30 day video game music challenge!

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Day 28: Music that makes you nostalgic

I remember my reaction when my sister modded this music this to the Animal Crossing course in Mario Kart 8. I was like, oh my god I hate you for doing this. So yeah, Starcraft in general is so nostalgic for me, even though it was my brother and dad who were the ones primarily playing it. I may not played it "legit" back then since I was a little girl who was scared of dying and losing in games, especially games that look formidable and violent to my age, so I loved playing with cheats on but man did it give me overall appreciation for the game anyway.


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day 29: final boss music
the one i can remember the most clearly is mario odyssey, and i could plug the one from rayman 3 but i think ive plugged enough rayman 3 music this month
so might as well mention SOME mario + rabbids music! the final boss has some latin chanting and it just keeps building up as the fight goes on. i think ive actually kinda forgotten it already lmao


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Day 29: Final boss music

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - In the Final

Although it's a game I didn't touch, it's probably the only final boss theme I remember from any Mario RPG. To keep up with my pattern of choosing different games, I had to withhold my first choice for the final day.

Thank you for reading.
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Day 27: Handheld

Time to plug some CastleVania

CastleVania: Circle of the Moon (Awake)

Very welcoming theme to an admittedly pretty hard castlevania game. The Chapel theme is also really good, so is the underground warehouse's (Although that last one is a remix of ClockWork Mansion from Super Castlevania 4). I like it.

Day 28: Nostalgic

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (Fin)

It's true that I haven't grown up with FE or anything, and that it was only a little less than 2 years ago that I started playing it, but this theme comes from FE8, which is the second game I've tried, and this theme just carries nostalgic vibes with it. I can perfectly picture myself as a kid again, playing this game for the first time and beating it, to hear this theme.

It's good... it... it got tears out of me. That's something.

Day 29: Final Boss

Huh... which one am I going to post here? Oh, I know!

Kirby's DreamLand 3 (Hyper Zone 2- Zero)

I should play this game someday. Anyhow, I actually find Zero to be the single most terrifying Kirby final boss. Perhaps because the design's simplicity is unnerving, but also maybe it's because you fight him in a bizarre area with this trippy music in the background? This theme feels so Kirby, and sounds a lot like a normal theme, but it still gives off the sense that something is VERY wrong, and it oddly fits zero in the weirdest of ways. I love it.

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Day 29: Final boss music

"OK! this is what we've been waiting for! We came all this way and now we're finally putting an end to this!" This is what anyone would feel when they arrive to the final level, waiting to smack the main villain into oblivion. I love final boss themes. They sound really, welp, evil, and i love them for that. they're supposed to make you feel like this is the ultimate challenge and they're supposed to sound threatening, and most importantly fit the villain. (I mean i almost always listen to final boss music when I'm almost done with my homework). Some of my favourite include Big Arm from Sonic 3 (mostly the generations remix), Mario Galaxy 2's final battle, Void Termina from Kirby Star Allies and The Grand Finale from Mario & luigi Bowser's Inside Story (well duh). However my personal favorite is Adventure's End from Mario & Luigi Dream Team
yup, another Dream Team song makes the cut. Like I said, I never played the game, but I heard the final boss theme and HOT DAMN it's exactly to me what a final boss theme should be: threatening, epic and makes you feel so close to your goal. This is one of the only final boss themes I've ever heard that i feel like could work with literally any final boss, whether it's in an rpg, a platformer or heck even a puzzle game (assuming that the game in question even has bosses of some sort). That's why I personally think it's perfect.


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Day 29: Adventure's End - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Yes. This is it. This is the single greatest piece of video game music I have ever heard.

There are some pretty breathtaking final boss themes out there, especially within this series, but none hold a candle to Adventure's End. It's everything a final boss theme should be: dire, threatening, and climatic, yet also showing that there's still hope for Mario and Luigi to win. This battle was just perfect in every way, and the music is no exception.

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I'm starting to realize I already used most of my go-to series by now. Whooops. But hey, I've still got a few final boss themes left to pull from! And after some thought...

Day 29: Bombs For Throwing At You - Portal 2

I recognize that this goes differently than most of the final boss themes being linked here, those being dramatic and built up heavily, but... I like this one! It's a lot of menace, making it clear exactly what will happen if you don't succeed in this particular fight. It's been stuck in my head for years, ever since I first saw the fight - before I even played Portal 2! Seeing it online was enough for me to go "wow this is a damn good theme". So you know what? I'm going with it for today!

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day 27 (music from a handheld game): for this day im taking a pick from a game i havent played in a while, but remember having an absolutely amazing soundtrack. i dont remember much of it apart from the stuff that's in smash though so i had to look up the ost on youtube to refresh my memory cause otherwise i would have just picked the boss theme (which is good but i've already picked a few of those so i wanted something different), and i ended up deciding to pick Lightning Battle from Kid Icarus Uprising. One of the most unique features of this soundtrack is that, because all the air segments are 5-ish minute on-rails segments, rather than having the songs be 2 minutes and then loop, they actually last the full length of the flight segment and are entirely unique throughout their runtime, meaning that they've crafted music that ebbs and flows along with the setpieces that are being shown on-screen when playing, which is really awesome and shows some real musical craftsmanship. this song is an upbeat groovy tune, but also hits some slower sections, as well as even implementing some familiar KI motifs later on in the song. it's been too long since i played the game for me to even remember the context of this chapter and what happened during the flight segment, but just the music alone is enough to take me on a journey.

day 28 (music that makes you nostalgic): while writing this post, i've been deliberating between which game to use for each of these next two categories, as both games could work just as well for both, but choices must be made... so i'll just recommend both soundtracks as a whole while i'm here
so for this day's official pick, i'm going with Tree to Tree from Kirby Mass Attack. i used to spend a lot of time listening to the soundtrack for this game when i was a kid, since you could go into the sound select and play a song while the system was in sleep mode. out of all the songs in the game, this was always my favourite. it's such a short loop, but the song is just so darn catchy

day 29 (final boss music): alright, here's a classic from another DS game that i played a LOT when i was younger. today's pick is the Final Boss theme from Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. for a game thats about making your scribble drawings come to life and run through platformer stages, this game had a really, really good soundtrack, and this song is no exception. one of my favourite parts about it is that is basically takes the main theme of the villain and makes it into an arrangement which is perfectly suited for a final boss. this might be partially a nostaliga pick, but that's ok, i still think this song is a bop.


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Hey YFJ is Kirby Mass Attack a good game or am I better off playing another Kirby game first?
It's definitely different from typical Kirby fare, being a "touch platformer" in the vein of Canvas Curse and Rainbow Curse. It's definitely by far the most brutal to 100% in the series as well. I'd say it's worth playing if you want a fun little experiment that's entirely different from the main games.

That reminds me, I didn't get very far in Mass Attack. I need to finish it soon.


Day 29: Final Boss Music [Hard Mode]

Shiny RoboBowser - Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Knowing this game doesn't have much in the way of story and original character I was far more relaxed about spoilers with this one, I sadly ended up with a few for Partners in Time and Dream Team's final bosses as well anyway, but I found this music and it's probably my best answer which isn't for a game that I've said already.

  • The Ultimate Show
  • In the Final
  • Shadow Queen Battle
  • If counted, Shadow Peach Battle
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns Final Boss
  • New Super Mario Bros Wii Bowser battle part 2
  • The Last Cackletta
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 Final Boss Final Phase

Day 30: Credits Music [Hard Mode]

Super Mario 64. Whilst this may not be a game I've been loving since childhood since some people here like Alex95 and Fawfulthegreat64, and it's nowhere close to being my favourite 3D Mario either, it's still a game I like in its own right and playing it during the summer holiday of 2019 was a treat. As school was about to restart, I finished off the game (70 stars and the grand star) and sadly I'd already heard the credits music since Fawfulthegreat64 used it in her "Top 5 Super Mario games" video, but I could definitely see why she praised it so much; it is a masterpiece that pefectly concludes a good game and my favourite music track from the mainline Super Mario series.

Paper Mario TTYD definitely would have been my first pick, I might also have taken Bowser's Inside Story or Super Mario Galaxy 2 above SM64. Though as I ranked them in my top 100 list, super mario 64 was second to ttyd credits wise, and I don't think there's any non Mario game that has an amazing credits theme other than Minecraft, which I still don't like as much as these.

Day 1 - Title Screen - Donkey Kong Country Returns
Day 2 - Opening Level - Super Bell Hill (Super Mario 3D World)
Day 3 - 8 bit - Super Mario Bros. 1 Ghost House (Super Mario Maker)
Day 4 - Console Exclusive Series - Soft Light (Super Paper Mario)
Day 5 - Hub/Overworld - Rogueport (Paper Mario TTYD)
Day 6 - Relaxing - Cosmic Cove Galaxy (Galaxy 2)
Day 7 - from an indie game - Sweden (Minecraft)
Day 8 - from a shooter game - N/A
Day 9 - from a liscenced game - Level Builder / Nocturnal Activities (Lego Indiana Jones 2)
Day 10 - RPG Battle - Bowser's Inside Story main enemy battle theme
Day 11 - from a puzzle game - Angry Birds title theme
Day 12 - sad music - Luma (Super Mario Galaxy 1)
Day 13 - from a game I don't like - Mario Kart Wii Rainbow Road
Day 14 - music featuring vocals - jump up, super star! (Super Mario Odyssey)
Day 15 - boss battle - Koopaling battle (NSMBW/U)
Day 16 - 16 bit - SMW Overworld
Day 17 - Music I never get tired of - SM3DL Overworld
Day 18 - Music released in the year I was born - Teehee Valley from M&L: Superstar Saga
Day 19 - Cover of music by a different artist - Qumu's Ricco Harbour (from Super Mario Sunshine)
Day 20 - Music from a racing game - N/A
Day 21 - music you associate with frustration - super mario bros game over
Day 22 - town/village - paper mario 64 toad town
Day 23 - underrated vgm - super mario land 2 graveyard
Day 24 - music i have constantly stuck in my head - super mario bros 3 overworld
Day 25 - music that gets me pumped - lego indiana jones 1 status screen
Day 26 - from a game i haven't played - dreamy somnom labrynth - mario & luigi: dream team
Day 27 - from a handheld game - nsmbds overworld
Day 28 - music that makes me nostalgic - battle beach's main music


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day 30: credits music
i could go with mario 64 (obvious choice its so good) but lemme actually go with the one from a game i HAVE played
i like the pianos how did they just achieve this on snes... then again they managed to make the final boss work too so lmao its magic
anyway later today ill compile a post of all my responses just out of curiousity

i plugged like multiple in most posts but im only counting the main thing i plug
1. title screen music: spore title theme
2. opening level music: rayman 3 fairy council music (searching for globox, the fairy council: entrance hall, in the fairy hallways)
3. 8bit music: smb2 overworld
4. music from a console exclusive series: mario 64 koopa road
5. hub world/overworld music: smg2 starship mario
6. music that makes you feel relaxed: the lums' dream from rayman origins
7. music from an indie game: dreiton from minecraft, forsaken grotto from starbound
8. music from a shooter: acid hues from smash ultimate specifically
9. music from a licensed game: harry potter and the chamber of secrets music, flying hedwig from harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
10. rpg battle music: paper mario 64. in hindsight i shoulda actually went with mario + rabbids like i was joking about
11. puzzle game music: tetris 99, the og angry birds space main theme
12. music that makes you sad: starbound music and whatever this one is https://www.mariowiki.com/File:Ending_Super_Mario_Galaxy_2.oga
13. music you like from a game you dont like: (here from a game i liked overall just not as much as others in the series) the sanctuary of water and ice from rayman 2
14. music featuring vocals: jump up super star and break free lmao
15. boss battle music: the celoche fight theme (mecha-squid also) from rayman 3
16. 16bit music: new music for the super mario world theme in mario maker 2
17. music you never get tired of: cat from minecraft
18. music in a game released the year you were born: the witchs domain and the magic mirror from rayman 3
19. cover of music by a diffferent artist: lost painting from ssbu
20. music from a racing game: electrodrome from mario kart 8
21. music you associate with frustration: rayman 2 final boss
22. town/village music: tostarena town and mount volbono town from mario odyssey
23. underrated music: fire when wetty and steampunk suspense from rayman origins
24. music you constantly have stuck in your head: mario land 2 music and run jump throw 2 from mario odyssey
25. music that gets you pumped: rayman 3 teensy highway
26. music you like from a game you havent played: Mario Power Tennis Soundtrack: Peach Dome Court Exhibition
27. music from a handheld game: mario land 2 music again
28. music that makes you nostalgic: menu/pause music from harry potter and hte chamber of secrets
29. final boss music: mario + rabbids for once
30. credits music: yoshis island credits
huh ive only went with rayman music in general for 8 days thats less than i expected
but we have 14 whole days with mario music because me yea
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Day 29 - Final Boss Music

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - I like this music a lot. It's really catchy, and full of determination.

Day 30 - Credits Music

Super Mario 64 - When I first played Super Mario 64 and completed it, this music reminded me of how much I enjoyed the game, and made me sad that I had already completed it.

Day 1: Super Mario Galaxy
Day 2: Super Mario Sunshine
Day 3: Super Mario Land
Day 4: Mario Party 9
Day 5: Super Mario Galaxy 2
Day 6: Super Mario 3D World
Day 7: Shovel Knight
Day 8: Metroid Prime
Day 9: N/A
Day 10: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Day 11: Dr. Mario
Day 12: Mario Kart Wii
Day 13: Mario's Time Machine
Day 14: Super Mario Run
Day 15: Super Paper Mario
Day 16: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Day 17: Mario Kart 7
Day 18: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Day 19: Super Mario Kart / Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Day 20: Mario Kart 64
Day 21: Super Mario Bros. 2
Day 22: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Even Stars
Day 23: Paper Mario: Color Splash
Day 24: Mario Kart 8
Day 25: Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Day 26: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Day 27: Super Mario 3D Land
Day 28: New Super Mario Bros. U
Day 29: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Day 30: Super Mario 64
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Day 30: Credits music
Prisma Splash! - Paper Mario: Colour Splash

Say what you will about the game but you have to admit that Colour Splash's soundtrack was one of its standouts, and I think it's a safe bet for Origami King as well. This is a nice medley of themes of the main locations in the game, but more than that, it's just a great closing theme overall. It really sounds like a "grand finale".

  1. Hollow Knight
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
  3. Shovel Knight
  4. Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
  5. Destiny 2
  6. Metroid Prime
  7. Cave Story
  8. Splatoon 2
  9. The Simpsons: Hit & Run
  10. Persona 4
  11. Professor Layton and the Curious Village
  12. Ori and the Blind Forest
  13. Paper Mario: Sticker Star
  14. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
  15. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  16. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
  17. Super Smash Bros. Melee
  18. Super Mario 64
  19. Nintendo Land
  20. Mario Kart 8
  21. Splatoon
  22. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  23. Super Paper Mario
  24. Super Metroid
  25. Persona 5 Royal
  26. Nier: Automata
  27. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  28. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
  29. Kirby's Adventure Wii
  30. Paper Mario: Colour Splash

Didn't think I'd pick three of the five Paper Mario games, though I wish I could have squeezed in something from Celeste or the Ace Attorney series. But I beat Hard Mode, what do I win

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Day 30: Great Revival - Gyakuten Kenji 2

I knew that I'd definitely be picking one of the Ace Attorney games for this final choice. Those games have some of the best credit sequences out there, the "where everyone is now" epilogues the perfect way to satisfyingly tie up a long, engaging game. The only hard part to decide was which one to use here! I gave solid consideration to the themes from Justice For All and Apollo Justice, especially the latter - that one just takes me back in the best of ways. What an incredibly good game series.

This was fun, thanks for sharing it!


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Day 30: Credits music

Octopath Traveler - Ending Theme

For the final day, I picked Octopath Traveler's ending theme, which is an interesting take on a medley, since unlike a few games, it's based on the places the characters traversed to instead of the character themes themselves. This in my opinion is better suited given how traveling around the world map is a common thing to do, and also because appreciating locations is pretty uncommon in games. I liked the renditions of Coastlands and Flatlands in this theme.

I may have rushed to get these done, but I think it's a fun exercise, so thank you for that.

Thank you for reading.

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Day 30: Credits music

it's nice to finish a game with a bang. if the final boss music didn't blow you away, then the credits music could. credits are supposed to be rewarding, make you feel accomplished for beating the game. they usually sound emotional, reminding the player of the good times they had while playing the game. one piece that i admire is the mario galaxy 2 credits theme.
if i didn't have the brain of a cardboard box as a kid, i probably would've cried when i heard this. now i prefer mario galaxy 1 over 2, but i honestly love this credits theme. it reminded me of the joy i had while playing the galaxy games and made me feel like i did something good. with that, this is pretty much my last post in this thread. i wouldve gone with songs from other games in other days if i played those games and knew the songs better, but i had fun talking about songs i like every day. "thank you so much for to making me play your game!"


