Things you didn't notice before in Mario games


i cant believe they named some frog after toad
i remember first seeing bowser in this game and i was like "yo wait something look off about him but i dunno what", and after checking, yup his skin is more orange for whatever reason

for the sake of comparison heres the usual bowser


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oh yea forgot mario wiki already has a pic of the model. yea that does look orange?? though that also just looks like the darker lighting LMAO it has the distinct look of how everyone looks in shadows in this game
which bowser Shouldnt Be here but who knows

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The "New Funky Mode" text on the Switch version of the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze box art changes depending on the region.

You've all probably seen the American version by now.

However, in Europe and Australia, it says "Funky New Mode", and has a completely different font.

Finally, in Japan, the text uses a third font that is in Japanese, and also appears to be angled. (also "Tropical Freeze" looks different in the Japanese logo for the game)

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no idea why it took me so long to realize, but even in modern paper mario, paper bowser's skin color is still not bowser's current color in mario games. it's still orange as a pose to the current yellow

basically paper bowser would look something like this if he was more faithful to modern bowser (this is as close to yellow as i got)
View attachment 8393

Here it is in a closer palette. Personally it still looks odd to see a non-orange Paper Bowser


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I never realized Mario said "So long-eh Bowser" when throwing him far in SM64 until reading it on the Wiki. I thought it was gibberish at first, lol. I can't unhear it v_v
My mother used to think mario was saying 'so long ye doggies' :lol:


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In Mario Strikers Charged, when Wario uses Gas Mask, in addition to occasionally yelling "JOOOOSEEEE!", he mutters something else. I originally labeled it as meaningless gibberish, until today. I found out what he says.

"Pull my finger."
Also, I found out the captain's who talk actually say things when they... walk into the cloud. Waluigi says, "*Cough cough* Oh, Wario! Hold it in!" or, "*Cough cough* Wario, you're killing me!"

I was dying when I found this out.

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Super Mario Runs Remix 10 is also The Name of the Final Remix in The Rhythm Heaven Series...

Oh and The Super Mario 64 Font from 3D All-Stars is Different From The N64 Version
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Merry Mountain R has a single item box on top of the giant candy cane after the Super Half Pipe.
But it's just a normal item box, so if you manage to reach it, you won't be rewarded with an auto Frenzy or something.

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In the Super Mario Bros Sky theme (for Super Mario Maker) You can here a portion of The Bounus Room Song!


i cant believe they named some frog after toad
might just be me, but i noticed that front facing mario in origami king looks much more like front facing mario in the first paper mario than in the other games

heres origami king mario

64 mario

and heres the one used in most games for the sake of comparison

i definitely feel like origami king mario took some inspiration from the first paper mariosprite, but i could be the only one who thinks that...


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yeah on my 64 playthrough right now ive tried at least twice to do the wing cap course and never got anywhere so i refuse to even TOUCH wing mario over the rainbow
apparently its one of the hardest courses or something too so............... oh Boy
man the wing cap sux tbh