Things you didn't notice before in Mario games

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This thread is were we talk about small things you may not have noticed when playing through a level or watching a certain cutscene. I'll start off with these:

In 3D World's intro cutscene, Mario briefly makes a protective stance in front of Peach when Bowser emerges from the Clear Pipe.

On Deep Bloober Sea in Mario Party 3, when Sushi asks you to push a button, that button will disappear from the map after you've pressed it (you can see the buttons next to Sushi).

Also in Mario Party 3, on Waluigi's Island, a burned Piranha Plant can be seen in the center of the board next to the giant stack of TNT.
I had pronounced and spelled "Bob-ombs" as "Bomb-ombs". It's a pretty rude awakening once I found out otherwise.

Also, Luigi's L is backward in the boxart of Mario Kart: Double Dash and now I can't unsee it.

Finally, (I know I posted this before, but posting again)


Seriously, Mario's reflection there blew my mind.

I didn't see the inner tube Yoshi while I was playing this map until I uploaded this image for the wiki.
I never knew about the owl in whomp's fortress for YEARS. And yes I had managed to get all 120 stars without knowing about it.
I never realised until lately that the voice Donkey Kong had in Mario Kart Double Dash is just his Donkey Kong 64 voice at an extremely low pitch.

I realised, after having a more careful slow-mo listen, that Daisy never said "Hi I'm Daisy!" but rather "I am Daisy!"
Hey, a thread created on my birthday.

Something I haven't noticed before... These guys.


I only noticed them 6 years after playing the game.
Koops the koopa troopa said:
Hey, a thread created on my birthday.

Something I haven't noticed before... These guys.


I only noticed them 6 years after playing the game.

happy birthday!
The Koopa Troopas in the sidelines in Mario Tennis Ultra Smash that hold character flags react accordingly to if your character wins or loses a point. Didn't notice that until I started playing the game myself.
Tiny Kong's teeth are visible during her victory dance in Mario Super Sluggers.

Mushroom Bridge can be seen in the background of Mushroom City.
I also used to think that Bob-ombs were pronounced as "Bomb-ombs".

Super Mario 64 has some interesting mechanics that made the game seem well-thought out. For one, some characters blink, and their blinking cycles are quite fascinating. Did you know that Mario and Peach have alternating blinking? That means after Mario blinks, Peach will blink, and then Mario blinks. They never blink at the same time. Mario also has to meet some conditions before he will sleep, such as when he's on solid ground (and not standing on any object), and having solid ground behind him.

In Mario Party 5, for Card Party, the Waluigi and Wario slots were fitted with Wario and Waluigi pieces respectively (they are swapped, basically). I did not notice this until I saw the comments section in the Runaway Guys video.

Thanks for reading.
Donkey Kong started showing his teeth suddenly in Mario Kart 8. Mario Kart DS is the only other Kart game where he does this.

I think this is why I don't like his model in either game.
I never realize how many jumps Mario does until I watch Pannenkoek2012 on YouTube and doing it myself on the DS version of the game he plays (Super Mario 64).
You can actually fill your balloon in MKDS by pressing select.

I thought blowing the mic was the only way.
I thought Pac-Man's bell in Smash 4 was a pudding. It surprised me when others called it a bell.
I thought Donkey Kong's face in Super Smash Bros. was his face looking directly straight, while Mario's mustache was a mouth. It also took us a while to realize that Mr. Game & Watch's icon in Melee was his whole body.

My sister thought Goldeen in Super Smash Bros. was a butterfly.

One more, I didn't realize Baby Mario, his mugshot, looked happy in Mario Kart: Double Dash. I thought he was just gaping.
Reminds me, we had a low res TV and I legit thought that the Baby Park icon (the one in Double Dash before the race begins) has Baby Mario and Baby Luigi gaping rather than happy.
In Double Dash, I thought Luigi was saying "Who's number one now? Me." but it's hard to tell while hearing the music. He's actually saying "Luigi", not "me".