Post Mario music you're listening to.

3D World had a really good soundtrack, and this piece is one of my favourite. It gives Galaxy vibes without being too Galaxy dependent.

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Posting in honor of Nomons 3 trial ball hop challenge kicking my butt.

Mario Party 10's soundtrack really is top-notch. In Mario Kart Wii, I replaced Coconut Mall's music with this theme (also plays in Slot Circuit and Desktop Dash, which are custom tracks). In Mario Kart 8, this plays in Toad Harbor.
very simplistic but im stuck with it for a couple days xD

Paper Mario: The Origami King has such a banger soundtrack. I didn't even play the game and I don't listen to much VGM but damn I can't believe I'd actually want to listen to some of its pieces in my spare time.
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I guess I'll post my entire Mario playlist that I have on my MP3 player. These are some of my favorite songs in the series, and I listen to them everyday at work to help me get through the day. Feel free to listen to any of these songs by clicking on the song title.

(I promise that there is music from other games besides Mario Party 10 and Mario Party: Star Rush!)

#Song TitleGame of Origin
1.Time It Just Right!Mario Party 10
2.Mushroom ParkMario Party 10
3.Almost at the EndMario Party 10
4.Great Party!Mario Party 10
5.A Fun RideMario Party 10
6.Stealing RouletteMario Party 10
7.Keep It SteadyMario Party 10
8.Gentle Sea BreezeMario Party 10
9.First Come, First ServedMario Party 10
10.Ignore the Dark, and Win!Mario Party 10
11.Peaceful SnowMario Party 10
12.Feelings of DoomMario Party 10
13.Rolling BallsMario Party 10
14.Aim CarefullyMario Party 10
15.Did You Get Them All?Mario Party 10
16.Hop, Step, Jump!Mario Party 10
17.Quick AvoidanceMario Party 10
18.This is Fun!Mario Party 10
19.Who's Number One?Mario Party 10
20.To the Right and to the LeftMario Party 10
21.Dice 'n' DashMario Party 10
22.Going DeepMario Party 10
23.No CopyingMario Party 10
24.One Angry ToughieMario Party 10
25.Jewel DropMario Party 10
26.Welcome to Toad's RoomMario Party 10
27.Who Won? (Main Theme)Mario Party 10
28.Download PlayMario Party: Star Rush
29.Mario Shuffle OpeningMario Party: Star Rush
30.Mario ShuffleMario Party: Star Rush
31.Game OverMario Party: Star Rush
32.Minigame Time!Mario Party: Star Rush
33.Half ResultMario Party: Star Rush
34.Toad Scramble World 3Mario Party: Star Rush
35.Toad Scramble World 3 (Theme 2)Mario Party: Star Rush
36.Balloon BashMario Party: Star Rush
37.Balloon Bash (3 Turns Left)Mario Party: Star Rush
38.Board OpeningMario Party: Star Rush
39.Awards CeremonyMario Party: Star Rush
40.You're the SuperstarMario Party: Star Rush
41.Play Again? / Free Play ResultsMario Party: Star Rush
42.Minigame 1Mario Party: Star Rush
43.Minigame 8Mario Party: Star Rush
44.Minigame 13Mario Party: Star Rush
45.Minigame 15Mario Party: Star Rush
46.Minigame 17Mario Party: Star Rush
47.Minigame 20Mario Party: Star Rush
48.Minigame 22Mario Party: Star Rush
49.Kamek's Card TricksMario Party: Star Rush
50.Mega Monty Mole's in the HoleMario Party: Star Rush
51.Rhythm Recital EndMario Party: Star Rush
52.Coinathlon ResultsMario Party: Star Rush
53.Boss WinMario Party: Star Rush
54.The Wind and WavesSuper Mario Party
55.Pier Pressure (Mario Party 9)Mario Party: The Top 100
56.New York Minute (Final Lap)Mario Kart Tour
57.Paris Promenade (Final Lap)Mario Kart Tour
58.Pleasantly Moving AlongMario Party: Island Tour
59.I'm Not ScaredMario Party: Island Tour
60.Can You Make It?Mario Party: Island Tour
61.Be Cool!Mario Party: Island Tour
62.Three HouseMario Party: Island Tour
63.Game ResultsMario Super Sluggers
64.Step It UpMario Party 9
65.Toadette's Music RoomMario Party DS
66.Into the Fairy TaleMario Party DS
67.Fresh as MintMario Party DS
68.Who's the Champ?Mario Party DS
69.GCN Daisy Cruiser (Final Lap)Mario Kart 7
70.Figure-8 Circuit (Final Lap)Mario Kart DS
71.SNES Koopa BeachMario Kart: Super Circuit
72.Waluigi Stadium/Wario Colosseum (Final Lap)Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
73.Sherbet Land (Final Lap)Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
74.What's the Score?Mario Party 7
75.Toad's ShopSuper Princess Peach
76.Giddy Sky 2Super Princess Peach
77.Sticker SheetMario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
78.Results (Lose)Mario Kart 7
79.Staff RollNew Super Mario Bros. U
80.Superstar RoadNew Super Mario Bros. U
81.Sherbet LandMario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
82.Layer-Cake DesertMario Golf: World Tour
83.Sparkling WatersMario Golf: World Tour
84.Mario's Star*Mario Golf: World Tour

*I only listen to the first 56 seconds of Mario's Star, and then it loops back to the beginning. The rest of it sounds annoying/terrible.
jammin jams from tropical freeze

was also listening earlier to alpine incline lowlands 1 (from the same game)
Didn't realise this wasn't the general VGM thread until just now... so pretending that post never happened:

I mean what did you expect from Origami King's composers

Love the nods to Mona, Ashley and Pyoro's themes.

This track is often criticised for its misuse within the Ripsaw Rage level, but I find the dissonance to actually play a part in the making of a sinister experience. Having a giant, ominous, forest-sweeping saw chase you to the tune of kalimba, as if you had to face a harrowing life-and-death situation in the middle of a relaxing evening--whatever music you were listening to still playing in the background--is positively chilling.
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yesterday was my first time ever listening to this im pretty sure (though i was decerntly familiar with some other mario artist paint studio songs) and i was super into it immediately so im listening to it more now

Thank you Nintendo for bringing this Mario Party 10 theme back in Mario Party Superstars. The other two Mario Party 10 remixes aren't half bad either: