin - Silent Desert

I'm not even sure if this is underrated in the context of Ys Origin, but I love this area theme and I feel like it's overshadowed by all the other good tracks in this game. I don't like desert areas or themes usually, but this one is so damn good and fits in perfectly for a game like Ys. It made me want to enjoy the music but made me want to play fast and I feel like games that don't force you to play fast but give you the option and egg you on with the music are some of the best.

Day 24 - Music you constantly have stuck in your head: Pokémon Rumble - Battle Royale

Just like there's no music I never get tired of, there's also no music constantly stuck in my brain jar. But this track from Rumble is a pretty simple tune that I have had stuck in my head while I was at work before. Rumble wasn't any good but this one goes hard.

Day 25 - Music that gets you pumped: Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk - Yesterday's Opponents are Today's Ingredients

The title of this song is metal as fuck, but it's so good. Atelier Ayesha is a pretty wholesome game so when I first heard this I just sat there and listened to it for a while because it really hit me out of left field. I think it's the contrast of this music compared to the game it's in that makes it a good choice for this day.

Day 26 - Music you like from a game you haven't played: Tekken 7 - Infinite Azure

I like watching Tekken sometimes, I played some of the older ones but I stopped playing multiplayer focused games a lot so I can't see myself ever trying to play Tekken again but the music is still good. This is one that I could play in the house on loop while nobody is home and enjoy.

Day 27 - Music from a handheld game: Etrian Odyssey Nexus - The First Campaign (EO3)

I chose a different Etrian game this time but then chose music remixed form Etrian Odyssey III because I have a peanut brain. This one is pretty long and if you're even half decent at this game then you will never hear the entirety of this song because battles will end quickly unless you're one of those weirdos that doesn't play games on hyperspeed settings, freak. Worth listening all the way through. This might be the remnants of what was going to be Etrian Odyssey Untold 3, what could have been.

Day 28 - Music that makes you nostalgic: Mario Party 3 - Let's Get a Move On

This game and Mario Tennis were my childhood, but when I hear this one I definitely feel the nostalgia. Short but sweet, also I probably failed at half the mini-games that this played on but that's irrelevant.

I think I've caught up now.


Day 28: Music that makes me nostalgic [Hard Mode]

Battle Beach's main hub theme. Used to play this when I was about 10 or 11, as my brother didn't want me playing Clash of Clans since we couldn't make a seperate save file for me, and he was playing that. Sadly this game won't load on BlueStacks otherwise I would've come back to it soon. Anyway, I always liked this music. Sadly I can't find a dedicated video towards the music, but you can hear it in this video (00:14-1:00).

Well I used up most of my childhood games lmao. If I could I definitely would've chosen something from the Lego Indiana Jones games, SPM, BIS, or the two Galaxies, I guess Minecraft as well but I wasn't quite so young for that.

Day 1 - Title Screen - Donkey Kong Country Returns
Day 2 - Opening Level - Super Bell Hill (Super Mario 3D World)
Day 3 - 8 bit - Super Mario Bros. 1 Ghost House (Super Mario Maker)
Day 4 - Console Exclusive Series - Soft Light (Super Paper Mario)
Day 5 - Hub/Overworld - Rogueport (Paper Mario TTYD)
Day 6 - Relaxing - Cosmic Cove Galaxy (Galaxy 2)
Day 7 - from an indie game - Sweden (Minecraft)
Day 8 - from a shooter game - N/A
Day 9 - from a liscenced game - Level Builder / Nocturnal Activities (Lego Indiana Jones 2)
Day 10 - RPG Battle - Bowser's Inside Story main enemy battle theme
Day 11 - from a puzzle game - Angry Birds title theme
Day 12 - sad music - Luma (Super Mario Galaxy 1)
Day 13 - from a game I don't like - Mario Kart Wii Rainbow Road
Day 14 - music featuring vocals - jump up, super star! (Super Mario Odyssey)
Day 15 - boss battle - Koopaling battle (NSMBW/U)
Day 16 - 16 bit - SMW Overworld
Day 17 - Music I never get tired of - SM3DL Overworld
Day 18 - Music released in the year I was born - Teehee Valley from M&L: Superstar Saga
Day 19 - Cover of music by a different artist - Qumu's Ricco Harbour (from Super Mario Sunshine)
Day 20 - Music from a racing game - N/A
Day 21 - music you associate with frustration - super mario bros game over
Day 22 - town/village - paper mario 64 toad town
Day 23 - underrated vgm - super mario land 2 graveyard
Day 24 - music i have constantly stuck in my head - super mario bros 3 overworld
Day 25 - music that gets me pumped - lego indiana jones 1 status screen
Day 26 - from a game i haven't played - dreamy somnom labrynth - mario & luigi: dream team
Day 27 - from a handheld game - nsmbds overworld


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Day 28: Music that makes you nostalgic
It's a toss-up between Crash 2 and A Hero's Tail because two of my fondest childhood gaming memories are from those games. Both have excellent soundtracks, though Crash 2 was the earliest one so I guess I'll go with that: Snow Go - Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

As to why this track, I'm not sure. It's not even my favourite track in the game, but it's the one that seems to make me feel the most nostalgic for some reason.

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Day 28: History of the Moon - Touhoumon

It was haaard to pick something that fit this bill properly, but ultimately I went with the remix of Eirin's theme that Touhoumon hacks use. It's a simple loop of a small part of her theme, but it sends me right back to that period from 2008-2012. I've got a lot of fond and formative memories of that time period (many involving Touhou) - it really was going to be something Touhou related, I knew that from the beginning. This remix just got the choice because it's more specifically tied up for me in the past than any other option.


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Day 28: Music that makes you nostalgic

Chip's Challenge (PC) - Canyon.MID

Although this tune is not part of the game, it's the one that played on certain versions of Windows. In other versions, only two themes that came with the game were played. This theme is always on the second, while the game themes were the first and third. While the game themes were short and catchy, this one conveys a different feeling. Instead of a fun romp in a playhouse, playing Chip's Challenge with this theme makes me think that Chip is trapped in the level and had to escape somehow since the levels can be long and more important, dangerous.

It's a shame that the Lynx themes are not as well-known, because there are quite a few bangers of its own.

Thank you for reading.

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forgot to post yesterday......woops

Day 27: Music from a handheld game

i have very little experience with handheld gaming. obviously they include consoles like the ds family and the gameboy family. i like the m&l superstar saga battle theme, and i guess im going with the remade version cause i prefer it over the original

Day 28: music that makes you nostalgic

New super mario bros wii was my first mario game, so it kinda got me into the series. one thing i always did as a kid was stay on the title screen just to hear the music, and hearing the song reminds me of that


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I'm behind so I'll rapid fire through these

Day 25: Never Let Up! - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Dream Team's normal boss theme is definitely one of the catchiest boss themes ever. The upbeat tone of the beginning gets you pumped for battle, and then it turns dark and threatening to suit the boss. The series has always had great boss themes but this one is easily my favorite.

Day 26: Solaris Phase 2 - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

I have never played Sonic '06, nor do I have the hardware necessary to do so, but dang it sure has a catchy soundtrack. I remember finding this mislabeled as His World Instrumental, and I couldn't stop listening to it because it's just so awesome. It kinda makes me wish I could play the game, although its less-than-glowing reputation likely means I'd instantly regret doing so. But whatever, let me enjoy listening to this masterpiece.

Day 27: Mountaintop Secrets - Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Handheld game is almost a freebie for me, so I'm going to go with a certain tune from Paper Jam for this one. While I feel the Mario & Luigi series as a whole is rather underrated in comparison to Paper Mario, it's Paper Jam that gets the most flack of them all. And while Paper Jam isn't my favorite installment, there were a lot of memorable parts about it that just don't get enough credit, the soundtrack being a prime example. Mountaintop Secrets, the music for Mount Brrr, was stated to be the composer's favorite tune in the game, and it's not hard to see why. It has a very atmospheric yet dire tone to it, and you really just gotta love that flute. This might be my favorite area tune in the series.

Oh look I've posted at least one tune from every M&L game now, yippee!

Day 28: Title Theme - New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This was an easy pick. NSMBWii was one of my very first Mario games, and I remember I couldn't stop humming this tune when I was little. This tune is definitely a blast from the past, and brings back some of my earliest gaming memories, of a time when a game being fun was good enough. Why did that have to change.