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Day 30: Prisma Splash! - Paper Mario: Color Splash

I feel kinda bad for making this my only mention of Color Splash here, great game with an amazing soundtrack. The credits theme is an amazing culmination to that, and is easily one of my favorite credits themes ever, being a whopping 7 minutes long with a ton of variety.

Anyway this was fun, still don't have a good answer for days 7 through 9, but this was a fun challenge nevertheless. I just wish I plugged more Kirby and the Rainbow Curse music instead of making my choices 30% Dream Team, in fact maybe I should have just attempted Hard Mode since I'd probably be able to do that in retrospect. I also feel that this brought to attention a lot of themes that just don't get enough recognition, so I'm grateful for that.

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alrighty, final day, here we go. for today's pick, i'm choosing Je te dis au revoir from Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure. Not many people know this game even exists, which is a darn shame. It was a fun 3DS game by SEGA that was like a Professor Layton game but with rhythm games instead of puzzles, and boy did I love it, so much so that I played it all the way through several times, which is very rare for me. There were other times earlier where I thought about using music from this game, but in the end I decided that I wanted to use this for the credits theme, firstly because it's the credits song that sticks out in my mind, and also because it felt like a neat idea to save one of my favourite games (particularly a rhythm game) for last. the song itself isn't the most bombastic or epic or anything like that, but i just love the vibe it has going on, with the slow start that eventually builds into a more-filled out song. it's also in french, which is in fitting with the theme of the game and just sounds phonetically nice even though i dont understand any of it. some games have cool stuff like interactive credits or something going on, but Rhythm Thief's credits screen is, as far as i remember, just white text scrolling on a black screen, with just this song to liven things up... so i feel like the fact that this still stood out to me so much without any additional gimmicks is a testament to how much i enjoyed listening to this song back in the day.

...and that's the end of that! can't believe it's been 30 days already (some of these picks feel like i made them just yesterday) but i made it all the way through. i've really enjoyed being able to have a bit more of a think about the music from games i've played, and im especially happy because this is the first one of these "X-day gaming challenge" things that i've managed to stick with through to the end and pick stuff for, so yeah! shoutout to @ZelenPixel for posting this here, it's been good fun playing along and also reading some of what other people have chosen

Day 1 (Title Screen music): Title Screen from Mega Man 3

Day 2 (Opening level music): The Gardens from LittleBigPlanet

Day 3 (8-bit music): Bicycle Training from Punch-out!!
Honourable mentions: Fight Theme and Little Mac Down, Title Screen theme for Kirby's Dream Land,

Day 4 (Music from a console-exclusive series): Battle! Monkey Red from Ape Escape 3

Day 5 (Hub world or overworld music): The Cold Morning Star Passes By from Tales of Vesperia,

Day 6 (Music that makes you feel relaxed): Cerulean Woodlands from Etrian Odyssey IV
Honourable mention: A Brief Respite

Day 7 (Music from an indie game): Positive Force from VVVVVV.
Honourable mention: Fields theme from Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Day 8 (Music from a shooter): Metropolis, Kerwan from Ratchet and Clank 3.

Day 9 (Music from a licensed game): Yume Yume from Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai,
Honourable mentions: Ageage Again and Nice To Meet You Mr Earthling,

Day 10 (RPG battle music): Battle Theme from Medabots for the GBA,

Day 11 (Puzzle game music): BGM B Jazz from Picross 3D Round 2.

Day 12 (Music that makes you sad): Reminiscence ~ Wandering Heart from Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

Day 13 (Music you like from a game you don't like): Into The Woods from Gunman Clive

Day 14 (Music featuring vocals): Remix 8 from Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Day 15 (Boss battle music): Boss Battle from Shantae and the Pirate's Curse.

Day 16 (16-bit music): Hill Top Zone from Sonic 2.

Day 17 (Music you never get tired of): Calling from The World Ends With You

Day 18 (Music in a game released the year you were born): Jazz Be Damned from Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

Day 19 (Cover of music by a different artist): Stalker as covered by The Megas,
Honourable mention: Vampire Killer

Day 20 (Music from a racing game): Toad's Factory from Mario Kart Wii

Day 21 (Music you associate with frustration): Slip Slide Icecapades,

Day 22 (Town/village music): Town of Water ~ Misthallery Day from Professor Layton and the Last Spectre.

Day 23 (Underrated music): A Bite Too Far from Runner 3.

Day 24 (Music you constantly have stuck in your head): Baka Mitai from Yakuza 5 (and 0 and Kiwami).

Day 25 (Music that gets you pumped): The 13th Struggle from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Day 26 (Music you like from a game you haven't played): Captain Murasa from Touhou!

Day 27 (Music from a handheld game): Lightning Battle from Kid Icarus Uprising.

Day 28 (Music that makes you nostalgic): Tree to Tree from Kirby Mass Attack

Day 29 (Final boss music): Final Boss theme from Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

Day 30 (Credits music): Je te dis au revoir from Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure


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Not sure what happened to my previous post but...

Day 21 - Music You Associate With Frustration: Monster House - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: EoD/EoT/EoS
Day 22 - Town/Village Music: Lavasteam Village - Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter
Day 23 - Underrated Music: The Final, Really Final Battle - Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Day 24 - Music You Constantly Have Stuck In Your Head: Sunken Kuru Ruins - Drill Dozer
Day 25 - Music That Gets You Pumped: The Last Battle - Kamiko
Day 26 - Music You Like From A Game You Haven't Played: Severing the Chains of Fate - Trauma Center 2: Under the Knife
Day 27 - Music From A Handheld Game: New Venture - Sonic Rush Adventure
Day 28 - Music That Makes You Nostalgic: Ice Paradise Zone Act 1 - Sonic Advance 2
Day 29 - Final Boss Music: Terrormisu - Wario: Master of Disguise
Day 30 - Credit Music: Traveling About on a Journey of Memories - Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Day 1 - Title Screen Music: Main Theme - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Day 2 - Opening Level Music: Departure Intro Stage - Mega Man Zero 2
Day 3 - 8-Bit Music: Moonsong - Cave Story
Day 4 - Music From a Console Exclusive Series: Riding on Legendary Beast - Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Day 5 - Hub World or Overworld Music: Summer Forest - Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
Day 6 - Music that makes you feel relaxed: Yellow Giant - Doshin the Giant
Day 7 - Music from an indie game: Prince Dail's Theme - Freedom Planet
Day 8 - Music from a shooter (First or third person): Fly Octo Fly - Splatoon 2
Day 9 - Music from a licensed game: Strange Things - Toy Story (Genesis)
Day 10 - RPG Battle Music: Come On! - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
Day 11 - Puzzle Game Music: Type B - Tetris
Day 12 - Music that makes you sad: Grovyle's Sacrifice - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: EoD/EoT/EoS
Day 13 - Music you like from a game you don't like: Gooper Blooper Phase 5 - Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Day 14 - Music featuring vocals: Open Your Heart - Sonic Adventure
Day 15 - Boss Battle Music: The Battle of Award 42 - A Hat in Time
Day 16 - 16-bit music: Athletic - Super Mario World
Day 17 - Music you never get tired of: Rose Town - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Day 18 - Music in a game released the year you were born: Cosmo Canyon - Final Fantasy VII
Day 19 - Cover of music by a different artist: Overworld - Super Mario Bros. (S.S.H Remix)
Day 20 - Music from a racing game: Boss Challenge II - Diddy Kong Racing


Final day: Credits

In the end, Mario Galaxy manages to snatch the final day.

Super Mario Galaxy (Staff Roll)

Still gives me chills to this day. Mario Galaxy truly still means a lot to me and has been my favorite game for a long period of time, and even now that my interests shifted I still consider one of the best games I've ever played. And the credits theme is beautiful. I also really like how it actually opens with the title theme. That's really neat. I love this song.

"Eternal Breeze" from FE: Binding Blade deserves a honorable mention as well.

This was a fun challenge. Good stuff.
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awh i was about to update my og video game music challenge thread. its ok though!
but either way im participating. whats the first day about exactly doe?
also the channel that posted the vid here is just a golfing channel??? what???