Post Mario music you're listening to.


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"YNI's soundtrack is 100% crap, I don't see why anybody would want to listen to a bunch of kazoos. The composer needs to be--"

"Uuh, that's just one decent track, doesn't mean the rest of the OST is--"

"That's also a good apple but it's gonna take more than--"


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You're also forced to listen to that dreadful title screen music every time you power on the game.

How can a game have this beautiful medley

and this trash one

at the same time?

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Needs an extended version as 1:30 is a bit short.

Shy Guy on Wheels

i hate video games.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopa (Paper Mario OC ReMix)

A jazz/blues take on both Koopa Bros. themes from Paper Mario, which means it’s also technically an arrangement of the Hammer Bros. theme from Super Mario Bros. 3 (though a very loose one).

I don’t know the exact word I want to use to describe this song, so here’s a couple instead:
-Badass (I took this one from the write-up on the site, as I feel it also describes the song well)
-I really like this

no I will not put these into full sentences, you will have to do that yourself.

Luan Loud

[laughs] "Get it?"
Here is another one of my favorites from Mario Party 10:

So catchy! In Mario Kart Wii, I replaced DK Summit and N64 Sherbet Land's music with this theme. In Mario Kart 8, this plays in GCN Sherbet Land and Animal Crossing (Winter).


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i swear this song is so good that now i listen to it/think about it everytime im doing something under pressure or something bad is happening
What is this? My browser isn't letting me see it.

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I prefer Bowser's themes to be the over-the-top goofy evil than the serious ones.