Post Mario music you're listening to.

Some changes to my MP3 Mario music playlist on post #192:

Removed Map 2B (Mario Party: Star Rush), I'm Not Scared (Mario Party: Island Tour), and Pearl Hunt (Mario Party 7).


Title Screen - Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Welcome to the Sticker Shop - Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Can't Catch Me! - Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Go Go Trolley! - Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Basement Battle - Mario Party: Island Tour
Wii Koopa Cape (Final Lap) - Mario Kart 7
Yoshi's Island (Results) - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

^Seriously one of my favorite tracks ever. Please take a listen ^_^
I love the SPM musical by that guy, especially the ultimate show and It's showtime, Champion of Destruction and the Mr L song are awesome too. Mimi, O'Chunks, and Nastasia are good.
This song, River Twygz Bed from Super Paper Mario, might be one of the absolute worst things to come out from the Mario series, soundtrack-wise

It has same vibes as Resident Evil's Plant 42 or Basement trying to be discordant and unsettling whatever but it just sounds clownish and amateurish.
Only reason I found out about the song was that someone posted the worst Mario song on GameFAQs and I gave it a listen and I'm like I was like, wtf is with the bombardment of random reverse pitch shifted vocals with the song?????
nintendo's legal department really said

(all from the first page alone)

I fixed my posts. Some I had to leave it like this cuz I forgot what I was listening to.

This is probably a deleted video in an above post, so I'll post it again: Suit Yourselves is a banger.

It has same vibes as Resident Evil's Plant 42 or Basement trying to be discordant and unsettling whatever but it just sounds clownish and amateurish.

nah it's actually quite spooky. i like it.

it's not the worst track to come out of a mario game by a longshot, not when this shit exists:

the only way it sounds good is if it's listened to at the same time as the river twygz theme. try it out!
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How the hell did we go from this.

Los Angeles Laps - Mario Kart Tour
(unknown composer (the game has no credits (fuck you nintendo)))

Finally got around to listening to a gamerip of Mario Kart Tour. Most of the original songs from the game that were arranged in 8 are quite similar so I was not prepared for something this different. very cool electro. very neat.
Super Mario Bros. Wonder doesn't really have an outstanding soundtrack disappointingly but here are my favorites.

this one's my favorite, love the Shining Falls trials music, gives me a Rayman Origins vibe

Also like the lava theme from the game too, also memorable. Has an Arabian twist to it which I like.
I've been listening to the entirety of the Wonder OST as of late while I work, and I've found a few more songs that I've taken a liking to, all from the overworld maps, which I wasn't expecting since I usually focus on the level themes first and foremost. I think the composers did a great job with these. Very calming and relaxing. Usually when you're playing for the first time you're just focused on getting to the next level and you don't stop to smell the flowers, so to speak, heh.

Peach Gardens. The funny thing is that I haven't ever played the track since I don't have the DLC.
I played Game & Watch Gallery 3 on NSO once and really liked the music for the Greenhouse minigame in particular.

And as I tend to do with any music that I like, I searched up the music on YouTube and found an arrangement of it that I enjoyed, which I'm listening to right now: