Post Mario music you're listening to.

I know people usually don't have desert music as their favorite but this one's super catchy to me.

as it's even hinted at in the video's thumbnail, this could really work as a track in a Ninja Gaiden game!

as much as i like the mk8 rendition... i think i prefer this version.
Well it sounds better than the original by a mile. But again, I'm a bit of a chiptune liker.

I like the Mario Freaks Orchestra work, this is my favorite rearrangement of the Super Mario Land music they made.
Takahiro Eguchi / Ayako Saso - Main Menu - Super Mario Bros. 35

SuperSweep is cool everybody listen to more SuperSweep music.
Mario Kart 8: Mario Circuit (Wii U)

The track is still as great as it was 8 years ago.

Thank you for reading.

Piano riff sounds like Sweet Home Alabama, Wario edition.

Or perhaps the composer was inspired by its adaption in All Summer Long?

"And we were pilf'ring different things, and we were smoking garlic leaves, ripping ass out in the lake in our purple thongs"
The London Philharmonic Orchestra did WHAT

Masaru Tajima - Chill (Virus Buster) - Dr. Mario Online Rx

the virus buster mode has surprisingly cool arrangements of the classic Dr. Mario themes.

I like this rearrangement of the underground theme.
I appreciate Temple of Bask for being a track from Mario Tennis Aces that doesn't try blasting off my eardrums.

I actually do not like Mario Tennis Aces's soundtrack very much otherwise. It's an assault on my senses. It's like they really liked how intense their Break Point music was in the last game and decided to extend this sort of thing to the entire soundtrack.
About a year ago I posted my entire playlist of Mario music that I have on my MP3 player which I listen to everyday at work. Since then I've added new songs to the playlist and have even removed some old ones, so I think it's time for me to post my updated playlist:

(Mario Party 10 and Mario Party: Star Rush music will be in spoiler tags because the list of songs from those games is really long, and it would make the table below even larger than it already is)

#Song TitleGame of Origin
64.New York Minute (Final Lap)Mario Kart Tour
65.Paris Promenade (Final Lap)Mario Kart Tour
66.SNES Donut Plains 1 & 2 (Final Lap)Mario Kart Tour
67.SNES Koopa Beach 2 (Final Lap)Mario Kart Tour
68.Free PlaySuper Mario Party
69.Mushroom BeachSuper Mario Party
70.The Wind and WavesSuper Mario Party
71.Trip NavigatorSuper Mario Party
72.Pier Pressure (Mario Party 9)Mario Party: The Top 100
73.Jewel Drop (Mario Party 10)Mario Party: The Top 100
74.Pleasantly Moving AlongMario Party: Island Tour
75.Hurry!Mario Party: Island Tour
76.I'm Not ScaredMario Party: Island Tour
77.Can You Make It?Mario Party: Island Tour
78.Be Cool!Mario Party: Island Tour
79.Three HouseMario Party: Island Tour
80.Daisy Circuit (Final Lap)Mario Kart Wii
81.Block Plaza (Fast)Mario Kart Wii
82.OptionsMario Kart Wii
83.Losing Results 2Mario Kart Wii
84.Fresh as MintMario Party DS
85.Award IntroMario Kart: Super Circuit
86.Floating WhirlindasLuigi's Mansion
87.Game SelectSuper Mario All-Stars
88.Toad's ShopSuper Princess Peach
89.Giddy Sky 2Super Princess Peach
90.Special World 1 MapSuper Mario 3D Land
91.Superstar RoadNew Super Mario Bros. U
92.Layer-Cake DesertMario Golf: World Tour
93.Sparkling WatersMario Golf: World Tour
94.Mario's StarMario Golf: World Tour
95.The Beginning of an AdventureMario Party 9
96.Be Careful!Mario Party 9
97.Results (Lose)Mario Kart 7
98.What's the Score?Mario Party 7
99.Pearl HuntMario Party 7
100.Play a Lot (mini-game mode)Mario Party 4
101.Merry-Go-RoundMario Party 4
102.Chip CartMario Party 4
103.Setting UpMario Party 6
104.Pushing the LimitMario Party 6
105.Travel JournalMario & Luigi: Dream Team
106.Dreamy Wakeport (Fast)Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
107.Western JunctionMario Sports Mix
108.Excitebike Arena (Final Lap)Mario Kart 8
109.Toad's Shop BopMario Party Superstars
110.Fond MemoriesMario Party Superstars
111.No Copying (MP10)Mario Party Superstars
112.Quick Avoidance (MP10)Mario Party Superstars
113.Swing! (MP10)Mario Party Superstars
114.Think About It (MP9)Mario Party Superstars
115.Heart-Pounding Thrills (MP9)Mario Party Superstars

•I also have about 17 more tracks from non-Mario games. Mostly from the Wii Party series and a few from Sonic Shuffle.
•Total running time is between 4 and 5 hours.
Why is Waluigi's Reign from Mario Party e an actually banger song.


Why Diddy Kong Racing will always have the better soundtrack compared to Mario Kart 64

they removed it entirely in the "remake" however

meme channels seem to like it but I don't blame them. i'm entirely unaware of those.
Found out there's a group called "L'Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo - OJV"
that makes arrangements on many video game soundtracks. They included a lot of Mario stuff too! It's worth checking out the content especially if you love the games!

(lol I think the dire dire docks took from canon)

but hey if you hate Mario, they do other video game arrangements

(damn when can we get mario party soundtrack arrangements)
oh they do have mario party 2

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one of the best boss fight music. so goddamn catchy. totally beats the music from the first game of a similar boss (mega leg?) which i don't even remember. idk what's the best part. the orchestra hit in the beginning? the guitar? the trumpets? the background beat? probably the sax (or is it guitar? it's hard to tell with full confidence) actually. it's really too bad the rest of the soundtrack isn't too horribly remarkable except the usual 5 or so tracks (world themes, fleet glide galaxy, bowser levels, starship mario, throwback... hmmm)

also my sister and I have an in-joke that this is Baby Peach's theme song especially when you fight her; this is because we kept getting her by accident when we music modded Mario Kart Wii and we hear this track
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These are some very impressive collabs, which takes music from different styles and mesh them into one collage! These are three different Mario-related tracks:

My favourite part about them is the tailor-made title cards, like "The Legend of Mario: A Bridge to the Axe".

Thank you for reading.
From a hack where all the levels, maps, and songs from Super Mario World were recreated from memory. I especially like the version of the castle theme, it feels somehow more emotional, but I'm not sure if it's sad or hopeful.